Believers today do not focus anymore on seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness first. We tend to get distracted with the additional things that God has promised to give unto us freely without stress just if we can seek him first.

In addition, today’s believers always tend to use God, we only call on God when we want to request something from Him. God is not a fool that we can mock or deceive. No He is not.

You cannot seek the kingdom of someone you do not know or have a relationship with. If you must seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness, then you must have a personal relationship with Him, you must know Him, believe in Him and then you must accept that Jesus is our Lord and personal Saviour. You must believe in His word and be the doer of His word. When you have relationship with someone then to do what that person wants won’t be so difficult for you, same applies to our relationship with God.

When you have a personal relationship with God, then to seek His kingdom won’t be so difficult or hard for you to do because you know the benefits that are attached to you seeking His kingdom and His righteousness.

Acquiring wealth, educational qualification, status, riches etc are good but that must not let us loose focus of our first assignment here on Earth. And that first assignment is to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

Now for instance as a student, you are not a student Christian rather you are a Christian student. It is not only when exam comes that you pray to God, a Christian student won’t let studies make him or her loose focus of why they are on Earth. Remember your primary assignment in school is to study but you must as well know that your primary assignment on Earth which is superior is to seek God, seek His kingdom and His righteousness. Don’t let us loose focus or get carried away with other things.

Mattew 6:24-34.

Verse 24

You cannot serve God and mammon, you can’t choose two masters at the same time, you can’t say you want to choose God and at the same time chase after wealth, material things, status etc. You will end up missing it because one must bow for the other. So, you choose who you want! You have the right to choose, but you choose God why because He owns you and because every other thing you are thinking of having He can give them to you

Verse 25

You know when I came across this verse, I was like ehnnn so is it a sin to think of what I will eat tomorrow or cloths to buy, certainly no it’s not wrong. But trying to lay too much emphasis on them, being too anxious, being too worried about what to eat or drink forgetting that I have one who is Jehovah Jireh who can meet all our needs even before we ask for them. (Psalm 55:22. Phil 4:6 1st Pet 5:7).

There are times that circumstances around us make us to doubt God, it makes us to feel that can God really provide for my needs? Can He actually do this or that? Irrespective of those surrounding circumstances in as much as His words gave us a lot to assurance that He can provide them then we should stand on His word and believe them because our God is a faithful God who keeps to His words.

Some years back before getting to this level in my relationship with God.I get so bothered about cloths, the type of hair I do, get so bothered about beauty, how I look etc. Neglecting the building up of my spirit man. But later when I got to understand some things I then understood that my spirit man needs me more. Do not forget that we are made up of spirit, soul and body, placing too much priority on the body can lead to an unhappy ending, your body should not control you, you are the one to control your body because it is the physical part of you. When your spirit alligns with your body then you experience the life of God.

Now one thing I want us to note in that versss 25 is that our Christian life isn’t a process of getting from God instead it is a process of renewing our mind and learning how to release what we have already received. Once you accept Christ, once you you are saved and born again, in salvation our spirit has totally changed we aren’t in the process of getting from God anymore because everything we ever need in our Christian life is already present in the entirety of our spirit.

Verse 26

Reading through this vers, the Holy Spirit ministered something to me. He said, if God can feed the fowls of the air, these fowls of the air that we talk about they do not sow or reap but yet God feeds them. This implies that you becoming what you have in mind, is not based on the fact that you are hardworking or because you feel you know what others do not know.There is nothing you can do out of God as a believer, He must be involve in all you do. (Proverbs 16:3).

There are situations whereby we see bank managers without house, cars and then we see food seller who owns houses and cars, this is to tell you that having some achievement in life isn’t based on what you know alone, or how brilliant you are, or how hardworking you are. It must be in conjunction with God. God must be the first before any other thing. You must acknowledge Him first. When we see some great men being interviewed and then they ask them questions like how do they achieve this, all you hear from majority of them is “ohhhh am so hardworking, I don’t joke with time, I spend hours doing this or that”, only few of them acknowledge God first which isn’t meant to be. Seek God’s first and His righteousness and then all these wealth, riches, material things, status will be added to you because it’s your right in God it’s what you are entitled to!

Verse 27-32

Here is talking about raiment, lilies of the field, grass of the field, that if God can cloth them and beautify them how much more me and you that are created in His image? How much more we that have dominion over all that was created by Him? Despite the fall of man and when Adam and Eve knew that they were naked God still clothed them because He loves us even while we are yet sinners. (Genesis 20:21).

He can still do the same today for you and I, that moment when we sin and then we feel it’s over, it’s not over because He isn’t done with you, if God can still cloth Adam and Eve despite what they did, then means that He can do much more for you, just for you to repent from those sins and then come back to Him, He will accept you back because He is a loving Father.

Verse 32

God knows your needs even before you ask for them, He only wants you to ask Him first to be sure that truly you depend on Him alone and not on any other gods or man. Remember God is a jealous God who will not share His glory with anybody. Even those things you don’t ask for He can give them all to you when you seek Him first. Remember Solomon (1Kings 3:13) God gave Solomon those things that he did not request for. Seek Him, cast your care upon Him alone and then you see Him give you uncommon testimonies. Note that, God will not give you a testimony that you cannot defend.

Verse 33-34

Verse 33 is our main verse which says “seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”… That is the first thing we are to seek but it’s so funny today that we put this behind and focus on other things. He said seek my kingdom first He did not say seek riches wealth first but His kingdom. Then he said all these things mentioned above shall be added unto you. Things like status, marital settlement, riches, wealth, prosperity etc He said He will give us all as addition. The reason why many backslide today or fall today is because they forget what they must first do before they receive. 

In conclusion,seek God’s kingdom first, make Him your priority, don’t loose focus, don’t forget your primary assignment here on Earth. And He is able to do all things for you, He is able to add other things you want or desire for you. When you seek God first, wealth, riches, material things,  jobs will seek for you. Take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of  itself.

God bless you all. Amen!



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