It’s a great evening to study God’s word and open more insights. Dominion!!! Walking in Dominion!

According to the English Dictionary, “This is the use of power; sovereignty over something; stewardship or supremacy”

Our Father in heaven is a King. In our tradition, before a prince can rule, the King must die. Luckily enough, we have a King that cannot die! What did He do?

He had to create a new kingdom (earth) and He said we should occupy, rule, become king and have dominion! Ephesians 1:19-21.

Dominion is a topic that many of us talk about but few of us really possess. Having Dominion is to be in Charge! It is the ability to request or command and expect a fulfillment of that appeal. To have dominion is to rule, to be in charge.

Dominion is about knowing who you are in Christ and understanding that in you, through Him is the power to lay hold onto the promises of God and possess them until the day of Christ!

We shall discuss the topic under three subheadings:

  1. The Plain Truth About Walking in Dominion.

  2. The Principles of Walking in Dominion.

  3. The Places of Walking in Dominion.

Spiritual dominion begins in you. You will never be able to exercise power or authority over anything until you have first conquered self.

Flesh is our greatest enemy. The church today appears to be on fire with spiritual warfare. Going against demonic activities, battling demons and rebuking the forces of evil, but until you conquer your flesh you are no match for the enemy.The bible clearly states: “Present your bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

The word of God has not changed! Except we first take dominion over ourselves, over habits and desires and unbridled lusts and passions that are in us we can never expect to have dominion over anything else. We must crucify, dominate and control flesh and make it bow to the dictates of God. You have to choose to be different. People who take dominion are leaders not followers. You must take dominion. You must take control, stop bowing to things you don’t have to bow to, stop accepting things you don’t have to accept. Bring your body under control. Bring your mind under control. Bring your spirit under control.

2. The Principles of Walking in Dominion

There is a spirit realm right above our heads, and until you can get some discernment of the spiritual realm you will never gain dominion.The devil is the prince of the air, and he operates in the dark and we need to recognize who we are fighting. You will need to know the weakness and power of your enemy in order to gain dominion over him.The key to these principles are knowing who you are and then letting the devil know who you are.

You must know just what Jesus Christ’s power is and what He accomplished for you already and take dominion of the power He has given the church.

Here are the principles outlined for you: D. O. M. I. N. I. O. N

D = Discover Your Source Of Dominion

We have to understand the exceeding great power we have through Jesus Christ. Jesus took the dominion from Satan and turned and gave the keys to the church. Now keys are made to lock and unlock things, so you have the power to bind and to loose situations in your life.The power and source of your dominion comes directly from heaven. It comes through Jesus Christ. You make Him Lord of your life and learn these principles and you’ll get dominion. It does not come through human ability but a spiritual power. Christ Invading Ambassadors are a people/family of dominion.

O = Obtain Knowledge on The Effective Use Of Your Weapons

Just as the conflict is spiritual so our weapons are spiritual also. 2 Corinthians 10:3. We have prayer and we have the sword of the spirit. We need for our prayer to be fervent and you’ll never have effective, fervent prayer until you tap into the Holy Spirit for He anoints you to pray. Everyone that is going to walk in dominion must be people of PRAYER, and they must know the WORD. It should come out of your mouth when you’re attacked by the devil.The word of God must be hidden in your heart so that when an attack comes you can use that double edged sword. It will cause exploits from you. Get to know His word.

Prayer is the power that accomplishes things when nothing else will. Faith gives you dominion and a person with faith walks with God.Where do you get faith?  The Bible tells us, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 

The word cannot build faith in you until you learn to abide in it. Jesus tells us this in the scriptures, “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.”

M = Maintain Your Relationship With The Body Of Christ

The Body of Christ is a divine relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ’s body is a living, moving entity. Stay close to the church. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church. Follow His commands and pay your tithe and the devil will never prevail. God said we should prove Him on this. It will cause blessings to flow because you’re a part of His body. Do you need healing or a miracle, then get the body to be praying for you. The people should be worshiping Him through prayer and praise, they should be pulling praise out of the preacher.

We are in Him and He is in us. We are also seated together. We are to reign as priests and kings before His throne. We’re in the world but not of this world. Ephesians 2:5

I = Identify Your Enemy

How can you win a battle if you don’t know who you are fighting? The devil is subtle. You’ll never have victory if you don’t learn to identify your enemy. It’s not your husband, nor your employer, nor people in your church, but it is the devil that you are dealing with not people.

John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Christ wants us to have dominion. In this verse your enemy is identified and your benefactor. Battles are not natural, they are spiritual. We want to try to battle them by worldly principles but the devil will laugh in your face and keep you in fear and in turmoil. Take your weapons out and show him who you are. We must remind the devil that he is defeated, that Jesus already won the battle, and that truth and knowledge of His word gives you the victory.

N = Never Stay Unprepared

Stay in the blood, the devil tries to get us away from our covenant. He knows your weaknesses and he’ll come at you through them. Fortify your weakness with the word of God, and God will turn that weakness around and make it your strength in Him. Don’t ever let your guard down. You’re devil proof by the blood of Jesus, so hold on to your weapons and never lay them down. The devil wants you to stay confused and not battle ready. So watch for these subtle moves the devil does and you will begin to recognize your enemy and his plans. Never take your eyes off Jesus. Don’t look at man, they will disappoint you. Your family will hurt you and friends too, so stay focused on Christ.

I = Imbibe The Spirit of Praise

Learn how to use the weapon of praise. Punish the devil with your praise. God inhabits the praises of His people. Make the devil listen to your praise. You can’t think a praise and punish the devil but if you’ll use your voice and speak praise, the devil will have to listen. Try praising the Lord in the midst of a hard place and see how quickly you come out of it. God is searching the heart who is praying, and who is praising Him. He is looking to see who is sold out for Him.

O = Obey The Lord Always

Complete obedience to God is one of the keys to a life of dominion. We are ready to punish all disobedience only when our own obedience is perfect. 2 Corinthians 10: 5-6. Saul loses dominion because of his disobedience, and he was described as a rebellious person. 1 Samuel 15: 11–23.

Jesus said the proof of our love for Him is our obedience to His commands. If we are going to have and maintain the dominion Christ has given us, we must walk in absolute obedience to His words and commands at all times.

N = Never Share of His Glory

There is always the temptation of ascribing the glory to ourselves whenever we have victory. We think and boast of how many days we fast, and how best we prayed. But God wants us to return all the glory back unto Him alone. Sharing of His glory will amount to pride on our own part, and God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

3. The Places of Walking in Dominion

We need to identify the areas of our lives that God wants us to have dominion.

1. Dominion Over Sin

The word of God says sin shall not have dominion over you. We are expected to reckon our body dead to sin, and live victoriously over it through the strength of the Holy Spirit.

2. Dominion Over Fear

God has given us victory over fear and over the spirit of fear. 2 Timothy 1: 7. The Devil makes people to fear so many things, but our faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit give us dominion over fear. We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know the God who holds tomorrow.

3. Dominion Over The World

Those that are born of God overcome and have dominion of the world. We are not to conform to the principles and ungodly lifestyles of the people of the world, but to live above them due to the power of grace given to us through our new birth. 2 Corinthians 5: 17.

4. Dominion over worries and anxieties

If we have surrendered our lives to Christ, we have no reason to worry or be anxious, rather we are invited to place our requests before Him. Philippians 4: 6-7. We are described as more than conquerors due to the victory and dominion Christ has given us over every situation and circumstances in this world. Romans 8:35-39

5. Dominion Over Demons

God has made available to us spiritual weapons to be victorious and have dominion at all times over Satan and his kingdom. Ephesians 6:10-12. Jesus assured us that we can never be overpowered by evil forces if we remain in Him and we operate by His principles.

6. Dominion Over Thoughts

One major area the devil takes people captive is their thought life. But God has given the believer dominion over his thoughts and imaginations. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Every sin committed in life begins from the thought, so for us to live a victorious Christian life, we must exercise our dominion over every thought and imagination that is disobedient to Christ and His words in our lives.

7. Dominion Over Failures and Setbacks

There is possibility of falling at any point in time and to suffer setbacks, but we must never be overpowered by them. In whatsoever failure or setback we suffer in life, we must build confidence in God and His word for our divine restoration

In Conclusion- No one can walk in dominion unless he is first connected to Christ, who alone is worthy to give dominion to those that believe in Him. You can start the journey into the life of dominion today by accepting the free gift of salvation. Repent of your sins, ask for pardon from God through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, and surrender to Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. Christ has all the power in heaven and on earth, portions of this power has been given to everyone that believes in His name and that is living a n ew life by the works of His redemption. Such people are expected to walk in dominion in every area.




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