Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships


Love Across the Miles – Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Getting into a relationship is difficult and making it work is even tougher, especially if it's a long distance relationship. It is possible, though. In fact, so many people have succeeded. So rather than giving up on the idea, give it a try with these tips about maintaining long distance relationships in mind.

At the Onset

Communication is the key to making any relationship work, and this is especially true for maintaining long distance relationships. Before you even become apart from each other, sit down and have a long talk. Establish a long-term goal so you can have something to look forward to, which can be very helpful when you're feeling depressed or frustrated later on, and discuss topics essential to your relationship, even awkward ones like the subject of dating other people . Anticipate various situations and instead of assuming, feel free to ask whatever questions you have in mind. Also, don't forget to give your partner a personal object to remember you by before he or she leaves.

While Apart

Again, keep the lines of communication open. True, maintaining long distance relationships is still tough, but it is made easier by modern technology, so take advantage of it. Buy a webcam so you can keep 'seeing' each other. Send each other emails or chat online. Of course, talking over the phone and sending each other snail mail and cards works, too. Don't get disappointed, though, if you don't get to touch base everyday. In fact, it is advisable that you shouldn't so you get more excited and have much more to say whenever you do get in touch.

Try not to jump to conclusions, too, whenever your partner doesn't show up online or fails to call. He or she might just be really busy or has an emergency to take care of. For your part, mark your calendar so you can keep track of when you're supposed to talk and mark the special dates, too, like birthdays and anniversaries.

Aside from talking to each other, make use of other ways to spend time together. Go on a virtual date. Play an online game together. Watch your favorite TV show together or eat your favorite meal together – even when you're far apart. Be creative and you may find that your long-distance relationship is better than all the proximal ones you've had.

If ever you feel lonely, instead of indulging in self-pity, keep yourself busy by pursuing your other interests and spending time with your friends and family. Don't worry that this will make your partner jealous. Rather, he or she will be happy that you're doing fine on your own while on your part, you can resist the urge to be nagging or controlling.

Whenever You're Together

If possible, try to meet every once in a while, like every few months, so you can physically be with each other and kindle the fire of your relationship. You might want to go halfway and meet on common ground, or alternate turns going to each other's turf so you can meet each other's friends, too. Once together, cover as much ground as possible so you'll feel like you were never apart and make sure you do something fun and memorable – something new, if possible.

It Takes Two

Doing all these requires trust, understanding and commitment. If you're committed, you will find that maintaining long distance relationships, though not a piece of cake, are easier than you thought. Of course, you're not the only one who needs to be committed. Now matter how hard you try, if your partner doesn't try enough or at all, it is better to just let go. But as long as you two keep trying, you are sure to surpass whatever obstacles you face and end up a better and stronger couple than you initially were.


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