Relationship Advice: L is for Lonely

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Have you ever felt lonely in your relationship?

If you answered yes, do not feel like you are all by yourself, you are part of a very big club.

Loneliness or solitude

There are two words for the state of being alone. One word is solitude, which is enjoying being alone so you can re-charge your battery if need be. The other word is lonely, which is the state of being alone when we do not want to be.

What to do, what to do?

When you find yourself feeling lonely in the middle of your relationship, here are some things you can do:

1. Don’t panic. This feeling occurs in many relationships. It’s what you do about that is important.

2. Talk about it. Folks, when it comes to strong emotions, what we do not talk out, we act out. Sure it is a risk to bring it up, but it’s a bigger risk not to bring it up. Many times, if you are feeling lonely, so is the other person.

3. Make a plan. Talk about the times when the two of you felt the closest and most connected. Then make a plan to do some of those things again.

4. Work the plan. Making a plan does not change anything. Working a plan changes things.


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