Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Four)

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Fighting Through to Financial Breakthrough (Series Four)

Luke 19 vs 27:
But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

NLT Bible. Luke 19 vs 27:
And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king—bring them in and execute them right here in front of me.

Everyone of us is not favoured in all areas. There are areas of our lives that you experience some dimensions of success that you don’t struggle to attain, while there are some areas that if you don’t wage war in the spirit, you may not attain success in such area.

Same to the financial life of some. I have said it in my previous part that this message is not for all. You can’t expect the children of Daddy David Oyedepo now to be fighting through to any financial breakthrough. Their father has waged the war in the realm of the spirit and breakthrough financially not for their lives alone, but for their generation.

Unlike many of us that our fathers have not yet roofed their houses at age 60, they are still waiting for pension from government to complete it.

The reality of this life is that some of us are favoured in some dimensions of life more than others. Not that this set of people are born again, which may make us to say that they understand the finished works of Christ that is why they are lifted up, but because there are unknown generational blessings that some are enjoying which are mysteries to us.

Just as generational curses can bring poverty to generation yet unborn so also generation blessings can bring prosperity to generation yet unborn.

Let me use spiritual things as an example, there are some that they do not struggle to see vision even though they are just coming from an obvious sinful act like Jacob, they will still see heavens open and angels coming down of from heaven.

While opposite is the case for Mr B. Despite the fact that the bible says once the spirit rest upon you, you shall see visions, yet they fight in the spirit before they can attain just little dimension of vision realm in which if they did not maintain constant level of consecration, fasting, and holiness, they may lose it. And you just see a Mr A eating day and night yet before he sleeps, you see him waking up with deep revelational dream. All these things are inexplicable because it contradicts the principles that many of us are brought up with.

Trace the gene of the one full of prophetic grace you will discover that there may be someone in that family some generation ago with such grace, it may be his great grand father.

What makes the difference? It is because one is operating by mercy, favour and grace inherited from the covenant God has made with their family, because of how is great grand father accommodated one old white missionary to African some century ago.

Mind you, not that Mr B is not under mercy, grace and favour, but the areas where everyone is favoured are different.

Using my self as an example with all humility, i have discovered that there are some dimensions of God’s grace that I am seeing in my life that none of my family has ever experienced it, while there are also dimensions of grace, favour and blessing i’m seeing in the life of my immediate biological senior brother that I have never experienced, despite my walk with God.

What am I trying to point out? that everyone has areas where they struggle and a stress free area of their lives. Therefore, any area you sense that you are disfavoured in your life, it is expected to wage war in the spirit in such area. If you don’t fight through to breakthrough in that area, that area may stand as obstacle not to allow your joy to be full.

Presently, I know an area where I realise that I seriously need to wage war in the spiritual realm in order for my grace to move forward. And I know some areas where I know i am seeing God’s grace effortlessly above my capacity without much effor.

Using Jacob as an example, there are some areas in his life that he did not fight any angel before he started operating in it, nevertheless, he struggled in some areas despite the fact that he was under the covenant blessing of his lineage. It was until he wrestled with angel which led to changing of his name, that he was able to be free from struggle in such area.

May I tell you the truth? There are mysteries in the realm of the spirit not opened to many. We have seen many Christians that when it comes to education, they are highly favoured by God. No delay, they gained admission and graduated at their tender age, no struggle academically, and they keep on seeing themselves as a lucky fellow, until the period of marriage begin to set in. They start experiencing marital delay which has never occured to them, while they were in school. Now their friends who was unlucky by then, who wrote Jamb 5 times before one college of education could offer them Yoruba education have gotten married with two kids enjoying their homes.

Can you see the mystery of life and how time and chance happen to them all?

Such people academically they are favoured. No warfare prayer of any kind on any carry over courses. Mind you, at this area he may be using one bible verse to prove herself right. That he understands the finished works of Christ that is why devil is not attacking him. But when he gets to another phase of life and he begins to see gates of brass and iron doors used to block her ways in the realm of the spirit, she will understand the meaning of the bible verse that says woe unto him that make ease in Zion.

Same to many areas of life. Some are very rich but with poor health. God created us all in this earth with some areas of limitations so that no man will boast. That is why I don’t envy anybody, because I know that there are some treasures and blessings in me that may not be in others.

Therefore, any area you sense that you have not experienced favour, it is time to cry like Jacob that O Lord, you will not go unless you bless me.

You need not to compare yourself with others. There are some of us that we have never experienced financial testimonies since we were born. Problem comes from one place or the other at the junction of financial breakthrough. It is either the person that is planning to help us suddenly dies or an irrelevant incident just occurs that make us to loose the helper of our destiny.

We have heard of a man who suddenly polluted at the interview hall in a reputable company which led to his disqualification. All these are not natural.

It has sunk into my understanding without any doubt that the spiritual controls the physical. This physical realm is a slave to the realm of the spirit, it obeys and follows the voice and instruction of the spiritual world.

Never take anything to be natural. “Jesus said that every of my enemy that will not allow me to rule over them bring them before me and slay” Luke 19 vs 27.

Check yourself now, in which area are you experiencing delay or struggle of any kind. It is time to bind things that need to be bound, or loose things that needs to be loosened. Authority has been given to you.

The Bible says in the name of Christ every knee of poverty standing in your life shall bow. It is time to be angry in the spirit over that financial failure, don’t let devil cajole you to relax that your time is coming. Tell
the devil that your time is now. The joy of everything in life is to do the right thing at the right time. Delay at times can lead many to settle for less.

Let me give an instance, you hardly see somebody who put him for guidance and counselling, Yoruba or adult education in high institutions but do you know that delay or insult of staying at home again when all her mate has gained admission can make her to settle for such course?

Same to marriage, delay can make you to settle for a brother or sister you know in the spirit that this one is not your worth if things are fine.

Mind you, i’m not saying this to cause sorrow to anybody, but to wake us up to the reality in the spiritual world and take our stand to war in the spirit. Principality is a spirit in charge of delay and blockage of any kind. Nevertheless, is not the time to think but to rise to your change spiritually, because I know when God will end up fooling the devil over your life, he will turn everything together for good for you.

See you in part 5 where we shall be putting balance to warfare and our position in Christ Jesus.

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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