Long Distance Relationship Advice – Must Follow Tips For Success

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I’ve formulated the top long distance relationship advice that I’ve come to understand from all of the relationships that I’ve gone through over the years. All of the points on this page come from specific long distance relationships (LDR) that I’ve experienced.

Long distance relationship of things not to do:

1.) Cheat on your partner. This is a gimme, but I have to state it because it is the most important thing to avoid. Even if you “get away with it” and it was just a temporary lapse in judgement, the fact that you cheated should alone bring up some questions about the relationship. If you are even tempted to cheat you should reconsider if being in an LDR is right for you at the moment.

2.) Try to control your partner. It is good to stay in touch, but being too imposing can definitely be a problem. You should stay in touch very frequently, but don’t freak out and start calling 15 times if she/he doesn’t answer your text message at night. I’ve done that with my first LDR and my girlfriend at the time decided to break up with me (rightfully so). Acting controlling like that is needy and it will weaken the relationship. Trust is very important for any relationship, but it is the key to success in an LDR.

Long distance relationship advice of things you should do:

1.) First of all let me say that one of the key ingredients to make a long distance relationship work is passion. Both people need to be passionate enough about each other to want to make it work. One of the LDR’s that I’ve experienced was lacking in passion. This came to the forefront when we were separated by a 3 hour airplane flight. Not being in front of each other simply emphasized the gut feeling about the relationship that we previously had.

2.) Effort and discipline are required even if passion is present. Staying monogamous may be difficult if you have other options available and only see your loved one once a month. This is a harsh reality, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

3.) Communication can make or break the relationship. You need to stay in touch frequently. For me, communicating with my girlfriend at least once a day was ideal. And by communicate I mean text, call, skype, etc. Any methods are OK as long as you’re staying in touch. I’d even recommend mixing it up and trying to see which one works best for you.

4.) Honesty. This is pretty straight forward long distance relationship advice. But it simply cannot be ignored for LDRs. You need to let each other know that you’re both going to be 100% upfront about any issues that you have. I cannot stress this enough. The LDRs that lasted for me all depended heavily on honesty and loyalty.

5.) Meet up as often as possible. This may be difficult if you’re really far away, but there is no substitute for seeing each other. Doing this often will reinforce that you’re still in a relationship. It will also emphasize that you’re both still committed to each other on an intimate level.

There you have it: the most important long distance relationship advice that I’ve learned through heartbreaking trial and error over the years. Hope it is helpful to you in your long term relationship.


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