In the riches of divine grace, our Heavenly Father has made a wonderful provision for constant, consistent and unbroken victory on the part of everyone of His children, a victory that is unaffected by circumstances no matter how depressing or extreme they may be.This gift of God’s grace in large measure is unaccepted however, partly because of ignorance as a result of it’s nature and value and also on the ground of it’s terms. For its terms require a surrender which the average christian is unwilling to make.

Things gotten cheaply are usually cheap you know. The things that are costly are usually the treasures that are most valuable and which we appreciate most. One of the most extraordinary things about the victorious life is that although it is clearly taught in the scriptures, it is frequently unrecognized by the Bible students. This shows that you might have a thorough knowledge of the Bible yet nothing of this truth experimentally. Many of you might be thinking and saying right now, “if only she knew the weight of that burden in that temptation that I am carrying and bearing right now”.

Yes I might not know and I don’t want you to look up to that temptation, I want you to look up to Jesus and His promises which guarantees that we can be not only conquerors but MORE than conquerors through Christ Jesus over all circumstances including that frequent temptation (Romans 8:37).

As christian believers, we are not only living a spiritual life but there is the physical aspect of life too .No one can deny that the spiritual life is marvelous but remember, after you have been born again and after you have had that wonderful experience of having been filled with the Holy Spirit, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are still in a body called FLESH. Your friends, neighbors, colleagues, coursemates, hostel mates have not changed and the enemy of your life (the devil) has not been converted. You find out you still have to go to school, work for a living, you have to eat, sleep and you still have needs, though you may wish to cancel this needs of life and of the flesh but you cannot.

Sometimes as Christians, we get too carried away with the ecstasy of our spiritual experience that we expect even the things of the natural man to have changed (Katherine kulhman), but we then come to the realization that they have not changed and then there is need to deal with them but how?

The Reality of Temptation

Matthew 26:41; Mark 14:34-38; Luke 22:45-46.

From our text, we see how Christ warned the disciples to watch and pray lest they fall into temptation. This reveals to us that, even our Lord Jesus Christ believe in the certainty of temptations, He was tempted as well (Matthew 4). So temptation must come as long as you are genuinely saved, in fact, if temptation is absent from your life then there is need to recheck your salvation profession.

Temptation itself is not a sin but yielding to temptation is the sin. Evangelist Katherine kulhman wrote this “the victorious life is not an untempted life”. This means that that for each temptation there is need for fresh grace to overcome because victory over one does not mean other temptations will not come. Hence, the need for a constant and consistent victory. Therefore,the christian life is not an untempted life,only one man has ever lived an unbroken victorious life and that was our Lord Jesus. And the word of God states that Jesus was tempted in all points like we are, yet without sin (Hebrew 4:15).

Christian Watchfulness against Temptation

It is worthy to note that the devil is out to make Christians fall because he wants to destroy the work of the Lord’s salvation in our lives, he wants to make us dishonour God, he wants to distort God’s word and to deceive God’s children, that is why he will not rest until he sees a Christian fall to the ground but he will not succeed in your life and our lives in Jesus name. Amen

There is need for watchfulness because it is at your weakest point the devil shows up with his temptations and he uses what your human nature cravenly desire for at that point to tempt you. It was after Christ had fasted and His human nature was in dire need for food that the devil came and he came with a temptation that is related with food but our Lord overcame and we will overcome (Matthew 4:1-11).

In 1 Kings 18, the prophet Elijah was displayed as a spiritual giant who challenged the prophet of Baal but remember, it was only a few hours later, at a time when Elijah was weary in body and his physical strength gone that temptation came and he cried for death to come. He was human and the devil was waiting for that weak moment to attack him, the same way he his waiting for you at your weakest point and moment.

Three basic things you should watch against are as follows:

1. Watch against Satan’s bait: the devil is cunny, like a fisherman will add a bait to the hook to attract fishes, so does the devil add a bait to his hook to attract you. He knows what you need in that weak state, he will present it to you but will add a bait so you wouldn’t see the harmful and trapping hook behind the bait, watch out beloved!

Christ would have wanted to exercise his authority over the devil by turning that stone into bread but He looked beyond the hunger and His authority and He defeated the devil’s bait. Not everything that is presented to you at the point you need it is from God, watch it, that could be a bait from the devil. Watch! Don’t be enticed through Satan’s bait.

2. Watch against temptation peculiar to your profession or vocation: e.g doctors/nurses, student, pastors etc. As a doctor or any other medical practitioner watch against using medical terms or explanations to fall under the devil’s trap. As a student, watch against peer pressure/influence, watch against examination malpractice. Watch against social gatherings that does not give God glory, watch against what you hear, see and touch. As a pastor, watch against unnecessary freedom, authority and pride. If married, involve your wife fully in your ministry to avoid some temptations, if single, set boundaries and limits to curb unnecessary familiarity.

3. Watch over your desires, ambitions, thoughts and needs: what do you desire for mostly? Are they spiritual things or material thing? Watch it because a strong desire for material things could make you blind towards Satan’s bait. Watch your thoughts, do away with things and materials that will provoke immoral and unclean thoughts. Check your phones, magazines, books, videos, music and other personal effects and discard any that you know you could easily run or fall back to when temptation comes. Spend more time on spiritual things and with spiritual friends.

Secret of Unbroken Victory for Believers

The victorious life is not something obtained once and for all. This life of victory is secured through a moment by moment faith. There is constant victory for the believers but only as he trusts Christ entirely, the moment that faith is lost, then victory over temptation is broken (1 John 5:4). Victory comes through the word of FAITH.

Secondly to overcome temptation we must watch and pray. The Lord knows how to succor, support all those who call on Him when they are tempted.

Watch against frivolities and unnecessary carelessness, do not claim over spirituality and neglect things that shouldn’t be neglected.Overconfidence always and often lead to backsliding, believers who are boastful are those who often yield to temptation (ask Uncle Peter, Luke 22:31-34).

Failure to seek God’s mercy and grace in prayer is a mark of self confidence, insinuating no need for God’s help and this often leads to disaster when temptation comes. Many who think they are strong have fallen, so we have to take yield and humble ourselves always before God in prayer. 1 Corinthians 10:12-13.

Finally, Christians who overcome temptations are:

  • Christians who make the word of God their guide (Isaiah 30:20-21).
  • Christian who hide the word of God in their hearts (Psalm 119:9-11).
  • Christians who walk consistently and persevere in the word of God (Ephesians 6:13-17).

God bless you all. Amen



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