My Long Lost Love – Dating Advice

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Today a caller calls in to test our emotional IQ, apparently he has moved here from another country and left his childhood sweetheart in the foreign country from hence he came. Now apart and several years later both are in high-school one here in the US and the other abroad. He has emailed her and asked her to reply, she will not, then blocks his incoming email address. He still loves her, but what can he do? Well, here are some ideas:

  1. Modulate the Frequency of contacts.
  2. Become a Mystery of intrigue
  3. Do Something Spectacular and maybe she'll think you are destined for greatness
  4. Ask about her, people like to talk about themselves
  5. Find a Replacement, this makes you hard to get
  6. Give it More Time
  7. Consider Her Geographically Un-desirable and move on
  8. Send Her a gift of friendship
  9. Invite Her to join a Social Network with you
  10. Write About All your new experiences send her the link
  11. Write a Creative Poem
  12. Buy Her an Airline Gift Card or Ticket that can be used within six months to where you are (1 week vacation).

Do any of these seem viable to you, some of them should, as they play into the concepts that are known in the field of the "Law of Attraction" and others are mere common sense. At this age young adults are at a critical time and first loves are so difficult to overcome. This is an emotional crisis for the young man and something that must be dealt with if he is to adjust to his new domicile in the United States.


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