NNENA THE MAID (Episode 11-17)

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I had this urge to help Nnena.
She was someone who has a good heart and I bear her suffering like my own.
I had my own problems but I wanted to solve her own problems first.
That day,I left the orphanage for the street where Nnena once lived with Josh and his family.
I had trouble in locating the house.
From the description Nnena gave me,I found the house close to something in the late evening.
I knocked at the large gate and a young man opened it.
It was the gate man.
I greeted him ever so politely.
‘Yes?…what do you want?’,he asked me.
I peeped into the compound and saw how large the house was.
“Please…does one Josh live here?”,I asked hoping to hear nothing but yes.
“Yes,but Josh has his own house now outside town.
His parents and his sister lives here’,the gate man said.
“Please…do you have any information where he lives?”,I asked again.
The man looked at me.
“Before I answer you…who are you first?’,he asked me.
I quickly thought about a good lie.
“Oh…me?Umm… well,we are old school mates back then and I wanted to tell him something very important”,I said,in a pleading manner.
“Okay…Oga’s son lives at Cape town but I don’t know the street exactly…why not go inside and greet his family?’,the gate man asked me.
I thought for a while and decided to go.
I walked straight to the main building and quiet entered the hall.
I stopped when I heard a lady weeping and talking.
“Mum…am tired…..I can’t seem to have a child of my pen.
This is the third year of my marriage with Nathan but I haven’t conceived.
Mum…Nathan is becoming impatient.
I had to come and stay here for sometime because Nathan seem to give me a silent treatment….I don’t know what’s happening to me,mum…what do I do to get pregnant!’,the lady cried.
I stopped,listening.
That must be the Tiffany Nnena told me.
It was amazing to me.
Here was a lady living comfortably in a duplex that could not give birth but there was Nnena in a orphanage home who gave birth to twins.
I breathed in as I heard a woman’s voice.
I knew it must be madam Magret.
“Tiffany,am bothered by this also but I think there is always a way out.
Since we’ve gone to the hospital and they say your womb has some complications..
.I think we have to use another method.
I know Nathan loves you and would never want to leave you alone, right?’,the woman asked.
“Yes,mum..I use to believe that before but now…am bothered’,Tiffany answered with shaky voice.
“I should not have done that abortion ywo years ago.
Now,it’s affecting me……I should have had that baby then…but I thought it would affect me from getting married.
Josh has been affected by the whole thing…he has refused to get married…saying we have taken away his love and will ever remain single.
I don’t know what we are going to do.
Our family seems to be going down the drain’,Tiffany said.
There was silence for sometime before the woman talked again.
“I have an idea…if Nathan will also agree to it’,the woman said.
“What’s it…mum?’, Tiffany asked eargerly.
“Let’s go for an adoption’,she finally dropped the bombshell.
I stood at that corner line someone electrocuted.
The word adoption seems to answer it all!
Tiffany was silent again as she eargerly said to her mother.
“I think you are right mum…but…but where do we get a baby for an adoption?’, Tiffany asked.
By then,I was preparing to come out and make my presence known.
“I don’t know….’,she was saying when I came out into full view and announced.
“I have a baby for adoption…..
# To_be_continued .

…. continuation from Stella’s POV.
They both turned sharply to stare at me.
Tiffany stood up immediately.
“Who are you?’,she asked as I came closer.
I thought desperately about what to tell them.
“The thing is that I’ve come all the way here to help your situation’,I said,deciding I won’t tell them I wanted to meet with Josh.
Mother and daughter stared at each other and looked back at me.
“You said you have a baby for adoption…whose child is it?
And how do you know us?’, Tiffany asked.
“The child is from motherless babies home and some one who I must not mention the name directed me here’,I answered, forming the lies as quickly as possible.
Tiffany came closer to me.
“Like…I…I need that baby urgently….how old is the baby…a boy or a girl?’, Tiffany asked.
“She’s 4 and she’s a beautiful baby girl’,I answered.
“How do we get the baby?’, Tifanny asked.
How desperate she is.
“Give me your number…I will arrange a meeting place and bring the child to you…she has a mother…so,I don’t want her to see her child being taken away’,I said and stopped,amazed at myself.
Am I ever going to do that?
Of course not… that will be betraying Nnena.
Tiffany’s face lit up with a smile.
“Can you really do that for me!’,she asked me.
“I just want to help…’,I said as they looked at me.
“How can you make us to trust your words?’,madam Magret said.
“Just let me have your number.
By next week,you will have the baby in your hands’.
I left the building and walked to the gate man to have a conversation with him.
“Are you sure you don’t know where Josh lives?’,I asked the gate man.
The man looked thoughtfully for a moment and looked at me.
“I know where he lives but I don’t know if the name of the street he lives in’,the gate man said.
There was still hope.
“Can you at least describe the way and how the house looks like?’,I asked him and he nodded.
I smiled to myself.
The time was already far spent so I begged the gate man to allow me stay in for the night after he gave me the direction to Josh’s house.
He agreed and the next day,I left for Cape Town.
Following the directions,I searched the big houses in Cape and finally, towards afternoon,I located the house.
It was a beautiful one.
How could Nnena’s lover be in this kind of house while she suffers with her children at the orphanage?
Does it make any sense?
As I saw the house, something else began to creep inside of me.
I long to be in that house, feeling it’s warmth and it’s coziness.
But still yet,I doubted the owner of the house was Josh.
If Josh really was the owner,am yet to decide what to do.
I started thinking of a way to get him to know me.
I sat under a shade in the cool city and brought myself a drink out of the little money with me, while trying earnestly of what to do when, suddenly a wonderful but risky idea struck me.
I looked up hopefully at the new idea bubbling up in my head.
Yes,I know exactly what to do.
Surely someone who has such a big house,must have a car, isn’t it?
I waited till evening.
Waiting for the time he will drive out if the house.
I was sure he was around because I caught a glimpse of a young man upstairs with a drink in his hand.
Doesn’t he ever go out?
The time was running late and I had to be fast in order to see where you lay my head for the night.
I pictured the street and found out the way to the main road and waited patiently around the corner, keeping my eyes on the gates.
Around 6 to 7,my prayers were answered as the gates swung open and a blue dark Jeep drove out and cornered to my direction.
I breathed in heavily at what I was about to do for it was of a great risk but I had to do it.
As the car pulled into gear, driving fast enough towards my direction,I closed my eyes and ran into the road.
I screamed and before he could apply his break,he had hit me in front of my laps.
I screamed and dropped to the floor in pain and as I heard the car door, opening,I closed my eyes shut and purposely fainted.
He took me to the hospital and had me admitted.
After I felt enough treatment had been done on,I finally woke up th

e next day.
The driver was sitting on a chair in my room.
From the description the gate man gave me,I quickly kneq it was Josh.
“What am I doing here?’,I asked him.
He smiled thankfully, probably because I have woken up.
“Thank God you are okay…but how did you just run into the road like that?
Did you want to kill me?’,he asked me.
Instead of answering,I began to cry so pitifully that he offered me his hanky.
“Am so sorry…I had no where to go’,I cried.
He looked at me and cane closer.
“How come….where do you live and where do you come from?
Who are you?’,he asked me.
I looked into his eyes and found him so rich and attractive.
Who wouldn’t want to be with such guy?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him about his Nnena and his twin girls?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him he had a family somewhere?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him how much they were suffering?
But no….I didn’t,instead…I began to think of a way to live happily and forever with this guy…. forgetting that there was Nnena waiting somewhere…..
# To_be_continued .

…. Continuation from Stella’s POV.
He took me to his house and I felt so happy to step inside that beautiful house.
I sat down at one of the large sofas looking around and enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the house.
“Enjoy yourself and make yourself at home”,Josh said and left for the kitchen.
He came back carrying a tray with a glass of juice on it.
“Your house is beautiful’,I said, smiling as he handed me the juice.
He smiled.
“Thanks but my house still remains incomplete even though it’s beautiful’,he said as I looked at him.
I understood his statement but instead I just ignored it and sipped my juice.
Just then,the door opened and Tiffany came in.
She came into the sitting room and saw me.
Her eyes widened in amazement.
“You?…how did you…?’,she asked.
“You know her?’,Josh asked as he stared at us.
“Yes…she was at our house yesterday’, Tiffany said.
“I never knew you guys know each other…am sorry for intruding…I will be on my way now’,I said and stood up, getting ready to go when they stopped me.
“No…you can’t just leave like that.
I had like to have that baby gurl you talked about.
I really need her urgently’, Tiffany said as I looked at her.
Nnena wouldl surely leave one of the twins for me if am able to tell her the lies I’ve cooked inside me.
“Okay then,by morning you will get her.
I will go back to the orphanage tonight and take her then tomorrow,I will bring her to your house’.
…… Nnena’s POV.
Stella returned the following night.
I was anxious to what she was about to say.
Jane and July were already asleep on their bed as I sat with Stella.
“So,how did it go?
Did you see Josh?’,I asked eagerly as Stella nodded.
“I saw him but am sorry,Nnena…I told him about you and the twins’, Stella said as my heart beated fast.
“What did you say?
You told him about me….what did he say?”,I asked slowly while Stella shook her head.
“He was so angry.
He told me you were the person who wanted to kill his father.
He said if he knew your house…he would have come with the police to arrest you.
He said if he sets eyes on you that he is going to strangle you.
He pleaded with me to take him to where you were but you know I can’t do that’,Stella said and that brought so much heart break to me.
How could Josh believe in such facade?
“When I told him about your daughters,he said I should bring his children to him but I told him you will never agree to let go of the twins.
So,he told me to bring one to him at least,he should also have a child with him since he does have one.
And his wife complied too because she also needs a child.
Nnena,this is not the time to weep.
It’s time to lift some burdens off your shoulders”,Stella said as I weeped.
I looked towards my children’s bed and stared at them as they layed down in each other’s arms.
Just which one do i let go?
I stood up and went closer to them, staring down at them.
Stella followed me and stood beside me.
“Stella,which one you suggest I let go?’,I asked her.
“Who you need now is someone sharp and strong and Jane is…so I think you should send July”,Stella said and I stared at her.
Wasn’t it too much of me to trust her just like this?
But Stella and I have known each other so well and she also promised never to betray me, didn’t she?
I weeped as I looked back at the twins.
“Tommorow morning,very early,you are leaving with her but before that,three is something I need to get’,I said.
Before laying down for the night,I got two identical medallion from the cathedral.
Inside it was the orphanage name and logo.
I kept it down, sorrowfully waiting for morning to come.
Early at dawn,Stella woke up and got ready while I packed July’s few clothes.
I woke her up quietly in order not to wake Jane too.
July was startled I woke her up at such time.
“Mummy.. what’s wrong?’,July asked in her small voice.
I tried to hide my tears but I just couldn’t and my shaky voice also gave me away.
“July, listen to what am about to say,okay?
You are going somewhere with aunty Stella for some time,okay?
There is some one you have to meet…you won’t stay with me a

the compound and we started moving fast,towards the house.
It was time to get the bastard busted…
# To_be_continued .

… Stella’s POV.
I was glad with the progress I made and the trick I played on Nnena.
I longed to be inside that mansion.
We got to Madam Magret’s house around noon.
I looked at July who was putting on a sad face as we entered the compound.
“Don’t you like this beautiful house?
Why are you looking so sad?’,I asked her.
She looked up at me, sniffing.
“I…I like it… it’s beautiful but I just want to stay with my mummy and my sister”,she said in a sad small voice.
I looked at her,already getting annoyed.
“Look,forget about your poor mummy who can’t give you anything.
From now on,you are going to have a rich mummy who will buy all things for you.
Beautiful clothes, beautiful toys and shoes!
You will even put on fine hair and have alot of things and also go to a good fine school.
Don’t you want all that?’,I asked her, raising my voice.
July was already scared with the way I shouted.
She just nodded while she continued sulking.
“Good..now let me take you inside to your new mummy”,I told her and dragged her inside.
Tiffany stood up immediately we entered.
“You are here’,she said, staring at July.
I looked away from her and stared down at July then pushed her a little forward.
“This is the child I told you about.
I had Soo much difficulty in bringring her.
So,take care of her”,I said.
July looked at Tiffany and looked away.
I was angered by this.
“Can’t you greet and introduce yourself?’,I asked her.
July looked up at me.
“While my mummy bathed me….she secretly told me am coming here to meet my father…and not a new mummy’,July said bluntly.
That pissed me off and threw me off guard as Tiffany stared at me questioningly but I took control of the situation immediatly.
“The truth is that your mummy tricked you.
She has given you up for a new mummy’,I told her.
July looked at Tiffany and continued sulking.
Tiffany came forward and bent before her, touching her hair.
“Look honey…you won’t have to suffer again.
You are also gonna have a father,okay?
Soon,we will go to our own house because here is grandma’s home.
You are gonna really love it,okay?it’s pretty good here with everything you need”, Tiffany said and hugged July while staring up at me.
“You have to take her to your matrimonial home as soon as possible and stay there for some time.
Don’t bring her here for sometime’,I said.
Tiffany dressed and took July out to quickly shop for her things.
she brought so many clothes for her and different shoes.
She got her baby dolls and designs for her new room.
She also brought a lot of things for me too.
Ranging from bags to clothes.
From clothes to shoes.
I felt on top of the word,telling myself I was already a rich lady.
As we came out of the mall,something came into my mind.
“Why not tell your mother to relocate?’,I asked Tiffany as she stopped and looked at me.
“Why?’,she asked.
“Because of security reasons…you know for your new child’,I said.
Tiffany thought for a while.
“But you asked me to keep her away from the house for a while already’,she said.
“Yes I did but still yet,I think she should relocate”,I said.
“Okay’, Tiffany said and breathed in.
“And thanks Soo much for all the gifts”,I thanked her and she smiled.
“You’ve thanked me enough already”,she said and carried July up and found out that her temperature was getting quite hot.
“Oh my…baby girl..what’s wrong with you.
You are running a temperature.
Don’t worry,okay…you are going to meet daddy soon.
It’s time for you to meet your daddy,dear…hmm?’,she told her and July nodded.
“So,what would you like to name her?”,I asked, smiling too.
Tiffany looked at me and thought for a while.
“I’ve always love the namene, Miranda…so,I will name her Miranda’,Tiffany said and we both laughed together.
I left with my gifts, leaving Jane with Tiffany and went straight to Josh’s house.
He seemed surprised to see me and that made me uncomfortable.
“Hi…you came here again?’,he asked me, opening the door.
I came in and sat down on the seat he offered me.
“Are you surprised to see me here.. Like you don’t want me to visit?’,I asked him.
“Of cours

nd Jane for the main time now’,I said and July instantly began to cry.
“No mummy….I don’t want to go…I don’t want to leave my sister behind’,July said and I cried the more but tried to control myself.
“Never worry,dear…honey…you don’t have to worry…we will come very soon to see you”,I said and wore her one of the medal.
“Don’t you ever allow anyone take this away from you okay?
So,with it,you can always remember me and your sister for as long as your memory can carry you,okay?”,I told her gently and hugged her.
All the while,I bathed her,she cried but after assuring her we would come and visit she stopped crying.
“Please, ensure she is in safe hands before you come back’,I told Stella as they got ready to go.
Soon, they left.
I cried as I sat on my mat.
I sat motionlessly there till day break.
Jane stood up and when she could not find Jane,she came to meet me.
“Mummy…where is July?’,She asked looking around.
I drew her into my arms and told her what happened.
She looked sharply at me and disengaged herself from me.
“What do you mean, mummy?
I want my sister!Where did she go to?
Please,I want to be with my sister…get me my sister!’,Jane cried.
I tried to pet and console her but she was unconsolable.
Few hours that followed,she refused to eat anything nor talk.
She refused to play with her mates or go anywhere.
She refused to answer me no matter how I call her.
Towards evening,I never knew what happened to my Jane.
Her temperature grew very hot and went out of control.
Before I knew what was going on,she fainted and went into a deep coma…
# TO_be_continued .

Am just surprised you still come here today”,he said and I found it confusing.
“I told you I had no where to go….I don’t know what to do”,I said,weeping.
Josh stared at me,trying to say something.
“But…but….I don’t think you can kind of stay here…’,he said and I looked up sharply at him.
What is he trying to say?
I fell on my knees and started pleading.
…. Nnena’s POV.
“What were you thinking,Nnena!!
How could you separate the twins!!’,sister Eunice shouted at me as we rushed Jane to the clinic.
Her temperature was still very hot but she was out of her deep coma.
I’ve cried my heart out as I sat beside Jane on bed.
“How could you have trusted Stella to that point?.
Now, she’s not even back!.
What were you thinking for Christ sake?’,sister Eunice shouted.
“But…the head sister was going to separate them anyway to someone I don’t know so I thought it was better I send her to her father…I never knew it was going to affect Jane”,I cried, looking at Jane who was sleeping.
“Look,I already told head sister Lizzie she can’t separate such twins.
They are too identical to be separated.
What made you think she hasn’t call on you since then?
Nnena…you should have sought for counselling first’,Sister Eunice said gently and breathed in.
“You told me before that you know where they live,right?’,she asked and I looked at her.
“Yes but…but don’t tell me am supposed to go there?’,I asked,frightened.
“Nnena,don’t you get it!
Do you want Jane to die?… we’ve got to go out there now and bring back July if you don’t want Jane to give up the ghost here.
Can’t you spell the hand writing on the wall?
No matter what happens there today or the consequences…we are going there.
Minus that,Jane will never be able to get herself again.
Get prepared and let’s go bring back her sister….
# To_be_continued .

How could Stella do this to me?
I couldn’t believe she actually betrayed me meaning all the things she told me were nothing but lies.
Right then,I couldn’t think of anything.
One daughter was in danger and another was dying on bed.
I had to save them first before thinking about the bastard.
Miraculously,Jane woke up and said she wanted to follow us and bring back her sister.
The next day,we prepared to go.
She suddenly grew healthy.
Sister Eunice collected a letter of permission and after we got ready,we hit the road.
….. Stella’s POV.
I got Tiffany to convince Josh to let me stay in his house.
I knew it sounded silly,but it just had to work.
The next day,he started warming up to me and told me I could stay with him.
I prepared his breakfast happily.
Finally,my plans were working.
Towards afternoon, Tifanny arrived with Jane.
I could not even recognize the little girl anymore.
She looked like a princess from fairytale land.
I welcomed them as we sat in the living room.
“Wow… she’s looking so adorable’,I said smiling at Jane who was sitting on Tiffany’s laps.
She was also holding a big pink teddy bear.
Tiffany looked lovingly at her, touching her long braided hair.
“She’s our joy now…my husband loves her so much and she will ever remain our child’,Tiffany said happily.
“So…how is Josh…ate you getting closer to him?’, Tiffany said and I smiled shyly.
“Sort of….am trying”,I said.
“Look,I want you to marry my brother okay?
As in…you have been an helper to us’, Tiffany told me, smiling.
I smiled back.
“It’s nothing but am willing to do what you said’,I replied.
Tiffany nodded and looked down at Jane.
“Miranda,what’s wrong?’,she asked her and touched her temperature.
“Oh my God,again?Why are you always running into temperature?’, Tiffany asked and looked at me.
“I had to take her to our family doctor in the night…she ran into a very hot temperature last night and I was so afraid’, Tiffany said while I find something to say.
“Well…you know she is kind of adapting to her new environment.
Don’t worry,she will get used to you guys and stop the temperature”,I assured her as she nodded.
“I think I have to take her to my mum’s house so she can call our family doctor…we won’t be long.
Our family doctor doesn’t know my house or here and I have to get Miranda examined,so we have to go there.
We won’t stay long’,Tiffany said when she saw the look in my eyes.
“We won’t stay long?”,I asked again.
“Yes,we won’t stay long”.
I dressed up and we went out.
… Nnena’s POV.
When we finally arrived the street after searching for it like never before,it has changed alot.
Everywhere looks so confusing as many things had changed but I still cracked my brain and got the main Street.
I remembered vividly the day I left the street,almost five years ago now.
I was backing July as we walked.
As we entered further into the street,I started to get confused.
The house i once lived in seemed to have disappeared among all other houses.
“Can’t you figure it out anymore?”,sister Eunice said,sweating?
I could not answer her.
I stood at a spot, trying to gather my thoughts.
But it was just four years ago?
How come I couldn’t locate the house again.
Another house was standing on the place Josh’s house was supposed to be.
Sister Eunice took July from me and carried her.
Then a way to locate it came into my mind.
Back then,when we were still schooling,Josh and I had a particular route we followed everyday.
I looked at sister Eunice.
“Let’s go back to the first entry where my school is located…I know how to locate it now.
We went back back and I saw my school.
We took the left turn and walked through a narrow place and cane out of the opening.
We took another turn again through a narrow part and came out of the same street then I looked to my right at the far end and smiled as I saw the house.
It had been repainted, that was why I couldn’t recognize it quickly.
“That’s the house, sister Eunice.
Yes,am very sure of it”,I said.
Just then,a car drove out from the corner and as the gates were being opened,it rolled into

Final episode.
As he came down from the car, everywhere became silent.
He looked just the same except that he had grown more taller and handsome.
But his face remained the same.
Our eyes locked immediately for a long time.
He walked silently and slowly towards us and stood before me.
“Nnena’,he called,so passionately.
I brought down July from my arms and looked at with through teary eyes.
“Joshua”,I called out his complete name in a whisper.
Tiffany and her mother stared at each other and looked back at us.
Josh hugged me quietly but so thight.
“How could you have done that to me?
You put me through agony for the past few years.
You should have come back to me before now”,Josh said.
I withdrew myself from him and looked at his face.
“I didn’t come back for you…I never even thought I’d see you here…I only came to pick my daughter.
I know she must be with you,please bring her for her sister can’t stay without her”,I said and saw the confused expression come quickly to his face.
“What do you mean by that…and by the way… what’s happening here?
Why is Stella being held that way?’,Josh asked, pointing at Stella and sister Eunice.
“She’s trying to get away after her demonic acts.
Just as much as I thought,Nnena.
She did not actually bring Jane to her father!
She took her else where and tried to play tricks on us”,sister Eunice said, holding her more thightly.
My head exploded into tiny sparks from paper works.
I took a sharp look at Stella who fell on her knees.
“Please,tell me where you’ve taken my child to.
Please,tell me…I won’t do anything to you… please,just bring my daughter now”,I said going close to her when Josh drew me back and snuggled me to himself, calming me down.
“Am so sorry…Nnena! I never knew it would turn out like this!
I did not take Jane anywhere.
Jane is right here”, Stella said in a shaky voice, pointing towards the door.
I hurriedly looked at the door too and looked back at Stella.
“She is inside?”,I asked.
“Yes…after being cheeked up and treated by the doctor,she fell asleep… she’s inside the room”, Stella said.
“We have to go and get her…. sister Eunice”,I said.
Sister Eunice and I were about entering the house with Josh when Tiffany madly blocked the way, fiercely.
“No!No way… she’s now my daughter!
How can Miranda be your daughter?
This is not possible…tell it’s not happening…please, don’t take her away from me… please”,Tiffany shouted still blocking the way.
I felt like slapping the daylight out of her as I stared at her.
“What prove do you need again apart from her twin, standing here?
Please,let me have my child and get outta here”,I said, losing every temper in me.
“You are a just a crazy naive bitch who is so desperate to take people’s joy away.
Go to hell,Nnena.. you can never have her back”, Tiffany barked at me and I totally lost it.
I moved directly to her and gave her two non-stop dirty slaps that re sounded all over the compound.
It actually threw her off balance as she fell against the door.
I ignored the shook on her face and pointed at her face.
“It’s better you get out of the way now or you will find it amazing at what am going to do to you!”,I screamed at her and Just then,the door opened and Jane sprinted out.
“July!”,she cried and ran to embrace Jane.
The twin girls hugged and I bent down with them.
Josh began stammering as he stared at them.
“Twins….my kids?”,Josh asked.
Tiffany bent down and had a good cry.
She stood up and ran inside the house.
“Tiffany! Tiffany!’,madam Magret shouted and went after her.
I looked at the happy faces of the twin girls.
“There… that is your father”,I told them and they stared up at Josh.
Josh bent down too and hugged them both.
“Oh my God ..I can’t believe this is happening… thank you God…”,Josh murmured, hugging the children.
Sister Eunice smiled at me and I smiled back but there was something still on my mind.
“Josh…I think it’s time we leave.
I can’t stay here”,I said.
When Josh looked at my face,the look in his eyes made me stop talking.
He stood up in one swift movement.
“If yo

u really leave me again this time,then I will really die.
If you leave me alone taking this lovely kids with you…I will hang myself”,Josh threatened with reddish eyes.
I was alarmed as I stared at him,then looked at sister Eunice who smiled and nodded.
We arrived at Josh’s house after sister Eunice left with Stella, promising me she would get severally punished.
I thanked the kind lady before parting ways with her.
This was how I got to be again with my Josh.
His house was of a great design I can not explain.
He took me to our bedroom and showed me everything.
Jane and July had their own room where toys and everything were stored inside.
I was overjoyed that my life could change within a twinkle of an eye.
Three weeks later, we’ve gone shopping for our clothes and other things needed and I had a new full wardrobe to myself.
I also got to realize that I gave birth to princesses by the time I started wearing them expensive clothes.
The night Josh put his ting on my finger and proposed to me,Madam Magret and Tiffany came to apologise.
She apologized for all the things she’s done to me and all the pains she caused me.
Madam Magret also apologized for turning deaf ear to all my sufferings and pleaded to make peace with me.
Who am I to say no?
That was my mother in law talking and my sister in law too.
That night we made peace and became one family.
Tiffany really loved the twins so much and always takes them to stay with her and her husband during weekends and just one week to my wedding,Tiffany took in.
The day of our wedding came, bright and clear.
And surprisingly,all the sisters and even head sister Lizzie came to Grace the occasion.
The only person I did not see was Stella.
She had also left the orphanage for somewhere I don’t know but she sent a letter.
The wedding was one in town.
They had July and Jane dressed in their own little wedding gowns and they looked so adorable that every one who came to the wedding took their pictures.
Soon,the wedding was over and Josh became my own wedded husband.
Nine months later,I took in again while Tiffany gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
She felt on top of the world.
The baby was named Jason.
I also gave birth to a baby boy after another nine months.
Six years later,I was in my room, ransacking a particular drawer when I came in contact with a letter already full of dust.
I dusted it and looked at it very well then smiled.
Stella’s letter.
I couldn’t get to read it all this while and it was the reason I actually started to remember the past.
I read the contents and was moved greatly by what she wrote.
A particular line,”you are a friend I never had and I really had it in mind to help you” really got me.
She didn’t state her whereabouts but I wished her a happy fulfilled life just like mine.
I was finishing the last page when my children bounced in from school, talking loud.
“I know you already have a crush on Dan!’,Jane said to July as they came to meet me.
“Watch it, Jane! Or I will make you yell”,July yelled, feigning to be angry.
I smiled at them as they greeted me.
I carried up my son, Jonathan and pecked him while July peeped into the letter on my laps.
“What’re you reading,mum?”,she asked.
I smiled at them.
“Well….let’s just say it is a soothing letter from the past”,I said and stood up.
“Now let’s go shower up before daddy returns,hmm?”,I said and we went out of the room, scooting and laughing.
So,I guess it is a case of all is well that ends well.


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