Saving a Relationship Advice For Women

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It is not uncommon these days for more and more couples, even married couples, to become frustrated with their relationship if they or their partner believe that one or more elements are missing. The current 50% divorce rate in the US is a testament to the fact that, while millions are happy with their husbands and wives, there are just as many who could not save their marriage from sinking. While there is no one thing that a woman can do to repair her relationship, there are many small steps she can take to ensure that a strong discourse and expectations are laid.

Nearly every separated couple agrees that communication, or lack thereof, can lead to a split. It is difficult to overstate the value of communication in a healthy relationship, as too often a breakdown can lead to ineffective methods of discourse (usually known as “games” by cynical men and women). At the very beginning of the relationship, both men and women should address exactly what they desire and expect from their partners. Honesty is the key here because, while both men and women will exaggerate themselves early on to impress their partner, it is important to lay down a strong foundation of what the boundaries are. Women (and men) who ignore or believe they can change their partner’s preferences and desires are setting themselves up for struggles and frustration.

The window for honesty never closes, and even a struggling relationship must have open discourse. Many women have had success saving a relationship by directly approaching their boyfriend or husband and asking him whether he wants to commit to her and how it can be done. Men are less emotionally sensitive than women and can be oblivious of flaws or mistakes; hence the need to address and emphasize their importance.

Many women find themselves unable to reconcile the differences or pitfalls with their husbands and boyfriends, split up, and begin regretting the decision. Women are biologically driven to invest considerable time and energy into finding partners, while men are the opposite. As such, men often move into new relationships with greater alacrity than women. Women finding themselves wondering how to get him back may not have much time, and if they are serious about restarting a relationship must quickly reconnect with their husband or boyfriend. Figuring out what made the relationship special and what she can provide that any other woman cannot is critical, as men will often project their preferences in relationships and may be disappointed if they cannot match the “spark” that they had previously.

Relationships always require considerable effort from both men and women, unlike what the Hollywood version of romance suggests. Make sure both boyfriend and girlfriend are willing to put in the elbow grease for long-term relationships, and continue open communication throughout.


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