ADESEWA (The Pregnant Corper Episode 1 – 3)

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{The Pregnant Corper}


My name is Adesewa. I was raised by God-fearing parents who were blessed with six girls. My parents were deacon and deaconess in a Pentecostal church. I happened to be their third daughter, with three younger ones.
I had my HND at Yaba college of technology and was posted to Kwara state for my youth service.
I had given my life to Christ since my secondary school days, and I used to sing a lot, sometimes I even compose my own song. I joined the church choir when I was just nine years old.
After the 3 weeks orientation program of the NYSC, I was posted to a secondary school at Oyan for the one year service. I was given a room on the school compound at the Corpers’ quarters.
On getting to
On getting to Oyan, I started looking for a Pentecostal church where I could be worshipping, and soon I was able to find one. Shortly after I started worshipping in the church, I
joined the choir. Fortunately, it was at the time when the choir leader just left the church, and there was nobody to coordinate the members. Before I knew it, I was made the choir leader after being interviewed by the pastor, Pastor Williams.
I was loved by everybody in the church, especially the choristers, because of my unique voice. Whenever I sing or lead a song, the whole congregation has a way of murmuring
“Huuuuunnnnn!” with a sigh of satisfaction when they hear my voice.
Most of the choir members were younger than me, so they call me “aunty” or “Sister Sewa”. One of them was Bode, who used to play keyboard for us in the church. He was so gifted when it comes to instruments; there was no instrument he couldn’t play. I always felt the presence of God whenever he was on the keyboard.
I was named Adesewa after my late grandmother, who passed away shortly before I was born. My dad loved his mum so much, and hence transferred the love to me, believing that his late mother was the one who came back, more so, according to him, I was the mama’s carbon copy. It was after he became saved, that he knew he was wrong. My second name was Yetunde.
My dad saw me as perfect. Anything I did or said was right, even when I myself knew I was wrong. In a nutshell, I was his favorite. When my mum noticed that daddy was treating me like the apple of his eyes, she wasn’t taking things easy with me at all. She spanks me at every slight mistake I made, mostly when my dad wasn’t at home.
Sometimes she would lament. ..”You that spoilt brat!. your father has spoilt u. See, I will make sure I deal with you before maggots start coming out of your body….”
My two elder sisters too, also made life miserable for me, especially, the first born, sister Temi. She would never tolerate any nonsense from me, she took after mummy, but her own was just too much.
By the time I was serving, sister Temi and sister Tiwa have married, but I have been tamed already.

Bode was the closest to me among all the choir members. I could see in him a younger brother I never had.
My school was not so far to the church, so sometimes after service or singing practise he would say “aunty Sewa, I’m coming to your place to eat o”. I would tell him to come since I really didn’t know how to prepare one man meal, I was always having leftover.
He was only 20yrs old then, while I was 24. He was a 200 level student of College of education, Okene, and a native of Oyan where I was serving.
When I first got to the church, his school was on break, before we could really get to know each other, the break was over, so he went back to school.
About a month after he left, I saw him in church one Sunday morning. I asked him why he came home so soon, he told me he had not paid his school fees and that his parents were not able to give him the money. I got to know that his dad was an old farmer, and his mum, a petty trader at Oyan market.
Money was never my problem because besides the allowance I was receiving from NYSC, my dad was always sending money into my account without my sisters’ knowledge. He would say he didn’t want me to suffer since I was far from home. So, I asked him the amount he needed. He told me, and I told him to come and meet me in school the next day, so we could go to the bank together to withdraw the money.
I withdrew almost everything I had in my account, gave him his school fees, transport fare and a token as pocket money. He was very happy. His mum came later to show her appreciation on behalf of the family.
That was what really brought us closer. Whenever he was away in school, he would be sending text messages to me, thanking me for helping him. Sometimes, he would send me a message that he went to bed the previous night with an empty stomach, out of compassion, I would quickly send him any amount I could afford, to buy foodstuff, and again, he would appreciate me.
Soon, we were on Christmas break. I didn’t want to travel, but my dad insisted I should come to Lagos.
After the break, I was supposed to return to Oyan in January, daddy couldn’t give me enough money as he had spent a lot during the festive season, he expected me to still have some money in my bank account, he was taken aback when he asked me how much I had with me and I answered “Nothing sir”.
“You don’t mean it!.What are you using money for? Are you feeding more than your mouth? What did you do with the money I sent to your account last month?….Hun?.Tell me!”
Mummy and sister Temi heard him as he was talking to me in annoyance.
Sister Temi came with her husband and daughter to visit our parents. She was busy chatting with mum, when they heard daddy raising his voice.
The moment she heard that dad was sending money to me, she said
“Da-dd-y! So you’ve been sending money to Sewa every month!!..I was the first person to go on service in this house, I remember if I didn’t ask you for money, you wouldn’t give me, and I would have to give you the details of what I needed the money for, before you would give it.”
“And you (turning to me) what are you spending money on? Have you
bought a plot of land? Oh! want to build a house in Oyan? Is that not so?”
To be Continue…


{The Pregnant Corper}


Daddy did not give me money that day. He was so crossed with me, it was mummy that gave me transport fare and a stipend which I managed till January allowance was paid.
Thank God for the foodstuff I took with me from home, I would
have learnt a wonderful lesson from “Mr Hunger”.
On getting back to Oyan, Bode was still around because there was no
money for him to return to school. I told him what I went through because of him, and even then, I wasn’t sure if my dad would send me money again as usual, so I couldn’t give him money.
He felt sorry for me and told me he would source for moneyelsewhere. I didn’t know how he did it, but he went back to school the following week.
Soon there was a rumour among the choir members the something
was going on between Bode and I. Before I knew it, it became viral among church members.
One Sunday morning, Pastor Mrs Williams sent somebody to tell
me she would like to see me after service. I wasn’t myself throughout the service.
I kept thinking “what did I do? why does she want to see me?….Anyway, I said to myself, if it’s because of Bode, there’s nothing between us, and that is just what I will tell her….Period!.”
I didn’t hear anything in church that day, I was already devastated by the rumour going on, and this?…
Finally, the service was over. I found myself sitting next to Pastor
Mrs Williams on a three seater sofa inside the pastor’s office.
Good afternoon ma. How are you, my dear?.
I’m fine ma.
“I know you would be wondering why I wanted to see you..said Mrs.
“Yes, ma”. I answered.
She continued….It’s about a rumour going on in the church. Can you please shed more light on the relationship between you and Bode?.
“Ma, Bode is like a younger brother to me, nothing more. Believe
me ma. I only render assistance to him whenever he’s in need, and that has even stopped now.” I told her.
Anyway, I’ve denied it on your behalf, I only wanted to confirm from you, because since the very first day I set my eyes on you, I knew you came from a Christian home, and I have no doubt in my spirit that you are well trained. But then, I want you to be very careful because there is power in tongues. Don’t give the devil any chance at all, and don’t trust yourself.. If you see or hear a child of God saying “I trust myself, I can never commit fornication” then, you have heard or
seen someone at the verge of falling. Remember 1 Cor 10 v.12.
So, please be very careful and the Lord shall help you in Jesus name.
I said “Thank you ma”, and left the office.
As I was going home, I was telling myself “Now, I really need to
be very careful….though there was nothing between us really, but how could anybody think I could be dating a boy about the same age with Oyindamola, our second to the last
born?, not even the one next to me!..Well, I just need to be careful, help me Oh Lord!”.

Finally, it was 1st of April, my birthday. Bisi and some of d sisters of NCCF came to my house to help in the cooking. The birthday was fixed for 12pm,since we would be having choir practice by 5pm.
We ate, drank and made merry, in fact, it was indeed a memorable
occasion. I really enjoyed myself. Pastor Mrs. Williams gave a short exhortation. She titled the message Unique Grace, citing practical examples from her own life experiences. We were all
Despite the short notice, I was so surprised to see that some people
still came with gifts. The most surprising one was the one sent to
me from Bode’s mum.
When Bode gave me the gift, I asked him how she knew because I
remembered I didn’t tell her when I saw her in the market the previous day, he said he was the one that told her, and she said “no
wonder she came to buy many ingredients yesterday!”..she
then rushed inside her room and came out with a pack of 4 glass
“Help me to wrap this and give it to her, tell her I wish her long life
and prosperity”.
On hearing this, I automatically fell in love with the woman. I
collected it from him with thanks and after the birthday, we went to church for the choir practice.
We ended the practice around 7pm. Everybody left for their houses. Bode was discussing with one of the brothers when I left the church.
I got to my room around 7.15pm, the sisters that stayed to clean the plates and utensils we used for the birthday did a thorough job, they tidied up everywhere, including my room, and set everything in place.
I laid on my bed, closed my eyes, thanking God for the day and everyone He used to make the day a lovely one, when I heard a knock on the door.
“Who is that?”. I asked as I quickly came out of my thought.
“It’s Bode o”. Of course, I could recognise his voice.
“Come in, the door is not locked” I answered.
Before he could enter, I quickly got up and sat on the bed, I adjusted
my dress and brushed my hair backwards with my right hand. I
wondered why he came back, after all he’s been in my house
since morning.
When he entered, he sat down on a plastic chair in the room. He
said his mum told him I came to buy ingredients from her the
previous day, and that she loves my simplicity, and all those stuff. He
said some other things, and upon all, I could get that he really didn’t
have anything important to discuss with me, he only wanted to
see my face again.
When the time was moving to few minutes before 9pm, I told him
to be going, as its getting too late, more so, his mum had been
Finally, he got up and said “ok, Sis Sewa, good night”.
He came over to where I was, and gave me a very tight and warm
I could sense a feeling from that hug, but I ignored it.
Anyway, he left that night.
To be Continue…



Then something happened.
Bode lost his dad. It was then I got to know that the old man had more one wife, as a matter of fact, he had four, one was late already, and Bode’s mum was the last and the only one living with him until he passed away.
Among the children from the other wives, only few of them were educated, others were either bricklayers, drivers, carpenters, tailors or petty traders. It was only Bode’s mum that was struggling to send her children to school.
She had three of them for the late farmer, Bode was the firstborn with two kid sisters who were still in high school. The one next to him was preparing to write WAEC when their dad passed away.
It was announced in the church and we (choir members) decided to
go and register our condolence with Bode and other members of the
On getting there, I was so touched by the way I saw the widows
sitting down on a mat, wearing black attire with bowls before each of them where people who came to sympathize with them put money.
I said within me “if that kind of a thing should happen in my
lifetime, I will NEVER allow my mum to be treated this way. This is
humiliation in the highest order..Did these women conspire to kill
the man?”
Well, we greeted them. I didn’t even know what to say, as I never experienced such before. As the leader, I summoned courage, knelt down beside Bode’s mum and whispered into her ear “God will uphold you ma, He will send help to you from where you least expected. Please, be strong”. She said “Thanks my child. I really appreciate you”. I gave her an amount of money on behalf of the choir. She accepted it, and appreciated us, and we left.
When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the woman. Oh! She
was so young. Why did she marry a polygamist?, a man old enough to be her father?.
There must be a reason.
Whatever the reason may be, I felt for her. She’s such a beautiful young woman!
Never! I can never go for that kind of a man, I will never allow any stupid love to blind-fold me. I cannot even marry anybody from that kind of a family, see their house, that moment I stepped into that compound, I could vividly smell poverty. Where would I tell
my dad I found that kind of a man? Me? I even trust myself..I’m
more than that.
Then my mind went to what Pastor Mrs. Williams told me the day
she said she heard a rumor about Bode and I. 1Cor 10:12…..wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. Fall? Fall for where? Falling is only meant for those who don’t stand well. Me, I can’t fall, I trust myself. I’ve been keeping myself since and I will continue to keep myself, I’ve determined that no man shall see my nakedness except my husband, and that won’t happen until after marriage. That is it!.
While talking to myself in this manner.. I slept off.
Then something came up.
To be Continue…


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