Stories of Evil PhD Supervisors With Quotes

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When you start a PhD you might have high hopes of your supervisor guiding you through your PhD. In reality, in certain cases what you may find is that your supervisor is de-motivating you even more than supporting you, let alone guide you. I should re-phrase guidance, he does guide but in a different way than what you would expect.

These are mainly stories of our evil supervisor and how he directs us to do what he wants, but little does he care of what the students actually want. In summary, leave the thinking behind and do the work he wants you to do. Note, this is not all supervisors, this is restricted to a subset of supervisors that have issues that no one knows really why. Even is results are being produced, which is great for the student, however having plenty of results does not help you develop intellectually. A fully qualified PhD graduate should have both technical and intellectual achievements.

This supervisor's guidance doesn't stop at the workplace, it continues into your personal life. This is mainly through his advices ranging from relationships to activities you do outside of work. All to assure that it does not interfere with your work in any way.

This is not restricted to just one supervisor, many PhD students have these issues. Although not as frequent as a decade ago, there are plenty still that behaves inappropriately towards PhD students.

There are plenty of interesting quotes from such supervisor and not so surprisingly, many others have such interesting quotes from their supervisors. Many are in situations where they simply have to accept such events, but why not make the most out of it by trying to find funny interpretations from those quotes.

Some example of interesting quotes from a supervisor are:

"I'm sorry to hear that you are unwell … How would this affect your experiments?"

"You are better of as a cashier in Tesco"

"You should be a pizza delivery boy, in Pizza Hut"

Sharing these quotes from their supervisors and discussing them would be of interest to many individuals especially for PhD students. However, these situations are not restricted to just PhD students, it is not surprising to see such events in many other work environments ranging from undergraduates to office work.

Moral of the story, don't let your desperation for a PhD position mislead you into choosing a supervisor who will not supervise you but rather control you.


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