Courting and Dating – The Dos and Don'ts of Courting a Girl

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Are courting and dating skills important to a girl? What are some important courting and dating tips and skills to know? Will your skills with courting and dating be enough to impress a girl? Can you learn these skills?

Although some may believe that courting is something of the past that is not the case. In fact, your courting and dating skills will one of the first things that your girl notices about you when on your first date. In order to have a successful relationship, it is important to keep in mind these courting and dating tips which will help win her over.

Do Try Your Best

This means that you should look your best and try your best to be on time when picking her up. Not everyone has a clock in their head, so be sure to get ready early so you will there when you said you would be to take her out.

Be Complimentary

Girls always like to hear a nice compliment and they will appreciate hearing how nice they look when you are dating and even after. People put in some effort when dating and really like to know that all of their trouble paid off and you like the way they look.

Be Interesting

Girls like a guy who has another life. They enjoy it when a guy has other friends and interests outside of a relationship. While it is important to spend time together, it is also important to have interests and friends for him to call his own and to hang out with from time to time. If you are interesting, more girls are going to fall for you.

Date Who You Like

Only you know the type of girl which you are attracted to. This means that you should date this person and don't always to your friends who may not know exactly what you want. Keep in mind that you don't have to please them, only yourself.

Don't Be Needy

Even if you are head over heals in love with someone, don't call them too much. This will only make you seem needy and creepy, both of which are huge turnoffs to girls.

Don't Lie

While it might be tempting to tell someone how you won a marathon in record time, never tell a lie to the girl whom you are dating. Not only will it be hard to keep the lies straight, but you should never be anyone who you are not. If you are yourself, the girl will like you so much more than anything you could pretend to be.

Don't be Rude or Drunk

Never treat the wait staff or anyone else badly and do not have too much to drink. There is nothing worse than starting to slur your words or waking up the next morning and not remembering if you had a good time on the date or not. Stick to one or two glasses of wine and mind your manners at all times.


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