Ways to Boost your Self-Esteem


All relationships and dating prospects start with you, your attitude and your level of self-esteem. Are you happy with where you are in your life? Are you content with your career? Are you motivated? Is something missing? Are you afraid to start dating? If so, then you need a self-esteem boost.

Take a sheet of paper and a pen and make three columns.

  1. In the first column, list your long-term goals, i.e., where you want to be in one year.

  2. In the second, list your short-term goals, i.e., where you want to be in one month.

  3. In the third, list the ways that you can possibly reach those goals.


COLUMN 1:Want a serious, loving relationship

COLUMN 2: Want to start dating

COLUMN 3:Start dating

Now, take a second sheet of paper and make another list with three columns.

  1. In the first column write about your positive attributes.
  2. In the second, write about your negative attributes.

  3. In the third, write some action you can take to change the negative attributes into positive ones.

A simple example:

COLUMN 1: I am very loving

COLUMN 2: I am edgy/blowup easily

COLUMN 3: Count to 10 before speaking when irritated

Simple lists like these can improve your life immensely, including dating prospects and other important relationships. Putting things on paper is taking action. Taking action leads to results. Results bring feelings of success. Success boosts self-esteem. Do not under-estimated the power of writing. Written goals are different and more powerful than roaming thoughts.

Ask yourself if you are in a good place, emotionally and mentally. Be honest. Do you fear relationships? Are you sure you want to enter into a loving relationship? Make another list, with pros and cons about dating and/or serious relationships. Are you interested in a long-term loving relationship or something lighter, like dating occasionally? At least this way, you will really know if you really want to be involved with someone and to what extent. Honesty will definitely raise your levels of self-esteem. If you don’t know what you want, or accept something that you’re really not sure you want then the consequences will only lead to lowering your self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, misleading goals will affect your self-esteem and that will affect your life and relationships.

If you believe that someone can make you happy, you’re wrong. I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “Happiness Comes from Within”. Find out what brings you down and work on that. You can make yourself happy by learning more about you and what makes you unhappy. Love yourself in order for others to love you back.

The bottom line is that confidence, self-esteem goes hand in hand with success, dating, love and everything in between. So follow the steps above to get your self-esteem boost.




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