Get to Love – Is Your Relationship Superficial Or Deep?

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Is your present love life superficial or deep? Do you even know? Or perhaps you may think you are being deep but really you are superficial? Do you really know? Perhaps I can help you first by explaining what superficial and deep actually means, then you may be able to get a clearer idea which side of the line you stand on.

So what does superficial mean? Superficial means being fairly shallow in character and attitude. It means focusing on the surface reality and not what lies beneath. It means that there is not much substance. It means that you are only concerned with seeing the obvious without exploring any underlying issues and circumstances. It means that you are only appearing to be real, but you are not truly being real.

And what does deep mean? Deep means that you extend yourself beyond the surface to see inward, to see and understand more. Deep means that you can see beyond boundaries and you can get an inside view. Deep means that you come from a place inside yourself that extends far within you. Deep means you have a rich, intense and nurturing environment. Deep means that your experience is coming from the middle, the most intense part of yourself and not just from the surface.

So now that you know what superficial and deep mean which one are you? Are you superficial or deep? Is your relationship superficial or deep?

No doubt in some life experiences you are probably a bit of both. Surely in some situations it would not serve you well to be deep with everyone and every situation. But in a loving relationship you should only choose the deep option. Surprisingly though I think it is quite common for many couples to be stuck in the superficial on too many levels.

Over time this may lead to a couple being distant from each other. It may lead to lack of communication. It may even lead to the end of the relationship all together. The challenge is to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your partner and remove as many barriers as possible.

If you want to get to love then stop living your life on a superficial level. Do not get stuck in day-to-day superficial routines where one day you wake up and find that you are not happy, that your life is empty. Make a commitment to always strive toward depth of character, depth of emotion, and depth of quality in your relationship.

The question you may be asking now is where do I start? You start by understanding yourself more, loving yourself more, getting to the depths of your self and then you can change the way your relationship is going.


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