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It was Bode that woke me up the following morning. He told me his dad’s burial had been fixed for the next
weekend, and there’s no money.
He also told me how his dad’s family members started blaming his mum for not giving them adequate information about his dad’s illness before the old man eventually passed away.
All these stories made me love the woman more. At last, he decided to go. I saw him off to the door, and he suddenly
turned back, hugged me and gave me a peck.
I came back to the room and started thinking of how I could help Bode and his mum concerning d burial. The only source I had was my dad, but I wasn’t sure he would even send money again this month ending as I was having a feeling he sent the last one because of my birthday, But then, I wouldn’t be able to wait until the end of the month, to know if he would send money or not, as the burial was fixed for 29th April.
So, then what can I do oooo?
“Oh Yes! I have an idea. I will call my dad that I need money. But what if he asked what I need it for, what will I say?
I will tell him somebody is sick and that the doctor said he needs surgery, but there’s no money, so, I wish I could render any little assistance within my reach…Can you be of help sir?” that was exactly what I did.
He said, “Who is that sick person?”
“It’s one of the corpers sir”. I lied.
“Ok. Since it’s something that has to do with life, I will try and send any amount I can between now and tomorrow. My regards to him. We’ll remember him in our prayers”.
“Thank you, dad. Love you, sir.” I hung up.
Then, my conscience pricked me gently “You just told a lie! How disappointed would your dad be if he found out!.”
I felt bad, but I quickly consoled myself by a thought “what could I have done? How would he know? Who will tell him? He can’t know!
Almost immediately I was relieved. I expected an alert from the bank throughout that day, to no
avail, the following day too, no alert, but on the third day, I received an alert of K50,000.
Wow!. I quickly called Bode after withdrawing the money, to come and meet me at home after school hours, by then, it was just 2 days to the burial, 27th April.
When he got to my room, I said “how much have u been able to get now for the burial?.”
He said nothing..that his mum’s sister who promised to send an amount of money last week failed but just received a message from her that morning that she would see what she can do by tomorrow.
I opened my bag and gave him the K50,000 my dad sent. He opened his mouth and couldn’t shut it.
He held me very tightly, kissed me….and before we both knew it..we did it!
To be Continue…


{The Pregnant Corper}


After the action, Bode started begging me. I could see he actually regretted it, but the deed had been done already. I told him to go, I just didn’t want to see him, and he left.
I locked the door behind him and started weeping. I wept till my
eyeballs turned red and my head began to ache.
I was confused, I didn’t know what to do, I was just Weeping. I couldn’t even pray, I never thought I could do such a thing, I thought I was strong enough to stand. Oh my
God! How wrong I was!!
The next day was Friday, I couldn’t go to school. I had a headache, so I called my HOD to inform her I would be absent. She promised to tell the Principal and wished me a quick recovery.
I couldn’t attend the burial nor singing practice on Saturday, I
just locked myself up in my room and was weeping from time to time.
On Sunday, I was unusually absent from church. Some choir
members came to check on me after service.
They met me under my blanket, shivering. Now I had
developed an emergency fever.
One of them quickly called Pastor Williams who rushed down to my place with his wife.
They took me to the health centre. I was treated for malaria, given some drugs and injection, and was told to come on Monday and Tuesday to complete the injection.
The Williams brought me back home and asked if I wouldn’t mind going with them to their place, so I wouldn’t be the only one at home, I said no, that I would be fine. So, they left after praying for me.
I slept off and woke up late in the night. Now I felt like eating
something. I looked at my phone, it was 11.17pm. I got up, ate bread with fruit juice and went back to bed. I couldn’t sleep. I was turning from right to left, left to right
on and bed. Again, I remembered “Let him that thinketh he standeth
take heed lest he fall” 1 Cor 10:12.
I started weeping again. I thought I was standing, now I have fallen. I so much trusted myself, I was so careless.
I opened my mouth and began to pray “Lord Jesus, I have disappointed you, please forgive me, have mercy on me. I am sorry. Now I know better. Help me Lord. Forgive me Lord. Have mercy on me….”
I didn’t even know when I slept off. When I woke up, I knew I had a dream in which I saw Pastor Mrs. Williams talking to me, but I couldn’t remember a single
word out of everything she said. As I was trying to recollect what she was telling me in the dream, I heard a gentle voice in my spirit “Go and open up to her”
“Ahhhh! How on earth would I be able to do that? I can’t
Lord!.I can’t!!.”.
I didn’t hear the voice again, at least at that moment. The next thing I heard was a knock on my door.
Who is that? I spoke softly.
I didn’t hear any response from the other end. I moved to the door, unlocked it and opened.
Guess who was standing there.

It was Pastor Mrs. She was on her way to school that Monday morning as she taught in a primary school at Oyan, but she quickly branched at my place to check on me.
She came with a basket containing pepper soup, jollof rice, vegetable soup and obe ila alasepo (okro soup with stew
ingredients). She said she didn’t know the one I would love to eat, but I
should try and take the pepper soup as it would deal with that malaria fever. She told me to warm them as I could see she brought them out of the freezer that morning, and couldn’t wait to warm them before leaving the house to prevent her from getting late to school.
I collected the basket from her, appreciated her and sat on
my plastic chair.
“Can I drop you at the health centre for your injection?, since it’s on the same route to my school”. She asked.
“I’m not ready yet ma, I will take a bike. Thank you ma”.
“It’s a pleasure my dear. So, how are you feeling now?.”
“I’m better today ma”. I answered.
“Oh! Thank God. My mind was with you throughout the night. I really couldn’t sleep soundly. I started blaming myself for allowing you to stay here all alone, I should have forced you to come with us yesterday. But, hope you slept well, and….”
I switched off! I was hearing in my spirit “Open up to her! Open up to her!”.
Then I heard another voice contrary to that one saying “Don’t try it! you’ll disappoint her. You can see how she loves and cares for you, she’ll withdraw the gesture..What if….”
Suddenly, I felt Pastor Mrs.’ hand on my shoulder.
She tapped me and said “Are you okay? I’ve called you twice, but you didn’t respond.
What is bothering you? What are you thinking of? Feel free to share it with me, I’m a mother..”
Before she could finish her sentence, I cut in “Nothing ma”.
“Hunhun! Don’t tell me there’s nothing when obviously there’s something. That’s a lie, and I don’t expect you as a child of God to tell one, if you don’t want to share it, just say you don’t want to share it, instead of saying there’s nothing when there’s something.”
I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know when I said “Okay ma, I
will tell you later”.
“That’s better my dear. See you later then. Hurry up so you can go for your injection on time. Make sure you eat before you go.” She said.
“Okay ma. Thanks Mum.” She left.
I got to the health centre that morning and saw Bisi. She was
surprised to see me, and also to hear that I didn’t attend the burial of Bode’s dad.
When she asked “why?” I told her I was sick, but didn’t tell her beyond that.
As I was getting back home, I met Bode coming out of the
corpers’ quarters.
I was a bit shy to look at his face, remembering what
happened between us. I was no longer free with him. I wish I didn’t see him.
He gave me souvenirs of his dad’s burial, and said his mum sent her greetings, and that she promised to come and visit me as soon as she could go out.
I took those things from him and thanked him.
Then he said “Sis Sewa, I’m indeed very sorry for what happened last week. It’s the devil. Please forgive me..”
He wanted to hold my hand, but I didn’t allow him.
I said “Its fine! Its fine!!”. Just go.”
To be Continue…


{The Pregnant Corper}


I didn’t attend choir practice on Saturday nor church service on Sunday because I didn’t want to see Mrs. Williams. I’ve made up my mind not to tell her anything and I knew she would ask me if she set her eyes on me. I didn’t know I was only adding more petrol to a burning fire.
Some choir members came again after service to check on
me, thinking I haven’t recovered fully or not strong enough to attend service. Of course when I saw them, I pretended to be weak still.
Bode came later in the evening when everybody had left.
He said “I knew you didn’t come to church today because of me, not because of your health. You refuse to forgive me despite my pleas. I told you it’s the work of the devil, please let’s be doing as we used to do before… please now”..He began to weep.I was moved with passion when I saw him weeping. I went to him, gave him a gentle pat on the back, and said “that’s okay. Stop crying. It wasn’t only your fault, but mine too. We both need to ask God for forgiveness and make sure it
doesn’t happen….”
Before I could finish my sentence, he got up, held me and began to kiss me. Every attempt to rescue myself out of his hand failed. At a time, I surrendered, and again….It
Before I could put myself together, Bode dressed up and ran out of my room. I started weeping.
“Lord, I’ve done it again. I disobeyed you. I didn’t yield to the voice of the Holy spirit. What will I do now?”
For days, I was praying and weeping, asking God for forgiveness and what to do, I didn’t hear anything as I heard it earlier. It was so obvious that something was wrong with me, as I was a shadow of myself. Even my dressing changed, a 60year old woman would dress better.
Everybody was asking, “what’s wrong with you?.Hope there’s no problem. Are you still sick?”.
My usual answer was “No problem, all is well”. But within me, I knew nothing was well.
I wasn’t attending mid-week services also. I would prefer to be in my room and be thinking. The thought that bothered me most was “Will God ever forgive me?. If the first one was a mistake, what about this one?”. Mrs. Williams called me one Wednesday evening after having a prayer meeting in the church.”Sis Sewa, I noticed you were not in church today for the prayer meeting, how are you? Are you not okay yet?”
“I’m fine ma”.
“Then, why have you been keeping yourself away from church?”.
“Nothing ma.”
“you’ve started again. Oh! that reminds me, you promised to tell me something the other day, will you come and see me tomorrow after school?. I will be waiting for you at the church office.”
“What time ma?”
“Let’s make it 4pm”.
“Ok ma”.
She hung up.
My heart began to beat very fast. I could hear the sound. What will I say?. Maybe I should just cook up a story…but, what if she knew it’s all lies. Oh my God! What mess have I gotten myself into? How will I get out of this now?
As I was pondering over this, my phone rang.It was my dad. I picked it.

Daddy said he would be celebrating his 60th birthday on 30th of May and would want me to come and grace the occasion with him and other members of the family. I promised to come, but after the conversation, I started praying that I would have gotten over the mood I was before going to Lagos because I didn’t want anybody in my family to have an idea of what I was going through.The next day I had an appointment with my pastor’s wife. I
decided not to go as I didn’t know how to tell her what was wrong with me.
Fortunately for me, she called around 2.30pm to inform me
To avoid people coming to my house again, I decided to attend Sunday service the following week, only to discover that Bode was absent. I didn’t even ask of him as I preferred not to see him, but I overheard someone telling the pastor he had gone back to school.
When I got there, she asked me what was bothering me.
She said “Are you sure?”
“I said “Yes ma”.
“Anyway, if that is the case, don’t let that affect you. There’s no marriage without its own crises. God will be glorified in that union, it doesn’t have to bother you, after all, you know how to pray, just pray for them, and everything will be well.”
Then she paused, and looked at me “Sis Sewa, are you sure this is what is bothering you? I’m having a feeling you are not telling me the truth.”
“Okay. Let’s pray.”
She prayed with me, and I left.
As I was going home, the Holy spirit came with his rod
I refused to go back.
How would I face her to tell her I told a lie, after asking me
But I just treated malaria, why this again? I said to myself. I became very weak.
I decided not to call anybody’s attention..I was fighting it
Then, very early one Saturday morning, Pastor Mrs. came to
my house. I was so surprised to see her.
“What’s wrong with you Sis Sewa?”.
“Just a bit weak ma”.
“Just a bit weak? when did it start”.
“About a week ago ma”
She looked at me closely and said “No, it can’t be. Let me see your eye and your palm”
She checked both.
“You are pregnant!”.
“No ma, I’m not, its malaria”.
She sat on my bed and was looking at me.
“I said you are pregnant! I knew it last Sunday when I saw
you, but I didn’t want to be too fast. Okay, if you are not
sure, let’s go to the clinic.”
“No ma, I’m not pregnant, I’m sure I’m not”.
“Now, tell me, what did you do? Did you sleep with any man?”
I didn’t answer.
“Oh my God! You? Of all people! I’ve been using you to counsel sisters in the church, I saw you as a role model to them….”
She burst into tears.
I started weeping too.
A pregnancy test was done, and the result was positive. When we left the clinic, Mrs. Williams drove straight to the
church. We entered the office, and she locked the door behind us. We were the only ones in the church premises.
She said “Let’s pray”.
She prayed. After the prayer, I couldn’t lift up my head, I was just looking down, I didn’t want to look at her face, because I knew what the next question would be, and that was the last question I wanted to answer.Then she said “Sis Sewa, now that we have confirmed that you are pregnant, can you tell me who is responsible for the pregnancy?”.
Now, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I felt like throwing up, I was feeling dizzy, I was very weak. My tummy was turning up and down.
“She said “Forget about that….Are you now okay?”
“Yes ma”. I answered.
“Thank you, Jesus”. She murmured.
added sugar.
I collected it from her, and said: “Thank you ma”. I tookn it, and I felt better.
She allowed me to relax very well before she continued.
“Now, tell me, who impregnated you?”
I bowed my head again.
“Tell me now!”
I couldn’t talk..but I must tell her now, I had no choice. Then, a thought came to my mind, “Write it in a paper”.
I saw a pen on that table, took a small piece of paper also
from the table, I wrote “Bode”.
I didn’t know what to expect afterwards.
After reading it, she shouted “Ahhhhh! Lord Jesus!!”
She held her head with her two hands, bowed down her head for about 5 minutes, without saying anything.
She looked at me and bowed her head again. I was just weeping.
hug. She said “I know how you are feeling. I was once in your shoes..but hear this, though you have fallen into sin, but that is not the end of your life, nor the end of your Christianity. Jesus the merciful Savior is still available to cleanse you. He still loves you. All He wants you to do is to repent, ask for forgiveness and sin no more. If He could have mercy on me, He will surely have mercy on you too.”
that we would have to postpone the meeting as she needed to attend to a matter urgently. I was very happy to hear that.
Immediately after the service, Mrs. Williams sent an usher to
tell me she was waiting for me at the church office.
I was too scared to tell her the truth, so I said “It’s family matter ma, my dad and mum are not in good terms, and it’s seriously affecting me….”
“that is it ma.”
again.”Hunnnn! You have just told another lie!! That’s another blunder..Go back and confess your sins.”
twice if I was sure I was telling the truth, and I said yes.? About a week before my dad’s birthday, I fell sick. I was throwing up, nothing stayed in my tummy, in fact I couldn’t eat.
To be Continue….



She wiped her tears, came to me and said “when last did you see your menses?” It was then I remembered I saw it last in April, I’ve not seen it in May. I checked my calendar, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I said “April 11, ma”.
“And what is today’s date?.. 23rd May, you ought to have seen it before now….so, you didn’t even know you’ve missed your period!.Ok, let’s go to the clinic for confirmation.”
I dressed up and followed her to the clinic.
I didn’t answer. I was just sobbing in tears.
“I didn’t ask you to weep, I said who is responsible for the pregnancy?”
I got up from where I was sitting, opposite her across the table managed to get to where she was, leaned on her and
By the time I would wake up, I saw her speaking in tongues, my dress was wet with water. She had a paper in her hands with which she was blowing air on my wet body.
When I realised what had happened, I opened my mouth and said: “Mummy, I’m sorry for putting you through this”.
She quickly plugged an electric kettle which was in the office, got a mug, put a teabag in it, poured hot water and
She said “Now take this. I didn’t put milk, so it doesn’t nauseate you”.
I pushed it to her on the other side of the table where she sat gazing at me amazingly.
I also bowed my head, but I was peeping at her once in a
By the time she lifted up her head, her eyes were filled with tears. I can’t imagine how disappointed she was.
After about 10 minutes, she got up from her seat, came to me, pulled me up and gave me a very warm and tight
Hmmmm…..what happened next? What did pastor Mrs. Williams mean by saying “I was once in your shoes”? How do you think Bode will react if he hears the pregnancy news? Will he accept or deny it?

I was a bit relieved, at least, after hearing what Mrs. Williams said.
“Now, tell me….how did it happen?.” She asked.
I told her everything I could remember without hiding anything intentionally.
Whenever I said something she didn’t understand, she would throw a question to me, and I would answer.
throw a question to me, and I would answer.
After our discussion, she said, “Do you know what?”
I said “No ma”.
She said “I will take you to your house now, to go and pick some of your dresses and things you’ll need for a few days after which you will come with me to our place.
I agreed. In less than one hour, I found myself sitting in the small, beautiful living room of the Williams.
I was taken to the visitor’s room, where I put my bag.
What am I going to do next now?….I had no idea.
Thank God for the way everything happened, maybe I would have taught of abortion, but now, that’s out of the way, except I wanted to offend God more.
We didn’t meet Pastor Williams at home when we got home, he was away to attend a meeting, I learnt.
He came back around 8 pm.
He was surprised to see me in their house.
I only greeted him, he answered me and went straight into their room.
His wife followed him immediately, I guess she was going to tell him why he saw me in their house.
About one hour later, they both came out of the room.
Pastor Williams was unusually silent, but I could read from his face he didn’t like what he heard..of course, I didn’t
expect him to like it.
Then, Pastor Mrs. came to my room after dinner and asked “Sis Sewa, what do you want to do now?”.
“I don’t even know ma.”
“Have you informed Bode?”
“No ma. I didn’t even know I was pregnant.”
“I learnt he has gone back to school….Send a message to him to inform him, let’s hear what he will say. Don’t let him
know I’ve known about it o”.
“Okay ma. I’ll do that.”
To be Continue…
©Ojo OluwaSegun


{The Pregnant Corper}


I sent a message to Bode immediately Mrs. Williams left my room, informing him about the pregnancy.
I expected his reply throughout the night, but he didn’t. The next day was Sunday. I didn’t feel like going to church. I was too ashamed to see anybody’s face, though no one knew about it yet, besides The Williams. I imagined what would happen when the news went viral among church members that I was carrying Bode’s baby….having denied that I was in a relationship with him earlier.. Oh my God! How did I find myself in this mess?
Then I thought of my dad.
Eeeeh!. My dad!!.
He trusted me so much. I was his pride, his angel, the apple of his eyes. How would he take it?
I have disappointed him and my two elder sisters.
None of them had a child before marriage, even Sis Tiwa was still trusting God for the fruit of the womb then, it’s only Sis Temi that had a baby girl, expecting the second one.
Oh!.. I’ve disappointed many people, and Bode’s mum? Wouldn’t she think I lured her son to sleep with me? Won’t she see me as a cheap girl?
As I thought of these things, tears were flowing freely from my eyes.
Mrs. Williams came to tell me to get dressed for service.
I told her I wasn’t feeling like going to church.
She said “okay, it’s fine. Just make sure you seek the face of
God for forgiveness, mercy and the way out.” I said thank you ma. They left.
I switched off my phone. Then I started thinking, again and again, weeping and asking God for forgiveness. I also prayed for His mercy and way out, as Mrs. Williams told me.
After the prayer, I put on my phone, and almost immediately, Bode’s message came in.
I read the message which went like this..”I was devastated by
”I was devastated by
your message. I think the only solution is abortion. I thought about it throughout the night and that I think is the only way out. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.”
I threw the phone on the bed. I said to myself “how I wish it was that easy.”
As a matter of fact, maybe I would have agreed with him if this woman was not involved, but now, I just have to bear the consequences: the shame, reproach, rejection and anything that comes from it.
I threw myself on the bed, covered my mouth with a pillow and screamed into it.
JESUS!.JESUS!!.. Please have mercy on me….this is too much for me.
While doing this, I heard the Pastor’s car moving into the compound. I quickly got up, wiped my face and pretended to be fine. Soon Pastor Mrs. was in the room.
“How was your day my dear”.
“I was praying ma”.
“And weeping at and same time”. She said, smiling.
I didn’t answer.
I showed her Bode’s message.
She read it and said “I knew it. I knew that would be his option.”
Then she sat beside me on the bed, hugged me and said “Listen my darling, there’s nothing new under heaven. Many people have gone through this route before, and many will still go through it.
I’m sure if not for divine intervention, you could have considered abortion as Bode suggested. But sometimes we
offend God while trying not to offend man. Don’t use sin to cover sin. God is the ultimate. Once He has forgiven you, it doesn’t matter if anybody doesn’t.
Now, I will tell you the story of my own life.”

I lost my parents when I was very young and went into prostitution when I was in school, sleeping with anything in
trouser just to get money and live fine. I aborted many pregnancies, and at a time I just get tired of that kind of life and decided to opt out of prostitution..but then, unknown to me, I was already carrying a pregnancy which I didn’t know who was responsible for it. For a reason I couldn’t really explain, I decided to have the baby.
I had a baby girl, named Temidara and was taken care of her alone. Since I didn’t know who her father was, I gave her a surname, Omoolorun which means a child of God.
When Temi was 2 years old, I gave my life to Jesus and I was seriously enjoying my new life in Christ.
About a year and a half later, I met a man who proposed to me. He was born again and feared the Lord.
We got married about six months later, and we had one of the best marriages in the world.
Though I didn’t have a child for him, the man loved me so much despite pressures from his friends and family members to leave me and find another lady, having known my past.
We both continued to serve God with all of our hearts, trusting Him that one day, He would shut up the mouths of our enemies and give us a child. Then, the unexpected happened. After 7 years of marriage, my husband slumped and died in church one Sunday morning. He was the one that drove us to the church that day, he didn’t complain of having any pain earlier.
You wouldn’t like to hear what I went through in the hands of his family members afterward. I was treated like an animal. Thank God for my pastor and church members that came to my rescue. I was not allowed to take anything out of the house, not even my own belongings. It took my pastor’s intervention before I could be allowed to take my
certificates. They said I was responsible for the death of their son.
Months later, I found myself sleeping around with men who were coming to render one assistance or the other. I knew it wasn’t good, but I just couldn’t help myself.
I prayed and prayed for God to deliver me, but the more I prayed, the more I found myself in it. People in the church were seeing me as a strong woman, but I knew I was as weak and helpless as a worm.
Then, one day we were having a special programme in church, and a guest minister was invited.
As he was ministering, he paused and said “God is telling me, that there is a woman here, who lost her husband some time ago, and has since been sleeping with men, both married and single. You know it’s not good and has been praying about it, if only you can come out now, God wants to deliver you. Everybody close your eyes”.
It took me quite some time before I could come out. In fact, it was the Holy spirit that pushed me out. The man prayed for me, and since that day I was delivered.
Some women picked a quarrel with me later, suspecting their husbands were among the men I was sleeping with. How they knew I was the one that came out, I wouldn’t know. After all, the pastor told everybody to close their eyes.
About 3 months later, the same man of God that ministered to me, sent my pastor to tell me that God told him to marry me. I was surprised.. “but, doesn’t he have a wife?” I asked my pastor.
“He lost his wife last year”. He answered.
That man of God is Pastor Williams.
We got married, and exactly a year later, we had a set of twins.. a boy and a girl.
That was why I told you the other time, that if God could have mercy on me, He would surely have mercy on you too.
Look at 1corinthians 10:13. God will always provide an escape route for you if you are His child when you fall into the enemy’s trap, provided you ask for forgiveness and obey His leading.
To be Continue…


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