A LONG WALK TO NOTHING episode 9 – 12



Cecilia drives her car to the packing lot of Donald’s company, she is dressed in a golden short gown with a blue stiletto and wearing a purple lipstick too, as she exits the car, everyone around turns her direction and she can’t help but flash her beautiful wide smile…..Richard watches with disappointment written all over his face but he can do nothing….. The other staff murmur among themselves as she makes her way to his office…..she doesn’t need to knock but rather pushes open the door, carefully and slowly

“Heeeeey” she says and Donald looks up

“Auuuuu! You looking gorgeously smart today…..glamorous”

“I guess I deserve a warm hug”

“Much more than that” he gets up and gives her a hug and a brief kiss

“I missed you” she says

“We need to be careful”

“How are we going to leave here if you talk like that” she complains

“Sit” he says and she does

“I thought….we”

“You thought wrong…..I already ordered for our lunch and this is more like a business lunch we don’t want people talking” her mood changes

“Noooo don’t be like this, I Promise I’ll make it up to you”

“What are we Donald, I don’t get it”

“Don’t you think it’s top early to define….let’s just enjoy what we are currently and the future plus the definition will work it’s way out”

“I hope so but I can’t pretend for a long time, especially now that your wife and I are working out together”

“What’s that supposed to mean”

“She’s trying to shed a few pounds funny right”

“Hahahaha….so that’s what she and her son have been at lately”

“You’re Right, Eddy happens to work with the founder and owner of the fitness Center, some where in town”

“And she had to drag you along with her”

“Nooo it was actually Isabel who suggested the place for me and it’s a nice one”

“I have no problem with that but I do have a big one with your friendship with her” she leaves her seat and goes to sit on his lap as she plays with his beards

“You know I can’t just end our friendship like that”

“There has never been a friendship between you two….you were only clearing a way for yourself”

“I won’t say that’s a lie but let me also tell you, for her it’s a pure friendship…. She’s not that bad actually, I do enjoy her company when I’m with her”

“I don’t like that”

“Well if you want me to stop, you know what to do, till that happens, I won’t just stop my friendship but just know, I can’t wait to start my life with you by my side” they hear a knock on the door

“Our food must have been delivered already”

“Let me grab it” she gets up and kisses him, adjusts her gown before walking to the door

“What would you like to have madam” the Joly and lively waiter asks Alexia who is sitting at a table with Liam

“Anything but vegetables…. I don’t want meat” Liam can’t help but laugh at her order

“Why don’t you look at the menu first and then order” he says and Alexia whose muscle tightens closes her eyes and breaths

“Relax” he says still laughing

“I’m a voucher when it comes to meat and I’m afraid”

“OK…let’s not make the waited wait…..please serve her enough veggie and a piece of meat too”


“What!…. Hahaha serve her and the same thing for me too…two bottles of water, plus two glasses”

“OK Sir right away” he turns and walks away

“You’re so impossible Liam”

“You’ll have to get used to me but don’t worry, I have your best interest at heart and we will walk this journey together” their lunch arrives and they start eating right away…..Alexia seems to be enjoying her food more than she thought and at some point, Liam could not eat but just look at her and watch her eat

“Wooow this food tastes Nice” she says

“We can come here everyday”

“And I get used to it, no Sir” they continue to eat and soon they are done, Alexia checks her watch and it’s coming to 2pm

“Don’t you have any appointment at this time” she asks

“The only upcoming one I have is at three but it has nothing to do with training but I’m not in hurry”

“OK….that’s fine busy man”

“My days are not really that busy. It’s up to me if I really want to make it busy”

“I see”

“And before I forget, Glory wants to do dinner with you and Celine, I think we can add Eddy too”

“When did this happen, did you tell her I’m now taking classes with you”

“Nooo the day you helped fill up for me at school…we came home and she made the request but remember we had ended on a bad note”

“I get it now…..”

“So what do you say, I’m not asking you to make it possible tonight because I have an upcoming coffee appointment later today but we would like to host you at our home, it would be an honor”

“We will think about it……but Liam”


“I don’t know how to put this but don’t be mad”

“Hmmmm! This sounds serious”

“That day at school I asked Glow about her Mum and she didn’t say anything reasonable…”Liam keeps quiet and closes his eyes as he puts his glass of water down

“Look, you don’t have to talk about it, I’m sorry for asking once again…..I’m sorry” Liam takes a deep breath and forces himself to smile

“It’s OK we are friends aren’t we?…. It’s good to know ourselves to detail”

“Sure…but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should tell me especially when you’re not comfortable enough to….I can understand”

“Hey hey! It’s fine….I’m glad you asked…..but her mother is no more, she’s late”

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry to hear that” she sincerely says and his tear falls as he struggles to smile

“I really don’t talk about it, It still feels like yesterday…..”


“Mirabel was my childhood friend, she became my best friend in high school, we started dating in the last and final year at the university, we didn’t need much time to get to know each other because we had spent our entire life knowing each other….. Soon we completed and we got engaged, she helped me set up that fitness center and helped co manage it we were happy and cool after one year of settling down, she conceived, I was the happiest man even though we cohabiting but I had plans of making it official, she gave birth to Glory and I was more than happy, I was proud…… Six moths after she gave birth, she was involved in a fatal accident and couldn’t survive it…it was so painful and still is ” she takes his hand and rubs it

“Did she die on spot?”

“Yeah! But as she was rushed to the hospital, she somehow came back, I guess she didn’t want to leave me and Glow all by ourselves but she went into come immediately, she stayed like a vegetable for two more days and when she couldn’t fight it anymore, she gave up the ghost”

“It must have been terrible”

“I’m telling you, it was so terrible, I wanted to go with her but my mum reminded me about the little girl I had to look after, for the first two months after her untimely death, I couldn’t get close to the baby, everything reminded me about Mirabel and I just didn’t want the baby, it took everything humanly possible for me to get attached to the baby and here I am, I can’t leave without her”

“It’s OK….. I feel your pain, it’s Alright all will be fine”

“Thank you but don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine, I still cry and cry and smile at the end of the day because I have someone I have to live for that’s Glory, I can’t kill myself because she has no one else, no one can love her or give her love the way I do”

“I understand…. But how about your parents”

“Dad died five years ago, Mum is there but she has family Business to run I don’t need to stress her with my responsibility”

“You’re a good Father….. I now understand why you were offended by my reckless words the other day at school”

“It’s OK, you meant no harm, perhaps I over reacted but I understand”

“And have you tried rebuilding your life after her death”

“Yes but it depends on how exactly your question is directed, if it’s in a case where another woman is concerned well I would say I tried getting to know another woman not long ago, just two years ago, Glow was eight and I thought she was old enough to understand these things”

“I guess it never worked out”

“She was good, independent, and good character, I believe she loved me too”

“But what happened”

“She just didn’t have enough room to accommodate my daughter, I had to make a choice and in the end, I couldn’t trade my blood for love”

“That was so inconsiderate of her”

“Well you can’t blame her too…..it wasn’t her daughter, it’s not was easy to accommodate some one else’s child and you feel nothing wrong, she was comfortable enough to admit it to me that was how she felt and I actually don’t hate her for it”

“I feel your point but thank you very much for trusting me enough to let it out, and tell me”

“I don’t know why but I felt comfortable enough to let it out to you…..you should count yourself lucky” he checks his watch and it’s already past 2pm”

“I need to get going….” He gets up and she gets up too

“Thanks for the delicious food….I’ve never been this Happy in a long time”

“I should be thanking you… Hope to do this soon again”

“Don’t make me get used to this Chao” they hug and he walks out, Alexia stands there and shakes her head, she just feels his pain…..to be continued


“Welcome home Honey” Alexia welcomes her husband cheerfully today despite the fact that they no longer talk….. She walks towards him all smiles trying to collect his bag but he steps back

“How was your day in the office?”

“Fine” he dryly replies looking all confused about her behavior today

“Let me drop your bag up and prepare a warm relaxing bath for you Honey”

“Wait! He stops her from collecting his bag…..

“Alexia, I wasn’t joking when I said I’m no longer comfortable in this, I can take care of this so excuse me” he pushes past her

“Donald” she calls feeling mad all of a sudden but he doesn’t stop as he continues

“Dad” Celine calls and Donald stops and smiles at his daughter

“Sweetheart… How are you” he scoops her in his arms and kisses her forehead

“I’m fine Dad…. And Mum too, I now have a new friend from school”

“Really! Tell me about this new Friend….my ears are itching”

“Princess” Alexia who feels ignored all of a sudden walks up and calls her daughter removing her from his arms

“You’ll tell Dad all about it but first, Daddy needs to freshen up so why don’t you go watch cartoon….”

“Yes Mummy…bye Daddy” she runs away and Donald just shakes his head at his wife’s outburst, he takes off heading to his room but Alexia is not done, she follows behind

“I’m not done with you yet Donald” she screams as she slams the door behind her

“You’ll not walk away from me and ignore me when I’m still not done with you” he gets mad and comes to Her

“What’s your problem huh? What’s itching you this evening because I can assure you I’m not in my best moods”

“Oh! I’m not afraid of you Donald…. You’ve had your way for far way too Long…. We are talking”

“Is it by force?”

“Take it however you want but that’s it….we are talking” she’s fuming

“OK” he says as he poses, he then sits down

“It had better be quick… I don’t have all day”

“Thank God it’s evening because you’re back home and going no where”

“What’s that supposed to mean”

“OK, let’s not drag along with this Donald…. You have changed, you’re not the same man I happily agreed to spend the rest of my life time with”

“Thank God you know that……when I told you what I said, I wasn’t joking”

“Donald! What is my crime, what have I done to you that you just can’t find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“You have done nothing wrong”

“Then why?….. Why have you changed so much?”

“I just realised Alexia….. I have not been honest with you from day one, it’s been from one dishonesty to the next”

“What are you talking about Donald”

“You wanted us to talk didn’t you?”

“Yes I’m telling you this with every bit of honesty I could possibly master in me”

“Oh my God!”

“Let me talk….i met you at a time when I was going through a lot, I had been heartbroken by some one who meant the world to me that time…….I was so down, then along came you, I could swear to God”

“That’s enough Donald” she covers her ears as she sits down next to him

“Unbelievable….. So unbelievable Donald, what has it been for you all this while? A game? Consolation? What Donald answer me”

“Hey hey calm down…..relax” they keep quiet and Alexia tries so much to calm her nerves but she’s not finding it easy to

“So……you have never really loved me is that it?” She asks calmly this time around

“I won’t lie to you Alexia… I respect you a lot…. Much more than you could ever imagine”

“I’m asking you Donald…..has it all been a lie all these twenty years?” She asks with tears clouding her eyes

“I don’t want to continue with this discussion Alexia”

“Is there another woman…”

“You asked me the same thing the other time”

“And you said you were still sorting out your feelings”

“Yes and I never said my feelings about another woman…. I meant us, my feelings about us Alexia” he poses to look at her and then takes a deep breath

“Let me freshen up” he says and gets up walking away from her and this time, she doesn’t object, she doesn’t protest but watches in silent painful tears

“Why are you this quiet, something is not right with you since you got back from home for weekend…. Do you wish to share it?” Isabel who happens to be in Eddy’s small but spacious apartment asks him, she’s been observing his mood ever since he got back and can tell he’s not fine

“What is it?” She asks again as she gets closer to where he’s seated

“Is everything OK? You know you can share with me”

“Thank you Isa but this Time you can’t be of help”

“How would you know if you don’t tell me what it is”

“I’m not sure if I want to talk about it much less with you” he gets up and walks to his bedroom and she follows

“Why can’t you share it with me? I thought we were friends” she still insists and he sits down and holds her hands

“I need to look deeper into this before I tell you, besides I’m not even sure if it’s what I’m thinking but there is something else I want us to talk about” he smiles as he says this….he fixes the strands of hair tucking it behind her ears

“What is it?” She asks as they stare into each other’s eyes

“You know you’re my only good and trusted friend right?” He asks and she nods

“And you also know that I care about you a great deal and like you a whole lot” she still nods

“Isabel…. I don’t want to hold this on anymore, I’ve been thinking about it and I think it’s time I let you know exactly how I feel about it”

“You’re making me confused Eddy”

“Don’t be” he says smiling the more

“Relaaaax I don’t bite” she smiles too and he bends a little

“I love you” he says and her eyes pop out of their sockets

“What?” She asks and he bends to kiss her but she pushes him away

“What’s that?…..what’s wrong with you Edmond…. What do you take me for”

“I like you” he says innocently yet defensively

“Well I don’t like you….”


“I…..I do but Not like that” she stammers as she says this

“I’m sorry” he’s hurt but manages to say this

“Forgive me please Edmond but I….”

“You don’t have to say more than you already have Isabel…. But I would like to be left alone” she looks at him in confusion

“please don’t you want to hear my reason for saying no at lease” she tries to reason with him

“It doesn’t matter…. Maybe I was too forward, maybe I misunderstood your closeness to me but like I said, I want to be left alone” she nods and collects herself out of his room

“I’m so happy to have had time finally to sit down with you today and catch up, it’s been long since we last did” Liam and Richard talk as they sit down for their coffee in a small but beautiful coffee shop in town

“You can say that again Liam… Those days before you became this busy”

“You know that’s not true”

“Oh! It is”

“You’re equally busy but you can’t put all this on me alone….. I have so many things to do that’s true but most especially my daughter, I can’t stay out late even if I wanted to”

“Talking about Glory…. How is she doing by the way”

“She’s good and was so delighted when I passed her your greetings”

“Oooh….I need to visit home one of these days”

“You should, we would be delighted to host you and Linda…. Talking of which, I haven’t even asked about her…how is she”

“She’s equally doing fine…..” They pose and continue to sip their coffee in silence for close to a minute then Richard breaks the silence

“Bro have you heard from Crissy of late”

“Where is that question coming from?”

“I don’t know, I just feel it’s right we talk about her”

“Crissy is fine, I last saw her two months ago, we were working together on some project she was spare heading”

“I see you guys are still…. Hmmmm”

“Don’t give me that look, there is nothing going on Richie”

“No no no….there is no need to get all defensive Bro…. I just think it would be nice to sit down and you two sort this thing out”

“There is nothing to sort out….if I need a woman in my Life, I Will look for one…..one that can accommodate the thought that her man has a ten year old daughter if not Glow and I are perfect just the way we are”

“You’re taking this too far, I think Crissy was too young and just afraid of the fact that you had a daughter and any girlfriend in her shoes would definitely feel insecure and threatened just seeing how much you two love each other”

“You might be right but women should also understand that no one will ever take my daughter’s place in my life….she will just have to create her own space and squeeze in it if not….she can forget”

“Then stop burying your head in your work and appointments all the time but rather go look for that woman”

And where could she be?”

“Out there… Go find her, I’m still waiting for your wedding…. And I won’t stop waiting, I’m hopeful it’s gonna be sooner than we all thought”

“Enough with your crazy talk and nonsense idea…tell me how is work, you haven’t said anything about it hope all is well”

“Well…..it’s not always easy when someone else is your boss”

“I know but you haven’t hanged yourself yet, that’s the most important thing”

“Hahahaha that’s just the insult I needed but that’s OK, you’re right about one thing….. My boss isn’t so unbearable but of late, he’s doing something that’s making me doubt his integrity as a boss, if he continues I don’t think we’ll continue working together”

“That’s serious, what’s his name again?”

“Donald Stevenson”

“Are you serious” Liam can’t believe his ears

“Yes why?… You have an issue with him?”

“Nooo but this is just unbelievable….the husband of Alexia Peters? I can’t believe it”

“Wait….you know Alexia”

“She’s my friend…. I mean I had encountered her more than once before she joined the fitness center for a fitness training, her daughter and Glow are in the same school”

“You mean Alexia is taking up some ‘stay fit’ lessons with you”

“Yeah! She actually started today”

“Could it be she already knows and…”

“Knows what Richie”

“Nothing” he answers real quick but Liam shakes his head

“You’re not going to convince me….what is going on….I Know you pretty well ”

“I can’t trust you Liam, you are friends with her”

“Is this some kind of a joke? You are not going to talk me out of this so you better talk”

“Only because I trust you will keep your mouth shut” Liam doesn’t sy anything as Richard lowers his voice and leans closer

“Her husband is cheating on her”

“You don’t say it” Liam’s jaw drops….

“I know it’s not confirmed yet but I’m so sure about this

“What a shame! That man is a bastard, but do you know who the woman in question is”

“No….that’s what I don’t know”

“Or you just don’t want to tell me” Richie remembers seeing the woman in question at Liam’s place, he knows better to ship up or come with some excuse because this is not looking good

“No i don’t” he replies confidently but Liam is not fooled……to be contiued


Liam without another word picks up his cup and places it on his lips, he has his eyes fixed on Richard making him look guilty like a liar caught up in some lie, Richard clears his throat

“Why the look Bro”

“You know what Bro, you just look like you’ve been caught pants down in the act….you look terrible, whites look terrible when they lie, it’s an African thing and not yours”

“Really? After spending my entire life here you still look at me as a white man, marrying a black can’t even make you see me in a different line”

“I so much want to discuss that but it’s just a way of throwing me off the topic but guess what, you’re not getting your ass out of this one”

“You might be right about one thing, I don’t know how to lie, it’s written all over my body”

“So in that case don’t even try it…..so say it, I’m listening”

“To what?”

“Who is the woman, do I know her, is she a popular babe”

“All I can say is you know her but I’m not going to tell you anything more than that…but you can tell me more about you and Cecilia” Liam just sips in coffee in silence with his eyes still fixed on Richard but he’s not going to answer him, Richard doesn’t even care if he does or not because he just wanted to throw him off this ugly topic

It’s early Tuesday morning, Eddy wakes up to find many missed calls in his phone, five from Isabel and two from his his mother, he had slept off after a long struggle last night but had to put his phone in silence mode, after what happened between him and Isabel, he didn’t just Want to talk to anyone not even his friends from campus, but about his Mum, he’s sure something must be bothering Alexia for her to call in the middle of the night like this, she’s not usually like this….. He gets up and slips his warm feet in the slipper headed to the bathroom but just a few steps towards, his phone begins to vibrate, he comes back and picks it up


“Son why are you not picking up your calls”

“Sorry Mum after a long study I slept off forgetting the phone in the living room so when you called, I couldn’t hear a thing”

“How are you? I was so worried sick”

“I’m very fine Mum but you, you sound worried is everything alright with you, are you sick, is it Celine or Dad”

“Nooo we are fine…. Do you have some free time later today, I need to talk to you…what time will you be free”

“Hmmm! Actually I have two lectures today and afterwards I’ll be free that will be before lunch break”

“Then that’s fine….Liam told me you agreed with him you’d only come by for work on weekends especially Saturday but I was thinking we could meet over from there over lunch, bills on me…is it fine with you”

“That’s not a problem for me Mum, see you there then, let me hurry up for lectures I’m getting late”

“Bye son”

“Chao”…. Alexia was speaking to her son as she climbs up to her room , she’s from dropping Celine off to school and now back to get ready for her training……As she ends the call, she grabs the door knob just as she’s about to turn it, it opens

“Oh! Ooops!” It’s her husband with his big suitcase in hand pulling it behind him…..he doesn’t stop as they bump on each other because he continues to roll the bag behind

“Aah! Eeh! Excuse me” Alexia says as she follows behind stopping her husband in confusion

“Donald! You are travelling?” She asks

“With this big bag…. What happened to the travelling not so big bag, you could have told me last night and I would have packed a few things for your travel” she yaps still not believing her eyes but Donald is just rolling his eyes

“We can still go back in and I pack up for you”

“I’m not travelling” he finally blurts out without any emotion or what so ever

“You’re not travelling? But where are you Rolling this bag to? Are you giving it out?” Donald shakes his head unbelievably

“You don’t get it do you? We are not doing fine Alexia and living under the same roof has become so toxic….I need space” he tries to roll the back off again but she holds onto him

“Wai wai wait…..Donald wait” she breaths

“We are not doing fine because you want us to be like that….you choose to be like that, we don’t have a problem, not one” she’s loosing it with him

“You talk too much” he says as he pushes her aside but she will not just let him

“Alexia, I have so much respect for you but you are pushing way beyond what I can hold”

“I can’t believe this is coming out of the man I have loved with all that’s in me for over twenty years”

“People change Alexia”

“Unfortunately I agree with you Donald. Something I never thought was possible… People do change”

“So don’t try to stop me” he tries to walk away again and this time she doesn’t try and stop him but just let him go by stepping aside

“So you’re moving out of your own house?” She asks helplessly he turns as he stops for the last time

“No….not yet, I’m seriously considering that but for now, I’ll put up in the guest room” Alexia’s head rotates on hearing this

“It has really gotten this bad ahh?” She asks this time with tears clouding her eyes but he doesn’t respond to her question

“I’m getting late for office, I’m sure you are getting late for your training too” she openly bursts out, and just the gate way he needed, Donald proceeds to the guest room with the bag behind


Cecilia is sweating profusely on the stationary bike, she’s alone and there is no one besides her, she seems to be doing great until when she sees Liam coming towards her

“Hey there” she says and stops, she jumps down grabbing a towel, she cleans her face coming towards Liam who is standing some distance from her

“Good morning Cecilia?” He greets her

“Handsome” Liam thought he heard wrong but decides to play it cool

“You just got here?”

“My morning was pretty tight and I got caught up in jam”

“The jam in this town is something else”

“Have you seen Alexia?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing, I got here and found your guys working but no sign of her”

“Oh! And She never talked about skipping today”

“I can always call her and find out”

“That would be wonderful”

“Let me get the phone” she walks over to her bag and as if just of cue, her phone begins to ring from inside her bag, she gets it out and he face changes, Liam can’t miss this

“Can I pick this from aside?” She asks

“Don’t worry” Liam decides to leave Cecilia alone so she can talk freely, he walks back to his office but something disturbs his mind, he doesn’t understand Cecilia, something about her can’t set his mind at ease…. He decided to call Alexia himself…… meanwhile Cecilia answers her call

“Must you always call untimely” she says

“Where are you” Donald asks

“At gym”

“I thought as much….what time will you be free”

“Is there something wrong”

“I can’t say it over the phone….but I moved out like you wanted”

“Are you serious?….”

“I’m still in the house though, but I’m now at a point of no return”

“That’s my baby…..now I know why my friend hasn’t showed up for her training poor thing, I need to go see her home”

“Whatever but please, I’m not comfortable with the friendship…. As you’re there make sure not to forget I need to talk to you today”

“Love you” she says as she smiles, they finish talking and she smiles even broadly

“Finally I’m going to have you all to myself…but I want to taste how Liam tastes too” she walks back…….

Still crying on empty stomach, Alexia is feeling weak and all nauseaus , she has never been this miserable in life, how did she get here, how did this all start, she can’t tell….just yesterday her life was perfect and now her life has taken a rollercoaster…. She’s spinning and doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of it………she’s chocking on her tears and her head seems to be aching, she can’t tell what time it is now but her phone chooses this exact time to ring, just when she thought she turned it off…..

“It must be Eddy” she thinks he must be calling to find out what time they are meeting she doesn’t know if she wants to pick up, she grabs the phone and looks at the screen, it’s Liam, she doesn’t want to talk to anyone much less him so she throws the phone down as she continues with her tears but this time so louder….yet Liam who is fuming in his office is not about to give up…he continues to pester her with endless call until when she can’t take it anymore, she picks it up but doesn’t say anything, she just presses the phone in her ears

“Alexia if you’re there… Listen to me carefully, I need to see you, why didn’t you come today” he sounds worried

“Are you there…. I’m talking to you…Alexia…. Ale…”

“I’m not going back there….. It’s not worth it” she finally answers him cutting him short of words

“Where is that coming from?” He asks

“I’m sorry but I’m not continuing with the training…sorry for wasting your time and effort”

“What is going on?” She cuts the phone and he looks at his phone so disturbed but his mind runs to the cheating husband…. He can’t believe it but something must be terribly wrong with Alexia and he can’t just let her be, he has to find out…..to be continued


Eddy gets to the fitness center and pays the cab man, he walks inside and finds everyone busy, he looks around but doesn’t see his Mum, something tells him to call her but he decides to check from Liam’s office first, he knocks at the office and waits for a reply

“Come in” he pushes open the door and steps in, Liam who is fully in a tracksuit is doing some pushups

“Nice job huh! Boss” Eddy happily says

“Eddy! Didn’t know you were coming how are you” Liam gets up and offers Eddy a seat

“I’m fine thank you, actually mum called early morning and said we should meet up here and that’s why I’m here….I haven’t seen her around, is she really around”

“Sit” Liam says and gets up, he picks a bottle of water and hands it over to him

“I see, but Alexia was caught up and couldn’t make it here” Eddy is somehow confused

“Did she say why she couldn’t make it…I could swear she sounded so sure of coming”

“No not at all….she just said something came up and she would not be able to make it” Liam is quick to answer Eddy

“I’ll just have to go home and find out myself then….it must be something serious” he gets up

“Thank you Liam” they shake hands and he walks away

“Eddy” Liam calls and he stops

“Did her decision to come here to get fit have something to do with your father?” This question takes Eddy by surprise but he answers honestly

“Partly, though she couldn’t say it….I just know it” Liam nods

“OK whatever, update me on why she couldn’t make it today…I’ll be waiting for your call”

“I’ll do just that, thanks for caring” Eddy walks out and he’s headed home to talk to his mother…
Donald rolls off Cecilia sweating and breathing heavily, they had sneaked into her apartment to have a quick afternoon makeup that ended up into a two hours long sex, Cecilia had plans of going to see Alexia but Donald had called to say she shouldn’t do It, she insisted she’s going to so they ended up arguing over the phone that led to Donald abandoning the office and running over to her place but turns out she was only using it as an excuse to have him now she smiles so satisfied her plan worked out so well, she smiles mischievously

“What?” Donald asks her pinching her cheek when he notices her radiant smile

“I’m happy, finally we were able to do it…you have not changed, still the same sweet you…you know every corner in and put of me Donald, you just know the right places to touch” she’s flirting with him as they cuddle

“Wait! Are you saying all that to me really?”

“It’s not a lie Don…..I never thought this would ever be possible, I was all worried you now hated me”

“Why should I my princess, I love you and now I’m so ready to finish what we started…..I can’t wait to put a ring on that finger” she blushes

“I love you”

“Say that again” she leans closer

“I need to freshen up and go back to the office, I didn’t come here for this” he tries to sit up

“Are you regretting it”

“Nooo…..I could stay here with you in my arms for ages without any complain but duty calls”

“I know….I forgot Donald doesn’t trade his work for anything in the world”

“You can say that again but guess what, I’ll be back later in the evening”

“For dinner?”

“You never know it could be more than dinner”

“Sounds inviting….I’ll prepare something so romantic” he finally gets away from her and enters the bathroom to take a quick after lunch shower to head back to the office…..

“Mum” Eddy calls on getting in the house, he had hoped to find her cheerfully in the living room or the kitchen her office as she loves to call it but that’s not the case today, every where around the big Mansion is very quiet, he looked around and there was no sign of her that he had to come to her room and there she was seated but crying her eyes out red on the bed

“Mum” he had called and she looks up, she tries to clean her tears up but it’s too late, he has seen it, she smiles amid it

“What is it Mum… Why are you crying” he is all concerned and worried, he sits next to her

“What are you doing here son, you shouldn’t be here” she tries to shift from him but Eddy is quick, he holds onto her

“We are supposed to meet up and talk over lunch remember?” she shakes her head

“What is going on Mum… You are hiding something…. Something is not right and if you’re not going to share it, it’s going to take a toll on you…..”

“I’m very fine”

“Mum, don’t even lie about it….. does this have anything to do with Dad” he asks and she looks aside

“Please be open and answer me Mum” she turns and looks at him

“It is right?”

“Look around this room….look critically son and tell me” she says

“I don’t get it” Eddy responds

“Do it” he does, he looks around in confusion

“Tell me just what it is Mum…you’re freaking scaring me”

“Your father moved out”

“Out….out of where to where?”

“Out of this room”

“It’s a lie?”

“I wish it was” she begins to cry again and he’s tearing up too but this time he lets her speak as she cries

“He doesn’t love me….he says I’m too fat….he says he doesn’t just love me anymore” Eddy just gathers his mother in his arms and lets her cry

“Mum…..are you sure Dad said that? Did he really mean it” she some how calms down and composes herself enough to talk to him

“I was in denial too but since he was so flat with me about why he was no longer comfortable with me”

“Was that the reason why you agreed to come to the gym with me?” Alexia poses

“Wait, did you know about this before Eddy”

“No Mum… No! I only wanted to help you be fit that’s all but if this is the real reason why Dad already packed out of the room, then I’m so disappointed in him”

“Please son don’t say that about your Father”

“I’m not taking sides Mum but Dad can not just wake up one morning or come back one evening and change this much” he gets up

“Where are you going” Alexia asks

“Don’t worry Mum…. This is going to be resolved”

“Where are you going” she asks again

“I’m going to fix this”

“No wait….son” Eddy heads out of the house and Alexia can only stare in defeat

Donald is back to the office from meeting up with his lover, his assistant comes in with some files for him to fill immediately, he is just about to sign when the door to his office opens, he and his assistant turn to see Eddy, a very different Eddy and something about his appearance today isn’t right

“You may go, I’ll call you when I’m done”

“Thank you sir” the woman walks passed Eddy and greets him but he doesn’t respond, his eyes are just fixed on his Father

“Son…what are you doing here by this time, aren’t you supposed to be for lectures by this time?”

“We need to talk Dad”

“About what…what is so urgent that you couldn’t wait and had to budge in like that…don’t you know this is an office, don’t you have respect, what happened to your manners” he says too much but Eddy feels more angered now

“You’ve hurt my Mum and you still have the guts to demand for respect from me? What has gotten into you Dad” his voice is getting high

“Watch your tongue young man or”

“Or what Donald” Donald doesn’t know how but he gets up, smacks Eddy in the face

“You have no right to talk to me in that tone….I’m still your father”

“Then act like one not like some teenager” Eddy is in tears by now, Donald grabs his coat from the arms of his office chair, he looks at his son one more time

“By the time I get back here, I don’t want to still find you here”…. He pushes past Eddy and furiously walks out of the office….Eddy back inside falls down on the chair crying his heart out, he looks around and spots his father’s phone on the table next to where he was sitting, he gets up, grabs it and guess what, there is no lock, he scrolls through and there is one particular number he calls and receives calls from more and it’s saves as Toni

” Toni? ” he asks as he dials the number

Cecilia is fresh from the shower singing sweetly and happily, she’s in a very good mood as she applies lotion, she’s getting ready to go see Alexia even after Donald’s warning, she’s just going to make sure she comes back before he gets here….her phone rings and she grabs it from under the pillow

“Hmmmmm!!! Someone must be missing me already” she says before she picks it

“Sweetheart what did you forget to tell me?” She asks but there is no response

“My love” she calls yet again there is no response

“Donald is this some kind of Joke?”…. She says frustrated… Mean while Eddy slowly removes the phone from his ears and he almost collapses

“Aunt Cecilia and Dad noooo” he can’t believe it, his Dad is a monster, he collects himself and leaves the office before he collapses there…… Meanwhile, Cecilia arrives at Alexia’s thirty minutes after the call, she stands at the door with a gift bag in hand and rings the bell but there is no answer, she rings again for the second time and there still is no answer, she unzips her bag to get her phone out and just as she’s about to call, Eddy appears behind her

“Heeey Eddy” she cheerfully calls him with so much vigor and excitement but Eddy is not smiling nor answering back

“Edmond… What’s wrong”

“What are you doing here”

“Is that a joke? I’m here to see my Friend”

“Sorry, you’ll have to go check him out somewhere because he’s not around”

“Excuse me! Are we talking about Alexia or someone else….I’m here to see your Mum but she’s not opening”

“What do you want? To come rub in her face that you have been fooling her all this time, that you’re sleeping with her husband?” Cecilia steps back in shock

“What? Are you going to deny it? Go on but I’m not allowing you any inch to my mother, I won’t let you make a fool of her so go” Cecilia opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out, Eddy gets out the keys from his pocket and opens up the door, he slams it in her face as Cecilia finally clutches to her throat… She has to talk to Donald before it gets uglier….. Eddy walks in and meets up with his mother coming down

“Mum” he rushes over to give her a hug

“Who was that? I thought I heard someone knock on the door”

“There is no one, I was the one….thought I had forgotten the key” he leads her to the couch

“Your sister is back….I was just moving her things to my room, I need company there” Eddy is quiet

“Mum Celine might be a little girl but she knows it’s supposed to be Dad sharing a room with you, how are you going to answer her because she will start asking questions”

“To be honest I don’t know, it would have been easy if Donald wasn’t staying in the house and that way I would just say he travelled but he’s here, we are two strangers leaving under the same roof” Eddy can’t say anything

“I’ve been thinking Eddy, maybe the distance will be good, that way he can sort out his feelings and he will be back before we know it am I right?” She’s asking hoping that her son understands but he’s weeping deep down

“Come here Mummy” he kisses her and hugs her….after a while, they separate

“How did it go with Dad” she asks

“To be honest, I would Rather not talk about it…just let the nigga do what he wants Mum…. He’s not a child” she nods with a single tear he cleans up, he gets up

“I’m not staying up for the night Mum because I might do something I may regret but please call Liam up, don’t throw what you have already started to achieve perfect health because of this setback…. Do it for me because I still need my Mum so healthy, Strong and active” she’s just tearing up

“I’ll think about it” she says

“Please call him up, I’ve not been picking up his calls because I don’t want to lie to him, I don’t know to what level your friendship with him is but I can tell he’s genuinely worried about you…he has your best interest” she smiles

“I love you son”

“Love you more Mum…. No more tears and just let Dad be for now, do it for us” she nods and he walks out

Liam is packed at the front gate of Alexia’s home, he has been calling Eddy for ages but the guy is not picking up, neither is Alexia, he has been worried and just knows something is definitely wrong somewhere so he found himself driving over to her place, he comes out of the car and tries to see if he can talk the gateman in to allowing him inside but he realised this is not going to be a good idea because someone just happened to drive in at this exact time, the person doesn’t seem to bother about a car being packed next to his gate, Liam gets back inside his car and sits checking his watch, it’s coming to eight pm so he tries Alexia’s number one more time to see if she’s going to consider this time around, it goes through but it’s the same story, she doesn’t pick he is not giving up just yet, he decides to try and this time she does pick up almost immediately

“I don’t want to talk Liam” she says not rudely but rather calmly

“But I do wanna talk, I know you’re inside and I’m at your gate I need to see you now Alexia”

“What? I thought I said I don’t wat to do it anymore”

“Doesn’t matter now, it’s either you’re coming out or I’m coming in choose…eh and by the way, someone I presume to be your husband just happened to drive in now”

“What” the door opens and she turns, it’s Donald

“Should I come in or you’re coming out…”

“Wait for me….I’m coming” she slips her feet in her slippers and walks out, Donald who pretended to be walking past her upstairs suddenly stops and looks after her confused….. To be continued


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