Beyond Natural (Series Five)

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Beyond Natural (Series Five)

NLT Bible. Romans 1 vs 1:
This letter is from Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, chosen by God to be an apostle and sent out to preach his Good News.

The fact is that there are limitations to the dimension in the ministry of everyman. So being an apostle does not necessarily mean that you must be able to operate in all offices as many do think.

An apostle only means a vessel specially called and chosen for a definite mission. They are commissioned with a special mandate, with evidence of signs following, because their mission is not to an individual but to either a nation, a country or the whole world for a divine mandate.

Anyone called apostle does not struggle for popularity. The works of God through their hands is enough voice to announce them to the area or nation that God is sending them to.

So they are called apostles not because they operate in all offices or manifest all gifts but because they are sent out with a certain mandate.

If by calling and gift they are teachers, then they become an apostolic teacher. Kudos to apostle Joshua Selma in this dimension. If they are prophets, they become an apostolic prophet or prophetic apostle, Kudos to apostle Johnson Suleiman in this
dimension. If they are evangelists by calling, they become an apostolic evangelist. Kudos to Daddy Reinhard Bonnke in this dimension. And If they are pastors by calling, they become an apostolic pastor, Kudos to our daddy, papa Enoch Adeboye in this dimension.

So therefore, you will see clearly that if someone is an apostle, there will still be an office among the five fold ministry where he will be able to operate in a higher dimension without limitation, and there will be a certain dimension where he will be seriously limited in operation because they are still in this mortal body.

That is why I do encourage people not to be in a hurry to start a church or ministry, because it takes an apostolic anointing to start a church or a ministry. You can see why the ministry of many are crawling after many years of establishment.

Mind you, don’t misquote me. I’m not saying that until you become an apostle before you can start a church or ministry, but the reality remains that if the apostolic anointing does not rest upon you the ministry cannot produce much result.

There are many ministries older than Winners, RCCG, Mountain of Fire and many more, but some are still struggling to count 150 members for years because, they are operating under the anointing that is not apostolic.

That is why I do says that no one can push me to start a church or ministry, because I speak from experience.

I was once the vision carrier of a ministry called MADEM before God gave me this understanding am sharing with you now.

When God opened my understanding to this reality, I called all the members of the ministry and told them am quitting, because I know the anointing upon me now is not yet an apostolic anointing, it is an anointing to operate in the office of a teacher, which is not enough to found a ministry and sit down with it on full time bases lest, i will be frustrated thinking God did not call us.

Many of them thought i was making a big mistake, but I committed them to God’s hands trusting Him to open their understanding to this reality in which many of them was able to understand after some period.

I told them let this vision be written down at the right time it shall speak for itself, we are not the one to speak for it, the vision shall speak for itself. The issue of trying to advertise your vision by going to radio, with big posters on whatsapp and Facebook may because the time has not come. When the time comes, even though your John is in the wilderness, the king will search for him.

Sincerely, many of us still need to hide our self under the authority of a ministry that is under open heaven until we hear God saying separate me Paul and Barnabas for the work I have called them into. Because there is time for every thing.

See you in the last part under this series.

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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