Beyond Natural (Series Six)

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Beyond Natural (Series Six)
NLT Bible. 1 Corinthians 15 vs 53:

For our dying bodies must be transformed into bodies that will never die; our mortal bodies must be transformed into immortal bodies.

We thank God so far who has helped us in the series which exposes our mind to the reality that is existing beyond natural that is available for man kind.

In which in this last part we shall be talking about the weakness of our mortal body that stand as the causes of the limitations of man kind from flowing in the supernatural realm and doing things beyond the natural level.

The fact is that as long as we are still in this mortal body, there are limitations to the dimension at which man can operate when it comes to things that goes beyond natural because of the weakness of man. Until our mortal body put on immortality their are realm that will become unveil to mind and eyes of man.

There are deep, mysterious and unlawful things in the spiritual realm that are still locked up for man to know no matter the level of your spiritual understanding.

There are mysteries that is not for this generation just as there are mysteries unfold to us now which the people of the past generation do not have access to. Most especially in the area of the doctrine of grace
When the hosts of heaven see a man as a weak or weaker vessel, they are not necessarily talking about the weakness of a man in terms of falling into sin like fornication or anger, but they are talking about the inability of man to manifest the wholesomeness of God, through this natural body.

The main weakness of man is not sin, but the mortal body, which have the capacity to render the power of our newly born spirit impotent. Our new life finds it difficult to express its capacity because of the environment it finds itself called the body.

Our newly born again man or nature in our mortal body has the capacity to see, know, understand, hear and do beyond natural, but the eyes and hears of our human body will not allow the eyes of our spirit to find expression.

Your spirit has the capacity to do some amazing and spectacular spiritual things, that is why you only see him manifesting himself through imagination.

You can sit down here in Nigeria and begin to imagine yourself in London, the reality is that at that period you are already in London, but because of the weakness of your mortal body to bring to reality the will of your spirit, you see yourself in Nigeria in the real sense.

Mind you, you may think you are imagining, no, you’re not. Imagination is an understatement to what just happen to you. The weakness of your body to suddenly transform and follow your spirit to where he went to, makes us to call such scenario “imagination.”

Sincerely, as far as the spirit realm is concerned, whatever you think of or imagine is what it is counted unto you, as if you have done it in the physical realm.

That is why the bible condemns those who lust in their hearts after a woman, mind you they did not do it in the real sense, but as far as the spirit realm is concerned, it is recorded to them as if they committed the real fornication.

Same to anytime you think of your self buying a car or eating a fried rice, the fact is that in the realm of the spirit you have done it, but the weakness of your body does not allow what has happened in the realm of the spirit to come to reality.

This weakness makes us to lack ability to see instant manifestation to our wishes. Can you see this greatest enemy called mortal body who has been making us to lack the ability to live beyond natural.

I will be sincere with you, the major reason why God supports death for we believers is just for us to be translated out of this body and enjoy a life that goes beyond natural in another environment.

That is why to some of us, death is not a big deal, only a vehicle that transports us into another environment in the realm of the spirit.

Therefore, the only solution to subdue the weakness of man is called “the power of grace.”

That is a situation where by a supernatural Spirit will come down to the mortal body of man and help the spirit of man to over the weakness of man, and break the law of nature which put the mortal body into
limitations, so that the spirit of man can find expression of his power and use the mortal body to do what goes beyond natural.

When grace is in action you see a natural man operating beyond natural, some called it gift of the spirit, but to me, i term all to be called the grace of God.

This grace works most in our weakness. The real messenger of the devil that Paul was talking about is not necessarily sickness in the body or lust to sin, but the mortal body itself.

Without the body, devil would not have the capacity to fulfil his mission, but the body of man is the most obedient vessel to the work of the devil as far as the kingdom record is concerned, that is why Paul called the mortal body the messenger of the devil.

We are hoping for rapture not because there is one rice, chicken or virgins we want to go and enjoy in heaven, but it is a place where we can really manifest the capacity of our new nature.

We are created with potentials, power and wisdom more than the angels. But we are seeing them to be more powerful than us, not because God loves them more than us, but because our mortal body is making our human spirit to find it difficult to manifest its real identity.

Anytime I come across the scripture that says “what I do you will do also, and more than what I do you will do also.” I see the real weakness of mankind.

Sincerely speaking, what Christ came to display on earth wasthe reality of how a man should live on earth.

I am not saying this to condemn us, but to show us the reality of our existence. And I pray another dimension of operating in the supernatural will be our portion this week in Jesus name


See you in the next series where we will be talking about another topic titled “The Power of Mindset

I know you will enjoy that also.

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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