Our heavenly Father is interested in every area of our lives and demands His children to attain the best in every facet of life.

Our topic is: STANDING OUT

To stand out is to attract attention, it is to excel at a given occupation and to shine in the midst of a large crowd. Others define it as being different. However, standing out goes beyond difference. It is being unique!
Being different doesn’t necessarily means one is unique, but standing out means being uniquely different. It is stealing the spotlight in a gracious way and creating a lasting impression that can never be forgotten.

Our text is taken from Daniel 1:20.

Now, standing out is being the best in the midst of the best, standing out is passing every requirement of success and standing high in that position.
Right from childhood many begin the task of trying to fit into the society in order to be accepted and loved. Because of this, as a child, one loses sight of who we really are, we begin to imitate and act like others in order to fit into a circle of friends.
This child grows into an adult with little or no realization of who they really are, being oneself becomes difficult and acting normal and like everyone else becomes a norm.

But that is belittling oneself and relegating oneself to the background. Being true and real to oneself gives a better chance at a happy life.
Everyone, I mean everyone created by God was created in a unique way, no two individual is the same, there is no one else like you in this world. Why then are you trying to become like someone else?
Learning to embrace your uniqueness and putting it into usefulness makes you stand out.
Most times, the weirdest thing about us is what makes us unique if properly employed as a tool.

We should note that “you won’t be remembered for doing something someone else can do, but you will be remembered for doing something only you can do!”
Embracing your uniqueness makes you more original and the world needs originality than photocopies!
Put your ‘weirdness’ into creative actions and watch yourself steal the spotlight!

How can I steal the spotlight and standout from the crowd?

  • Know who you are!

Knowing who you are creates a greater chances at standing out. Daniel and the three Hebrew children in Babylon knew who they were, being in a strange land didn’t make them lose sight of their personality in God. Esther knew who she was and didn’t lose sight of it.

Know who you are! Realize that there is no situation that should warrant you compromising your faith, let people know that. Hold on to the truth you know about yourself, don’t sell it no matter how expensive they are negotiating it for. Stand on the knowledge of who you are and hold firm to you. That my beloved ambassadors will make you outstanding.

  • Embrace what makes you different.

What makes you different is what makes you unique. Don’t be shy to accept your difference, you might consider it a weakness but that weakness can be narrowed into becoming your strongest weapon in standing out.
Are you shy? You can narrow it into becoming a good listener. Do you think you talk too much? You can become a public speaker. Do you laugh too much? You can make that an endearing act that will mend broken souls and lift up broken spirits. Whatever it is that makes you different can be channel into making you outstanding!

  • Be disciplined.

It means having a controlled behavior, it is possessing a high level of self-control. This is very important if you want to be outstanding. What does it entails?

Note that it is not every situation you must react to, it is not everything that comes to your mind you must utter. Discipline yourself to think before you talk and to analyze before you react. If you are disciplined, it is impossible for you not to stand out.
Keep to time, don’t come 9am for an 8am appointment. Keep all appointments, don’t make unnecessary excuses to cancel appointments. Be true to your words, let people trust you and be able to hold on to what you say. Let your words be your bond. That is what being disciplined entails.

  • Be friendly and engaging.

Be a friend to all and a friend to none! Is that confusing? It simply means, do not show preferences in your dealing with people, and accept everyone for who they are as you try to make them better.

Even in cases where you prefer a person to another, do not make it so obvious and do not flaunt it at the face of the other person.
Be fair to everyone, that way you are consider a liberal soul and hence, worthy to be reckoned with.
Being engaging on the other hand involves doing something at all time. Live a regimented life, have a schedule, follow your schedule headlong. When it’s time to sleep, ensure you sleep, when it’s time to work, do the work. People who live a regimented life are respectable and outstanding people.

  • Have a positive and an unbeatable attitude.

Positivity brings out the best in everyone. Speak positive, live positive; that way, you attract people to yourself because everyone loves to be with someone who possesses a positive aura.

Having an unbeatable attitude goes hand in hand with being positive. Carry yourself with the confidence that no situation can take you off guard. See each task as achievable and every problem as solvable. Ensure you pass this confidence down to those around you as well. This way, they consider you a solution and always return to you whenever they are faced with a situation. Now, that is you standing out!

  • Dress modestly and decently.

This is very important as the saying goes, “the way you dress, is the way you are addressed”. Don’t go about exposing sensitive parts of your body in the name of fashion, this decreases your level of respect. The way you dress points to the type of people you attract. You wonder why irresponsible men approach you sister, well, simply because you attract and reflect irresponsibility in your dress sense.
Science says, likes attract likes, if you want to be reckon with, then, dress modestly and decently.

Take a statistics of men and woman making waves in the economy of Nigeria and beyond, study their dress sense and pattern and you will understand that modesty is the key. Have you come across a managing director sagging his trousers, or with a coloured and crazy haircut? Have you seen any conglomerate dressed in the attire of a harlot? Realize that it is not exposing of your body that takes you to the top but what you can offer intellectually! You want to steal the glorious spotlight? Change your dress sense. If all you can offer is your body, sorry because you cannot and never be on the spotlight or be outstanding. It will look as though you’re getting to the top at first but the intensity with which you will fall will destroy you entirely.

  • Read books, attends seminars/workshops and watch educational movies/documentaries.

If you continue to surround yourself only with Zeeworld, Telemundo, Supersports 19 or 20. You are not ready to standout.

Outstanding people are people who are eager to acquire the latest knowledge and skills. Readers are leaders, the benefit of reading cannot be over emphasized, it broadens one’s knowledge, give insight on past histories and help one’s speaking and writing skills.

Seminars are rewarding, it opens your eyes to several opportunities that abounds and prepares you to face the outside world of competition and challenges.
If indeed you want to be outstanding, then commit yourself in letting go of unprofitable hobbies or habits and inculcating profitable habits.

  • Be a good listener and a good communicator.

Pay attention to others when they approach you with an issue, be attentive and let them talk, only speak when you have questions that will let them open up more. Don’t interrupt them, allow them to feel at peace and relaxed with you, don’t be too sympathetic and at the same time, don’t be too rigid, harsh and judgmental.
Put yourself in their shoes and relate with them the way you would want to be treated when faced with similar challenge. When they are done speaking, have a calculated compilation of what they have said, think deeply before you communicate to them in response to their situation. Believe me, they will never forget you and will always run back when another situation arises. As you do this, you are already standing out and stealing the spotlight.

  • Lastly, Show your worth with results and achievements.

Don’t talk the talk alone, let there be positive and practical results to point out at, let people be able to refer others to you base on testimonies of things you’ve done in the past and in their own lives.
Before recommendations, there should be past achievements. Ensure you keep track of this achievements as it will keep you focus as you set out to achieve others.

Conclusively, standing out starts with a made up mindset. You can be who you want to be if you set your heart at it.
Remember, you are unique in yourself! In the whole of this world, there’s none like you, you are you and no one else.
You’ll continue to be inferior as you continue to emulate someone else but you can be outstanding by being yourself.

I ask you tonight ambassadors, Do you want to be original or a mere photocopy?
Do you wanna be outstanding and steal the spotlight? Set out from tonight to be uniquely different by imbibing the above guidelines to stand out and you definitely will with God firmly by your side. We’ll meet at the top!

God bless you all… Amen



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