The Power Of Impartation (Series One)

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The Power of Impartation
(Releasing the Received)

1 Timothy 4 vs 14:
Do not neglect the spiritual gift you received through the prophecy spoken over you when the elders of the church laid their hands on you (NLT).

In the last series we talked about the power of fasting as one of the powerful laws of releasing the received. We said one of the laws of releasing out to bless others withbwhat you have received by grace is fasting. We explained further that pleasure is one of the sleeping tablets for the giantbin us while fasting is one of the tools to wake the sleeping giant up.

In this series, we shall be talking about another powerful law of releasing the received which is the power of impartation.

This is another secret of spiritual exploit that God revealed to me recently.

And this is a situation whereby you have encounter with an anointed man of God full of the Holy spirit to release into your life a measure of the grace upon his or her life.

This is one of the secret of many of this great men of God that is hidden to many of us. The truth is that there are some dimensions in life and ministry that you may struggle to attain without some external spiritual forces from a man of God known as impartation.

Indeed, we have studied the dimension in which fasting and prayer can take us to, but I want you to study the scripture very well, 95 percent of Holy men that attained greater level, did mighty things for God, conquered territories and subdued kingdoms had an encoutnter with another man of God before the giant in them was able to rise up and flow out through them to be a blessing to other.

We know the story of Elijah and Elisha in 1st Kings 19 vs. 19 how the mantle of Elijah suddenly fell upon Elisha while he was busy doing his agricultural business. The bible says in vs. 20 that he left the agricultural instrument and the farming business and ran after Elijah.

Many of us are afraid to surrender our job to pursue our ministry and calling on full time basis under your ‘Elijah Evangelical Ministry’ because no mantle has fallen upon you.

You cannot receive healing, or deliverance mantle and still be writing application for a job, because invitation to come and minister in various places will not allow you to have time for any secular job any more.

We know the story of Samuel and Saul also. The bible says after his encounter with prophet Samuel, the spirit of the Lord rested upon him and he prophecied.
Mind you, his calling was not to be a prophet, his calling was to be a king but because it was a prophet that anointed him the prophetic spirit rested upon him and he became another man. 1st Samuel 10 vs 6.

Can you see the power of impartation in action?
Same thing to king David, the measure of the grace in the life prophet Samuel made him to start operating in the office of a prophet apart from the kingship anointing that was upon him. It was not a duty of a king to prophecy or operate in the office of a prophet, despite the wisdom of God in the life of king Solomon he never operated in any prophetic dimension, why? It is because he did not have any encounter with any higher prophet full of the anointing of God.

We also know the story of how Moses laid hands upon Joshua that the spirit of wisdom rested upon him in the book of Deut 34 vs 9. Why did God not give him the spirit of wisdom by himself without any laying of hand? My people of God there are mysteries in impartation.

According to our text, we also see Paul telling Timothy not to neglect the gift that was in him which he received through the laying of hands.

Coming down to the reality in our environment, many great men of God we are celebrating today have had encounter with one giant man of God who breathe in them. Many of them had encounter with some God’s general who has gone to be with the Lord who laid hands or prophecied into their lives and ministry. We heard about how Daddy David Oyedepo, Daddy Oritsejafo, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, and many more had encounter with late Bishop Benson Idahosa who imparted them through the power of prophecy or laying of hands.

We heard of how Benny Hinn caught a measure of healing grace from Catherine Kuhlma.

I also remember the day I was under the ministration of Daddy Wale Oke and he was explaining how he released the seven fold spirit of God into a man who was intepreting for him then in a foreign country in which the man is presently holding a church with one of the largest congregation in that city presently.

We also heard of how many people have encounter with Benin Hinn, Apostle Ayodele Babalola, Pa Elton, a missionary to Africa some many years ago.

We can see the mystery of impartation in the life and ministry of all this great men of God. Though many of them do hide this aspect of their lives and ministry as one of the secrets behind their ministerial breakthrough, and tend to emphasize on the price they paid, while many do not know its efficacy upon their ministry which makes us to look at them as if they are not created in this planet.

We have seen many who prayed more than them, fasted more than them, holier more than them, give more than them, but never operated in their dimension. There are people who pay mighty spiritual price, but we never heard their voice.

Impartation is like an external force apply to a car that is moving slowly. This has lead to unusual speed in the ministry of many that we do not know, many have risen above the level that goes beyond their vision, and imagination not knowing the mystery behind it.

Many who are sincere know that what they are enjoying, as in the dimension they are operating goes beyond their holiness, prayers and fasting life but if you trace the history of their ministry you will discover that they have come across their Elijah who released into them double portion of the spirit inside of them.

Many of them have encountered unusual mantle that took their ministry and life into another face.

All this principle are what many of us need that can deliver us from all this ministerial struggle that we are experiencing. Some of us have fasted yet no unusual result, some have asked God times without number that “am I really called?”

Many have been tempted to quit ministry like me and dust our certificate to go for Buhari empowerment. But we tend to be patient and believe that there is still hope, because of the dew of oil that we are still seeing. Digging deep into our hearts you will see that we need the rain, we need latter rain. We need heavy rain of anointing, that its wind alone will remove the roof of the palace of hell and pull down the gate of territorial powers and the house of the rulers of darkness.

I don’t know if somebody is blasting in tongues, makataya sinda katuya, rimasotoka. Kutuka, mokuuuuuyaaka…

Because it is time to be angry in the spirit and pray that God should connect us with the apostles of our generation full of power and anointing to impart into our lives before they go and meet the Lord.

Because in my generation I must raise 1200 dead back to life, raise 4000 crippled, 8000 blind men, deliver millions from bondage of any kind, win millions of soul with the apostolic mantle i am still trusting God for.

See you in the next part, where we shall be talking about the four different types of encounter and impartation.

See you in the next level

From the desk of
Banjo Ayeka

Nifemi Ayokunle​​

Segun Bello


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