Falling Out of Love: Can Depression Make You Fall Out of Love?

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Falling out of love with someone is something that is hard to deal with but still happens. What defines relationships? Love usually defines relationships. However, what can be influential enough to lead someone into falling out love when they have invested so much into the relationship? One common cause is depression. Once you’ve come to lack love in yourself, it becomes difficult for you to love anyone else.

There are all sorts of types of love and stages of relationships. In order to move through these stages and to develop the long-lasting type of love, you must make a decision. You can decide to allow yourself to be open in love to fall in and out of love with someone. You can decide to make a relationship last through good times and bad times also.

More on Falling Out of Love

Let’s look deeper into the possibilities of falling out of love. First, what causes people to fall in love? Most people tend to mistake love for things like lust, desire and infatuation. These feelings are great but they don’t last forever. Once your heart stops racing and your hormones reduce, you begin to see your partner in a different light. You begin to realize that they are not as perfect as you thought you were.

Once you’ve come to that realization, you have a choice to accept them with their flaws, or to end the relationship and move on to the next partner. However, just because your relationship is going through a rocky road, that does not necessarily mean you are falling out of love. Those fluttering feelings may not always be around but if you garner up the ability to truly love your partner, you can have a long-lasting relationship with them.

Remember that it is important for you to analyze yourself and see if you even love yourself first. If you allow thoughts of depression to haunt you, you’ll begin to lose love for yourself. Once you stop loving yourself, it becomes much more difficult to love someone else. Make that choice to focus on the positives of life. Trials and heart breaks will always come but if you appreciate the great things in your life more than the bad, you’ll love not only yourself but everyone else around, especially your partner. Once you’ve attained that real love, you’ll enjoy the benefits of it lasting forever as long as cherish it.


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