Relationship Advice: 3 Myths About Apologies

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In any relationship more than a month old, you will have something for which to apologize.

It’s just the nature of living with other people: it’s messy.

So needing to apologize is a good and natural thing. The problem comes due to the many myths about apologizing.

3 myths and what to do instead

Myth #1 – Apologizing means that you are somehow weak. Some folks would sooner lose a body part than apologize. I guess they think this makes them tough.

Reality: Only the truly strong can admit when they are wrong and apologize.

Myth #2 – Apologizing means you have lost. You know those folks that have to win at all costs, no matter what. Fun folks, right?

Reality: A relationships is not a competition. When we turn it into one, we may win a battle, but we win at the expense of the relationship.

Myth #3 – Aplogizing means you have given in. We say stuff like “I will if you will” and other intellegent things.

Reality: A genuine apology communicates that you care enough about the other person to admit when you are wrong and try not to do it again. Apologizing is not giving in, it’s giving your heart.

I’m not saying you have to go around with “I’m sorry” written on your t-shirt. I am saying that apologizing from the heart can be magic words in a relationship.


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