Relationship Advice – Can Rebound Relationships Ever Work?

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If I mention the phrase rebound relationships, I bet eight out of ten people will say that they just don’t work, indeed this may be your opinion. However l totally disagree, so called rebound relationships have just as much chance of success as any other. There are many people who go on to have a happy healthy relationship, even if they did meet shortly after one of them was involved in a breakup.

There is no reason why a so called rebound relationship should be any less likely to succeed, than one that starts when both partners are long term singles. Yes I know that emotions may be high after a breakup, and this is not the best way to start something, but if you just happen to meet your dream mate does this really matter. It is definitely no reason to avoid starting something with them. We can’t always choose when we fall for someone, and there is no way you should loose a potential soul mate just because you just broke up with someone.

Not all relationships end with a bang, in fact many end with a whimper. What I mean by this is, the one reason people say don’t get involved on the rebound may not apply. Some relationships do end due to one big thing like one partner cheating or similar, but most just end because they grew apart, or their attraction for each other just faded. Indeed many people have emotionally broken up and moved on long before the actual breakup. People in this situation will be ready for a new relationship, the rebound rule just doesn’t apply.

If you are the one that suffered the breakup, and are moving directly into a new relationship. You should ask yourself if you are doing it for the eight reasons. If you are just doing it to make your ex jealous, and to exact some revenge for wrongs you think they did to you, then don’t! It just isn’t fair to your new beau to put them in this situation. You will end up hurting two people, as well as suffering the inevitable guilt yourself. It is OK to date casually, as long as the people you date know you aren’t looking for anything long term, but revenge is never good.

Rebound relationships can work, and if you do end up in one yourself, you have every chance of success. Learn from your breakup, and don’t make the same mistakes again. You could end up with your rebound girl or guy for a long time.


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