How to Spot a Low Self Esteem

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A low self esteem will dissolve any self confidence you have left so it’s very important that, you learn what to look out for. It is very easy to shy away or hide from the obvious signs of a low self esteem due to a negative perception. Having spoken to lots of people whom at one point in their life, battled with a low self esteem, one thing that keeps recurring is the simple fact that everybody, at some point in life will experience a low period which can affect our self esteem.

The first step to overcoming a low self esteem, is to pay attention to the clues around you.

What do I mean? Well, when you are hungry you can tell by the knots you get in your stomach. The most common problem people have when in comes to identifying the signs of a low self esteem has to do with pride and an over inflated ego.

No one likes to feel low or believe they have an issue or problem. No one likes to feel insecure, hence the reason we are prepared to do anything to cover it up. The sad thing about the constant desire to protect our Ego is that it limits our growth. Most people only feel confident when they are pretending to be someone, or something they are not.

Note: Excessive Immitation Will Only Lead To Limitation.

Have you ever stopped to think about your uniqueness?

Have you ever wondered what separates you from others?

Have you ever celebrated your strength or do you constantly moan or worry about your weaknesses?

You will find that most people have thought about the questions above, but unfortunately the majority choose to focus on the negative not the positive.

The Second step is to notice how your react to compliments

Do you brush off compliments?

Do you need compliments to validate who you are?

Are you critical or too suspicious of those who give you compliments.

If you have answered yes, then I’m afraid there are some self esteem issue lingering in the background. Please don’t feel bad about spotting signs of a low self esteem. Spotting signs of a low self esteem is a positive step not a negative one.


Well, when you spot signs of a low self esteem, you will also find clues as per the root cause, bearing in mind that no one is born with a low self esteem, it is usually adopted or cultivated. Spotting signs of a low self esteem can potentially put you in the driver seat to recovery, all you have to do is change your perception.

A negative perception will rob you of your self esteem. You have to be conscious about your thought process.

When it comes to spotting signs of a low self esteem, your watch words must be:

I will stay alert.

The most obvious signs of a low self esteem is denial.

Note: “You might loose many battles, but you can definitely still win the war”


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