A LONG WALK TO NOTHING episode 3 – 5

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Alexia is in her only office that is the kitchen, today is at least less hectic since Eddy is home, he helped clean around the house and now it’s evening so he went to pick Celine from school….. Alexia at least managed to take her bath, dress nicely and apply some makeup….. She has not set her eyes on her husband today, she had left him sleeping when she took Celine to school in the morning but when she got back, he was already gone, she has to look appealing tonight so they can talk……as she’s there in the kitchen, she thought she heard a car drive in, she’s so delighted, it’s either her husband or Eddy is back home with Celine…… She comes out of the kitchen to the living room and there he was, standing all gloomy and moody

“Welcome back home Darling” she says and he doesn’t smile but responds

“Thank you” she moves to where he’s standing and tries to take his bag and his coat but he tightens his grip

“I can do it” he says and he walks past her, in normal days, he would rush to her with a kiss and remind her of how much he loves her but it’s not the case

“Are you not picking your daughter today” he must have felt a little bad for his attitude as he tries to talk to her

“Edmond is picking her up”

“I didn’t know he was home” all this while, he doesn’t turn to her but speaks to her with his back facing her

“He called yesterday, I was going to tell you but you were long asleep when I got up there” he doesn’t say anything else as he proceeds upstairs but stops some how

“Don’t bother about dinner…..I’m not hungry”

“Again?” She asks not believing he’s doing this again but he doesn’t respond….. He continues climbing up……Alexia is not going to let him get away with it this time around so she follows him, he gets to their door and slams it in her face but she won’t just give up, she pushes open the door and for the very first time in twenty years raises her voice at him

“What has gotten in to you Donald….. Is this a new style or what?” He throws his bag on the bed and sits down, adjust his neck tie and begins to remove his shoes but she’s not going to let him disrespect her, she holds him by the lapel

“I’m talking to you Donald”

“Please I’m very tired….let me be”

“This isn’t you Donald…… Last night, I thought it was the stress of work and the fact that you found Cecilia here but….”

“Not another word from you Alexia”

“What is going on?…. What is the problem?”

“You are the problem don’t you get it…..out…..leave now”

“What?….. Donald, you can’t possibly think I will leave before you tell me what my crime is”

“You’re testing my patience woman…..I’m not in the moods for your argument….. I’m not used to it” she’s not used to it either but before she can say anything else, he cuts her short

“I don’t want to say something I might regret so leave” so defeated, Alexia looks at her husband but in his eyes there is furry and anger that can’t be explained, she feels hurt but what can she do, she walks out of the room in defeat, opens the door and comes face to face with her son

“You’re back” she asks Eddy who just nods…she proceeds downstairs as Eddy follows her behind…..

Cecilia lies down on the cold floor of her apartment with her legs raised up in the air…..she’s scrawling through her phone going through her pictures with Donald…. They were a power couple back then, they looked good and beautiful together….. It was love at first sight, she met him at a time she was trying to make a name for herself, she had gone for an audition to appear on a billboard for advertising a body lotion…..she had nothing, not even a single coin to transport herself from the audition centre, she was hungry and footing….as if that wasn’t enough, it just started raining, she couldn’t run and wait in a shelter because she still had a long way to go before reaching home and it was getting late, as she walked in the rain with her perfectly long hair now wet and cold, a car pulled besides her and the person in pulls down the mirror

“Hey…..get in” the person speaks but she doesn’t spare him a glance….the man doesn’t give up

“Excuse me miss…. You should get in, I’m harmless” it’s at this point she finally looks at him, a very young boy, in his teens…she stops and he also stops

“So you can successfully kidnap me?….. No thank you”

“Suit yourself” he says and drives past splashing water on her

“Shit” she says and runs after him but she couldn’t catch the car, she stops and throws her cellphone after him smashing her small phone on the car and he stops, she gets to him and walks over to his side, she kicks the tire real hard

“Aaaauuch…..my feet” she screams and the young man smiles, he gets out his ID

“Look here…..this is my ID, my name is Donald Stevenson…. I’m harmless, if only you could trust me”

“Get lost”

“Gladly…..let’s see for how long you will carry on now that you have one more problem added onto the ones you already have….. broken feet” she doesn’t say any word

“Get in, let me help you” she finally gives in and opens the door, she’s all wet and fears for his car but he doesn’t look any bothered

“Sorry about your phone” he says and she doesn’t say anything

“Can I at least know your name”

“Cecilia…..Cecilia Adams”

“Nice name….. Are you living within”


“Wow!!!…. That’s quite far from here….how were you going to get there” she doesn’t say anything but the guy surprised her, he took her up to her home, and he visited after two days with a much better phone, they became friends and later became boyfriend and girlfriend….. It was a beautiful love affair, Donald loved her and she loved him too, soon her modeling carrier picked up and she because famous, her priorities changed, Donald was no longer the first priority but he never gave up on her, she started seeing him as a hindrance but he tagged along, he would cry for her but she wouldn’t give a damn……she got another opportunity with a modeling agency in Canada, that was just the excuse she was waiting for to finally dump him…..she broke the heart wrecking news to him and he cried for days begging her not to go, he even offered to go with her once his business had picked up but no she still maintained her no, she finally dumped him and that was it, she left for Canada without any care in the world, Donald still never gave up on her, there was no social Media back then but he kept sending mails to her, she can’t tell how many he sent but they were so many yet she replied non…..it continued and things were moving on so fine but one day after a few months, the mails stopped coming, she at first wasn’t bothered because she still thought it was what was best for them, but she became worried after a month passed without one mail from him, she had to write to her only sister back home asking her to find out what happened and she was shuttered when she heard he had moved on…she too tried to move on, she met guys but non was as good as her Donald, non wanted commitment, the ones who wanted commitment wanted something else, not a model for a wife……that was when she started seeing world from a different angle, she tried to work out extra heard to earn a household name back home in order to attract Donald’s attention, she managed to make that name but she failed in one thing, getting his attention……. Years passed and technology improved, she searched Donald up on Facebook and she was shocked, he had grown, he had a huge company and he still remained young and handsome and what’s more, he was married to a very beautiful young lady with a son……she was instantly jealous, she became a stalker and stalked them both, not once did she chat Donald up, she never sent him a friend request either…… Five years ago, she now came home big, she was a role model to young girls aspiring to become models, she had everything but now she wanted one thing back and that was her man, she wanted Donald back but had no idea how she would, her luck came the day she realized her sister’s daughter was in the same school with Donald’s son and they were actually friends, she did everything possible to get close to Edmond and he was her bridge to Alexia, when she finally met Alexia five years ago, she was threatened by her natural beauty, the woman was more beautiful in person than in those pictures……they became friends but when Donald found out, he was furious and mad, but his stubborn wife stood her ground, they have been friends ever since but two years later, Alexia gave birth to her second child and that’s when her beauty went down in history, things became heard for her, she had so many things to do herself and no longer had free time to fix herself up, she knew it was just a matter of time Donald would get tired of pretending to love her in her new body, she’s close to getting to her goal……..as she processes all this, her other phone besides her begins to vibrate, she picks it up and it’s her niece

“Hello Chabela” she answers

“Aunty…. Just know you’re the second person to call me that just in two days time”

“Really?…. So how is my favourite niece”

“She’s so fine…..missing you just”

“Why don’t you just come home for weekend…..promise you many things”

“Sounds nice…..anyways I will think about it but that’s not why I’ve called you”

“I’m listening”

“Aunty…… I think I just found for you the perfect guy”

“Excuse you!!!…. Who says I’m looking for a man”

“Trust me on this one Aunty……this guy is a fitness instructor just tell me you’ll check him out”

“Hahaha….I don’t know what really got into your head but fine….we’ll come up with a plan but don’t get your hopes so high up”

“At least that sounds convincing enough”

“Are you and Dad fighting” Eddy who just followed his mum to the kitchen asks

“No….it’s not what you think son”

“Mum don’t lie to me, I heard Dad scream on you……since when” Alexia leaves her work and sits down asking her son to also join her and he does

“Son, your Dad has been up and down lately and you can imagine the fatigue that comes with his type of work”

“You don’t convince me…..I’m not a child, Dad is not himself and you aren’t either……but I will not allow him disrespect you”

“Son, it hasn’t gotten to that”

“No mother…..you might have been so much in love to notice this but I have”

“What are you even saying”

“I’ve noticed how Dad doesn’t do certain things he used to do Right anymore……I know something is wrong somewhere and I’m going to find out”

“You’re not going to confront your Dad”

“For now no…..but I want you to know that it’s the reason why I got a job……I want to take care of you Mum”

“Speaking about the job…..you still haven’t even told me what it is”

“I will personally take you there mom to see it with your own eyes…..I just want to help you Mum, you’re ever thing to me and my sister”

“That’s enough son….. You shouldn’t do this for me, you’re a grown up and have your private life to live”

“No mother…..I’m doing this for you, you have sacrificed enough, your carrier is one of them and I know you probably feel bad asking for ever thing from Dad so that’s the reason why I’m doing this so please don’t say no”

“Who am I to say no?…. Come give Mummy a hug”

“Not only a hug Mom….. But a kiss of blessing too” they embrace in a heart warming hug…….to be continued


The situation in the mansion is not getting any better, in fact it’s getting worse, Donald no longer talks to his wife unless it’s about the children, this is taking a big toll on his poor wife, who has no idea what her crime is, she thought she could still handle it and it’s going to get better in time but she’s afraid her worst night mare is coming to pass, she and her husband now live like total strangers in the house….Donald doesn’t eat her food anymore and she has managed to hide this going from Eddy and also her only friend Cecilia….. But she knows she has to share this with some one before it gets too much to handle but she’s just not ready…..today is the games day in Celine’s school, she had thought some how Donald will go with them but no, he never said a word and later left a chit saying he’s nor going but that’s OK, dressed in a black jumpsuit, she’s looking heavy as always, since she couldn’t go to the salon to fix her hair, she decides to wrap her head in white head shawl…..she and her daughter are Joly and jovial as she drives to school…….when they get to school, they find parents and their children getting started with baseball and tennis….. They were showed where Celine’s class is and Alexia gladly joins the parents and the other pupils……they were having so much fun that she even forgot about her problem back home…..she goes to sit down to catch some breath and also take some water but she spots another child seated at the far end of the field, looks like she’s crying

“Why would a child be crying when all this fun is going on?…. Did she hurt herself or what” Alexia wonders as she gets up to walk over to the girl…..she gets to where she’s seated and sits besides the girl, she can tell the girl is really beautiful as her blonde hair plays to the tune of the beautiful wind

“Hello” Alexia says touching her shoulders and the girl looks up……her sky blue eyes making her look even more beautiful

“Why would a beautiful girl like you sit all alone by herself crying…..why not join the others?… Where is your class” the girl doesn’t speak but continues to cry

“If my hair and eyes were half beautiful as yours….I would be smiling all day…….why not rub those tears from your eyes” the girl obeys

“What’s your beautiful name”


“Ooooh! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl……but why are you here all by yourself when other children are out there playing”

“It’s because I have no one to play with”

“Oh!… Where is your Mum?”

“It should have been my Dad here…..he said he would be here but no, he couldn’t make it yet again”

“But how did you get here”

“Most times it’s the school bus driver paid to bring me to school if Dad isn’t free”

“OK….now he is supposed to be here right?”

“Yes he promised…he even swore”

“OK…let’s do this….how about I be your parent for a while till when Daddy arrives, there is still time”

“What if he doesn’t come?”

“Then I shall be your parent for today” the little girls eyes beam with light

“You’d do that for me?”

“Let’s go…we are even wasting time already, so cheer up” she holds Glory’s hands and leads her to the play ground

“I even don’t know why I agreed to have breakfast with you…..much less in your house” Donald believe it or not, is at Cecilia’s house instead of being in the office as he should be, and Cecilia is the happiest, dressed in a skimpy shot hugging her slim body tightly, she’s really epitome of beauty, her top this morning is as good as nothing at all, she’s loving the fact that Donald is beginning to soften up so she chooses to ignore his concern inform of concern, she carries the tray full of breakfast to the dinning and puts it down coming to where Donald is

“I shouldn’t be here” he says

“Relax…..just for old time’s sake, I’m harmless” saying this makes Donald smile

“You still remember that word” he asks still smiling

“Which word” she asks feigning ignorance

“I’m harmless” he says and they laugh this time around, Cecilia pulls much closer holding his arms

“I miss those old days, I miss all the times you escorted me to those auditions, later photoshoots….our hangout and all those days you massaged my feet after wearing heels all day long” she rubs his shoulder as she says this and he closes his eyes

“I miss those moments too, we had nothing but we were happy, that day I met you under the heavy rain”

“And you splashed water on me”

“You were stubborn….I had to”

“And I ended up smashing my phone on your car”

“Hahahahaha…..don’t even say that…. I remember the people we did auditions for promised to call the following day” as the digging of the past continues, Donald and Cecilia draw closer and now their lips are only inches away and they are now breathing heavily as Cecilia continues now in a whisper

“I desire you…..and I know you desire me too, why fight what’s obvious” Cecilia says as her lips now gets to Donalds neck, he shuts his eyes as he takes all her scent in

“You have no idea how many times I dreamt about all the kisses we shared back then wishing you could kiss me like that once more….. Now, let my wish come true please” she brings her lips from his neck to his lips but before she could go far, he must have come to his senses because pushes her away

“What’s wrong?”

“I made a mistake coming here” he says collecting his coat from the couch but she’s not going to give up, she holds onto him


“Let me go” he yanks himself from her grip

“Your breakfast”

“I don’t want it anymore…..you can have it” he dashes out at once leaving her all high and dry

“Let’s see for how long Donald…. You shall be the one to seek me out before you know it”

Glory, Celine and Alexia are having so much fun that the three are all sweating, they have tried all the games and Glory is the happiest…… Her tears are dry and she seems have forgotten about her Father’s disappointment…she’s having the fun of her life time

Liam emerges from his car and hurriedly walks to where some teachers are seated, one could actually tell how disappointed he is at himself for not keeping his word once again

“Good day teachers” he greets

“Oh! Mr Peters you’re here” Glory’s class teacher responds

“I’m so sorry I did it once again…..I don’t know what I have to tell my daughter again this time to gain her trust once again”

“Say the truth or perhaps you may not need to say anything after all”

“Excuses me!”

“Come…..come see for yourself…. This way please, follow me” a very clueless Liam follows the madam behind, they walk to the big Field where parents are interacting with their children still, both male and female

“I don’t see Glory” he thinks

“Look….there she is” he looks at the direction she’s pointing at…..there indeed she was, shaking her body to the tune of music being played from maybe a phone because he can’t hear it

“Glory?” He can’t believe his eyes as he walks towards her….. It’s only when he gets closer he realises she’s not actually alone but with someone…. He stands and watches the three of them dance and swing their body, he shakes his head unbelievably……just at this time, Glory looks his way

“Dad” she calls and the woman walks over to where her phone was lying and puts off the song, Liam can’t take his eyes off his daughter, he’s so mad at himself and so ashamed too

“Dad” she calls again when he gets to her

“Darling I’m so sorry” he says

“Don’t worry Dad…. Actually for the very first time I’m so happy you never came…. I had so much fun” Alexia finally walks over

“Hi” she says and Liam spares her a glance

“Hey….thanks so much for filling in for me” he sincerely says

“Oh! It’s nothing”

“Excuse me but have we met before?”

“I don’t know though you look familiar too but my name is Alexia”

“Peters right?” She nods

“Liam….Liam peters, you remember?”

“You don’t say it…..what a coincidence Liam….this is your daughter?”

“Yes my daughter Glory peters…..”

“I guess my encountering her today was totally a way to pay for the little scratch on your car the other day”

“You never know but I must agree with you…..is she your daughter?”

“Yes…. Celine…my daughter”

“Celine Peters?”

“No….Celine Stevenson”

“Stevenson???… That name sounds familiar”

“It’s my husband’s name” she happily responds…..

“Mind sitting down with for a while? Or you’re on hurry though I promise not to take much of your time please” Alexia says

“Why not….Glory” he turns to daughter and squats

“Why don’t you and your new Friend Celine play for a while”

“OK Dad” Glory takes the little girls hand and walks with her back to the play ground and Alexia walks with Liam, they settle down for a nearby seat

“I don’t get it….the first time we met, your name was Alexia Peters…. And now, your daughter bears a different second name, I don’t get it”

“Peters is the name given to me at birth, my father’s second name but you can now as well call me Alexia peters Stevenson”

“That name is familiar but I can’t tell where I’ve heard it from” Alexia doesn’t say anything on that, her name isn’t the reason why she wanted to talk to him after all so she clears her throat

“I’m so sorry to invade your privacy and your method of parenting just like this but this is about your daughter”

“What did Glory do?…. Was she rude or she…”

“No no far from it, I don’t know why I feel concerned but I love children, if it was possible I would give room for more children, to mother them…..earlier today, I watched that girl from afar, she was crying…… She had no one, I mean her parent”

“I get it now but first of all, let me say a very big thank you for filling in for me…..I’m a very busy father, much as I would want to be there for my daughter all the time, I just can’t do it sometimes”

“Before your work, your child comes first Liam, it doesn’t matted how heavily loaded your days are, the poor girl was all alone by her self as other children played” Liam looks at his watch and stands up

“I’m running late actually”

“Again?” She stands up, this reminds her of the other day her husband for the second time told her he was not going to have dinner, she had raised her voice asking him that and it’s the same things she has just done right now, Liam is confused and speechless she shifts a bit

“I’m so sorry….all I’m saying is that….”

“I’ve heard you” he cuts her short

“What do you even know…..all that I’m doing, whether wrong or right, is all for that girl you see right there”

“But two wrongs don’t make a right” she answers back and Liam comes closer to her

“What was that?” He asks and Alexia still shifts

“She says it’s not the first time…..you always do it wrong” she says looking aside

“Fine…..if all that I do is wrong, then her presence in my life too is a mistake….thank you back I’m out of here” he walks away feeling furious

“Jerk….hope I see you never” she mumbles underneath….. To be continued


Donald is the first to get home today, he doesn’t get it, not once has he ever come home and find the the big mansion all empty, not that he cares about that, actually it’s good so he can at least breath in his own house for today …….he adjusts his neck tie, removes his shirt and throws it down on the floor, he sits down on the bed and his mind runs to Cecilia, how he left her house this morning, he doesn’t know why he feels bad about it suddenly but he’s got to say sorry even when a part of him says other wise, he tries fighting the temptation but fails so he picks his phone and dials her

“I’m actually surprised by this time today, my friend is still out…what changed” Cecilia says as she pours juice in the glass for Alexia….. She and Celine have been at Cecilia’s ever since they got back from school, Alexia wanted a getaway from all the crazy stuffs happening in her house so the only place she had in mind was at her friend’s, she was liking it here until when Cecilia asks her that one question she’s not even ready to answer, when she couldn’t answer, Cecilia puts the jag with the juice down and faces her

“Is everything Alright with you Alexia?” She asks feigning concern and Alexia feigns ignorance

“What is going on….. Are you and Don fighting…..is he hitting you?”

“What are you even saying?….. What are you talking about?”

“You know you can count on me and tell me just anything, there is trouble in the Paradise, the Alexia I knew would be at home by this time readily waiting to serve her husband”

“Well didn’t you criticize me for that?….I’m trying to change”

“No no….you got me all wrong, I mean….l…” Alexia cuts her short

“But it has always been you coming up with all sorts of complaints and here I’m trying to get myself out of that house that appears to be more than my own grave and prison…. Those were your words but still you complain”

“Hhhh….Ale….how I wish I could believe your statement…. But guess what, when you’re ready to share it with me, you know what to do” Cecilia’s phone begins to Ring from besides Alexia and she picks it up

“Who is it” Cecilia asks

“My love!!!!” Alexia says all excited and Cecilia’s eyes pop up

“Give it here” she grabs the phone and runs away standing by the exit door

“Hey” Cecilia answers feeling sweaty all of a sudden

“Don’t go far…..or I’ll follow you ” Alexia says laughing

“Cessy…..I’m sorry I called unannounced but….. Wait….. Are you with someone, I thought I heard someone speak” Donald asks and Cecilia looks back at her friend before answering

“Are you with someone?”

“No….. I mean yes, I’m with a company….my Friend Alexia, you remember her?” Donald goes cold


“Yes….the one I told you about…..anyways, I’ll call you later bye” she ends the call and Alexia can’t help but laugh her heart out, Cecilia is confused


“Look at you……you look like a thief being caught red handed….come sit down, get off that mask on your face….it doesn’t suit you” Cecilia comes without another word

“So tell me…..when were you going to tell me about him”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Really? And we are supposed to be best friends right? The last time I checked you said you don’t want a man in your life”

“And so has it been the case”

“Oh really?” Cecilia doesn’t respond and Alexia shifts closer

“Look….we are friends aren’t we?……”

“I know but it’s too soon to tell, I’m just getting to know him and I’m not sure if it’s gonna last or not”

“But you already like him”

“I don’t know”

“But it’s already ‘my love’……. You don’t call someone that much less save their contacts with that name if you don’t feel anything for them” Cecilia smiles uncomfortably

“That’s enough….in fact You should get going now…..you’re a married woman” Alexis stands up

“You’re right I better get going, Don must be home by now”

“And your juice?”

“Some other day please…..you can even keep it” they hug and Alexia walks out and Cecilia escorts her, she kisses little Celine goodbye too and they hop in her car and they drive away……Cecilia waits till when they are out of sight as she lets out a huge sigh of relief and heads back in, with her phone on her ears

“Are you finally safe to talk?” Donald asks the moment he picked up

“Donald…..what do you want” she was sounding rude

“Why the sudden change of tone Cessy”

“Don’t you dare call me that? What do you want” Donald is still confused and he clears his throat

“Is my wife still there with you?”

“I asked why did you call me in the first place?” He begins to stammer not knowing what to say

“Haah aak….I wanted to find out if Alexia was with you because I didn’t find her home and you’re her only friend” Cecilia is instantly mad

“Well I’m not your wife’s keeper” she hangs up without giving him a chance for another word, she’s so mad at him right now…..

Liam and Glory have just finished making those delicious cookies and he serves two for each and pours two glasses of juice glory helps carry to the dinning, they seem too happy today especially Glory

“Dad” she calls

“Yes daughter”

“Do you and Mrs Alexia know each other”

“It’s my second time of meeting her, she seems nice”

“Not seems but she’s so nice, I think I like her” Liam is shocked, it’s the first time his daughter is liking someone else apart from him

“Is it because she helped you earlier today?”

“It’s more than her help……the way she approached me, she even told me if her hair and eyes were half as beautiful as mine she would be smiling all day….she’s a nice woman”

“You think so?”

“I was actually hoping we could invite her and her daughter home one of these days for dinner….don’t you think so”

“I would have said it’s possible but it’s not”

“How? You two know each other”

“Unfortunately we ended on bad terms today so shall we eat at least” she nods and that’s it…….

Since Donald no longer eats her food, Alexia didn’t have hard time fixing something light for her baby girl, she had met the house empty when they arrived and she thought Donald had not arrived until when she spotted his car packed, she proceeded to the bedroom where she finds him there, she tried asking how his day was but she got no answer, she came back to the kitchen to fix the dinner but what she really wants is to talk this through with her husband, if there is a problem Donald should be bold enough to tell her what it is instead of this silent and killing treatment……. She and Celine quickly ate and she took him to bed, she now proceeds to her room and finds Donald is already sleeping, she looks around and spots his clothes lying down on the floor, she thinks to herself that she’s going to collect them and wake his up, they have to talk…….she first of all picked up the necktie and the trouser, she puts them on the foot of the bed and she picks the shirt, she brings it closer to her heart clutching it tightly

“Ooh Donald…… What happened to us, what happened to all those days you’d come home and just want to be with me, when you’d join me in the kitchen extending a helping hand so I can finish and we have enough time for fun” she brings the shirt to her nose and smells it but she’s instantly alert

“This isn’t Donald’s perfume…..it’s a women’s scent and it smells familiar……oh my God” she looks at the shirt critically but there close to the collar from the front she sees it, a red lipstick, she can’t believe it

“Donald???” She freezes…..she sits down clutching her heart, her eyes are popping out and she can’t believe it

“You’re cheating on me already Donald…. Where did I go wrong, what wrong did I do?” She doesn’t know how but she suddenly starts to cry….her life is slowly turning into a big joke, here she was hoping she would talk to him so they can sort their difference but this new development has just crashed……to be continued



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