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Anna wait,I just want to talk.Jessy said as Anna entered the ladies.
After 10 minutes Anna came out,her eyes about to pop out ,as she saw Jessy still waiting outside.
Tightly holding Sheila, she asked. what do you want from me?
Just want to know how you have been ,I have been trying to find you but I failed and I think this is Gods work for me to be here today.

OK, so why were you trying to find me?Anna asked
I need you to forgive me,I know I hurt you but am changed?
Its fine Jessy, I forgave you the day the Dr opened my cervix and chopped our child into pieces and poured her/him in the toilet and flashed. Do you need more details jessy? Anna finished and waited.
She had this anger in her voice that if you poured water on her ,steam would come out. Jessy was left standing in bewilderment.

Her day had been ruined by Jessy and jonah noticed it but reserved his comment for later.
The food was good,after jonah stood up ,appreciated his sister and told her that the only gift he can give her is to set her free
“Anna thank you, but today I set you free,explore this world minus my intervention, make decisions for your self,its time for me to let you grow up,what I wanted, you have given it to me ,may God always bless you, protect you but above all may you always look up to him.” Anna was crying as they hugged .

As people left .jonah asked his sister what had spoilt her day and she informed him about Jessy. just don’t let him bother you, jonah told her as they entered the car to leave the place.

After two months of hard work on a monday afternoon Anna was very busy,she had even failed to go out for lunch but stayed back to finish Her end of month report,the receptionist brought her a bucky of red and white roses mixed. whose are these? Anna asked. Read the card. the receptionist replied moving back to her desk

Am sorry Anna,Jessy ,that’s what was on the card.After reading Anna geared and cursed under her breath stupid idiot. and she continued with her work.
This went on for a month ,Jessy sending flowers at least twice a week and the last two times he had also indicated his mobile contact on the card. Anna didn’t respond.

The next two months were full of surprises for Anna,Jessy started sending her breakfast,lunch not forgetting the flowers,with “am sorry Anna” on the card but never called her.
Anna didn’t know how Jessy got to know her place of residence and what her baby liked but every weekend he would send a three litre jerrican of straw berry yogurt,and a lot of fruits for Sheila.

Anna had stayed away from men for the two years and when she told her best friend ritah about Jessy’s gestures, ritah told her to give him a chance but Anna was still bitter and angry at Jessy.
The more he did a lot for Sheila the more Anna started having second thoughts about Jessy.

As time passed, Anna was informed that she was to travel to south Africa for training and other two colleagues
As she prepared to deligate her work she thought of how she will leave her baby alone, it was the first time she was leaving her baby behind.

She talked to jonah who agreed to keep the maid and Sheila at his home for the two weeks Anna was away and on Thursday jonah picked sheila and her nuny to his home as Anna was leaving on Friday.
Friday evening, she checked in at the airport and in an hour she was aboard south African airways.

She had closed her eyes to say a silent prayer before the plain set off, the next sit was occupied but as she inhaled that perfume was familiar but she finished her prayers anyway.
As she opened her eyes he also said Amen.
Hi Anna, what a coincidence,Jessy said. Hi Jessy? Anna was shocked at herself, she didn’t have so much bitterness as before.

Where are you headed? Anna asked.
Studying, am Pursuing my PHD and I always travel when the university break off for holidays,and you?Jessy asked
Company stuff.
How long are you staying?
Two weeks.Anna replied

As the conversation went on it happened that they are staying at the same hotel. but Anna never mentioned his gestures in the previous months not even a thank you.

It has been nice talking to you again Anna, hope to see you again.Jessy said as Anna boarded the car with her workmates that had picked them from the airport. Anna just waved a quick bye.
Anna entered her room ,drew the curtains ,and inspected her room it was self contained and the view was beautiful,she decided to rest for some time before anything and she slept peacefully.

She was awakened by a knock on the door, it was Eunice her workmate,Anna we are having dinner with the directors down at the restaurant at 9 so be ready.
Thanks I will be there as she closed the door.
Time check 7pm ,she still had some time before dinner so she called jonah,talked to sheila and wished them a good night. she entered the shower and took a luxurious warm bubble bath,after she looked for a simple flowered cotton dress and pulled back her long hair into a pony tail,added a bit of pink lip gloss and finished with Her cream wadge which was a bit law.

Her dress fit perfectly reveling her curvy body,naturally Anna was endowed she had a perfect body, her chocolate skin was smooth.she looked ravishing and a few pair of eyes turned as she passed them to join the others at the table,among them was Jessy who was at the bar.
The directors introduced themselves and dinner was served. They talked as they ate,discussing the performance of the different departments especially credit which made Anna talk a lot trying to answer questions and explaining a few things,she didn’t enjoy the dinner because she talked most of the time.

After dinner the directors left and promised to meet on Monday. James the other colleague invited the girls for a drink at the bar,which they obliged to and after two bottles Anna excused herself as Eunice and James started getting intimate.
She passed by James who was drawling over her and went to wait for the lift. as the lift door closed a hand stopped it and Jessy joined her.
Your smart! Jessy said
Anna didn’t reply.
Jessy held her hand gently as he moved closer, and he whispered sorry Anna,give me one more chance.

Anna’s insides turned ,his gentle touch and whisper made her body stiff ,Anna had for long blocked such feelings and Jessy was trying to open that gate. she needed to put an end to this she thought ,in an instant she slapped him so hard that he leaned back , she pushed the buttons for the next floor and she went out of the lift and used the stares to her floor. Her head was swirling with everything from their first date,to now and as she thought about her actions in the lift she smiled to her self but her body and heart said something else.
She opened her room and entered. only to wake up at a knock on the door.

It was Saturday morning as she opened the door, a waiter held way to many flowers which she carried inside, reading the card it said
“Meet me for breakfast at the terrace and you will not see me again Jessy.
She noted down ” lunch will be better, I have no time for breakfast ” handed it to the waiter. she unpacked,and organized her clothes into the closet, she run a cold shower and after she spent sometime on the phone with her child and papa.

She put on her faded blue jeans and a fitting T shirt ,some lip gloss and let her hair loose ,she sat opposite him as they ate lunch in silence, it was nice food that Anna enjoyed. After the meal she said a genuine thanks for lunch,and Jessy just looked at her.
Anna looked at him but his eyes showed he was hurting,do you need anything else,Jessy asked.
Not at all,am fine.
Can we take a walk as we talk?Jessy asked. Fine as she stood up. He led the way and Anna followed. Lee knew the expansiveness of this hotel because he always stayed here in one of the cottages when he came to study.

Attached to this hotel was a man made forest littered with small,cozy cottages that hard two rooms the environment around was quite,birds chirped and was conducive for studying.
They walked beside each other in silence ,it was odd so Anna asked.
Do you always stay here when you come to study?
Yes,I stay here but in the cottages its peaceful there.
Anna, I know I was wrong and I regret my actions every single day that passes but if you could set me free,I feel I need you to forgive me,I have failed to concentrate, your always on my mind Anna .he said this as he touched her hand and squeezed it tightly.

Before Anna could pull away it started raining,they run to a nearby tree to seek shelter but the rain increased steadily. What do we do?Anna asked looking at the long distance between them and the hotel,she could barely see the 10floored building. She was soaking wet though Jessy had given her his jean jacket remaining in just his checked shirt. let’s go to my cottage, its nearer! Jessy suggested. Anna looked at him skeptically but she was now drenched and coldness had started biting at her,let’s go she said and off they run through the rain to the cottage.

Inside ,Jessy gave her one of his shorts and buggy t_shirt and told her to enter the bathroom and change.
As she locked the bathroom door Jessy quickly changed into other clothes and went to the small kitchen and boiled some tea as he dried the floor off the water that had dripped.
She came out ,her hair raffled abit from drying it,Jessy handed her a mug of hot tea and she wrapped it with both her hands as she was cold and needed some warmth, as she extended the mug to her mouth, she sneezed. Jessy covered her with a blanket and sat beside her in silence, sipping at his tea. he moved from her side and knelt in front of her,taking away her mug and setting it on the table.

He held both her hands and said
“Forgive me Anna,allow me to take care of you and Sheila” he whispered I still love you Anna as he kissed her hands.
Anna pulled her hands away standing up and move away from him,his hovering presence and touch did things to her body and she needed to stay away from him.
She peeped through the window but the rain was still pouring heavily, as she turned Jessy was standing there.

Please talk to me Anna,why are you treating me like this,don’t you have a heart,I know I wronged you but your treating me like trash?why?why Anna?.
You want to know why ?because Jessy you are the devil himself,you threw me out and commanded me to get rid of ur child as Anna said this she remembered the pain she went through and started to cry.

You said you didn’t want to see me again..yes Anna, I know but for how long will I plead.this annoyed Anna and she raised her hand to slap him,but Jessy caught it mid air and used his left hand and pulled her to him.
He whispered, I love you Anna as he kissed her tears ,she tried to pull away,cursing him and hitting his chest with her left hand but his grip on her was tight.
He brushed his lips lightly on hers and she closed her eyes as an electrical sensation run through her body. he kissed her again and Añna couldn’t resist anymore, her mind told her to resist but her body failed to resist.

I love you Anna,Jessy said as he kissed her more and Anna kissed him back,it was hot,rushed, Jessy lifted Anna up and Anna wrapped her long legs around Jessy’s waist as they kissed.
Gently ,Jessy put her down on the bed and made love to her through the night. Anna had forgotten how it felt, since she had conceived she had stayed away from sex,it felt nice,her body relaxed after receiving uncountable Os in one night, she slept in his arms but wondering how she would go so soft,why her body couldn’t resist him.


How could I let my guard down?,how can I just open my legs for him?,what has come over me?she pinched her self to be certain that she wasn’t in a cream. Since she had given birth Anna had became a light sleeper and however much she tried her head was full of these funny dreams that she couldn’t make any sense out of them.
At 5:30, she sneaked out of his bed and tiptoed to the door ,joining the few couples who were jogging, she jogged along, back to her room.

Anna was restless, but she took her mind off last night activities by organising herself for her first day of training,talking to her child and papa.
Jesus Christ ,Anna exclaimed as she was still asking her self why she had become so vulnerable in his arms,it hit her so hard that her head hurt a bit.

She called for room service and requested for a female waiter to attend to her.
As her breakfast was served she inquired from the waiter,how she can get a particular medicine?
You need a drs prescription first! The waiter informed her.
Anna didn’t want the company to be involved in this ,she needed emergency pills asap,she now knew why she couldn’t resist,she was ovulating and during this time her libido was immense.

Hello,can I see you now? Anna called Jessy.
Where? Jessy asked
My room if you can.Anna said
Fine am at the restaurant, I will come up in a few minutes,room number please?.
Knock knock,its open Anna said and Jessy entered and pecked her good morning as he sat down in a chair besides the bed.
I am not feeling so well, if you can please help me ,I need to get a certain drug yet I don’t need my company to be involved anyway you can help?
Anna about yesterday. please Jessy let’s talk about that after I get that drug .Anna cut him off.

Jessy called someone and asked to see him. let’s go a friend is waiting.he said
They used a hotel car and Jessy gave the driver the directions, in just 10 minutes the driver parked in front of a car wash and Jessy jumped out coming back with a tall,very light skinned gentleman who sat in the co drivers sit and instructed the driver to drive.
We are here! I called him and he is expecting us,let’s go.
Can I talk to him alone please!!Anna requested
Let me introduce you then leave you alone.After the pleasantries they left Anna with the pharmacist.

In just a few minutes ,she was out and they drove back to the hotel.
I need to eat before I take my medicine. Anna told Jessy who happily bought her lunch.
After her food she swallowed two emergency pills, leaving the box that contained the pills on the table.
Jessy held the box,read at the top, removed the leaflet inside and kept quite.
Thanks so much Jessy ,I will go and finish what I was doing. Anna said
Can we talk?Jessy asked
In my room as I do my things if you don’t mind. Anna answered.

Why have you taken those pills?Jessy asked her
I just saw you reading the leaflet, what didn’t you understand? Anna asked back.
What are you?who is this Anna? So you don’t want any memory of our last night any where that you had to make me pay for the pills? God is it the reason you couldn’t said

me, so my friend can just bring it to us?do you hate me this much?

Anna felt better, her remorse for letting her guard down last night was fairy diminishing.
Jessy I can’t take chances with you anymore, am ovulating and I can’t bring another child in this world with a man who threw me out. by the way about last night, it ment nothing ,so don’t think otherwise.
You can see your child and be in her life but don’t dare try to take her away from me,you will regret the day you met me if you try it. thanks Anna but I am not giving up on you,am ready to wait. he told her and left her room.

The training was intense,they worked hard but Anna was more coarsed for results by the directors. More pressure was put on her working till late to finish her assignments before the next day.
By end of first week Anna was home sick her colleagues were not as busy as she was,they spent most of their free time banging each other silly for James was a married man.
Even on weekend she had mini meetings with the director in charge of credit.
The second week was similar, so hectic,only sparing time to eat something .
Jessy stayed away from her,he had somehow learned how the training was for Anna.
On Friday evening as they wrapped up, she received a note inviting her to dinner by Jessy before setting of for Uganda.

She rejected the offer,and informed him that she wanted to do a bit of shopping for her people.
They went with Eunice,who was happly spending james money and after three hours ,they returned just in time to go to the airport.
As she finshed parking jessy came in with some bags too.some are for his princes and this is yours.
Thanks but am let,he helped her carry her bags to the car and waved her goodbye.she slept almost through out waking up as the plane landed.

She boarded a cab to her place and slept till saturday noon.she un packed and jessy had bought a lot of toys for sheila, and for her,ascarf.
Anna sent him athanks later,she embarked on cleaning up her house,later she made a quick meal for herself and after she hiked a boda to check on her housing project.
It had staled a bit and she needed to enter before the month ended.After a few instructions with the enginer she went back.

The next day papa brought back sheila who run into her mothers arms ,who lifted her up in a tight hug spinning her a round.
She talked with papa,gave him his gifts and he left.
Monday morning ,she went back to work all fresh and dived in her work whole heartedly,she was so busy that she missed the gossip, only to learn of it in the evening as she walked with her colleagues home.
The credit manager had been fired last week.

Anna was shocked but she was the kind that wasnt inquistive and never snooped into peoples business.
The week was busy for her, running between work and doing final touches to her houses.
On friday evening,she parked her stuff and on saturday jonah brought a truck and she shifted to her own home,she had acomplished one of her dreams, four in one apartments,3bedrooms,self contained and she ocupied one of the apartments.

The next monday morning ,she was summoned into the MDs office.
Congs Anna, for your hard work,and hope you will perform better with this promotion and handed her the letter.
Reading through,credit manager,her eyes widened as she saw her new salary.
The news moved first and the next day eunice and others brought her a cake.
Jonah was more excited and started calling her manager.
Jessy returned after a month and the first person he wanted to see was Anna and sheila.

He requested to see sheila and Anna directed him the time Anna got home jessy was running around with sheila,she was already calling dady,dady.
He had brought gifts this time even for the maid and jonah.jessy started taking Anna and sheila out more frequently and jessy proved to be more mature and more responsible,he offered to baby sit sheila at times as Anna went out with her new catch.

Anna had decided to try her luck with joseph,he worked with ministry of finance but it only lasted amonth,this man would never call, Anna seemed like she was the only one intrested thus ending it.
The second one was super protective,jelousy, short tempered that at one time he neary slapped her for not paying attention to him as he talked
The third, was too handsome and he new it,he had several girls attracted to him and openly seduced him and in return he flirted in her presence,she wasnt ready for this drama and called it off.and decided to wait for next year.

Christmas was around the corner and every department was busy.Anna came in early and was always the last,sometimes she was too tired that she would leave her car and jump on aboda.
She missed her daughter ,she talked less with papa as for ritah she had on several occasions cancelled their programs,however much ritah had begged Anna for a few minutes to tell her something, Anna had always promised to call her when she got time.

Jonah invited her and sheila for Xmas and the same day was house warming for his new home.
“Booked you earlier don’t fix any other program” Jonah warned her.
On the 23rd Jonah had come to Kampala to do a bit of shopping and Anna requested him to take her maid to her parents for Xmas.
24th she needed to finalise a few things at office but she was stranded, she didn’t have anyone to babysit sheila,most of her tenants had traveled so she gave Jessy a call and he came running.

By 2 she was done and headed home,Anna was surprised, Jessy had prepared lunch and oh my he was good ,he had cooked rice,liver and greens plus cocktail juice.
After lunch he inquired what her plans were for the next day,he would love to spend it with Sheila. He said.
Sorry Jessy but Jonah invited us already. She said.
Can I tag along?he asked.
Let me talk to Jonah. she said as she dialled Jonas number.
Its OK you can tag along. she informed him. we leave at midday, she added.

Ritah what the hell are you doing here?Anna asked as they hugged each other, before ritah could say anything, Jonah wrapped his hand around her waist. You two,for how long? As she squealed with happiness and hugged them both.
Jessy meet papa,papa,Jessy Sheilas father. The two gentlemen shook hands as ritah lifted Sheila up and both left the men to themselves.
Rita’s brother and sister reached Anna had taken long without seeing them,they were given a tour of the house, it was huge and luxurious with abig compound.
Lunch was served and ritah had out done herself.

After lunch Jonah and Jessy were spotted standing under one tree shade having an intense conversation, Anna frequently stole glances at them as they prepared the BBQ.
By 8pm every one was leaving but papa called Anna to his bedroom.
Manager, guard your heart,Jessy wants you back,but it’s like he wants to prove something,but as I promised, follow your heart,he hugged her,and escorted her to the car.

Every first of January,we have family lunch in the village, everyone comes with his or her family so I am requesting that I go with Sheila if you would allow.Jessy requested.
How can you ask me to do such a thing Jessy?I can’t trust you with my baby,by the way where is your village?

Mbarara Anna,then can you bring her,my parents are aware of her.
Let me think about it. Anna told him.
The next few days she spent time with her girl,on 30th she called papa for advise.
Papa told her to go with the baby,and on 31st they set off for mbarara with Jessy.

We will sleep in a hotel and join you tomorrow for lunch. Anna informed Jessy who helped them find one and then headed to his parents home,and informed them about Anna and Sheila.
Anna’s phone rung and she picked up
Yes Jessy,
Sorry to bother you but mom wants to talk to you.
Hello Anna,this is Jessy’s mother.
Yes mother, how are you?
Good,how are you Anna?
Am fine mother.
Please, ever since I got to know that you were coming I organized for you both so accept my invitation and spend the night with us.

Anna couldn’t refuse and in an hour she was receiving a warm embrace from Jessy’s mother, Sheila was being spined around by her grand father.
Jessy introduced his guests and his father invited Anna to sit on his laps,she was scared but Jessy and his mother encouraged her,and she sat. you are welcome my daughter,you have a place here,always be blessed. Thank you father .she said
She was shown to her bedroom by Jessy and told her to feel at home
Dinner was served but Anna wasn’t up to it,she asked Jessy if she won’t offend his parents if she didn’t go for dinner.
Its OK even the others are sleeping. Do you need anything? Just acup of milk for Sheila, she wants to sleep.Anna noted

Anna slept peacefully only to wake up by Sheila who was pulling at her hair and ear,mummy chuchu she was saying.
It was :9:30am,she got out of bed organized her girl and herself and joined the rest who were having breakfast.
After,some members left for church but Jessy’s mum didn’t go just like Anna though Jessy went with sheila
As she tried to have a midmorning nap ,Jessy’s mother knocked and entered, can we talk?
Of course mother.

Jessy told us what he put you through and am really sorry for his behavior and I request you to give him another chance.
He is my son,I know he is arrogant and sometimes selfish but that’s what God gave me.

Ever since he found you and knew you had kept the pregnancy, his life turned around, he has became more responsible and more developmental
We are all happy about his change and everyone wants to see the woman who has changed Jessy. to us , he was open and accepted that you were a challenge to him and he wants to correct his mistakes
On several occasions he has called us late in the night to unburden his heart especially if he messes you up ,he feels remorseful. I can’t say, I know how you feel but every person does mistakes,if you can find it in your heart, please forgive me for raising such a stupid son.
Its OK mother. Anna replied

They were introduced to the rest of the family and lunch was served. After lunch the kids were running around Sheila was having a blast,she had never had many Playmate’s like this
Aunt Anna ,aunt Anna come now,sheila has fallen and not moving.

As Anna ran to see her baby and every one followed,Sheila was chocking, gasping for air.
Jessy bring me a blue toilet bag in my suitcase please hurry.
She lifted her child, placed her on the dinning table, Sheila started stiffening, folding her fingers into fists.

Jessy, hurry,she got the bag from him ripped it open and removed a drug that she inserted in sheilas rectal area, got a syringe which was ready and injected her on the thigh,please move she needs all the air she can get. she told them as she tried to get a vain on Sheilas small hands and carefully injected her another drug.

After five minutes Sheilas breathing had stabilised and was sleeping
And Anna took her to she came out everyone was looking at her in anticipation.
She sat down in silence and leaned back as she was asked numerous questions, from every one.


Whats wrong with Sheila? Jessy asked impatiently.
Sheila is allergic to nuts and I think the others gave her some.
Who gave sheila gnuts?Jessy asked
The aunt in the kitchen gave us. one of the kids answered.
Jessy’s mother sat by her side and hugged her I know what it means to be in this situation. sheilas grandfather has the same condition.
So after this will she be fine?how long does she sleep? The questions were many.
In a few minutes she will be awake like nothing happened, you just have to be quick when she eats the nuts or else you can loose her. Anna informed them.

I had to go through training on how to do an MV and IV injections and I try as much as possible to have an emergency kit on me everywhere I go. my only worry is when she starts school, though am training her not to eat nuts and for long she has been rejecting but I think today she was excited.
Just as she finished sheila came calling out to her mother, who lifted her up and hugged her.

All along Jessy’s father had kept silent, but finally he spoke.
“Your a tough woman Anna,all alone with a child with this condition, you are brave,my mother almost lost her life because of me and as for my wife she had to do a lot of adjustments with her life to suit in mine.
You need a partner who is serious and selfless not a whimp to raise a child like sheila because as you are way from her your always on tension. But I know our sheila will be under Gods protection always.
Thank you father.Anna said.

It was a long night for Anna,she failed to sleep and decided to watch a movie.
In the morning everyone was setting of for their homes and so was Anna and Jessy.
Bye mother,she hugged her,your always welcome here Anna and thanks for accepting our invitation.
She also hugged Jessy’s father and off they set off for Kampala.
She slept most of the time and Jessy talked and laughed with Sheila.

He took them for dinner,then dropped them off at Anna’s place.
She said thank you as jessy hugged sheila,and off he went on his way.
Life went back to normal, Anna went back to work and she was super busy as before.

Jessy was busy himself but always called,the mood between them had a lighted and they joked more often than before.
End of January ,Anna started spending more time with Jessy, he was always there when she needed him. He never tried to ask her for her heart,but his aim was Anna to fall for him once again and his tricks had started to work on Anna.

It was time for sheila to join pre primary and they both set out to look for one, as they talked they decided on an international school because of sheilas healthy conditions, jessy had this mentality that the local kindergartens may not take sheilas condition as serious as its a rare condition .though Anna didn’t want a school too expensive, she needed a school she can afford in case Jessy bucked out as she was still skeptical of him.

Sheila loved her school and the adventures that came with learning.
Anna was happy and excited for her girl,on the 14th of February jessy asked Anna out with Sheila as they were his Valentines
Anna laughed at him but accepted anyway.
Exactly 8pm Anna and sheila were at the restaurant and Jessy handed her some flowers and a bar of chocolate to sheila. He had booked a private booth and he led the way.

Hope its nuts free?Anna said as she looked at her daughter who was already struggling to open the park.
They had dinner,talked,jokes were made ,they laughed and by eleven jessy asked if they could dance,sheila was comfortably sleeping on the couch covered in a heavy blanket.

I don’t know how to dance! Anna informed jessy as she smiled
Its OK, am not as good as you may think,but if you don’t mind, we can try since no one is watching.
Maria Carrie’s forever was on in the background and they swayed in rhythm.
But this closeness sent shivers down Anna’s spine.
I think we should go! Anna said and of course jessy obliged and carried sheila to the car.
The next day at work she called him and thanked him for the dinner.

Hello rita? are you okay? Ritah had called Anna around midnight crying.
I need to see you before its too late for me.ritah said
OK ,let’s have lunch tomorrow. Try to get some sleep everything will be ok,goodnight.
Over lunch Anna asked ritah what the problem is.
Its Jonah Anna,he wants to formalise our relationship but I don’t think I will be happy.

What are you talking about,why wouldn’t you be happy? Papa is good,he adores you,your his Queen, what are you saying Ritah.?
He doesn’t listen to me Anna,how can I stay with someone who doesn’t listen to my ideas.
Ritah ,Jonah is my brother, I know him more than you,he loves you and I believe what your saying is not right.
You came to me for help,and the way I know you, that’s not the issue,something else is disturbing you,just get on with it, I promise to help you.

I have for long pleaded withJonah to go and see a sex specialist but he has refused.
He is soo sexually lucking,I know his problem can be fixed but he has this male ego. Anna you know me,I love your brother but I think am losing it.

Anna was shocked, with tears in her eyes,she held ritahs hands and squeezed them tightly, I will see what I can do but just know everything will be okay.
She didn’t know how to begin,Jonah was like her father, but she knew if ritah left,the next one may just cheat on Jonah.she called Jonah and set up a meeting at her home and reminded him that it was urgent.

In her bedroom, Anna after along time called her papa his name

Jonah,I know am your sister and you have always had my interest at heart but i also care about you.
Yesterday I had lunch with ritah and she told me she is quitting the relationship? Do you know why?
No.Jonah replied his eyes on the carpet bellow his fit.
Has she ever asked you to see a sex specialist?
Jonah’s body tensed and didn’t reply.

Jonah, its every woman’s desire to get total pleasure from her man,I don’t know how it is but if ritah moves on,the next one may just cheat on you and you know what that comes with. Anna went silent
I know Anna but i just felt bad that ritah wanted to go with me.
What’s the real problem? Anna asked but Jonah didn’t say anything.
Anyway I have arranged for you to see a Dr and please tell him everything that ritah has ever complained about.

Anna had previously talked to one of her workmates, who informed her that before she tries herbal remedies the patient should seek medical attention.
He said sometimes its treated medically and he gave her a contact for a Dr.
Jonah met the Dr and he was put on medication for 3months.but after one month ritah called Anna thanking her as for Jonah,Anna had secretly taken apart of his heart,he loved her,she had saved him from shame.
Jonah and ritah got married in a simple function which was attended by close relatives.

The next few months Anna enjoyed life ,Jessy spoilt both of them and finally he asked her for a chance and she accepted but something nudged at the back of her head.
Jessy doted over her and after one month of dating he proposed but on the eve of her wedding, Jonah sat her down and talked to her.

Anna,you are still my young sister, I feel this decision has been rushed, but I just want you to be happy,
Be careful ,Jessy is cunning and don’t let this marriage ever make you forget who you are.he finished and left.
Anna couldn’t just sleep, she had this feeling that nudged at her but she let it be and tried to sleep.
The wedding was colourful, and everyone was happy.
After the honeymoon, Anna moved in with Jessy and marriage life started.

After one month Anna was pregnant, she was happy as she informed Jessy who beamed with happiness and said.” I hope its a boy”
Ritah was also expecting and they made fun of each other.
Ritah gave birth to twins ,both girls and Jonah gave her a car for a present.
After four months Anna gave birth to her baby boy and when Jessy was informed he came running,the baby looked just like him and this brought asmile to his face,jessy junior he said.

Her maternal leave allowed her bond with her babies, sheila thought the baby was a big doll but all the same she liked this doll.
As she stayed home,Jessy became more busy and he started returning home late,sometimes he called her to tell her he would be late out with a few friends, and of course she didn’t mind.

At the end of her leave, she cautioned her maid to be careful with the baby,and started another journey of juggling.
Jessy’s coming in late continued but some how she didn’t mind ,though on the nights jessy was out late a private number would call her but no one would talk from the other side, only heavy breathing and muffled sounds. after sometime she stopped picking up.
The day Junior made six months, Jessy didn’t return home and neither did he call,his phone was on but he never picked up, she panicked and called most of his friends and family.
At 6:30 he came back.

Anna almost slapped him but she held back,she sat opposite him and calmly asked where he had spent the night.
Sorry love, but we had a boys night out and I just passed out. something wasn’t right, Anna thought. She dressed up and left for work.
Just as she had entered her office she received a call from the private number again.
She received but also she didn’t say anything this time and the line went dead.

Around midday ,Jessy picked her up for lunch ,as they had their lunch she received massages and she opened them. pictures of Jessy naked, making love,plus a video.
Anna looked at Jessy for the longest time she could remember, that Jessy started fumbling with his cutlery.
Can we leave now? Am urgently needed back.Anna asked him.
As he drove her back,she forwarded the sms to him and he eagerly opened the sms. he was surprised that instead of stepping on the brakes ,he accelerated, almost hitting the car in front but managed to swerve aside and parked
Anna opened the door, jumped on aboda and left him on the roadside


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