*DABIRA (Episode 1)*

*Written by : Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

“Orun Oun aye kun fun ogo re. (The heavens and the earth is full of your Glory)” I heard Mama Aderinto, my Grandmother sang one evening as I stopped in front of her room.

I opened the door.

I entered.

She was folding her clothes into a small leather box.

“Mama, dinner is ready. Mum and Dad are waiting for you. ” I called out as I moved closer to assist her in arranging the clothes.

“I was going to arrange it the other time but I had to quickly get in touch with my Friend who is getting married next weekend.” I explained apologizing.

“It’s alright my child. I heard your parents also talking about a wedding programme the other time. Is that your friend’s wedding they were referring to?” Mama asked inquisitively.

“Yes Ma’am. Its Damilola, one of my secondary school friends that is getting married. But by divine Providence, she’s getting married to someone very close to our family so Mum and Dad are been carried along.” I explained as Mama nodded in understanding.

“Do you remember Mr Samson ? He and Daddy grew up together.” I asked.

“Yes.. I remember, Omo Aunti Derin ( Aunty Derin’s son).” she said.

“Well, I don’t know. But I can recall you’ve called him that several times. Anyway, Damilola is getting married to his Son, Michael.”

“Henn! That’s nice oo. Se iwo ni Alarinaa ni? ( Are you the one that brought them together?)” Mama asked smiling.

“No Mama.” I replied smiling.

“It’s alright. Heaven will keep that day for them. ” Mama prayed as I zipped up the leather box.

“Amen. It’s just that Dami’s Mum is always reacting somehow to Michael like she doesn’t agree to the union.” I said to her.

“Since the two children are believers even if their parents are not; they should pray and Damilola should try to speak to her mother.” Mama said as she suddenly stopped as if remembering something but shakes it off.

“Mama, are you alright?” I asked scared.

“I’m fine. I just had a quick flashback but I’m fine.” she said smiling.

“Alright.. Let’s get downstairs.” I replied as I assisted her out of the room.

As we had dinner, i watched as Mama picked on her food. She had been asking Mum to prepare Moi-Moi for some days but for some reasons she wasn’t eating well.
She was lost in thought.

“Mama, hope no problem?” my father asked his mother pointing towards her plate to buttress his point.

“Hmm… I’m fine. I’m just lost in thoughts.” she replied him before turning over to my direction.

“Dabira, how is preparation for the wedding going? ” She asked to my surprise.

“Grandma, we just talked about that minutes ago.” I said gaping at her.

“We did? It’s alright. Hope your friend has prayed well ?” She asked causing me to shift inconveniently.

“Yes. You know Dami now. ” I replied.

“Yes I do. The thing is each family has their own history. Aunty Derin’s has theirs too. It’s sad some actually go a long way to affect generations. ” she said shaking her head.

“Mama” I called causing her to look at me. “What history again ? I wonder how many stories I have heard of my great grandparents, you still know about Michael’s family ? It is well oo.”

“Amin!! Hmm.. O yemi!! ( I understand)” Mama said shaking her head.

I felt worry tug at my heart.

My 70 years old grandmother could be difficult to understand sometimes but everyone in the family knew she was a serious Christian who never took her relationship with God lightly.

“Whatever is making her this worried must be serious.” I thought as I decided to ask Michael and Damilola some questions myself.

Two days to the wedding day, our house was already occupied with guests from Michael’s family who had come from distant places.
I was busy serving a guest when I felt someone touch me gently. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me who it was.

It was Mama.

“Dabira, come. Let me ask you something.” Mama pulled at my clothe to get my attention.

“Mama, do you need anything?” I asked.

“No. I want to ask you something.” She said pulling me further away towards her room.

She stopped outside her room. I watched as she looked around to see if any one was paying attention to us.

Finally satisfied, she said “Hmm!! Dabira, did Damilola confide in you about any issue?”

“Here we go again!” I thought in frustration as I said to her “Mama, let’s enter your room.”

We entered and I made her sat on the bed as I sat beside her.

“Grandma!! You’ve been scaring me with all this questions oo.” I replied really worried. “What did you see? Did God tell you anything?” I asked in whisper.

“No oo..” she replied smiling a bit; but suddenly moved closer to me and asked back in whisper. “But did Damilola mention anything as regards a curse? ”

“Curse ?” I asked baffled as Mama looked at me thoughtfully as I continued. “No. But there is no need to fear. The Bible has said the curse causeless shall not come. So no need to worry. Segbo ? (You understand? ). Let me return to what I was doing.” I said as I stood to go.

I was out of the room and was about closing the door when Mama called again;
“Dabira, what if it has a cause and is already in action?” She looked really troubled.

“Mama… It is well.” I said as I closed the door.

So many thoughts crossed my mind as I returned to my duty.

The Wedding day arrived and the wedding program was successful. Entertainment of guests started and I set to work after making sure Mama sat in a place where I could keep my eyes on her as Mum and Dad were busy with other things. I asked someone to serve her food but I watched with concern as Mama ate the food slowly. Her attention was on something else.
I followed her gaze.

Mama was looking at the couple who were smiling and laughing.
I returned my attention back to her to see her chock on a bite. She stopped eating and sipped from her water. I waited for her to continue eating but was surprised when she held her chest as if struggling to breathe.

I dropped the plate i was holding in panic as I walked towards her.

Her attention shifted to me.

Her face was becoming white but she gave me a weak smile.

A smile that said “This might be the last time I’ll see you, Dabira.”

I moved faster as she closed her eyes and fell back against the chair she sat on.

Someone shouted “This woman has fainted!”

I reached where she was and shook her in panic.

“Mama.” I cried out in fear….

“Not today Mama… ” I cried as we waited at the Emergency Unit Waiting room while the doctors attended to her.

“It is well, Dabira. Calm down.” My mother said as the attending doctor came towards us.

“Can I speak to you Sir?” The Doctor said to my father as he stood up and went with him. My father came back in few minutes.

“Mama is fine.” he said as I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“Her blood sugar is low. We were so busy with Wedding preparations that none of us noticed she had been skipping her meals.” He sighed rubbing his face in regret.

“Oh!! I do take her food to her room since we couldn’t get time to eat together. Those women washing the plates are the ones that do pack her plates and none ever told me she never eats.” I explained.

“She’s awake but we will be spending just few minutes with her as we have to get her fruits.” My father explained.

“OK.. No problem.” I said as we all went to check on her.

“Dabira! David! Margaret!” Mama called softly as she smiled at us.

“Mama, you scared me. What’s with you skipping meals? ” I asked smiling a bit.

“I was fasting! ” she replied softly.

“Fasting? Maami (Mother); you better be careful.” My father said to her.

“What were you fasting about? Because I don’t understand oo ” Mum asked.

“Hmm… Oro Damilola ku ni!!( It’s on Damilola’s issue) ”

I gaped at her in shock.

Grandma was fasting and praying for my Friend.

I was still trying to process that information well when a nurse came to tell us we had to get mama something to eat.

Dad agreed to go home with me while Mum stayed in the hospital.
I followed Dad out of the hospital lost in thought..

Something was definitely wrong somewhere but I had to figure that out first.

Why do you think Mama Aderinto is behaving this way?

What do you think I should do?

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*DABIRA (Episode 2)*

*Written by :- Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

Days revolved into weeks; and weeks into months but Mama’s health deteriorated along.

Damilola and Michael were doing fine so I soon forgot about them and focused on my work and taking care of Mama.

It was exactly five months after the wedding when one day my grandmother called my dad to her room. I was typing on my phone when my eyes caught Dad come out few minutes later and went searching for something in his room.

I and Mum watched as he went back and forth.

“Dear, Hope there is no problem ?” Mum asked.

“Not at all. Mama is asking me to put a memory card in her phone and I don’t know why. She insists I get it now.”

“Hmm! Okay.” I said but my mind was still trying to calculate what she would need a memory card for.

Daddy went to her room and came back to the sitting room.

My look told him I was waiting for an update so he said “She said she wants to do some kind of voice recording. I have helped her set it but she said I should excuse her.”

“Ok!! I will check on her later then.” I said to Mum and Dad.

I returned to typing on my phone until about thirty minutes later when I remembered her. I went to her room silently hoping to meet her sleeping.

But there she was speaking into the phone with intensity.

She saw me and shooed me off immediately.

“What is mama recording now?” I asked no one in particular as I went to my room with a squeezed face.

At dinner that night, Mama thanked Dad gratefully for the card and talked about how she was able to save the recording herself.

We all laughed over that as I tried to shake off the idea of picking her phone and going through it.

“It doesn’t really matter, as long as she’s happy.” I smiled to myself at that thought.

“Dabira!!” My Mum screamed out my name one evening.

“MA!! ” I shouted back as I traced the direction of her voice to grandma’s room.

I got to the room with so much speed.

One look at Mama told me all I needed to know. Her time was up..

“Call your Dad.” Mummy said as I ran out shivering. He was discussing with a neighbor outside. Daddy ran in when he heard his mother was about breathing her last.

I stood at a corner crying silently.

Daddy quickly went into action of helping her prepare to meet The Lord.

“Maami!! Looks like Jesus is calling you home today. Remember those songs I thought you about heaven. Remember Holiness is your ticket to Heaven. You are seeing Heaven soon. You are going to know Christ more than we have ever known him. Is there anything you wish to tell us?” Daddy said as Mama listened silently.

“Let us meet there.” she said as she looked at each of us smiling gently.

We understood her.

“Of course Mama. God will help us.” Mum said as I began to beg God not to take Mama home yet.

“Dabira!! Stop that!” Mama said with one loud voice I didn’t know she had causing me to shake in fear.

“I’m sorry.. It’s just that… ” I started saying as I wept… My grandma was my gist partner. I could tell her anything. She made me see Relationship with God in a better way. She was my mentor. I could tell if she was worried even before others noticed….

How could I let her go so easily?

“David, I need to tell you something.” Mama said whispering as I was pulled out of the room by my mother.

“Dabira…” I heard her mention my name to Dad in whisper before Mum closed the door.

About five minutes later, daddy came out of the room holding something in his left hand.

“Dabira, she wants to speak to you.”

I entered.

I sat on the bed holding her hands .

“God, I need strength to talk to her.” She prayed loud enough for me to hear as almost immediately she gained strength and sat up a bit.

Her eyes twinkled in a way I had never seen before.

“Dabira!! I know this last months you’ve had to put off with my troubles.” She said as I smiled gently.

“Sincerely, I wish nothing will happen to make you understand me but I need you to listen to me carefully.” I repositioned myself carefully.

“Dabira, if something happens, and you feel like you’ve run out of ideas but you feel I may have an answer to it. Just tell your father. He knows what to do. But if nothing happens, don’t bother to seek for any answer. Do you understand me ?” she explained carefully.

“Yes Mama. ” I replied though confused a bit.

“Dabira, I am so proud of you and I’m grateful for a granddaughter like you. You don’t mind inconveniencing yourself for others. Thanks for taking care of me. Make sure we see in heaven okay.” She said smiling as I started crying. She held my face with one hand as she used the other to support herself.

“Forgive me for I won’t be able to see you walk down the aisle. I have to go meet my Saviour.” She said as I shook my head in response.

“Orun oun aye kun fun ogo re ….”( The heavens and earth is full of your glory.) She started as she laid down again.

I joined in singing but I couldn’t help but notice her eyes shining brightly.

Mama Aderinto passed on singing and smiling.

It was just a week after Mama’s death and I was studying my Bible when my phone rang.

It was Michael.

I was surprised as we haven’t spoken for sometime.

Guilt of having not called the couple for some time made me ignore it.

At the third ring i finally picked up.

“Hello…” a distraught Michael said before I could even greet him.

“Hello.. how has been life ? I’m so sorry I have not called you for sometimes. I have just been busy.” I said.

“Oh! I thought you knew about this!” he said.

“Know about what ?” I asked confused as I dropped the book I held.

“Oh my!! Dabira, my wife has disappeard !!!” he said as I stood up in shock.

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DABIRA (Episode 3)

Written by :- Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.

“Oh my!! Dabira, my wife has disappeared!” he said as I stood up in shock.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I cleared my throat.

“I came back from work today and discovered few of her things were gone. I called her but she didn’t pick up. I called someone I know in her place of work but I was told she complained of being ill and left work early. I don’t know who else to call.”

I walked round the room thoughtfully trying to think.

“Have you tried calling her mum?” I asked.

“I did but she hasn’t picked up. You know how she is. We haven’t even spoken since we got married except the one time we visited her and she was still acting cold.” he explained.

“It’s alright. Let me inform my parents. I will call you back.” I said as I proceeded to meet my parents who were in their room.

“Mum, Can I come in?” I asked as i knocked on the door.

“Yes.” Mummy replied from the inside as I opened the door.

“Mum, I don’t understand but it looks like Damilola ran away.” I said causing Dad to look up at me through his glasses from where he sat.

“Ran away bawo ? What do you mean?” Mum asked.

“Michael just called me that she even packed some of her things.”

“Ha! That is serious then. How about contacting her mum?” She said.

“He said she’s not picking up.”

“It’s alright. Let me call her myself.” Mum said as I nodded briskly before leaving their room.

I tried calling Damilola five times but she didn’t pick up.

I finally called Michael back dejected.

“Michael, have you heard anything?” I asked.

“I haven’t been able to reach either her or her mother yet but someone told me he saw her at the airport this afternoon.

“Airport? Are you kidding me?” I gaped in surprise.

“Seriously; I’m so confused.”
I tapped my finger on the table as if counting beats though lost in thought until I asked “Did you guys have an argument”

“Actually, we did have one but we’ve settled it. It isn’t something that should make her act like this.” He explained.

“Alright. Mum promised to call her mother. Let me go and find out what she’s got.”

“Alright; thanks.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” I replied ending the call as I ran quickly to my parents’ room. I was about knocking when the door opened and my parents came out.

“Dabira, this is serious than we think ooo.” My Dad said shaking his head.

“What do you mean?” I asked looking from his face to Mum’s.

“Honey, play her the recording.” Dad said to Mum as he moved into the sitting room.

“A recording?” I asked surprised.

“Yes; you had to hear her side of the story too.” Dad explained as the recording played.

“I was surprised when I saw her. I came back from an outing to meet her outside the door. Actually, I didn’t subscribe to her marrying that guy as you all know. She was the one that said he’s the will of God. When she arrived, she didn’t tell me anything. But with her behavior, Michael must have really offended her. Come and see her shouting at me because I mentioned his name. It is astonishing honestly. But I’m happy sha..” She said laughing.

I shook my head in disbelief..

My phone rang at that point and as I guessed it was Michael.

I picked up…

“Michael, I’m sorry. I don’t think I understand what is going on.” I said unhappily.

“Oh! OK but please where is she?” he asked in concern.

“She is with her Mum. I just listened to her Mum’s conversation with mine.”

“Alright.. Please send it to me on watts app. I need to hear what she said.”


“Can you at least hear whatever happened from Dami herself?”

“She’s not picking up.” I said.

“Alright; please try again. I am so confused right now.” He said causing me to pity him.

“I’m sorry. I will get back to you later.”

I dropped the call as I looked at my parents who were trying to follow our conversation.

“Hmm! I need to speak to Damilola. I hope it’s not her Mom that pushed her to do this?” I asked.

“No; Dabira. Her mom told us the truth. I am sure of that.”

“Why don’t we call the mother again and find out if Dabira can speak to her daughter?” Daddy suggested.

“Yes, that’ll be okay.” I said as Mum dialed her number.

She picked on the first ring.

“Hello. Has Michael told you what he did?” she asked as if already waiting for us to call.

“No… But please can we speak to Dami.” I said as Mum passed me the phone.

“Who is that?” I heard Dami’s voice in the background.

“Dabira!!” her mother replied.

“Let me speak to her.” She said.

“Are you sure you are OK?” her mother retort.

“Mum….” she called put.


“Hello, Dabira.” Damilola said and my heart swelled in happiness.

“Yes sis, what happened now? Your husband has been worried.” I started.

“He is… Well, he shouldn’t be…” she said, like it meant nothing to her.

“Ha!! Don’t say that at all. What happened to you guys?” I asked as Mum motioned to me to put the phone on loudspeaker.

“Dabira.. I don’t even know. I’m just tired of him. I’m tired of been married to him.”

“Dami…. Are you listening to yourself?”

“Yeah… of course I am… I was enjoying my time with him but honestly I don’t know what came over me yesterday…I just felt like leaving him and I did.” She said as my Mum shook her head.

“Dami.. You are coming back to your husband.” I said.

“Dabira… I’m not… At least for now.” she said.

“Are you happy? Do you even miss him at all?” I asked amazed.

“I do… but I’m fine sha.” She said like it didn’t concern her. At this point, my mum motioned to me to change the phone from loudspeaker to normal sound.

“Tor!! This one is deep oo. Hope I won’t come to that place like this?” I asked as I stood up and went towards the dining room.

“Don’t come at all. Nobody should even try and persuade me. When I’m ready, I’ll come back.”

“Dami, Do you hear yourself? What happened to your promise that you’ll stand by him? Please didn’t you say his flaws won’t ride your decisions and actions?”

“Leave me alone abeg.. I need to clear my head.” She said as she hissed.

“Please, just don’t clear him away from your heart.” I said laughing lightly.

“Okay. Can I come over later if not now? We need to really talk.” I asked again.

“Alright…” She said as she cut the call.

“This one is too unusual. I don’t even know what to say.” Mum said clapping her hands together as I returned to the sitting room. I shook my head.

“Hmmm! Let me ask Samson what he is doing about this.” Dad said as he picked his phone to call Michael’s Dad.

“I don’t understand them jare… But I thought Dami is supposed to be a Christian. What now happened? Michael’s father said.

“We don’t understand too.” My Dad replied.

“It will be resolved. But I thought she is different from those other women.” He said.

“Which other women?” Dad asked.

“Never mind… You won’t understand.”

“You better talk now? It’s your son’s marriage we’re talking about here.” Dad said as I waited patiently.

“Okay… do you remember Michael’s mother just left like that too. We had a small argument and she couldn’t forgive. She didn’t even bother to ask after her son. At least I hoped Dami was a Christian.”

My eyes widened at this new revelation. I had always thought Michael’s Mother was deceased.

“I Know.” My Dad said. “But, you better encourage your son.”

“I will; but help us beg Dami.” He said.

“This is not the matter of begging alone. You had better be praying for him.” Dad said.

“Okay.. Thanks.” He said as the call ended…

“I need to speak to Dami again” I thought as I ran to my room…

As I went, Mr Samson’s conversation with my Dad rang in my head.

“I don’t even know.. I came back from work and was going to the kitchen when something just told me to take my things and leave.” Dami explained as I asked her what made her really leave.

Hmm!! This is becoming more interesting…

Does anyone grasp what is happening?

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*DABIRA (Episode 4)*

*Written by: Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

“I don’t even know.. I came back from work and was going to the kitchen when something just told me to take my things and leave.” Dami explained as I asked her what made her really leave.

“Something told you to leave?”

“Yes!! The impression was so strong and I couldn’t control myself. I felt like writing a note for him when I got outside but for some reason I couldn’t enter the house again. It looked like something terrible would happen to me if I did.” she explained.

“Hmm!! This is serious.” I said thoughtfully.

“But why did you leave work earlier?” I asked.

“Oh that! I had a lot going on my mind and I was having this severe headache.”

“Thoughts about what if I may ask?”

“Something Michael did.. I was seriously pained.”

The statement Mr Samson made about Michael’s mum finding it difficult to forgive came to my mind.

“You found it difficult to forgive him?” I asked.

“Yes, I thought I had; but I was still feeling so hurt.” She said.

“Hmm! Please forgive him, He needs you.” I pleaded.

“I don’t know Dabira; I just feel we need to stay apart for now.”

“Don’t you love him anymore?” I asked.

“ I do. The thought that he’s so hurt for leaving makes me feel bad. But I just feel like we need to be apart or something bad may happen.”

I sighed. “Please be praying seriously. This is the manipulation of the devil and you shouldn’t let him gain ground at all.”

“Okay.. I need to rest. I’m not feeling too fine.”

“Alright.” I finally said as she ended the call.

I called Michael and explained the situation to him.

“Help me tell her to always remember that I love her and she should be fine. Tell her I said I need her and we can work things out. What hurts is that she’s not even picking my calls or replying my messages.”

“Alright; I will plead with her.” I said.

“Thanks.. I’m grateful for someone like you.” He said and I decided to just pray and watch what will happen..

One week passed and still there was no act of reconciliation.

Before I knew it Dami told me she had gotten a new job through her mom’s connection.

“Dami, what’s happening… Are you giving up on your marriage so soon?” I asked confused.

“I didn’t say that but time is going.”

“Oh! Dami. This is not fair.” I said shaking my head. “You need to see how Michael asks after you. Do you know what it feels to know others are been contacted but you just ignored him like that?” I said and I noticed she was silent and definitely listening.

I continued; “He is praying for you. I am too. So please.”

“You’re making me look like a bad girl seriously.”

“If you Love him like you claim; if you know he is God’s gift to you like you said; you would fight for your marriage. You will fight for your man. But come on you’re not taking this serious at all. Where is the Warrior in you, Dami? ” I asked as I was really disappointed in her.

“Dabira, I don’t understand what is happening but I do care about us… I miss him so much. but I just feel like I need to stay away from him.” As she talked a thought dropped in my heart.

“Do you mind us having a three day fasting and prayer?” I asked.

“That’s not a problem.” she replied.

“We’re starting tomorrow. I sense in my spirit there is more to this issue. I will send some Bible Passages and Prayer Requests to you. Please, do this like your life depends on it.”

“Okay; thanks.” She said.

Two days of the fasting soon passed and on the afternoon of the third day, memories of my Grandmother came flooding my mind.

I was about remembering something I felt was important when my phone rang..

It was Dami’s mum.

“Dami just fainted. We’re on our way to the hospital.”

My heart almost leapt out of my chest.

Why does it seem to me like Dami does not feel concerned at all?

How far can Dabira get involved in the Couple’s issue?

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