Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Two)

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Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Two)
(Money, The Treasure In The Hidden Places)

Isaiah 45 vs 1-3:
1. Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut
2. I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron
3. And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.

Thanks to God who has helped us to discover the territorial nations that are demonic watchmen guiding the darkness where treasures that belong to men hide which must be subdued, the gates of brass that must be lifted up and the bars of iron that devil has used to lock the places where he hid the treasures of mankind.

This was the deep revelation that David saw in Psalms 24 vs. 7 that made him to cry loud that lift your head oh yea gates and be lift up yea everlasting door so that the king of glory will enter and fight for him, because David knew by revelation that he could not confront the gate and the everlasting doors and enter the territory where glories are kept by himself, he needed to invite the king of glory who was strong and mighty in battle to fight for him.

Though many believed that this particular scripture was a revelation about Christ, which is very true base on spiritual interpretation, but literally and theologically speaking there was a real battle that happened hat led David to write this mystery in psalm 24. Because David knew that at the mention of the name of the King of Glory (Jesus) every knee must bow and release the treasure and glory in their domain.

Now, I want us to study how God helped Cyrus to fight and overcome the generational powers against his financial breakthrough in life.

Those things that I discover that lead to his breakthrough are:
1. He was anointed, because this yoke mentioned in Isaiah 45 vs 1-2. can only be broken by the reason of the anointing, the bible called cyrus “The anointed” in vs. 1.

This is the aspect where I will like to correct the impression of many. Because many have believed today that it is only the pastors that needs anointing.

Many fail to know that we need the anointing of God in every area of our lives. Even the business man, the teacher, the plumber, the carpenter, the politician e.t.c needs anointing too, even the farmer also needs the anointing to farm. If you want God to prosper the works of your hand, you need the anointing of God to do exploit in that particular good job or business.

I have got to discover that there is no godly job that cannot take you higher financially. Anointing can make those that matters in life to send for you as a bussiess man to give you a huge bussiness contract to supply goods for government which can change the face of your business. Even shoe makers that many see as the job of the low class candidates, can turn to multinational shoe making factory with the help of the anointing for exploit that is upon your head. Because just as the anointing have the capacity to break yokes, so also it has the capacity to command favour. If God bless the works of your hands, irrespectiive of the work, it can take you to another dimension of success.

I heard of a man in Ondo state who was just a capenter and he was so blessed and popular in the whole Akure with this job. I know in my spirit that he could only attain such level of success only by either the anointing of God or anointing of the devil upon his life.

So the success of Cyrus began when the Lord anointed him.

2. The bible says “The Lord was walking with him.” The bible says whose right hand I will hold, which means God was with him, working with him. If God is not with you in the job you are doing , it will look as if you are the only one under the attack of the devil. There is nothing you will be able to do to break the demon in charge of the gates of brass, because by flesh shall no man prevail.

Cyrus was able to subdue the territorial nations, loose the armour of demonic kings, open the double doors that the devil shut against his financial life, because God held him in his right hand.

3. In vs 2 the bible says “God usually go before him.” There are crooked ways in the road of every man. If things look as if it is not smooth, it is a symbol that the road is crooked in which it can only be straight, if God goes before you. There must be cloud of fire going ahead of your Israelite as you journey to your promise land. Because there are powers that do not respect the anointing, even Paul the anointed Apostle confessed that he really wanted to go to some certain places but ‘Satan hindered him.’

“Therefore we wanted to come to you, even I Paul, time without number but Satan hindered us” 1Thessalonian 1 vs.18. If Satan can hinder apostle Paul how much more many of us.

I am not saying this to exalt the power of darkness, but to open our eyes to the reality of spiritual world of darkness.

The reason for struggle in the life of many is because they are trying to make the crooked ways straight by themselves. Stop making the crooked straight by your power, stop knocking or pulling down the gate of brass by your self will, the armour of demonic kings against your families can never be broken by your power. The Bible says even the sons of lions suffer at this stage. It is those that wait upon the Lord that God will renew their strength and make to fly like eagle over those gates.

4. The treasure was given to him by God himself.

Mind you, it is not that you shall go there by yourself. There are boundaries you can only get to in the world of darkness based on your spiritual capacity, in which if you try to go beyond that, you will have to sacrifice your faith, because you may loose your faithfulness, and righteousness in the process of trying to get the treasures in darkness by yourself.

You can see the reason why many Christians who try to contest for political positions by themselves end up losing their faith. Political posts of this country are treasures in darkness in which if God does not go before you and give you the position by himself as he did for Goodluck Jonathan in his first regime, all efforts made can make you to be initiated into the occultic world, if care is not taken.

Trying to pick a ticket and contest for a certain position may be hard for a committed Christian. The best thing that can ever happen is when God gives you the treasure himself.

Conquering political territories goes beyond Christians getting their voters’ card. This is because the demonic political people that we are fighting against have a stronger weapon than voters’ card that we rely upon. Some have drunk human blood before they emerged on that position you are clamouring for.

I was in Ekiti when the last election was held. I got to realize clearly that the power of voters’ card alone can not withstand the demonic power, federal power, and monetary power that many of the political aspirant rely on.

I pray for this nation that the king Saul sitting in the position of our David shall be overthrown by the mighty power of God in Jesus name.

See you in part three where we shall be talking about the different types of battle we must engage in to enter into financial breakthrough.

Love you all.

From The Desk of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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