Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Three)

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Fighting Through to Financial Breakthrough (Series Three)

Joel 3 vs 9 (kjv):
Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up:

NLT Bible. Joel 3 vs 9:
Say to the nations far and wide: “Get ready for war! Call out your best warriors. Let all your fighting men advance for the attack:

We thank God who has brought us to this dimension. I want to believe that we have caught some spiritual reality about financial breakthrough.

Truly, we have been thought many principles and keys of prosperity which are very good and necessary to our financial success in life but have we ever discovered that many have practiced all these principles yet noting to show forth.

I do say that keys to prosperity is like a seed that can only bring out fruit if planted in raining season.

The law of Kama that says whatever you plant is what you will reap can only be true in raining season and in a well cultivated land when it comes to financial prosperity If you plant anything on an uncleared land or during dry season you may not reap it. All this reality has spiritual meaning to our dealings with issues of life in different capacity. Which means, you still need rain from above over your seeds and land, irrespective of the keys of sowing, giving, you also still need to cultivate your land before sowing your seed, lest, your seed may not produce any tangible result.

Can you see the reason why some sincere Christians are still suffering after paying their offering? Because to some warfare prayers is needed to uproot any demonic weed and grass germinating in your spiritual land of success.

Give one million naira to someone who has the spirit of poverty, he/she will end up borrowing after 3 months because the spirit in him will surely lead him to a place where the whole money will be lost either by extravagant spending or by falling into 419.

You can see why many who were once in money suddenly become beggars. We have seen many who were once at the top of prosperity suddenly fall down to square one and start again.

All these things are not natural, at times we blame those who fall victim for their mistakes, but the truth is that there are demonic forces behind those issues which they must fight through to financial breakthrough.

Mind you, this message does not apply to all families, but I want to beg you, don’t compare yourself with some whom their parents have fought the battle for them in which they are only enjoying the prosperity of their parents like Solomon.

For some people, their parents are still idol worshippers, some have not even known the road to church not to talk of being born again.

There are many whom their mother has conquered territories on their behalf, their father has destroyed the gate of brass on their behalf but for you, you know the family you are coming from.

You know that you are the first graduate in that family, you know you are the first to put on NYSC uniform in that family, you know you are the first to be planning to put on wedding gown in that your family, you know how thick darkness covers the family you come from. Don’t let anyone cajole you with faith words.

If some of us do not have battle to fight, Christ will not tell us that whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven which means there are things we need to bind and loose.

Truly, there are battles Christ has fought for us, also there are battles Christ has empowered us to fight. If there is no battle to fight, there will not be any need to put on the whole armour of God.

I do say it that many in Christiandom do interpret scriptures from their experience. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has never experienced spiritual attack. He will teach you that power of darkness is not real with sweet mouth on how to overcome them with positive confession.

I am presently pastoring a church in one demonic area in a state I will not mention. With the one year I have spent in the town, I have seen deep mysterious things that goes beyond my age. Some women I never knew that they are witches, because of their fervency in church programs came to us confessing their position in the kingdom of darkness.

There may be some generational blessings working for you that is unknown to you, that may be the reason why things are going smoothly.

Let me tell you this mystery, just as we have generational curses working in the life of some , so also we have generational blessings working for some also.

The family of Jesse was chosen as the next king not because Jesse was righteous, but because he came out from the tribe of Judah who was blessed by Jacob that scepter will not depart from his family.

The Canaanite, Jebusite, and Philistines was sent out of the Canaan land flowing with milk and honey not because they did any evil but because they inherited a curse from their forefathers called Canan 800 years ago whom was cursed by Noah. See genesis chapter 9.

The children of bishop David Oyedepo, Dangote , and many more need not to fight any financial battle that many of us are fighting today, because they are enjoying the inheritance of their fathers.
Their fathers have paid the price, fought what the fathers of many of us failed overcome. That is why their children are not passing through what many of us are passing through.

I was once discussing with a brother who was claiming he understands the finished works of Christ, how curses walk indirectly into the lives of many so called Christians, because to him, he claims he is not suffering from any curse. I asked him, why did you go to polytechnic, struggled to pay your school fees by yourself, why not Redeemers University or
Covenant University? Is it because those who are there are has two heads?

He then responded that it was because his father was poor and he could not afford such money. Then I told him can you now see that indirectly you are suffering from the curse of your fathers.

Truly, you have been redeemed from the curse of the law, but because you came out from your parent who are under financial curses due to one reason or the other, you are affected already in which if you also fail to determine to loose yourself, it may affect your destiny. That is how generational curses and generational blessings work that many do not know.

*A blessed man in a cursed land is not different from a cursed man in a blessed land. This is a mystery l will explain deeply in the latter part. Can you now see why a man who is struggling to feed in Nigeria will travel out of the country and be washing toilet yet he will become a wealthy man.

Some of the children of those in private universities are not born again yet they are in best school, why? Because they are enjoying the blessings of their parents. In which many of them already have assurance of job opportunities in multinational companies due to the influence of their parent but to many they are working barefooted on the street with the photocopy of their credentials looking for job by
themselves after 4 years of graduation with their knowledge of the scripture.

I am not saying this to underrate some people’s spiritual intelligence, but to let us know that spiritual reality goes beyond the knowledge of the Pauline epistle that has led many to spiritual pride.

That is why I am proclaiming to us now to prepare for war, and wake up the mighty man. It is time to attack the attackers, and arrest the arrester.

What many do not understand about the gospel is that they see messages that talks about spiritual warfare is not the gospel, no, gospel is good news and we know that to any spiritual warfare we shall surely win by the power of Christ.

The reality of spirituality is that if you don’t understand the law of balancing you will enter into extremity in whatever you are doing or believe.

Directly and indirectly, I pray we shall be delivered from financial hardship in Jesus name.

See you in part four.

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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