Six Things Exceptional Mentors Do for the Ones They Mentor

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It took me some time to understand how mentors impart wisdom and knowledge to the younger people they lead. Mentoring is a powerful tool for modeling leadership and life skills from one generation to another.I remember my first mentor who invited me to follow Jesus Christ and showed me how to walk the straight and narrow path that leads to life. I also recall the practice sessions with my first musical mentor who taught me how to project my voice and sing high tenor. I began to realize what a blessing it was to have leaders in my life who recognized, celebrated and did their best to help me do better. I have learned some things over the years and I share six characteristics that exceptional mentors possess.

  1. Mentors are coaches who do not exert formal authority alone but use their influence to lead you to a place that you cannot go by yourself.

    2. They do not just tell you what to do but they will hold your hand along the way correcting you as you go.

    3. They lead and influence those who follow them to enable them to realize their potential. They see greatness in others and are careful to nurture it.

    4. Uncommon mentors are a compass and a guide; they show you how to navigate in the troubled waters of life, leveraging on their own experience..

    5. They build hope and inspire those they lead to awaken their true potential against overwhelming odds and challenges.

    6. They affirm you and build you up, not just in self-esteem but to help the uncommon young dreamer to dream and to build, to do and succeed in the intents and purposes of the heart. You will go further if you are mentored.

I owe my charisma and the self – belief I now have to my mentors who helped me over the years. I did not have what it took to get to the next level of success. You do not have to do everything by yourself because you are limited. You do not have to stay at the level you are in life. There are many excellent people out there who are longing to be necessary to you. Tap into their experience and you will make it to the top. You will save time and money and accelerate your progress if you follow this piece of advice I offer for free.



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