Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Six)

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Fighting Through To Financial Breakthrough (Series Six)

In this last part we shall be talking about how devil has used different means to put many into financial bondage.

This spirit of poverty and yoke of stagnation is working in the life of people from different perspective.

A woman came to me of recent lamenting how things have been so hard for her. She explained how she has embarked on many businesses, yet she ran into loss. I began to look at her case beyond natural when she said she has never missed her tithe and offering in church. Because to many that is the secret of financial open heaven.

Many with natural mind and judgemental spirits may want to blame her that it is because of her sin, ignorance, extravagance spending. But from her talk with me, I began to know in the spirit how she inherited the spirit of poverty from her husband of which she confirmed it to be true, because is just a confirmation from the word of some prophets of God she has come across in her search for breakthrough.

Now the question is how does devil put the son of man into financial predicament?

Firstly, there are many people that devil used their religious attitude to put them into hard poverty, because devil has built a mind set in them that poverty is an evidence of holiness using Lazarus and the rich man a biblical example.

While some, devil used their lack of relationship with Christ to attack their financial lives and put them under the yoke of poverty.

While some devil used the power of ignorance to put them into financial predicament in which they lack the knowledge of what to do that will lead to financial breakthrough. Such people are likely to be people who are mentally poor.

While some cannot just explain why things are getting wrong or not working financially, because every principle of attracting prosperity needed to be to followed has been done, yet no result.

If you find yourself in any of this category, I want you to sit back and follow me because I believe in my spirit that somebody is about to get out from inherited poverty of any kind in Jesus name.

The gates of brass and gates of iron discovered in the book of Isaiah 45 vs. 1-3 is likely to represent anything hindering us from entering into the ocean of prosperity, while the darkness in vs. 3 symbolises the power of ignorance which makes many to lack the ability to know what to do that will launch them into financial breakthrough.

To those who use religion as an excuse for poverty, I want to encourage you to change your mentality at this time and launch out to do something about your poor life, because all you need is not prayer, but ‘change of mind set.’

One of my philosophy says, “if you want to prosper spiritually learn to go inside, while if you want to prosper financially learn to go outside, but if you want to prosper in both “just understand when to launch in and when to launch out.” Because there is time for everything under the heaven.

While for those who are mentally poor with inability to know the right step to take that will lead them to financial breakthrough, all you need is knowledge. Ignorance of any kind is a disease.

And for those who are pushing, seeking, following all principles and yet nothing seem to show up, I want you to know that this series is majorly for you. Don’t compare your self with any one, though your friend who is not even born again, or prayerful like you can be flowing in financial prosperity, moving from one good job to another, while you are still busy written a lesson note in one private primary school as a graduate of economics education. That things are working for them easily does not mean there are no spiritual forces behind.

I have said it that there are some that are under generational blessings just as some are under generational curses.

Permit me to use the Adeleke’s family in Osun state as an example, I mean the family where the popular hip hop singer (Davido) came from.

Look deeply into their family you will understand what I mean. From my research, the riches you are seeing in their family today has been flowing in the family from their past generations, either they are born again or not there is generational blessing flowing in the family. We can see Davido also who left the line of his father and moved into music industry, yet the covenant also followed him to the place.

Should I tell you the fact, if any one in the family today decided to go into farming, he may end up receiving award from the world government as the best farmer of the year….that is the power of generational blessing in action.

The question is, is davido only the hip hop singer? No! Even when he went for his NYSC of recent, you need to see how all attention was focus on him, the fact is that there are many who know how to sing more than him, yet their voices are not heard.

Looking at the one that joined politics also, the generational covenant followed him also to his political area, despite the fact he was tagged a dancing gubernatorial aspirant, without O’level certificate yet the people came out massively to vote for him in the just concluded governorship election in Osun state before the election was declared inconclusive.

Also, another one in the family who is into academics end up building a private University in Osun state called Adeleke university. The question is are they the only one? That is the power of generational blessing i am talking about.

Mind you not that their parent are rich that is why things are working for them, but it was an inherited spirit of excellent flowing though their blood.

Same to how generational curses flow to generations until someone stands out for the family to break the curse.

At times, you will suddenly discover that the same poverty, badluck, stagnancy that overwhelmed your great grand father also happened to your grand father and you are seeing the traces in your father and siblings also. Without any doubt, you are also seeing the traces in your life now. It is time to be angry in the spirit and wrestle until something happens.

There are different men of God with different anointing, why? It is because God knows that the problems of men are different and there are different means he has chosen to solve them.

Permit me to say this with all humility that there are some of us that the book of Kenneth E.Hagin cannot help in solving our problems, because this is Africa, where what we need is African pentecostal anointed pastors to come to our rescue through Christ Jesus. And I know some will want to say that all we need is Christ and not anointed pastors, but I will remind you what the Bible says in the book of James that if anyone among you is sick, let him call the elders in the Church (not Jesus) and let them pray for him, because the effectual prayer of faith prayed for him by the elders availeth much.

This is a spiritual reality. There are some cases that you cannot solve by yourself. That is why Christ gave gifts to the church. The Christ you are calling upon has released your solution into the body of Christ.

At times we need God’s prophet who will help us to know where our problems are coming from. Because at times, if the success of a problem is not unveiled it may be difficult to breakthrough, but at times when the curses are exposed, it renders the power of the problems powerless.

At times also we need teachers of the word who will open the eyes of our understanding to the reality of our problems and point us to how we can be set free.

At times also, we need deliverance ministers whom God will use to break any gate of brass that needs to be broken as we enter into financial breakthrough.

Don’t allow spiritual pride to lock you in one corner with a mindset that no true man of God again due to how one prophet impregnated the sister of your landlord. Or with the mindset that I can deliver myself by the power of God. Yes, it is possible, but in most cases, it is not always like that. God usually like to attach the breakthrough of man to another man so that we can value one another.

And I speak as an oracle of God, to speak into your life that very soon financial doors will begin to open to you in Jesus name.

Love you all

See you again in the next series where we shall be talking about another topic called “BEYOND NATURAL

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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