Dark Night! Episode 31-40

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Dark Night!

Episode 31

Dave a d Gift spent some time at the bar before Gift decided to take Dave over to his house.

Dave: My guy, you have such a good apartment o shoo.

Gift: my brother na God. You nkor where are you putting up.?

Dave: Gift you na my brother, I nor go fit lie give you, I’ve been hanging out with some friends I made in prison that left before me. What can I do? I decided to put up with them, pending when I make some money.

Gift: But you nor try o, why didnt you contact me na. U spent years in prison when you could have easily contacted me and I use the little influence I have to get you out.

Dave: Gift I fit vex for you if you talk like that again o. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to contact you? Even before I came to newyork I’ve been trying to reach you. Your number I dont have, I have searched for all the Gift Johnsons on Facebook and non of them is you. Where else am I supposed to find you?

Gift: oh that’s true , my Facebook name is Gifto J. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t reach me.

Dave: oh oh you see na, you change name to Gifto J how am I supposed to know, I be witch? You why didnt you contact me all this years.

Gift: I did about 4years ago, I sent a friend request to you but up till now no response and your number I have was not reachable.

Dave: 4years ago I was already in jail that’s why.

Gift: its true…. Well man, thank God you are out and we’ve found each other. As of now you won’t go back to that place, you will stay here with me.

Dave: Before nkor? Weather you plan on saying that or not, the moment I saw you I knew I wasn’t going back.

They both burst out laughing.

Gift: How bout your parents. Hope you’ve called them since you came out.

Dave: Yes I did, my mama don day die from worry before.

Gift: na so na. What did you expect?

Dave: see who is talking as if you are better, you that traveled and forgot everyone. Including your beloveth sister, your own twin. Not once did you even remember to call her. Why na, my guy, you nor try o.

Gift: You won’t understand my brother,

Dave: what won’t I understand? That you forgot and could not call your twin sister whom you claim to love so much. What is it I won’t understand?

Gift: Well, it was only at first o, after some time I tried to speak to her with daddy’s phone o and sometimes mummy’s phone o, but they always had something to tell me and so I got tired of their excuses because something kept telling me they didnt want me to talk to her, so I just decided to stop asking until I get back to Nigeria.

Dave: what daddy? Your daddy?

Gift: Yes

Dave: You talk to your daddy?

Gift: yes na.

Dave: when last did you talk to him?

Gift: what kind of question is that? We spoke yesterday

Dave: yesterday? (He outs his hands on his head( chimoooooo)

Gift: what is wrong with you Dave?

Dave: Gift you’ve been talking with a ghost.

Gift: what kind of rubbish are you saying? Who is a ghost? I am telling you I spoke with my father and you are saying I spoke with a ghost.

Dave: I say you’ve been talking to a ghost. Because your father died 7 years ago. Exactly 3months after you travelled.

Gift started looking at him as if he is mad.

Dave: why are you looking at me like that?

Gift: Are you sure you are okay?

Dave: what kind of question is that?

Gift: Because I dont think you are. Someone I spoke with yesterday, you are telling me died 7years ago.

Dave: I am telling you that your father died seven years ago. He was shot by armed robbers when he was taking your sister for her eye surgery and he didnt survive it.

Gift: you are obviously sick. I think they did something to you in that prison. (He puts his hands on his pocket and brings out his phone to call his dad)

Dave: what are you doing?

Gift: Am calling my dad (he puts the phone on speaker, the phone rungs for a while and then Mr Johnson picks up)

Mr Johnson: Hello son

(Dave screams and shouts for Gift to cut the call, and when Gift won’t answer him he drags the phone from him and ends the call)

To be continued!

 Dark Night!

Episode 32.

Gift was furious at Dave for ending the call.

Gift: why did you do that?

Dave: I am telling you that your father is dead. Your sister told me that your father is dead. They were on their way to go have her surgery done when armed men attacked them and shit your dad in his head. She told me he died at the hospital. And that same day, your mother sent her packing from your house into the street.

Gift: wait, wait, what? Which of my sister are you talking about? Who sent who out? I dont understand.

Dave: See, your mother found out that your sister was pregnant in the same hospital where your dad had died and……

Gift: wait, wait, my sister pregnant, which of my sisters, who was pregnant?

Dave: why ain’t you let me finish what am saying, you keep interrupting me.

Gift: (feeling uneasy) okay sorry, I just want to understand. What are you talking about?

Dave: font interrupt me again o.

Gift: I won’t.

Dave: okay. Tour sister, Blessing your twin sister, do you remember her now, your blind sister, your only sister…..

Gift: oh oh oh, will you just go straight to the point.

Dave: okay, your sister and your dad were on their way to the hospital for her eyes operation, the one you told me will make her see again.

Gift: yes, yes I know, go on,

Dave: Some men blocked their car and shit your dad on the head and made away with the money. Your dad and your sister was taken to the hospital, and your dad didnt make it.

Gift: go on

Dave: I just said your dad died that day.

Gift: I heard you and I said you should continue your story

Dave: okay! In the same hospital your mom found out that Blessing was pregnant. And she refused to say who got her pregnant. And so tour mom threw her out of the house. She called me with a phone she said you gave your dad to give her.

Gift: yes I did.

Dave: good, at least you know am not lying, she called me and I drove and picked her up in the dead of the night. I got an accommodation for her and registered her for antenatal, before I traveled. I thought I was going to stay for just four months, but here I am after 6years.

Gift: so you mean my mom threw my sister out of the house.

Dave: That is it bro

Gift: so where is Blessing now?

Dave: like I said, I thought I would stay for just four months and I ended up staying for 6years. The last time I saw her she was 8months pregnant, she must have put to birth now. And I no longer know where she is.

Gift picked his phone and called his dad again.

Mr Johnson: Son why did you just end the call like that? What’s happening?

Gift: Daddy I want to speak to Blessing right now.

Mr Johnson: son what is going on?

Dave: are you still calling the same person I told you is a ghost?

Gift: (to Dave) shut up.

Mr Johnson: what? Are you asking me to shut up?

Gift: not you dad, just please put Blessing on the line.

Mr Johnson: But Blessing is not here

Gift: Dad where is she? I want to speak to her.

Mr Johnson: she is not here at the moment , tell me what is going on?

Gift: Give the phone to mummy.

Mr Johnson: your mom is not here either, she travelled to the village.

Gift: Dad, Blessing is not there, mom is not there, I am not a baby, I am 27years for crying out loud.

Mr Johnson: calm down son, and tell me what’s going on.

Gift: Nothing is going on.
(He ends the call )

Dave: I told you, I told you, he is a ghost now how can you explain that he does not want you to speak to your mom or your sister. Because he is a ghost and he is not with them.

Gift: shut up Dave. (He paced around for some time) we are going to Nigeria.

Dave: what? Who is we?

Gift: You and I, we are going home.

Dave: hehehehe you must be kidding me. Going to Nigerian, you and who?

Gift: please Dave, you have to come with me.

Dave: No way Gift, am sorry, but there is no way am going with you to Nigeria. I’ve spent all my time in jail here, and I just came out, am not yet settled and you are telling me that am going where? No way o.

Gift: Dave please, dont worry about anything, I will handle all the financial aspect . please just come with me. Please. Do this for your brother please my friend!

To be continued!

Dark Night!

Episode 33

Matron Agnes gave Blessing everything she needed. She had even put Hope in school. Blessing was so happy and was always appreciating the matron. One day they sat outside talking.

Blessing: Ma please dont be offended by my question.

Matron: ask anything Blessing.

Blessing: Why did you decide not to get married? I can see you love children. Why did you then make such a decision. Didnt you want to have your own children?

Matron Agnes: Blessing, its a long story

Blessing: I have nothing to do other than listen. So please tell me.

Matron: okay! I will tell you. This is a secret I have kept for more than twenty years. When I was still a young girl around your age. I had a boyfriend whom I loved so much,he xines from a very rich family infact they were based abroad, they only come home during holidays. we were planning on getting married. But before I knew it I became pregnant. He took me to his parents to inform them that I was the girl he wants to marry but one look at me and the English I spoke they rejected me.

Blessing: But why? You are a very beautiful woman even at your age.

Matron: Then my dear, I was not beautiful, because I didnt have the means to take care of myself. My parents were poor and I wasn’t educated. Charles and his parents abandoned me and left the country. I was left to fend for myself. I didnt know what to do with my pregnancy so I travelled out of the village to give birth to my baby. I gave birth to a baby girl.

Blessing: wow! So you have a daughter?

Matron: Had, I had a daughter. I didn’t know what to do with her or what to do with her , I didnt even know how to let my parents know and so I ran away from the hospital where I gave birth. I abandoned my baby there and ran away. I dropped a note that I won’t be coming back and I just disappeared.

Blessing: oh; that’s a terrible thing to do ma.

Matron: (crying) I know, I know Blessing.

Blessing: so you never checked on your child anymore?

Matron: I did. When I left that day I decided I will go to school and become somebody in life so that no man will ever mess with me again. And I went to school and I became a nurse. I went back to the hospital and to the matron with whom I left my baby. She never recognised me all the years I worked with her as the little girl who ran away from the clinic and left her child. But I didnt see my baby with her. I even worked with her for some Years and never for once did she talk about an abandoned baby. So I assumed my baby died. I decided to move on with my life and forget about men forever.(she starts crying again)

Blessing:I am so sorry ma.

Matron: And then you came and you gave birth to your boy and then you held him close and I felt terrible, if a blind girl who has nothing is willing to hold onto her child, then I would have kept my baby years ago.

Blessing: Where is this matron now?

Matron Agnes: she stays in the other part of town. Though she is old now.

Blessing: why dont you go to her. Talk to her and tell her the truth. You never can tell maybe your daughter might just be alive. And even if she is not you would have settled with your conscience. It is not good to hold secrets in the heart.

Matron Agnes heaved a big sigh before talking.

Matron: thank you Blessing, I will give it a thought. Let me go inside and rest for now.

Blessing: okay ma.

She stands and leaves the blind girl sitted outside enjoying the cool of the night. The more she stays with her the more she regrets ever stealing her child from her.

To be continued!

Dark Night!

Episode 34.

Mr Johnson sat in the garden reading the daily news paper, when he suddenly heard the house boy saying welcome sir, welcome sir. As he wondered who might have entered the house he heard his sons voice.

Gift: Dad, dad, dad where are you?

Mr Johnson was shocked because he was not expecting Gift, he quickly stood up and walked to the parlour. Gift and Dave were standing at the sitting room. When Dave saw Mr Johnson he ran outside of the house and packed a handful of sand and came back and poured the sand on Mr Johnson.

Dave: I return you now to the land of the dead where you belong. Depart and don’t trouble us who are still alive.

Gift: Dave! What is wrong with you? How can you pour sand on my father.

Dave: Gift stay out of this. (To mr Johnson) I day depart now ghost.

Mr Johnson: Ghost?

Houseboy: Ghost?

Mr Johnson: who is a ghost?

Dave: it’s you, you are a ghost. You died six years ago. You were shot in the head by armed men and you died at st Louis hospital. So depart and rest in peace.

Mr Johnson: (he silently picked up his phone and brought out Dr Greg’s number.

Mr Johnson: son you remember Dr Greg’ of st Louis hospital? That his number, call him and ask him.

Dave: no Gift, dont touch that phone, he wants you to disappear with him, dont touch the phone.

Gift looked at Dave and then picked the phone, he collected the number on his own phone and dialed it.

Dr Greg: This is Dr Greg of st Louis hospital, how may I help you please?0

Gift: (puts the phone on speaker) good day Dr Greg, this is Gift Johnson, son of your friend ”extra length”

Dr Greg burst out laughing

Dr Greg: oh Gift! How are you? I hears you travelled are you back now?

Gift: yes sir, am back, I just returned not quiet long.

Dr Greg: oh that’s good that’s good. How is your father my friend?

Gift turned and looked at Dave before answering.

Gift: my father is fine, he is standing here in front of me.

Dr Greg: Oh that’s good, that’s good, my regards to him. What is it you want me to do for you?

Gift: Please sir don’t be offended, I just want to ask about something that happened 6years ago if you dont mind.

Dr Greg: okay! What is it son?

Gift: i heard my dad was shot in the head 6years ago and he died.

Dr Greg: oh that! (He said laughing) yes its true o, your dad was shot in the head by gunmen and he died. (Gift took a step back from his dad.) But then while in the mortuary he woke up again. It was a big testimony and we’ve never heard or seen anything like that before. It is indeed a miracle.

Gift: so you mean to say he died and rose again? How is that even possible?

Dr Greg: That’s why I say its a miracle.

Gift: Its alright doc, thanks a lot.

Dr Greg: okay bye.

Gift: Dad can you please explain all this to me, why am I hearing this for the first time?

Mr Johnson: Son, I am so sorry for all of this. I wanted to see and tell you face to face. How would you feel if you were told I died and now am alive.

Gift: I still dont get the whole picture.

Mr Johnson: even I can’t tell you his I am alive, all I can tell you is that I am grateful to God that I am alive. (He turns to Dave) son you can come sit now at least you now know I am not s ghost. Dave who was still in shock took his seat beside Gift.

Gift: Dad where is Blessing?

Mr Johnson bowed his head down in silence.

Gift: Daddy please dont lie to me I just want to know the truth, where is my sister Blessing?

When mr Johnson raised his head, he was in tears.

Mr Johnson: Am so sorry son, I should have told you Years ago, but I couldn’t, am so sorry.

Gift: Tell me what?

Mr Johnson: Your sister is gone. She is dead.

Gift and Dave: What?

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez
[4:48 PM, 10/3/2019] Amb Sholotan David: Dark Night!

Episode 35.

Matron Agnes, drove inside the compound and found the old woman sitted outside. She greeted her and sat beside her.

Matron Agnes: Mama I know you dont remember me anymore.

Mama: I remember you, you are one of the student nurses that worked with us some years back.

Matron Agnes: (smiles) mama, your eyes are still every sharp.

Mama: How are you and what have brought you to my house.

Matron Agnes: (kneels down) mama I have a confession to make ma.

Mama: what is it?

Matron Agnes: mama 27 years ago, a young girl gave birth to a baby in your hospital and ran away. She abandoned that baby and disappeared without trace. She only left a note on the baby, do you remember?

Mama: I do, and I have waited all this years for you to at least ask about your baby, but all through your training days you never asked. Then I concluded that you are really wicked.

Matron Agnes: You knew?

Mama: I knew the moment you walked in with other students. I dont easily forget a face.

Matron : (cries) mama please am so sorry, I didnt have a choice.

Mama: everyone has two choices in this life. There is always a choice.

Matron: Am so sorry ma. Please forgive me.

Mama: you dont owe me any apology, your apology is for your child, not me.

Matron: mama where can I find her? Is she still alive.

Mama: what do you care? After 27 years?

Matron Agnes: mama please, I do not want to do anything , I just want to ask for her mercy please.

Mama: well, I’ve always known that this day would come and I do not intend to keep anything from you. Your little girl was born blind.

Matron Agnes: (holds her mouth) what?

Mama: yes, she was born blind. I noticed it barely 24hours after she was born hut I couldn’t tell you because you were gone. I didnt know how to keep her with my job and so I gave her away.

Matron Agnes: (crying seriously now) mama, who did you give her to.

Mama: well I gave her to the only family I knew were capable of taking care of her. They were my church members. Mr and Mrs Johnson.

Matron Agnes: Mama, please where can I find this mr and Mrs Johnson?

Mama: I really do not know because its been years. But I heard they opened a school for blind people. Blessings school of the blind.

Matron Agnes: Wait mama, are you talking of Mrs Blessing who have twins children, a boy and a girl?

Mama:(smiles) I am one of the few who happens to know that those children are not twins. Only the boy is their child. The girl is the same baby you abandoned years ago

Mrs Johnson fell on her knees and cried. Blessing was her daughter and Hope was her grandson. She had handed over her grand daughter to Mrs Johnson who probably must have killed the baby.
She cried and scratched her head wishing that she would just wake up from this terrible nightmare.

To be continued!
Written and Composed by Excelrhymez
[4:48 PM, 10/3/2019] Amb Sholotan David: Dark Night!

Episode 36.

Dave and Gift were walking round the sitting room and Dave was crying non stop.

Dave: How did it happen? Oh my God ? I shouldn’t have left her

Gift: its my fault, I shouldn’t have left her, I shouldn’t have left.

Dave: what about her baby? What happened to the baby?

Mr Johnson: What baby?

Dave: The baby she had, what happened to it?

Mr Johnson: I dont understand, who had a baby?

Dave looked at Gift and then to Mr Johnson confused..

Gift: Dad, Dave said Blessing was 8months pregnant when he left her.

Mr Johnson: Left her? Left her where?

Dave: sorry sir, let me ask you, when and how did she die?

Mr Johnson: She died on our way to the hospital for her eyes surgery. We were attacked by gun men and they shot me, they also shot her, they said I died and woke up again but Blessing died. She didnt wake up from the gun shot. Your mom had her buried before I woke up. And she wasn’t pregnant.

Dave: wait, wait, I think there is a mix up somewhere.

Mr Johnson: how do you mean.

Dave: The gun men didnt kill Blessing, they didnt even touch her. Mrs Johnson sent her away.

Mr Johnson: what?

Dave: yes sir, she didnt die it was your wife that drove her away.

Mr Johnson: Gift call Dr Greg for me again please, do it fast call him.(Gift collects the phone and calls Dr Greg)

Dr Greg: hello again.

Mr Johnson: doctor Greg how are you?

Dr Greg: extra length am fine o, your son called me not quiet long.

Mr Johnson: yeah he did. Please I want to confirm something from you.

Dr Greg: what is it again.?

Mr Johnson: 6years ago when I was brought to your clinic with my daughter Blessing, his was her case and how did she die?

Dr Greg: Die? Who said she died?/she didnt die na. They didnt touch her so why will she die?

Mr Johnson: so you mean she wasn’t shot?

Dr Greg: Not at all, but your wife knows this so why is it sounding new to you?

Mr Johnson: not really doc , my wife travelled and I am trying to verify some things for my son who just came back from the US.

Dr Greg: your girl was not shot, she only went into shock when she heard that you were shot, but after few minutes she became OK. I discharged her for your wife so that she could go and rest because of the pregnancy.
How is she and the baby, the child must be very big now.

Mr Johnson: thanks doc. I will call you back. (To Dave) she told me that my Blessing was dead.(to Gift) your mother said she was shot and she didnt make it. She even showed me a grave where she buried her. (To Dave)so she is alive, so my Blessing is alive. Where is she? Where is my Blessing? Please take me to her please.

Dave:I really dont know if she is still there. Its been a long time.

Gift: I dont care, just take us to the last place you saw her.
They all entered into Mr Johnson’s car and he drove off.

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez
[4:48 PM, 10/3/2019] Amb Sholotan David: Dark Night!

Episode 37

Mrs Johnson had just returned from the village but she decided to stay in one of her husband’s house in the outskirt of town. She tried calling her husband to inform him that she was back but won’t be coming home and would be staying at their other house but he wasn’t picking his calls , she sat down in the sitting room for a while and then she stood up to walk to her room, she had to clean the place because it was dusty, they haven’t been there for a while, and she also needs to prepare something to eat from the kitchen, and then her phone suddenly started ringing. She picked it up and the number was strange to her.

Mrs Johnson: Mrs Johnson speaking, who am I talking to?

Matron Agnes: (sobbing) I want to meet with you.
Mrs Johnson looked at the phone as if she would see who it was from the screen.

Mrs Johnson: who is this please?

Matron Agnes: Its me , Agnes. Your ex friend.

Mrs Johnson: Which Agnes?

Matron Agnes: Agnes your matron friend.

Mrs Johnson: And what can I do for you madam?

Matron Agnes: I just said I want to meet with you.

Mrs Johnson: what for, we don’t have any business together.

Matron Agnes: (in an angry tone) yes we do and I want to see you right now.

Mrs Johnson cuts the call and gave a long hiss. But just as she was about to go upstairs she got a text that reads.

”Everyone has a choice, so its either you see me now or you see the police in 30minutes. The choice is yours. Agnes”

Mrs Johnson was angry, she hates to be threatened. She picks up her phone and dials a number. When the person answered she said….

Mrs Johnson: I will be having a visitor soon at my temporary house so I need you closeby Whenever she leaves I want you to tail her and end her she is a threat to me.

Then she ends the call and dials matron Agnes.

Mrs Johnson: Am at my second home at no 9 ganiyu street opposite the gbage bridge. you can come over.

It didnt take up to 7minutes before matron arrived at the Johnson’s apartment. Mrs Johnson had opened the gas and was about striking a match stick when her phone rang again. She dropped the match stick and went to open for the matron to come in.

Mrs Johnson: what do you want matron? I osid you well so why are you bothering me.

Matron Agnes: where is she?

Mrs Johnson: Where is who?

Matron: where is the girl, the child I gave you years ago.

Mrs Johnson: I dont know what you are talking about matron.

Matron: I do not want trouble, just tell me where she is and I’d leave.

Mrs Johnson: And I said I do not know what you are talking about.

Matron: (begs her) please my friend, just tell me where she is, what did you do with her?/who did you give her to? Please just tell me please.

Mrs Johnson: please madam, I am not your friend and I dont know what you are talking about. Please leave me alone, I am hungry and I want to prepare what to eat if you dont mind.

Matron: she is my child, she is my little girl, and that baby is my grand daughter, my grand child so please just tell me what you’ve done with her

Mrs Johnson: what do you mean by that? Who is your child and grand child.

Matron: Blessing. Blessing is my daughter and so it makes that baby my grandchild.

Mrs Johnson: was it you? Was it you who left her at my door step?

Matron: it doesn’t matter, just tell me where she is.

Mrs Johnson, walked pass the matron towards the kitchen.
Mrs Johnson: Madam please shut the door behind you when you leave, I have no idea what you are talking about.

She walked into the kitchen and matron ran after shouting and screaming, Mrs Johnson ignored her and took a matches, forgetting that she left the gas open all this while, she struck the matches and fire engulfed her and the entire house.

To be continued!

Dark Night!

Episode 38

Mr Johnson, Dave and Gift had gone to the compound where Dave left Blessing and he was told she had left many months back but non was able to tell him where they moved to.

They kept on driving from one description to the other. Dave even had to take them to the hospital where he had Blessing registered but nobody knew where Blessing was. It was from the hospital they learnt that she had given birth to a baby boy. Gift suddenly became moody as they drove ahead.

Gift: Dad, I have a confession to make.

Mr Johnson: Now is not the time, when we find your sister, you can say anything you want.

Gift: Dad now is the time, and I have to say this now before I lose my mind. (he starts to cry) .
Mr Johnson packed the car and asked Dave to take over the wheels and Dave did.

Mr Johnson: Son, what is it?

Gift: (crying deeply) Dad I committed an abomination, an unforgivable sin. Dad please forgive me.

Mr Johnson: Calm down son, and tell me what is it.

Dave: Guy what is it na, what could you have possibly done that you are crying like this? You stop all this so we can focus on finding Blessing please. This is not the time for this abeg.

Mr Johnson: your friend is right, we need to focus on finding your sister, so get a hold on yourself and tell me what the problem is.

Gift: (still crying) Dad its all my fault, all this is my fault.

Mr Johnson: How do you mean?

Gift: Dad I couldn’t wait to receive my punishment, I couldn’t stand the shame, I couldn’t withstand the guilt of the abomination I had committed and that is why I ran away that night and fled to the US. Please beg God to forgive me.

Mr Johnson: As long as you are truly repentant of your sin, God is willing and ready to forgive. Now be yourself and talk to me. What is this grievous sin that you committed.

Gift: it was me, it was me who raped her, I raped my own sister, I didnt know she would get pregnant from it, Dad I am the one who got her pregnant.

Dave was so shocked he didnt see the little boy crossing the road, before he could get a hold of himself, he had already knocked him down.

They all rushed out of the car and lifted him up and dashed off to the hospital. Meanwhile a young girl who saw them hit the boy , ran so fast shouting.

Little girl: mama Hope, mama Hope, motor don jamm Hope o….

To be continued!


Dark Night!

Episode 39

Mr Johnson carried the little boy and they all rushed into the hospital.

Mr Johnson: Dave why did you hit the boy? Didnt you see him?

Dave: Am sorry sir, what Gift said shocked me and I lost control, before I knew what was happening I already hit him.

Mr Johnson: Oh God please dont let anything happen to the boy please.

While they were there, the two burnt women were rolled into the hospital. One was totally unconscious and the other was screaming I. Pains.

Mr Johnson: God have mercy, what kind of fire burnt this women, Lord Jesus please spare their lives. (Just as he was praying, his phone rang and when he picked it up, it was one of the land owners at one of his houses.

Mr Johnson: Mr George hello,

Mr George: Mr Johnson where are you?

Mr Johnson: I am somewhere in town. What is it why are you sounding like that?

Mr George: You need to get to the st James clinic right away

Mr Johnson turned around him and looked at the name of the hospital where he had brought the boy that Dave just hit, and it was st James clinic.

Mr Johnson: why? What’s happening.

Mr George: something happened to your wife and my driver just took her to st James clinic.

Mr Johnson: oh no, there must be a miss up somewhere, my wife travelled to the village and she is not yet back.

Mr George: No sir, your wife was at your house today, the one near my place, I dont know what happened but there was a fire, and your wife was terribly burnt alongside her friend.

Mr Johnson: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! (He ends the call and rushed to where the two burnt women were placed, he stares at both of them but could not recognise anyone of them as both were terribly burnt.

Gift: daddy what is it, what is it?

Mr Johnson: Gift which of this two women is your mother?

Gift was shocked at his question and he and Dave both stared at mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson: Dont look at me, look at them and tell me which of them is your mother.

Gift: Dad are you okay? Didnt you say mom travelled to the village?

Mr Johnson: That was what I thought but I just got a call that one of this women is your mother.

Mrs Johnson who was completely soaked in blood, heard her husband’s voice and quickly spoke out.

Mrs Johnson: honey, honey is that you?

They all rushed to her side.

Gift: blood of Jesus, mom Is that you?

Mrs Johnson: is that my son? Oh thank God you are here, its hot, my whole body is on fire, help me please. Honey help me, it hurts, my eyes, my ears,My nose, oh God! Help me

She screams out in pains.

Mr Johnson: oh my God, honey, how did this happen? I thought you were at the village? How did you come back? Oh my God!

The doctor soon stepped out and asked the men who they were, after they introduced themselves, he told them to stay aside while he attends to the burnt women. Then he asked the nurses to roll them away.

Meanwhile he informed them that the boy they had hit was awake. They all rushed to his side.

Mr Johnson: Praise God you are alive.

Dave: Can you talk? What is your name?

Hope: my name is Hope.

Nurse: he is fine for now, but the doctor has said he will stay here till tomorrow.

Hope: I can’t stay here till tomorrow, my mom will be very worried and I dont want her to worry.

Dave: Dont worry, I will go and talk to your mom and if possible bring her to you if you can tell me your address.

Hope collected a piece of paper and wrote out the address and gave it to Gift.

Hope: When you get there ask for Blessing or mama Hope. Bring her to me please.

Dave: you dont worry, I will bring her.

Mr Johnson and Gift decided to stay back and wait for Mrs Johnson while Dave set out to the address to get the boys mother.

To be continued!

Dark Night!

Episode 40

Blessing sat outside because she didnt know where they had taken her son, she has not heard from Matron Agnes since morning. She just sat outside and prayed for God to keep Hope safe. And them she heard a car drive in. Then she stands up. When Dave came down from the car and saw her, he didn’t believe his eyes. This is the same Blessing they’ve been driving all day looking for. He moved closer to her.

Blessing: Who is there? Who is there? Speak now before I hit you…..(she raised up her stick)

Dave: Blessing, Blessing its me.

(She paused, she dropped her stick and listened to the voice again.)

Dave: Blessing its me

Blessing: Dave?

Dave: Yes! Its me

Blessing: Dave is it really you?

Dave rushed to her and gave her a tight embrace. Blessing was shedding tears.

Blessing: Dave its really you, where were you. What happened to you? I knew you would come back. I kept on praying for you and the holy spirit kept telling me you would return. What happened to you.

Dave stepped back, looked at her and embraced her again.

Dave: whoever says there is no God is a fool. We have looked for you everywhere since morning and when we finally gave up on our search, God brought your son.

Blessing: my son? Where is he? Where is Hope? I heard her was hit by a car, where is he?

Dave: calm down Blessing, he is fine. I was the one who hit him by accident, I took him to the hospital and he asked me to bring you, he gave me this address. I didnt even know it was you.

Blessing: please Dave take me to him, take me to my son.
Dave: definitely!

But just as they were about leaving, a policeman arrived at the house.

Policeman: good evening. Please is this the residence of one Agnes? She is a Matron.

Blessing: Yes it is, and who are you sir?

Policeman: well am a policeman.

Blessing: policeman? Is aunty in trouble?

Policeman: your aunty was involved in a fire accident and she was badly burnt.

Blessing: Jesus!

Policeman: we knew it was her, because we found her car parked outside the building and some neighbour’s around confirmed that the owners of the car was in the building.

Blessing: Officer, please where is she right now.

Dave: I think I know where she is, just come with me.

Blessing: okay,

Dave helped her into the police van and drove all the way to st James clinic.

To be continued!
Written and Composed by Excelrhymez


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