Where Is Your Dream Partner?

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Love. Such a beautiful thing when it’s right. We all want to love and be loved. And we are worthy and deserving of love. Most of us have made mistakes in relationships before and hopefully we’ve learned our lessons as we try to move closer to manifesting ‘the one‘. I believe we can all have what we want including our dream partner. However, the truth must be told that there are some things that can prohibit us from receiving the love we desire. And it starts with us from the inside out. Here are a few things to consider:

Space. Some of us are asking for a partner when in reality there is no room in our lives for him/her. You have to make space for what you’re asking for. For example, if you are wishing and hoping for your dream husband/wife but someone is currently in their place (you’re in a relationship, situationship, friends w/benefits), there is no room for them. Be honest with yourself. You need to clean up some stuff in your life so you have the space for what you’re asking for. Even if it wasn’t a relationship, the principle remains that you may need to do some spring cleaning; get rid of the old to make room for the new. Love can only come where it’s welcomed, where there is space for it. So if you’re holding onto the very person or relationship you need to let go of, chances are that it’s blocking your blessing.

Forgiveness. You have to forgive yourself and others. Many of us are still holding onto old hurts and disappointments that are weighing us down emotionally and mentally. This is also a part of spring cleaning. You have to let go of the past. Holding onto grudges only hurts you, not the other person. That person may have moved on with their life yet you are still a prisoner in your own mind. Let go. Release. When you don’t, they keep the power. Forgive them. Forgiveness is for yourself. It does not mean that you condone what they may have done but that you love yourself enough to forgive them, yourself, and release it so you can move forward.

Clarity. Do you know what you want? Do you know the core values that are important in your own life? You have to be clear on what’s important to you so you are clear in the qualities you need from in your dream partner. In addition, you also need to become that which you want to attract. Move away from the fantasy and the idea of love and get real clear about what you really need but also where you really are in life. What are you deal breakers? In other words, what is non-negotiable? It shouldn’t be anything superficial but more values-based. I believe two people should be aligned to each other’s overall life visions. No relationship is perfect and I do believe in balance but there should be compatibility in lifestyles.

Love is easy. But when we’re not clear, holding onto old crap, and truly don’t have any space in our lives for it, it becomes a bit more difficult to attract. Let’s clean house. Do some internal spring cleaning so you can make room for bigger and better and all of your hearts desires. Because you deserve it.


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