A LONG WALK TO NOTHING episode 6 – 8



“Let me call Dad to join us so we can start with eating already…. I’m so dying of hunger here” Eddy who just finished arranging the table says to his Mum getting up

“Son” Alexia calls and Eddy stops



“He won’t come down and eat”

“Why? I don’t get it”

“Would you stop asking questions…..just sit and let’s eat, I’m already salivating already” slowly Eddy sits down and looks at his Mum who hasn’t raised her head up…..he serves Celine and serves his Mum before he serves himself, they all sit down at round table and eat in silence, something was burning him up, ten thousands questions he needs answers for, something isn’t right in his family and has to find out…..all of a sudden, he doesn’t have appetite anymore, he tosses his fork left and right as his mother watches with the corner of her eyes, she doesn’t know how she’s going to answer her son because he won’t sleep unless she talks to him

“Are you sure you’re going to finish your food son” Alexia asks Eddy

“I won’t…. I don’t have appetite”

“If it’s about your Dad not eating with us tonight, don’t worry he doesn’t have dinner of late”

“Since when”

“Just recently you know….staying on a healthy track”

“How about sitting with a family at a round table just to catch up and get to know how the day went and joke about it as we laugh together…you know like old times” Alexia stands up and carries her empty plate

“Are you done baby” she asks Celine

“Yes Mum…. You can take it too” she carries the two plates and walks over to the kitchen, Eddy stands up too and follows behind

“Mum….. Are you two fighting?” He asks barely closing the door behind

“Calm down…..”

“No Mum you answer me”

“We just had a small misunderstanding”

“A small misunderstanding that led to some people not eating in the house any more”

“That’s not true”

“It’s true Mum” he slums his fist on the kitchen door and there is some silence

“How can you defend that…Dad doesn’t eat from home, he takes his breakfast from out, lunch out which Is not unusual because that’s how it has always been but he has never missed dinner for anything because it was the only way and time we sit down as one big family and catch up” Alexia is quiet for a while

“You’re hiding more than you’re letting out but I’m not going to bother you with more questions”

“That’s perfect, let’s just get started with the fitness lesson and everything will work out” Eddy looks at his Mum shaking his head

“So this is it?….. It’s all about your body and appearance?” He asks and Alexia returns the look

“No….not really, I just say that because I feel with a few pounds lost, I will find a job and get busy” she walks out on him as Eddy just shakes his head unbelievably

It’s early the next day, Donald wakes at 5am…..on normal Saturdays, he would have woken up and prepare breakfast for all as Alexia fixes herself and little Celine for her weekend coaching…. But it’s not now the case, he heads straight to the shower where he takes a quick one, he gets out and puts on something casual a jeans and T-shirt……he grabs his bag and heads out of the room to the kitchen…….Eddy is in the kitchen fixing breakfast for all but he’s on phone

“Hey babe what’s up”

“Where are you, I was looking for you like crazy” Isabel asks from the other end

“Yesterday?” He asks


“Sorry I had to come straight home Isa, I needed to see Mum and inform her about her appointment with my boss”

“How did she take the news?”

“You’ll not believe it babe but she never objected like we thought, she’s really excited”

“I’m happy she did….so that means you’re coming back today”

“Probably on Monday….. But can you come over? I really miss you” he says in a fluttering way and Isabel smiles

“I’ll pass by later in the evening”

“Perfect, I’ll be waiting chaaoo” he gets off the phone and turns, coming face to face with his father

“Good morning Dad”

“You have a Job now? What has that got to do with your mother and how come I didn’t know anything about it in this house?”

“Those are too many questions Dad but I’m glad you’re here we need to talk” his father brushes past him and grabs a cup, he pours himself coffee as he sits down

“I talked to Mum last night”


“Are you guys fighting?”

“What did she tell you”

“Nothing but I witnessed your guys are not cool with each other….. Could that be one of the reasons why you were not down for dinner? Has it gotten to that now”

“Son, I understand your concern but this should be between your Mum and I…. You children shouldn’t get involved…it hasn’t gotten to that”

“I’m a fully grown up Dad, I have love and respect for you two because you’re my parents and you deserve that…..I love you two……I still admire you a lot”

“Thank you”

“But seeing you fighting and not talking to each other is not cool, I don’t like it…..my sister can not be brought up in an environment where there are two different parents living….she’s still young, three years is too tender” Donald gets up and he’s about to walk out when his son gathers enough courage to ask him the one question he’s been trying to ask since last night

“Is there another woman?” Donald stops without turning but Eddy walks in front of him, standing

“It’s a woman right? Be honest and tell me”

“No…..there is no other woman…..it’s not that” he answers and pushes his son aside as he kisses his head

“Thanks for the coffee but I need to go, I’m getting late”

“Dad” he angrily calls and his Father stops, turns

“Don’t you ever hurt my Mum because if you do, you would have hurt all of us including yourself” he nods and walks our finally, Eddy sits down confused, his parents are not talking but he can sense doom lurking somewhere at a corner in this mansion……he gets the apron he’s wearing and throws it down in frustration

“Coming” Liam says coming from the kitchen when he heard a knock at the entrance door, on opening he can’t believe his eyes


“Hahahaha men!”

“Look at you….come on in” he opens the door wide for his friend Richard

“No no no….I was just jogging by and said to myself hey it’s been long why not steal a few minutes of this guys busy and tight schedule you know, maybe we could agree and do coffee one of these days”

“So thoughtful of you Buddy…. But are you sure you don’t want to come in”

“Nay…..how is she”

“Glow is fine……she’s in her room but she would be delighted to see you after so long”

“Sure I should and about our coffee”

“Heeeeeey” someone says from behind Richard interrupting their talk and he turns, it’s actually the pretty model Cecilia, Richard’s once cheerful and happy face turns into a frown”

“Cecilia….what a surprise, how did you find here” Liam asks stepping forward, he’s a private guy and doesn’t like people imposing on him especially people he’s just met, Richard sees through him and has to get himself out of there

“Buddy…..I should run along, I need to catch up with something I’ll call to fix a day”

“It’s OK Bro… I’ll be waiting” Rich runs away feeling confused about Cecilia being there……

“You know him?” Cecilia asks Liam

“I know a lot of people”

“Not surprised hey! Are you not going to ask me to come in” Cecilia smiles

“Forgive my manners, come in…..” He steps aside and she enters in

“Woooow!…. What a lovely and beautiful big house you got here”

“Thank you” he answers as he offers her a seat

“I’m sorry I came unannounced at this early morning….I can see you’re busy, dressed in apron”

“I was in the kitchen but about you coming unannounced, don’t worry it’s OK”

“Dad” glow emerges from her room and calls but stops the moment her eyes land on the skinny beauty queen who looks familiar

“She’s your daughter?” Cecilia asks Liam

“Sure she is”

“Woow she’s beautiful…. What’s your name again girl” she asks

“Glory” she crosses to her Dad but Liam’s phone rings on getting it out, her steps away

“I need to take this” he walks back to the kitchen leaving Glow and Cecilia alone…..

“Hello Eddy”

“Hi boss how is your morning”

“Good how is Mum”

“We are already on our way, she’s fine, I just wanted to inform you”

“That’s fine…..I’ll be there in a while” he comes back and finds Glow and Cecilia comfortably charting so happily

“Your daughter is so fun to be with…very intelligent” Cecilia says and her phone begins to Ring… She gets it out and one look at the screen she freezes

“Hello” she answers

“I’m at your door open up”

“What?” She realises Liam is looking at her

“I’m not around….. I’m not there”

“I’m waiting… Don’t take Long” Donald ends the call and stands up

“I’m so sorry I have to get going… Something just came up”

“You didn’t even tell me what made you come to my place this early, whatever it is should be very important”

“I just wanted us to agree on when we should start”

“Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s my only day off…..”

“Your wife must be a lucky one to have a busy man who takes his day off this serious not compromising it for anything” Liam only smiles, by this time Glow has gone to the kitchen

“Anyways that leaves us with Monday”

“Cool…..Monday is so perfect by me” she moves and hugs him

“Thanks for your warm reception”

“You don’t say it….let me walk you out”

Liam who is casually dressed walks in his fitness center where all his clients are being attended to by his trainers and staff

“Good morning everyone”

“Morning boss… You’re welcome”

“Thank you” Eddy comes up


“Eddy….you’re here….and where is Mum”

“Seated Right there” Liam turns and smiles at Alexia who waves

“Bring her to my office”

“Right away” Eddy walks to his Mum asking her to come with him and he follows suit

“What are you doing here at my home coming unannounced” Cecilia who just got out of her car starts on Donald without blinking

“Is that the best way to welcome me even after taking the risk of exposing myself at your door waiting like an idiot”

“That’s because you’re indeed an idiot” she’s acting mad

“We need to talk”

“What do you want”

“Open the door, let me in and we talk, you’ll get go hear….I’ve been out her for far too Long” Cecilia without another word walks to the door and opens, she steps aside and Donald walks in, she closes the door behind

“Now what do you want” she asks as she throws her jacket on the the couch next to him

“I’m at the verge of making a decision in my life, I don’t know if it’s the right one or a mistake but all I know is it’s what I should do”

“I don’t get you”

“Sit” she does

“Does your wife know you’re here” she calmly asks

“I don’t want to talk about Alexia….. This is about you and I….Us Cecilia”

“Us? Us Donald happened so many years ago and you made it known to me not long ago that you have never forgiven me for that I innocently did to you”

“No no no I don’t hate you Cecilia, I don’t hate you for saying we were through back then”

“But you moved on, you didn’t do enough to get to me back then like a man in love should”

“I did, I wrote you letters I sent, the ones I wrote but never sent hoping you’d send one to me” a tears escapes his eye as he says this

“And I paid for my naivety, my insensitivity…. I couldn’t find a man who really could fit in your shoes, then my Carrier as a renown model became something that was slowly loosing it’s importance in my life, then I came back hoping I would come and fall down in front of the man I love, ask for his pardon and he takes me back but it was a different story, he had married a beautiful woman who had all his time and attention…. When I went seeking Alexia out that time, I wanted to know how you’d react but you shocked me with your attitude, you had nothing but disgust and furry in your eyes and I died of pain it caused me” she’s shading tears too…..Donald shifts closer and holds her hands

“Look at me princess” she does

“Do you hate me?” He asks lowering his voice down

“I won’t lie about that Don, when I see you with your wife, I feel pain cut me inside not because I hate you but because you lied…you said and promised you’d never love someone the way you loved me….. You said you’d always love me, that we would never part….I am feeling hatred because now she has you”

“Why do I still love you?” Donald cuts her short with a question and she looks like she’s about to fait from shock

“Did you just say that Don?…. You surely love me?”

“I don’t know how this is going to sound but the heart wants what it wants….I….” She cuts him short with a kiss at first he doesn’t kiss her back but she doesn’t stop, soon he kisses her back and after a few seconds, their hands find their ways to each other’s garment and their clothes go flying on the floor……to be continued


Alexia finds herself supporting her back on the wall at this instant, she could have expected anything from her husband but cheating is a big No…..her emotions take the best of her as she openly weeps, she comes to the bed but couldn’t sit on the bed, she camps at the foot with his shirt in hand and continues to cry till when she unknowingly fell a sleep……… Early the next morning, Donald wakes up to find the side of the bed where his wife sleeps empty, he sits up and looks around, there she was right at the foot of the bed….he kicks off the bedcover and fixes his warm feet in the available slippers, he walks away heading to the bathroom to wash his face and brush…….Alexia opens her puffy, swollen and painful eyes only to realize she never had a good night sleep. All she knows is that she had a fair doze of tears for a very long time. She looks up on the bed to see it’s empty so she knows he must be freshening up, she gets up and walks over to the dressing mirror, looks at her heavy self critically but the bathroom door opens, she turns and their eyes meet but Donald who is only wrapping a towel around his waist swifts his gaze aside

“Good morning” Alexia greets him but there is no response, she picks up the shirt and walks over to him

“Donald, are you cheating on me?” She asks and he turns to her, they stare at each other and she doesn’t take her gaze off him

“I’m talking to you Donald, answer me”

“Alexia, I don’t have time for this, I’m getting late” he points at the watch but she shoves his hand aside holding on to the other one

“Don’t give me that line, today is is Friday, it’s a weekend and you don’t have much in the office” she says

“I’m not ready for this Alexia”

“You have to because I’m not letting you go until you give me an answer” he turns to face her finally with furry in his eyes

“It’s either yes or no so tell me, is there another woman? Because if I can recall well we have been fine” Donald tries one more time to save Alexia from the pain by avoiding the question but she presses harder

“Yes or No?”

“No” he says and tries to walk past her

“Then what do you call this, how do you explain? She asks and he stops. On turning she’s holding the shirt in hand with the stain of lipstick, she searches for guilt or remorse in his face but there in neither yet he’s not talking, slowly Alexia is loosing her cool and her temperature is rising high

” Who is she?” She asks

“Don’t ask for something you’re not ready for”

“Tell me now Donald…. Who is she?” Donald comes back to her looking her in the eyes

“I’m still sorting my feelings and when I’m done, you will get to know” he answers

“How could you” her voice is beginning to quack, she’s trembling but controls her emotions

“After all these twenty years?” She asks

“We were fine…..fine Alexia, but you started neglecting your body, you began to over eat and grow fat, taking you for social events and cooperate events became a problem….slowly you pushed me away with how careless you became” his reckless words sting her but she still manages to smile amid this

“And when did you realize this exactly?”

“Three years ago, I was cool with us having only Eddy as our child but you went ahead and got pregnant for the second child after how many years?…..”

“Are you calling our daughter a mistake?”

“No no….I’ve not said that, I could never do that in fact if there is still a reason I’m stuck up in this Union, it’s because of my two children”

“Are you calling a twenty years old union a mistake?”

“Don’t force me to say something I might regret later please! Excuse me” he finally walks out on her back to the bathroom where he dresses up neatly and comes out meeting his wife where he left his wife standing………

Eddy hops in a cab straight home from the university, he’s headed to his parents home to inform his mother about her appointment with Liam Peterson to start her fitness training with him as soon as the next morning…..his first stop is at his father’s office hoping he catches up with him so they can go home together. His cab stops in front of the tall building and he pays the cab driver, he gets out and is about to take a step forward when he sees something strange, Cecilia and his Father exiting the office building together, they stop next to where her car is packed and they speak…….he can not tell what they must be talking about but they maintained eye contact. Eddy is a little disturbed because as far as he remembers, his father has never liked the woman and always spoke ill about her reminding his mother to terminate all sort of relationship with her so he’s confused a little…… He stands watching for the next five minutes and finally Cecilia gets into her car and his Father closes the door for her, she starts the car as Eddy made sure to face another direction until when she’s driven off to avoid being spotted……..five minutes after Cecilia driving off, Eddy finally composes himself and walks inside the big building, everyone greets him as he makes his way to his father’s office, he could tell everyone is preparing to go home, he gets to the door and knocks

“Come in” his father says and he makes his way in

“Father” he calls and Donald looks up

“Son…..how are you, you didn’t tell me you’re coming”

“Sure, I just thought I should make a surprise appearance”

“Well you pulled it off…. How is school?”

“Not bad….how is Mum and Celine”

“They are fine too”

“I’m actually on my way home because of Mum so I was hoping you’d give me a lift” Donald keeps quiet

“Should I wait?” He asks as he crosses to sit down

“Have you been here for long?” He asks his son as he raises his eyes to look at him

I just got here why”

“No nothing….. Shall we” he gets up picking his coat and Eddy stands up too….they walk out of the office to where his car is packed and just as Eddy was about to open the door, his father stops him

“What’s wrong”

“I’m not going straight home…..you can pick a cab” he removes a few notes from his wallet and hands it over to his son who looks lost

“Dad……since when?”

“Since when what?” He fires him with a question and Eddy backs away a little

“Never mind….I’ll…. I’ll grab a taxi”

“Don’t worry son, I’ll get you a car soon, before you graduate because I can see you need it more now” Eddy doesn’t respond but waves to a cab that is conveniently driving by, the driver pulls up and Eddy turns to his father

“Thank you Dad….. Hope to see you at dinner tonight” he gets in the cab and the driver takes off driving away……..Donald waits till when the cab disappears in the busy street, he gets out his phone and dials a number

“Meet me in the next thirty minutes at the place, I’ll be waiting” he finishes, gets in his car and drives off

Alexia is busy in the kitchen fixing a light dinner for herself and little Celine, all around her is quiet only her utensils making some slight noise, she’s so down and so low as all the exchange between herself and her husband this morning play in her head, she can’t believe Donald is so ready to throw away all that they have built for this long just because of a change about five years ago

“Could it be he really never loved me? No no no it’s not possible he loves me ” Alexia finds herself sitting down, holding her head down low as she lets her thoughts sink deeper…….Eddy quickly crosses over to the burning food and turns the gas off waving the burnt scent from his nose

“Mum” he calls and Alexia stands up


“What’s going on…..the food is burning and you don’t even realize it” he turns and picks the saucepan, puts it in the sink and opens the tap for the water, all this while Alexia is just standing in confusion, he then turns to her, comes closer and puts his hand on her face

“Let’s see if you’re feverish”

“I’m fine”

“No you’re not” he answers as he shakes his head and takes her hands

“Come on….let me lead you…..slowly” she still wants to protest but he won’t hear of it……they get to the couch and he makes her sit down….he dashes for the fridge and comes back with a bottle of cold water

“Here…. Take it, it’s very healthy”

“Thank you son” Alexia smiles

“And my Sis, I haven’t seen her”

“Celine is still taking her long nap as usual”

“OK….you said you were cool”

“Yes son don’t worry I’m not sick, I was probably a little tired that’s why”

“OK Queen, so just relax, I can still fix something for four, it’s not that difficult and Celine doesn’t eat much too”

“Ooo! What would I have done without you in my Life”

“The same question I ask myself every day Mum….. But guess what, I have good news for you”

“Finally” Eddy is confused a little

“Finally what mother?”

“Isabel already accepts to be you girlfriend”

“Funny isn’t it”

“Sure it is, I know you’ve always had a huge crush on the girl, who wouldn’t she’s a beauty queen just like her aunt Cecilia”

“That aside mother……I like her it’s true but I haven’t made it known to her, I just want to be sure first but like I said, I have a news for you, tomorrow you’re coming with me and we get started with your workout”

“Excuse me!!”

“You heard me Mum….. We’ve got to shade a few pounds” her mind runs to her husband’s word about her being fat, neglecting her body…..she can’t believe God just used her own son to come save her marriage but she’s so speechless

“Mum! Have I said something wrong?”

“No no no….”

“You don’t like it”

” I love it…..it’s a good idea, fantastic” she gets up and walks over to her son and hugs him kissing him all over the face

“Thank you……you have no idea son, what this means to me”

“I’m so glad, I was afraid you’ll refuse flatly”

“You couldn’t have come at a better time but where is this going to be”

“You’ll see….but hey let me get started with fixing our food” he gets up kissing his mother and Celine walks in on them

“Heyyyy look who the angles dropped here” Eddy scoops his little Sis in his hands

“Don, I know whatever you called me here for must be very important because I hardly got home when your call came in” Richard, Donald’s best and only friends speaks as they shake hands

“Sorry for the inconvenience but this is urgent, I needed to share it with someone before I exploded”

“Sounds tragic…. What went wrong”

“I don’t think I love my wife” Richard puts his glass down forcefully as he stares at his friend

“Have you gone loco? What is that supposed to mean Donald”

“Don’t judge me Rich, would you just let me explain….. I’ve tried but I couldn’t and can’t anymore….”

“Have you two been fighting”

“No but the feeling is just not there anymore”

“Is it mutual, I mean does she feel the same way?”

“I can’t say it’s mutual but that doesn’t change how I feel it doesn’t”

“You guys have come a long way”

“You think I don’t know that”

“Twenty years man, is not easy…..or is there someone else” Donald pauses to ponder on whether to answer or not

“I’m talking to you…there could only be that reason”


“Jeezzzz…..Cecilia? Which Cecilia”


“The same chic who threw away all that you two shared without taking your feelings into account?…. Who bluntly left you without any remorse”

“She was young and I already forgave her…she’s sorry”

“Oh really? Now I understand, you’re the young one now because any mature man out there would not stoop so low”

“Look Richard, if you’re going to insult me, do that with some kind of respect and intelligence”

“Hell No Edmond, you can’t tell me what to say or not to say when it’s clear you’re going astray”

“She repented….is it not all about repentance, is it not what the Bible says?”

“So pastor Donald, what exactly did she repent about? Throwing all that you two shared without taking your feelings into account? Leaving you shattered and Broken both emotionally and financially? What you tell me because I don’t get it

” All that matters is she has apologized ”

“After how long? How sure are you she’s changed, she left you at a point in time when you needed her the most, you had just started building yourself and needed her but no she picked her Carrier over you, she had no time for you, now she has lived her life and her Carrier has paid her off, she’s now back and seeing how big you have grown interns of finances, she decided to mess up with your perfect life again”

“That’s nonsense” Rich gets mad and slams the table standing up, people shift their gaze at them and he sits down lowering his voice down but looking extremely mad at his friend

“Look me in the eyes Donald, I’m your friend and I care so much about you…..don’t let that scumbag mess with your already perfect marriage and family, your wife is everything every man prays for in s woman…..don’t make this terrible mistake” he gets up finally as Donald shifts his gaze aside

“You’ll regret it if you so do it….I’m outa here but just so it’s clear, I don’t support this”

“Get lost” he walks out leaving his friend fuming……

“Daddy” Glory calls his father Liam who is busy making dinner in the kitchen

“Yes princess” Glory pulls a stool and sits next to his Father

“You want to help Daddy out here” he asks

“No I want to talk”

“Hhm!! School stuff?”


“Tell me”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Liam turns sharply and laughs at his daughter’s question, he pulls a chair and sits down

“Where is that question coming from?”

“No where, I’m just asking”

“No princess…. But tell me, how would you feel if one day Daddy walks into this house with a woman by his side and introduces her as his girlfriend, would you feel happy?”

“I don’t know, I will have to see her first”

“Hmmmm! But no….Daddy doesn’t have a girlfriend but if it would please you”

“Nooooo…I didn’t say that” she smiles and they get playful

“I know where this is coming from…some one is already growing and she knows all the house cores would rest on her”

“It’s not the case Dad”

“Then what’s it”

“I’m just afraid” her Happy mood changes from happy to worry and her father holds her closer

“What is it?”

“It’s Fallon…..”

“Your Friend from school?”

“Yes her Dad has a bad girlfriend”

“Oooh! I see” their father and daughter talk is interrupted by a call

“Excuse me…let me pick this up” he walks back to the food on fire as he answers

“Hello” he answers

“Good evening Mr Peterson”


“This is Alexia Peters”

“No! Is this some Joke, Alexia”

“Excuse me aaah!”

“Liam…..Liam Peters”

“Liam?….this must be a mistake” Alexia says removing the phone from her ears

“Eddy…..son, I think you missed one digit” she calls her son who is in the kitchen

“Alexia….Edmond is your son?” Liam asks from the other end

“Yes….he is Liam, you know him?”

“Hahahaha I can’t believe your son loves you this much, I have an appointment with you tomorrow…. You’re supposed to do some fitness lessons at my fitness centre”

“So it’s you after all?” She asks not believing herself

“Strange Right? But guess what, I supper excited, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow”

“So we’re good?”

“I guess so”


“Tomorrow and Hello to Glow” she ends the call and turns, Eddy is standing all confused

“You two know each other?”

“It’s a long story”…the door opens and Donald steps in

” Daddy ” Celine runs to her Dad and he scoops her in his arms kissing her face

“Welcome home Dad” Eddy says to his Father and waists for his mother’s reaction but there is none, it’s strange because Alexia would on other days run to give his father a kiss and a hug as she takes his bag but she’s looking aside…..Donald puts Celine down and walks heading to his room upstairs

“Welcome back” Alexia says awkwardly but Donald doesn’t respond…. He continues to walk

“Mum” Eddy turns to his mother

“Son…..you should serve dinner already” Eddy can’t protest…he walks away with all the awkwardness that comes with his confusion….. To be continued


The weekend has run and ended so fast, it’s a Monday morning and Alexia couldn’t be more happier, she’s starting the journey to weight loss today, since her son spent the weekend around, she at least had some reason to be happy, there can never be a dull moment with her two children around, she remembers on Saturday when she met up with Liam, they started off with apologies for their previous exchange of words, Liam was more than willing to help her achieve that….about her husband, she can’t tell if he has gone from bad to worse but on Saturday, she remembers him coming home late in the night when their children had gone to bed, he found her reading her Bible and having personal devotion in the living room…. She welcomed him even when he refused to speak to her but she didn’t insist much, she let him proceed to their room and when she joined him in bed later, he was already sleeping….. Sunday was no different, she and her children woke up so early and prepared for Church leaving him still lying there like a log, when they got back, he was gone, the house was empty and what next, he came back at ten in the night…….so this Monday she wakes up earlier than usual, she hits the kitchen to fix breakfast right away

“Hmmmmm……I just knew you must be preparing a sweet mouth watering breakfast when the aroma couldn’t leave me room out”

“Oooh! Good morning my son”

“Morning my dear beautiful Mom…how was your night”

“It was probably one of the longest ones I’ve had in a very long time but was worth it”

“So is my Mum ready for her first session”

“More than ready, I just need to fix our breakfast, get your sister ready, take her to school and head over there”

“No way …..I’m not allowing you do all that, take your time, fix our breakfast as I take care of my sister”

“Seriously? Are you going to do that”

“I’ll take her to school, you can just concentrate on making something small for her, I’ll drive her to school and when I get back, we have our breakfast and you get ready, I also need a lift somewhere, you can drop me somewhere along the way”


I would want to be there for your first session but lectures call, I can’t wait to hear how it went down”

“Every detail will find it’s way to you son”

“I love you”

“The feeling is mutual” she kisses his cheek and he leaves the kitchen to go fix Celine up for school……the morning went normal, by the time Eddy was back from dropping Celine from school, Alexia was done with breakfast preparation and had freshened up, ready for her breakfast and ready to go

“Good morning Richard” Donald greets his friend who just happened to come to his office unannounced


“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Can I sit and have your time for a short while?”

“You don’t have to ask but you’ve got to be real quick as you see I’m so taken up”

“I want us to talk”

“I’m listening”

“How was your weekend… Did you finally have a rethink about your pathetic disclosure the other day”

“What’s with your insulting tone Rich”

“Don’t play ignorant with me, what will your children think about their father when they get to hear that you have been cheating on their mother all this while especially Eddy who is a fully grown up”

“In all these twenty years with Alexia, I’ve never been anything less than a husband to her she can a test to that….”

“Really? I don’t doubt that but Perhaps you don’t know what cheating is but let me tell you, Everyone has that special person in their lives that they can lean on and trust to help them through difficult time but if that person isn’t your partner anymore then it could be considered cheating…… That’s not all, if you talk about your partner behind their back to someone especially someone who might have feeling for you or you might have feelings for then you’re cheating already….. If you find yourself leaving certain people out of your conversation because you know it’s going to start a fight you’re cheating… It means you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing…… And then you start using small mistakes your partner makes to pin all the blame on them, you become aggressive and bitter, you work on destroying their emotions and esteem….you’re cheating on them emotionally because you want to blame them for every little thing that goes wrong in your life”

“That’s enough Richard, I won’t have you come to my own office and insult me this early morning”

“That’s because I care…. So much that I will not forgive myself if I let you make this one mistake and I don’t do nothing as your Friend”

“Thank you but you’re not my watch dog”

“I care Donald”

“That’s the door….if you don’t mind I’m very busy and would want to continue with what I was doing before you rudely interrupted me” Richard wants to say something but his phone chooses this exact time to Ring… He walks out feeling so mad at Donald

“Hello Bros”

“Richy how are you”

“Fantastic Liam…how are you this morning”

“Good, I was thinking we could do coffee today of course later in the evening…how about that”

“I’m good to go….I’ll definitely be there…thanks for taking me up on my offer”

“Perfect” he hears a knock at the door and they had to end the call for the day…..

Alexia perfectly dressed in her work out outfit stands in front of Liam’s office and knocks

“The door is open” she opens

“Good morning Liam”

“Alexia….you’re here already”

“It’s my first day, I didn’t want to be late”

“Sure that says a lot about some one…how was your night”

“Very fine and my girl Glow”

“Glory is good, I had to drop her at school hoping I might catch up with you there somehow”

“Today my son saved me that stress”

“I actually met him…so are you ready now?”

“Yes….I just don’t know why but I’m so excited about this already, I can’t wait”

“That’s a good start, one must have a positive attitude towards the exercises for a good result….don’t expect too much and above all, cherish and love your body, do it because of yourself not because of someone” the last statement gets to her but she plays it cool

“I was wondering….. Should I now do away with some meals, especially breakfast because I think it’s one of the reasons why I’m this over weight”

“You’re not overweight, you’re just plus size 105kgs is not anywhere close to some of the cases I’ve got here before…..in two weeks time, we have to shed at least ten pounds if not, we lower to five which is not bad at all, but about breakfast skipping it won’t help you lose weight. You could miss out on essential nutrients and may end up snacking more throughout the day because you’ll feel hungry”

“How about regular meals”

“Eating at regular times during the day helps burn calories at a faster rate. It also reduces the temptation to snack on foods high in fat and sugar”

“Woow….that’s better, I was actually blue about these things…..we can start right away, what are we doing today”

“What I do every morning is wake up at five and have a thirty minutes for my jogging around, I don’t go far, then come back take a quick shower and get my daughter ready for school and drop her before I come here so I think you could do that as well…but for today, we start with stationery bicycle are you ready”

“Good to go”

“So let’s get going”……. As they head out and walk a small distance from the office, Alexia hears someone call her coming towards their direction

“Cecilia…what are you doing here”

“I now do my workout here….and you, what are you doing here”

“The same thing”

“No….since when?” she turns to Liam

“Thank you for last time, I guess you’ll take up both of us”

“Actually…. I was thinking you can do this on your own Cecilia, I mean you can do it….it’s not like you’re doing it for the first time” he says and Cecilia looks disappointed, Alexia has to rescue the situation

“You can help her too, she’s my friend and I’m sure you can manage us both, we can workout together, it’s perfectly fine by me” Alexia says and Liam finally agrees though he still seems like he doesn’t want to….they walks away to start right away…..


A very tired and sweaty Alexia climbs down the stationery bicycle grabbing one bottle with water and a towel to wipe her face, she walks over to a free spot where she sits down and opens the water, she gulps the whole content at one breath

“Come with another bottle if you’re following” she says to Cecilia who also climbs down

“How is it going” Cecilia asks handing her the bottle

“So far so good….you know, my mother used to tell me African women are blessed with the wrong body type and now I think she was Right, just that I never believed her till now….”

“That’s nonsense, I disagree, look at me….am I also that unlucky…..I guess my case is different”

“Hmmmm!!! How about you Come ask me that when you finally give birth to a child….when is that again?”

“Hahaha” they both burst out laughing before Alexia continues

“Liam is a great guy, he agreed to help me without a penny just because of my son’s help around here…. Besides he pays him too”

“You guys click like you knew each other from before”

“Yes I knew him before today but it’s because Celine and his daughter attend the same school”

“I see but what I really want to know is why my Friend finally decided to get back on shape”

“It’s nothing….. I just needed to try it out and I think I’m enjoying it already”

“Are you sure….are you sure it’s not about Donald”

“Partly yes but not entirely but hey, how is our boyfriend….. By the way I don’t know his name, that’s unfair to your friend what is he called again?”

“Hmmmm!! That’s because you these days don’t reach out to find me, I couldn’t tell you anything”

“Couldn’t you have also called Cecilia really?….must it only have to be me”

“I wanted to but I thought maybe you finally succumbed to Hubby’s pressure and cut me out completely, I didn’t want to bring misunderstanding in your marriage…couple fights can get ugly” Alexia keeps quiet

“Have I said anything wrong”

“Not at all…. I’m fine” Cecilia’s phone vibrates and she gets it out, it’s actually an SMS

“Let’s do lunch, I’m waiting for you” reads the message

“Who is it” Alexia asks teasing her

“Some client who wants to do Business, he wants me to be the face of his clothing line and we have to meet up to discuss all the detail”

“Wooow!! I’m so excited and happy for you girlfriend… I can’t wait to celebrate when the deal gets through.”

“Not so fast, some of these things take time and I’m not sure if he will agree to my terms”

“Whatever but it won’t change the fact that I’m super Mario excited and expectant”

Thank you, let me get going already, I’m done for today but since it’s a business lunch I have to rush back home and freshen up, I’ll call you later ”

“Chao” she grabs her things and leaves right away

“Hey” Liam says from behind Alexia startling her

“Your Friend is gone already”

“She’s got some business lunch to catch up with”

“That’s it”

“Yeah but she might be back in the evening, her evening is not always busy”

“It’s alright… And you, how is it”

“I had to rest for a while”

“That’s not bad…you’ve been on it for a Long time” he sits down next to her

“You’re doing great and I’m very sorry o have too many interruptions, it’s never easy when Eddy isn’t around”

“Really? I can feel what you’re saying, it’s so overwhelming but don’t worry about me, you helped me a lot this morning…. But I want to do better than this”

“I know you can, just take it one step at a time”

“I want to go back for another thirty minutes and I’ll be good to go for the day”

“Where are you headed to after wards…when you’re done here”

“Home….later pick my daughter up from school”

“That would be later in the evening….. I was thinking we could do lunch, bills on me”


“I won’t take no for answer, I just want to thank you for your help with my daughter the other day, I never really thanked you enough, please don’t say no….the place is not far, but it’s just close by adjacent to this building…. That’s where I normally have my lunch from so what do you say” she smiles and nods, they are good to go …..to be continued


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