Relationship Advice: From Room Mates to Soul Mates

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Couples do not plan on growing apart – couples simply slowly drift apart over time.

Couples do not just drift into being close again. Growing close again requires intentionally taking action designed to grow close.

Here are some strategies for growing close again.

Remember when…? Have a conversation about how you first met each other and what first attracted you to each other.

Talk about the times you have felt the most connection. Then list the things you did that helped create that closeness. Then do those things again.

Mention something your partner did that you enjoyed. I’ll even give you the words:

“I loved it today when you gave me a break from the kids/hugged me/held my hand/helped me at the office, etc.”

Discover and use the love language of your partner. Does your partner most need to see it, hear it, or feel it to feel the most loved? If you do not know, ask.

Create a perfect day. Ask you partner what their perfect day might look like. Then create as much of that day as possible.

Renew and/or rewrite you vows. Who says we can only say these important words once? Renewing vows, commitments and words of love can rapidly and powerfully bring partners closer together.


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