The Power Of Mindset (Series One)

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The Power Of Mindset (Series One)

NLT Bible: Romans 12 vs 2a:
“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transforms you into a new person by changing the way you think”

The mind is a department in the faculty of human body that thinks and reasons.

While a mindset can be defined as a particular and fixed way in which a man reasons or thinks.

It is a belief system that governs the mind of a man and controls his way of life, it is also a particular way of thinking that affects the attitudes and opinions of a person. If the mindset of a man does not change, a certain part of his life can never change.

Changing a man from within means to change his mindset before changing him. For example, a man has the tendency to become rebellious to the law, opinion and principles only of a certain place or organization, if his mindset does not change to belief the benefit of such principle and law.

You can see the reason why the Israelites suddenly found themselves worshiping idols, because their minds and lives have been shaped by the way of life in Egypt where idol worshipping is the major religion.

For many, what they need is not prayer as many think, all they need is a change of mindset. Mindset can make you poor, if you fail to build a prosperous mentality for yourself.

Mindset is so powerful to the extent that it has the power to attract spirit in the spirit world. It is like a nature that gives any spirit licence to operate in ones life. It theologically proven that the highest percentage of what happens to many born again Christians is as a result of their mindset, their mindet towards God, sickness, demon, dreams, and many more. And this is why after salvation we must learn to renew our mind so that we can become and attain what God wants us to be.

Salvation is not a yardstick to be automatically free from certain evil things. That is why you see a devoted Christian in poverty and sickness, Why? Because they are saved but not free. Believing in Jesus and accepting him as your Lord and saviour gives you automatic licence to be saved, while renewing your mind to a right principle of the kingdom gives you a total freedom from any kind of evil after salvation.

The power of this mindset is what is making some dream to have physical effect in many lives.

My question is where is it written in the bible that eating, fornicating or picking snail in a dream is a symbol of evil, but the reality is that all these become real to many lives, because of how they have built their mindset to believing it.

The major problem with Africans, that makes the white to have advantage over us in everything, is just the way our mind is programmed.

An average Africans will see problems and disadvantages first in everything, while the Whites search for opportunities first in a thing.

Even in religion settings, our mindset also make us to develop an atmosphere of negative prayer point more than positive ones. If you want an African woman to pray very well just give them negative story of how a whole family perished in an accident, because they did not do their morning prayer, with all her body and emotions you will suddenly see such African woman waking all her family up by 4: 30am to pray before going out for their daily work. Why all this? Because Africans have developed a mindset of
fear towards evil than hope of blessings.

It is only when you have negative dream that you know it is time for vigil.

There are many people that there is no how you will convince them that eating in dream can never have negative effect in their lives, because of their past and bad experience after eating in the dream. But they failed to accept that such negative effect comes to reality because of their beliefs and mindset towards the dream.

There are some dimensions of demonic power that the power of our mindset can render powerless, if we can reset our mindset to the direction of kingdom principles.

The real work acceptable in the realm of the spirit is not when you engage your body, but it is when you engage your mind. Those that engage their minds to work are always a master of those that engage their body to work.

What makes a manager to sit in the office and be collecting a monthly salary of five hundred thousands naira (#500,000) with air condition and a gate man or a cleaner working tirelessly is collecting twenty thousands naira (#20,000), is that a manager is working with his brain and a prosperous mindset, while the other is engaging the body with poor mind set to work.

Same to the things of the spirit, many pastors are poor not because they are not paying tithe and offering, but at times their poverty may come as a result of the mindset. Their mindset make many of them to be contented with their stagnancy situation.

Many of them never see any reason to rise above their limitations, all they know is fasting and prayer, in which this alone is not enough.

That is why you will discover that some pastors can only be successful a little bit in the village, if they try to preach to educated fellows in the city their message may look like a child’s play. Why? It is because of their mindset.

Their mindset never allow them to package their message with deeper research, you see them justify themselves that peter did not go to any school yet God used him mightily. They fail to know that assuming apostle peter is still alive now, he might be on his PHD in theology in any respected university.

Many of them will hardly iron their clothes as a pastor, because of the environmental mindset that have affected them. You can not try such in the city where educated people with good mindset gather to worship, because you will be underated and embraced with your big bible and revelational message. Your dressing, way of talking, approach to things is a result of your mindset.

This same mindset has made many to see civilization as worldliness. You’ll see them condemning preaching with IPad on the altar. They believe it is a sign of the end times.

That is why God placed teachers in the body of Christ to pick up the souls that the evangelists convert and nurture their mindset to maturity in all departments of life.

There are many spiritual and natural factors that contribute to the make up of our mindset, which will be the topic of discussion in the next part.

We shall be considering some spiritual and natural factors that affect the mindset of a man. In which the spiritual factor are:
1. The principle of the new age (which is the spirit and principle that controls the life of people in the city).

  1. The principle of old or dark age, which is the principle that controls the life of people in the village.

It is in this series that you will understand why those living in the village cannot rise above some certain level of success in life as long as they remain in the village. You will also see the spirit that is quenching the fire of God burning in the life of many in the city.

From The Desk Of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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