How Leaders PERCEIVE, Affects What They Might Achieve?


Whatever the mind of man, perceives, and conceives, he will achieve. This statement, often attributed, to Henry Ford, is particularly, significant, as it relates to those, in positions of leadership! Leaders must realize, and recognize, their perceptions, attitude, and what, they, truly, PERCEIVE, invariably, affects, and impacts, what they might be able to achieve! Groucho Marx, famously, stated, this, another way, It’s a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter! If one is to have a chance, to become a meaningful, effective, significant leader, he must be ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with a positive attitude, which sees, every obstacle as a challenge, to overcome, instead of/ rather than, some sort of debilitating problem! With that in mind, this article will, attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it’s relevant, and significant.

1. Perceptions; priorities; planning: Our perceptions, often, create, our self – imposed, comfort zones, and its limitations! A great leader, aligns his priorities, with the goals, perceptions, needs, etc, of those he serves, and organization, he represents. When one begins, in this manner, and uses, both, strategic and action planning, effectively, his group benefits!

2. Empathy; emphasis: How can anyone, know, what is needed, desired, and expected, unless, he prioritizes, effectively, listening, and learns, from every conversation, and experience? This desirable, genuine empathy, must direct, how, and where, one’s primary emphasis, is placed!

3. Relevant; responsive/ responsible; realistic; reasoning/ rationale: You’ll never become a real leader, unless/ until, you provide relevant, sustainable leadership! One’s focus must be responsive, and responsive, and while, a positive attitude, is needed, a leader must be realistic, instead of wearing, rose – colored glasses! One must examine his personal reasoning, and in an inspiring, motivating way, articulate his rationale, to those, he serves!

4. Character; creative; coordinate: Shouldn’t quality of character, be a necessity of true leaders? This individual must be creative, enough, to be ready, willing, and able to coordinate the activities of his constituents and stakeholders!

5. Endurance; experience; excellence; enrich: How can anyone, enrich his group, and stakeholders, until/ unless, he proceeds, with the needed endurance, and making, constituent’s experience, a positive one? Great leaders proceed, demanding their utmost degree of genuine excellence!

6. Ideas; ideology; integrity; imagination: A real leader possesses the imagination, to introduce meaningful ideas, which align with the core ideology, of his group! He, consistently, maintains, absolute integrity, which attracts others, to follow!

7. Value; values; vision; views: Constituents seek, the best, bang – for – the – buck, so they feel, they gain value, from belonging to a specific organization! Their personal values, and views, must align, with those, of the group! In order to make a difference, for the better, a leader must have the vision, not only, to see things as they are, but, as they should, and can be!

8. Engages; effective: When constituents feel, they are engaged, and involved, the focus and efforts of the group, and leader, are, significantly, enhanced!

How leaders PERCEIVE, greatly affects the potential of his leadership! Are you, up to the task?




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