Agonies of househelp (Episode 11 – 20)

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Agonies of househelp
Episode 11

That day I ate around 10pm in the night.

If not for that Okpa and sachet water I bought earlier in the day, I wonder what would have become of me.

My madam came back with her husband and dished some jollof rice into my plate and handed it to me.

I thanked her and sat on the mortar to eat.

The food was still warm and delicious not minding the fact that it was cooked early in the morning before the incident with the white woman took place.

I ate fast and then had the plate washed and kept on the rack to dry…


The next day was a saturday and unfortunately for me I didn’t wake up early.

I was very tired and exhausted when I went to bed the past night so I didn’t know when morning came.

The fury which the piece of wire landed on my neck this time around was ten times more painful than I had ever felt before in my life.

I screamed so loud that my madam’s husband ran into my room to find out what was happening to me.

As soon as my madam heard her husband’s footstep approaching, she threw the piece of wire under my bed and frowned at me as warning not to talk.

“What’s the problem?” My madam’s husband asked as soon as he got to my room.

I kept quiet sobbing hysterically.

“Why are you crying?” He asked again staring at me.

For a reply, I sobbed the more.

“Darling why is she crying?” He asked facing his wife – my madam.

Madam kept silent.

“Can someone please tell me what is happening here?” Madam’s husband insisted.

I didn’t talk, madam didn’t talk.

In anger, the husband stormed out of the room and into their master’s bedroom…

Agonies of househelp
Episode 12

Later in the evening, when my madam’s husband came back from work, he called me aside and asked me why I was crying in the morning.

“Nothing sir,” I replied not wanting to betray myself.

“Come on dear,” he urged on. “Your madam is not here so be free and tell me what happened.”

I kept silent for some seconds before I replied.

“Madam flogged me with wire,” I revealed. “And hid it under the bed.”

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied. “Please let me finish up with the plates,” I added.

“Ok,” he replied and left.

I finished washing the plate and went to dispose off refuse for the day.

I didn’t go over to Chidimma’s compound to call her like before so I came back early.

Then I proceeded to look after the little baby as madam took her evening bath.

There was this way my madam’s husband was looking at me that made me uncomfortable but I pretended like I didn’t notice.

I focused on the baby I was babysitting and ignored him completely.

My madam soon finished taking her bath and joined us in the sitting room.

She collected her baby from me and ordered me into the kitchen.

I obeyed immediately and left the sitting room.

Inside the kitchen I thought about my life. There wasn’t any hope that I would go to school and my madam and her husband didn’t seem to be thinking in that direction.

Then I thought about my madam’s husband and the way he had been looking at me recently and wondered what exactly he had in mind.

At fifteen, my b—-t had developed to a sizeable extent and my hips were innocently rounded.

Could that be what the husband was staring at? I couldn’t tell.

I sat in the kitchen till it was time to prepare dinner then I set to work grinding, pounding and cutting the necessary condiments needed for the soup.

When I was done, I took over the baby while my madam set to work.

Within 2hours, the soup was ready so she and her family ate first before mine was dished into one rubber plate and I ate without any complaint or grudges.

I then proceeded to wash the dishes used in preparing and serving the food before I finally went to bed.

Around 1.00am midnight, my madam’s husband sneaked into my room while I was fast asleep and started touching me all over.

I woke up with a start, shocked and surprised but he hushed me and begged me to cooperate but I resisted and pleaded with him not to force me.

Feeling angry and humiliated, he tiptoed out of my room and went back to their master bedroom…

Agonies of househelp
Episode 13

The husband’s countenance towards me changed dramatically after that night and became harsh and aggressive.

He barked at me at the slightest opportunity and complained about everything I did.

The day I mistakenly poured water on the floor while trying to fetch drinking water, I got a very dirty slap on my face and a promise to make it worse next time I ever tried it again.

My madam noticed the change in the husband’s behaviour too and wondered secretly within herself even though she didn’t mention it to me.

One evening while I was washing plates inside the kitchen, madam’s husband came into the kitchen and stood quietly behind me.

It was when he cleared his throat that I turned abruptly and my legs shivered.

“You think you’re smart right?” He asked staring at me.

“No sir,” I replied still trembling. “I’m sorry sir.”

“You rejected my proposal right?” He asked again. “I will make this house very unbearable for you till you learn your lesson.”

The words sent shivers down my spine and my legs wobbled out of fear.

During my quiet moment I thought about all my madam’s husband said to me and felt the need to give him what he wanted atleast to have his support.

Madam’s maltreatment alone was hell not to talk of when Oga joined in the maltreatment, the situation was terribly horrible.

But then I didn’t know how to call the husband and tell him my decision.

Day after day, more and more punishments came my way and Oga stopped intervening in madam’s mistreatment unlike before when he never supported my madam.

Then one evening when I came to clear the dishes which the husband used in eating water melon, I gathered courage and blinked my left eye to him which he instantly interpreted and kept silent.

I had learnt back in the village in normal gossip among village teens that blinking to a man signified interest so at that point I had to employ it on my madam’s husband.

Then that night, the expected happened.

My madam’s husband sneaked into my room and this time I didn’t resist.

In the darkness of the night, his fingers searched for the wetness of my young orifice and when he found it, fingered it gingerly.

Then he ordered me to pull my pant and I obeyed instantly out of fear.

He opened my legs wide and lay on top of me as I felt a hard part of him push into me and felt sharp severe pain.

I restrained myself from screaming for fear of waking my madam but I couldn’t help muffling a groan.

He wasn’t gentle at all and moved in and out of me erratically till he started convulsing like an epileptic and I felt warm liquid spurt into me.

Then he collapsed on top of me panting.

Next thing he got up, wore his boxers and tiptoed back into their master bedroom…

Agonies of househelp
Episode 14

From that night onwards, madam’s husband became friendly once again towards me to the great consternation of my madam.

The husband defended me at the slightest opportunity leaving my madam marvelled and confused.

There was a day my madam hit me for spilling water mistakenly on the kitchen floor while washing plate.

That day was a saturday and my madam’s husband didn’t go to work.

The pain of the flattened right palm of my madam landing on the mid-region of my back made me shout out as she continued the assault unperturbed.

Hearing my scream from inside the bedroom, my madam’s husband hurriedly ran from the bedroom to the kitchen to find out what was happening.

“Could you imagine that this stupid girl carelessly poured water on the floor upon all my warning,” my madam explained as soon as the husband got to the kitchen.

“And so bloody what?” The husband barked shocking my madam into silence. She had expected her husband to support her like before but surprisingly the response she got was more shocking than expected.

“Enough is enough with these your wickedness,” the husband continued. “And let this be the last time you will ever treat this young girl like this. I even regret why I bailed you from that police custody, wicked woman.” The husband bawled.

My madam couldn’t utter any word in reply. She was deeply stunned by her husband’s sudden and unexpected outburst worsened by the fact that it all happened in the presence of the most insignificant of people – my humble self.

The husband turned and went back into the bedroom.

My madam stood still not knowing what to do again. I stood where I was equally confused.

At long last she slowly went into the bedroom with her husband while I remained in the kitchen half-happy and half-confused.

Through out that day my madam didn’t utter any word to me. She didn’t issue any order as usual and I did just the chores I knew I had to do.

The whole house remained silent like a grave yard sake for the occasional cries of the baby which stopped as soon as my madam intervened with b—-t milk and lullabies.

And so the silence continued till night came and everyone went to bed.

Around 3am, the husband tip-toed into my room once again to enjoy my young innocent honey pie…

Agonies of househelp
Episode 15

The husband found me lying innocently on my small mattress with an ugly-looking night gown.

He didn’t utter any word but stared on at me for some seconds before he drew close.

I woke up when I felt a hand gently tap me on the shoulder and I opened my eyes.

“Baby its me,” he whispered. “Its me baby,” he repeated.

I already knew what he wanted so I didn’t waste time in pulling my pant and positioning myself adequately for him.

He entered from the front as usual and started thrusting like a typical he-goat mating a she-goat.

But then as he gradually approached the point of no return, the door to their master bedroom gently creaked open and the husband froze with fear and paused abruptly in the middle of his thrusts.

He was lying in-between my legs when the door opened and madam walked out of the room and towards the toilet.

The lights were off so everywhere was dark except for the torch madam brandished.

The husband motioned to me to keep silent which I obeyed.

He hurriedly withdrew his d!ck from me and quietly wore back his boxers.

Madam walked straight to the toilet and pushed the door open. The door opened but there was no one inside.

The husband saw the opportunity and slid back into the master bedroom.

After some seconds, my madam closed the door and returned to the bedroom.

I listened attentively as madam asked her husband where he had gone and the husband replied that he had gone to the balcony to bring in his clothes.

After that, everywhere became silent again.

But then my instinct told me that madam must have decoded what happened even though she didn’t voice it out.

It was the question she asked me the next day that sent my heart and entire body quivering anew…


“My husband came to your room last night, didn’t he?” My madam asked peering suspiciously into my face.

“Madam No o,” I lied hotly.

It was very unthinkable for me to accept such ugly truth not to talk of voicing it out.

“Oga no come my room o,” I added.

“Can you swear by the name of God that Oga no come your room last night?” she continued.

“Madam I swear, Oga no come my room, I swear.” I replied.

“Its alright, let’s watch and see,” she concluded and walked back into their master bedroom leaving me standing alone in the kitchen and battling with my unsettled conscience…

Agonies of house help
Episode 16

I was surprised when my madam’s husband came back in the evening with new clothes that he bought for me.

It was quite unusual and very unexpected.

Madam’s face grew long and villified from anger and disenchantment.

She couldn’t hide her bitterness.

She hissed, sighed, banged the door, frowned her face and all-what-not just to register her annoyance but the husband ignored her.

Extremely villified, she lost her temper.

“Stupid man!” she bawled. “You’re not ashamed of yourself? No, tell me, are you not ashamed of yourself? Common housemaid? That’s what’s turning your head. Because of this small girl of a b—–d you no longer know your wife!” Madam sparked.

“Don’t insult me,” the husband warned calmly but sternly. “I said don’t insult me,” he repeated.

“And if I insult you what will happen?” madam countered. “No, tell me,” she continued. “If I insult you what will happen? IMPOTENT MAN!”

The last insult was too much for the husband to bear.

He lounged ferociously at his wife and landed a thunderous slap on her left cheek.

The sound of the slap jolted me and left me staring at the couple with fear, confusion and awe.

Even though I was partly happy that madam was at last tasting a piece of her own cake, I was scared of the uncertainty and the possibility of the transferred aggression that could turn towards me.

“Heeweeoooooo,” my madam cried out in pain and fought back, scratching her husband all over with her long sharp nails.

Irritated by his wife’s effrontery and aggression, the husband continued his assault with aggressive ferocity.

His slaps turned into blows and his wife into a punching bag and me into a spectator.

“Oga biko ozugo,” I pleaded in ibo on my madam’s behalf. “Oga abeg e don do,” I continued.

The husband ignored me and the fight continued.

“You will kill me today,” my madam cried. “You must kill me today,” she continued. “Whether you like it or not, you must kill me today!”

The husband continued the beating as the wife held tenaciously to his trouser.

The children were sleeping in the master bedroom so they didn’t hear what was going on.

At long last, Oga and wife became tired and the fight came to an end…


For days madam’s face remained swollen and she and her husband didn’t speak to each other.

Oga stopped eating madam’s food.

The gap developing between them further strengthened my affair with the husband.

Night after night he sneaked into my room and enjoyed my honey pie.

There were days he came back earlier than usual when madam wasn’t around and we did it freely all over the house.

I knew I was playing a very dangerous game but then I was only doing all I could to survive…

Agonies of House help
Episode 17

The silence between my madam and her husband lingered so long that at a point I began to pray it doesn’t lead to divorce.

How could I come to terms with myself if I should bring separation between my madam and her husband joined by God.

The thought alone scared me.

Madam and her husband were like two enemies in one house and on different occasions, clashes occurred.

There was one particular saturday that madam wanted me to go to a nearby supermarket and buy provisions for her.

Oga at the same time wanted me to prepare his breakfast first before anyother thing.

Conflict of authority ensued.

“Before I close my eyes and open it, run to the supermarket and buy me those provisions,” my madam ordered.

“If you move an inch I break your head,” the husband countered. “You aren’t going anywhere till you’ve served my breakfast,” the husband affirmed.

Husband and wife stood at crossroads and none was willing to let the other triumph.

I stood at the centre of the whole drama utterly confused. It was then that I realised the authenticity of the proverb that stated that it was difficult if not impossible to serve two masters at the same time.

The drama continued for more than ten minutes before madam had enough and faced the husband.

“Ken, what exactly is your problem?” She asked calling him by the first name.

“Mabel, what exactly is your own problem?” The husband threw back.

“You’re biting more than you can chew in this house,” my madam added.

“You must be crazy,” the husband thundered. “My friend go and prepare my breakfast,” he added turning towards me.

This time madam didn’t counter the order so I set to work.

Within one hour the breakfast was ready and I served it and then ran off to the supermarket to buy the provisions for madam.

I got to the supermarket within five minutes and found out on getting there that the provision my madam sent me to buy was finished and were yet to replace the stock. So I returned to the house to inform madam about the new development but she barked at me and asked me whether that supermarket was the only supermarket in the neighbourhood.

I went back in search of the provisions in the other supermarkets and it was when I entered one of the supermarkets that my eyes caught one cute guy that came to buy things as well.

I felt the funny butterfly in my tummy and developed feelings instantly.

But then the guy was deeply engrossed in what he was buying and didn’t notice me.

Out of disappointment, I bought the provisions hurriedly and left forgetting my change in the process.

I was deep in thought thinking about the guy and the whole drama when I got to the house and madam demanded for her change.

By then the husband had left the house and went out.

The slap that landed on my face when I couldn’t produce madam’s change was sufficient to kill a one month old baby if not older.

More slaps followed in quick succession and with pain I ran out of the house to get the change.

Tears flowed freely as I ran to get the change.

On the way I passed the cute guy that made me forget my change and he passed me by and took not even a single notice of me.

There wasn’t anything attractive about me so I didn’t necessarily blame him.

My clothes were tattered, my hair un-combed and my footwear were old and worn out.

My tears increased after I passed him by and soon got to the supermarket to retrieve my change.

Then I headed home…

Agonies of Househelp
Episode 18

My madam was seating in the sitting room impatiently waiting for me to come back when I entered with the change firmly folded inside my right hand.

I shot out my hand immediately to give her the change without waiting for her to demand for it and she took it abruptly and angrily from my hand.

Her face was all squeezed up and frowned.

Then I turned to go.

I knew madam wasn’t happy so I wanted to leave her presence as fast as I could.

As I made the move to leave, she called me back angrily and asked me why I want to separate her husband and her.

The question took me by surprise and I momentarily couldn’t reply.

“I don’t understand ma,” I replied looking confused and troubled.

“Oh spare me those pretences,” she countered. “Just know that your days in this house are numbered.”

I trembled as I heard those words.

I wasn’t ready to go back to the village at that point so if madam’s statement was anything to go by then I was in deep trouble.

“I’m sorry ma,” I apologised to mellow her anger.

“Sorry for your stupid self,” she snapped. “Come on go and find something doing and get out of my sight,” she added.

In obedience I left her presence and went into the kitchen and sat on the mortar as usual.

Then I drifted into deep thought.

There was no way I could possibly return to the village without Oga’s consent and as things stood currently, oga was firmly by my side if not for any other thing, for the hornilicious services I offer him every night free of charge…

Agonies of househelp
Episode 19

Oga came back later in the night and blew the horn of his car very loudly signalling me to come outside and bring in the foodstuffs he bought.

I wore my slippers and went out to bring in the foodstuffs immediately.

There was one bag of rice, one carton of tin tomatoes, some onions and a host of other condiments to be carried inside.

I carried the bag of rice first, followed by the carton of tin tomatoes and then I came out to carry the last batch of the condiments he bought when he smuggled a polythene bag into the bag and signalled me that the polythene was mine.

I carried the condiments inside and codedly took the polythene into my room.

“Let me see that bag you’re carrying into your room!” Madam intercepted abruptly from the door of the master bedroom.

I froze with fear and my legs wobbled.

“Those are the detergents I gave her to use and wash our bedsheets,” Oga intervened immediately joining us in the corridor.

Madam went back into the master bedroom while I returned to my small room with the polythene.

Inside the polythene was Meatpie, one chicken lap, popcorn and canned drink.

The sight was so appetising that I instantly started from the meatpie without delay.

The meatpie was very sweet and I nearly bit my fingers while devouring it.

The chicken soon followed and was extremely delicious. It was well spiced and grilled and I munched the entire lot in no time.

Then I washed it down with the cold drink and cleaned my mouth.

I folded the polythene bag with the empty can and disposed it into the dustbin.

I felt happy and well catered for by Oga even though my madam the Jezebel of the house was still around.

Around 9pm the family had dinner and went to bed.

I stayed back to clear and wash the utensils used for the dinner before having my own dinner.

Then I went to bed.

Around 1.00am midnight, Oga sneaked in as usual and I woke up when I felt his hands gliding up and down my waist and bumbum.

He had earlier suggested to me to stop wearing pant to bed inorder to make things easier and faster without having to start fiddling up and down in the darkness trying to remove pant.

I took heed of his suggestion and from that day onwards I stopped wearing pants to bed.

So when he came in that night, their wasn’t any blockade on the way so he felt my entire body with his hands and savouring the soft contours soon got himself aroused.

Then he penetrated me.

His thrusts were sharp and forceful and filled with lust.

Before I could count to 20, he started groaning and jerking spasmodically as his thrusts became involuntary and I felt warm liquid spurt into my wet canal.

After that he became still and withdrew his d!ck, got up and left for his master bedroom

Agonies of househelp
Episode 20

“I will be travelling for a conference tomorrow morning to come back on saturday,” I overheard Oga telling Madam the next morning.

I was mopping up the toilet and bathroom when I heard Oga telling madam about the travel.

I felt bad.

The fact that Oga didn’t deem it necessary to tell me about his impending travel last night when he sneaked into my room to enjoy my honey pie made me feel humiliated and insignificant.

I felt real bad.

With annoyance and subdued fury I continued with the toilet I was mopping.

It dawned on me that even though Oga sneaks into my room every night in pursuit of my honey pie, he had no regard for me.

The thought alone villified me. But then that was by the way.

The main matter on ground was the fact that Oga was travelling which meant that madam now had the entire house to herself and woe unto me I was in big trouble.

From what I overheard, Oga was going to be away for about one week and that for me meant one week of agonizing terror.

With me and madam alone in the house with the kids, revenge was not far-fetched.

It was an ideal opportunity for madam to do whatever she wanted with me and I trembled as the thought crossed my mind.

I was scared.

Madam was capable of anything not to talk of when Oga wasn’t around.

But I had no other options than to face my fate.

That night, Oga sneaked into my room once again as usual but this time I refused to open for him.

He was surprised and asked me what the problem was of which I instantly told him that I wanted to travel with him.

Oga laughed cupping his mouth with his left palm to block off the sound.

He informed me that it wasn’t going to be possible for me to travel with him because of obvious reasons. Rather he advised me to be of my best behaviour so that madam won’t see reasons to punish me unnecessarily.

I informed him that I wasn’t happy with the fact that he didn’t tell me about his travel the other night that he came to my room and he apologised saying that it escaped his mind.

I didn’t know what else to say again than to open my legs for him so he had his way.

By the time I woke up the next morning, his luggage had already been packed and was waiting for me to carry them into the car.

By 9am that morning, he left.

“Adaeze!” My madam called me as soon as Oga zoomed off.

“Yes ma,” I answered with immediate urgency.

“Will you carry your dead decaying body to this place before I close and open my eyes,” she commanded.

I ran into the master bedroom to answer in obedience.

“As you can see,” she began. “Oga just left for a conference and will not be back until next two weeks,” she continued. “If you want this house to accommodate the both of us atleast until Oga comes back, I think its high time you started telling me the truth about what my husband went to do in your room last night that I don’t know about…”


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