3 Leadership Traits in Children

    To become successful in this world you need to have at least some leadership skills as not only does being a leader allow you to manage others it also gives you confidence, charisma and vision.  All of these qualities are found in great men and women around the world making finding leadership traits in children an important part of developing a strong, successful and happy child. 

    What then do we analyze when we look for leadership traits in children?  Here are 3 prime examples of leadership qualities that your child might exhibit proving they are natural leaders. 

    1. Social Activities - If you pay attention to how you child interacts with other children you can often get a good impression of their abilities.  However many parents do not look deep enough to see the qualities that are important.  If you child is the captain of the soccer team then yes, it is usually a tick for the leadership box.  However did they get there because the players liked the way they helped other players or did they get there because they bullied their team mates into letting him be the captain.  No parent likes to admit their child may be a bully but assertiveness can sometimes come from this kind of action when they do not realize that coercion is not leadership.  Instead look at how your child helps others, if their concern matches their drive to fix something and make it better this is a much better trait of leadership.  Good leaders do not coerce or bully, they lead because people want to follow, they lead because they get the job done! 

    2. How They Ask Questions - The way your child learns about the world is a good way to judge leadership potential.  If your child is too talkative they may not be good listeners, if they are too silent they may not be assertive enough.  If your child listens but asks questions frequently and with a desire to learn and with a capacity to link new and complex ideas together then this is a sign of intelligence and of leadership.  A leader is someone with a vision of how they want things to be and this comes from a good understanding of how things are.  A good leader will ask the right questions to get the answers they need to solve problems. 

3. Who Are Their Heroes – This might seem simplistic but it does help in determining leadership traits in children. Who does your child idolize? On the TV, in real life, locally whoever! So many children become obsessed with Bratz dolls and rebellious “cool” characters … not that all of these characters are displayed as bad leaders but many children are brainwashed into wanting to be popular instead of being a leader. If your child's favorite actors, or cartoon characters are the leaders or are more concerned in getting the job done with the aid of others than being popular or cool this is a sign of someone who respects real leadership at a young age.



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