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*DABIRA (Episode 7)*

*Written by : Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

The next morning, Dad dropped me off at the Airport and I took an early morning flight to Ibadan. The flight was an hour flight so I had contacted Dami’s Mother before leaving our house so she was waiting for me when we landed at Ibadan.

We exchanged greetings and she asked after my parents.

“They are doing well, Ma. How is Dami doing?” I asked.

“She’s fine. She was still sleeping when I left home. So I didn’t bother waking her.”

“Alright. I can’t wait to see her.” I said smiling as I dropped my bag in the trunk of the vehicle.

“Same for her too. She even cleaned the room you’ll be staying herself. I have not seen her happy like that in a long time. Thanks for being there for her.” She said as she held my hands gratefully.

“Oh!! Dami is my friend, Ma and she deserves the best. The Devil just wants to manipulate things. But God is in control.” I said as we entered into her car.

“It is well.” She said.

“Amen oo..” I said as I looked around the airport while she drove out.

Silence filled the vehicle throughout the journey and I used that moment to pray that my coming to IB would be a Blessing and a Fruitful one at that.

We soon arrived the house and I settled into the visitor’s room.

Dami was still sleeping but I asked to be let into her room. She was staying in her former room.

I opened the door and entered.

Cuddled around a pillow, sleeping soundly was my friend.

I smiled.

I had missed her.

“This is not where you should be, sweetie. It’s time to take back what’s yours.” I said to her like she could hear me and left her room.

“It is written in Nahum 1:13 that “For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.” Thank you Jesus because it is the set time for every yoke to be broken. As it is written let every yoke clasped around Damilola, clasped around Michael be broken in the Name of Jesus.”

That was me praying the first night I arrived IB. Dami was there with me too in the sitting room as we fired Prayers up into Heaven.

The next day, I contacted Michael and we started fasting and Prayer together. We shared Prayer requests. Dami couldn’t fast but we prayed together. At Midnight’s we woke up to pray too.

Prayer became the daily routine in the house for that whole week.

At a time, the Holy Spirit led me to tell Damilola to lay her hands on her tummy and use her unborn child as a contact to the coming generation and speak into their lives.

We sang; we prayed; we studied the Bible.

The Holy Spirit took control and indeed we knew there was Victory already.

Throughout this whole time, Michael and Dami rarely spoke but I knew something was already been done in the Spiritual realm. It was a time of dealing for each of them.

“Thank you Jesus because Chains are broken.

Thank you Jesus because there is liberation.

Thank you Jesus the battle has been won.

Thank you Jesus because every Stranger has heard our voice and are out of their hiding places.

Thank you Jesus because as it written that you will deliver us out of the hand of the wicked and out of the hands of the terrible so it has happened.

Dabira and Michael have been delivered; their generation has been delivered from the hands of the terrible man.

Thank you Jesus because you have come against the destroying mountain and you have stretched your hand and made it a burnt mountain.

Thank you Jesus because your Spirit has lifted up a Standard against the enemy that came in as a flood.

Thank you Jesus because Michael and Dabira are far from Oppression, they are far from terror and they need not fear.

Thank you Jesus because gatherings has been scattered and powers have fallen and failed for their sake.

Thank you Jesus because no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper and because every tongue that rise against them in judgement shall be condemned. Thank you Jesus because there is Dominion; Thank you Jesus because the yoke has been broken.

Thank you Jesus because indeed what God has joined together, no man; no curse; no power; no principality can put asunder.

Thank you Jesus because there is Victory. For in Jesus name we have prayed.”

“Amen..” Chorused I and Dami together.

It was Saturday and the last day of the fasting and Prayer. We were in her room. Indeed, without any shadow of doubt there was Victory as the word of The Lord even confirmed it.

“Dabira, I want to go back home tomorrow after Service at Mum’s Church. So prepare, so we’ll be going together.” Dami said to me as we had dinner that night. I smiled.

“It’s alright. After the Service we’ll be leaving. I will inform your husband.”

“No, don’t tell him. It’s a Surprise.” She said her eyes glowing with excitement.

“OK.” I smiled.

Though little did she know that a surprise was in store for her.

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*DABIRA (Episode 8)*

*Written by :- Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

The early sun was just coming up.

The trees swayed softly to the cool breeze.

I walked on in the garden.

I was happy but I was looking for something or someone. I didn’t stop.

I moved towards a small cottage.

And there he was sitting; he looked like he was waiting for someone too.

He saw me and smiled.

He stood up and stretched out his hands. They beckoned me to come.

I ran ! Into his arms.

The hands of my Beloved..

“My sweetheart!” He said softly as I smiled.

A hand pulled me closer and my eyes stared open.

“So, it was a dream” I thought within me as I readjusted myself.

Someone was bending down in front of me. The person’s hands held me close. My eyes were not clear yet as I was not fully awake yet.

“But it can’t be Dabira. These hands are muscular.” I thought.

“Sweetheart!” I heard again. But I knew I wasn’t dreaming this time.

My heart responded to that voice. I recognised it.

“Dami!” That baritone voice that had always caused my knee to be weak called softly in my ear.

My eyes flew open.

There he was in front of me.

He pulled me so close that I could feel his breath against me.

“Michael.” I called softly.

“Yes; Beautiful, it’s me.” he replied gently.

“Oh my!” I said as I looked at him very well. I had missed him. I had missed his voice. I had missed his arms. I had missed everything about him.

“Why did I leave this man? What was I looking for?” I asked within me.

“Oh, Michael!” I called again as I sat up.

He stood up a bit and before I knew it I jumped into his arms.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I’m sorry for leaving like that.” I said as I wept softly against his neck.

“Baby, it’s alright. I’m sorry too.” I shook my head in agreement as my eyes caught my Mum and Dabira at the slightly opened door.

Dabira winked at me.

“Thank you.” I mouthed as she nodded and closed the door gently to excuse us.


Oh I had missed him calling me that.

“Yes.” I replied as he released me gently and made me sat down.

“Hmm; I had to surprise you this way this morning. I wanted us to attend Service here together with your Mum. So here I am.” I looked at his face, into his eyes. He was speaking with so much Love.

“I have really missed you, Dami. It was just like a part of me was tore away from me when you left. Please don’t ever do that again.” He said.

“No.. No, I won’t. I have missed you too.” I replied.

“So how are my two favorite people doing?” he asked causing me to be confused.


“Yeah. You and the Little prince or princess in your womb.”

“Oh!!” I said blushing. “We’re doing well. Though it might take sometime for he or she to get used to you.”

“And whose fault was that?” he asked tapping my nose playfully.

“Hmm. Never will we let the Devil drive a wedge between us again.” He said with a serious tune.

“Yeah; Never. I love you Michael. I love you so much.”

“I love you too. It’s like I just realized that.” He said moving close to plant a peck on my head.

“Oh yes I am never going to let the enemy take this man from me again.” I thought within myself.

The precious one in my womb gave a kick as if in agreement.

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*Written by:- Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi.*

“Dabira.” My Mum called me excitedly one evening.

“Yes Ma.”

“It’s Dami; Michael called to say her water broke. She has been rushed to Dr Adeyemo’s Hospital.”

I changed my clothes quickly and joined Mum and Dad as we all rushed into the vehicle and drove to the hospital.

This was about six months after their reconciliation. We had all returned to our State together and they had since been doing well.

We arrived the hospital to see Michael pacing round the waiting room.

“Michael.” I called causing him to look up at us.

“Dabira, they won’t let me in. Her Mom is with her though.” he said making me pity him.

“His actions are even more than the person who is in labour.” A nurse passing by told us causing everyone to laugh.

“How do they expect me to calm down? Dami is in there screaming her lungs out. My wife has become a prayer warrior inside that labour room.” He said as my Dad patted him and pulled him to a seat.

I was praying where I stood.

Mum took a seat beside my Dad as we waited. Michael clasped his head between his legs, stamping his right leg to form a rhythm.

A cry came out of the Labour room announcing the baby’s arrival.

I moved from where I was.

Michael stood up hurriedly.

The Doctor came out of the closed room smiling as Michael rushed at him.

“You have a daughter.”

“Thank you Jesus. How is my wife?”

“She is alright. Your wife is a strong woman. I brought up the idea of a Caesarean section at a point but she screamed at me that there was not such agreement between her and God.” The doctor said looking back into the room.

“Oh, thank you Lord. Can we see her?” I asked.

“Oh yes. Come in.”

We entered the room, Michael taking the lead.

He couldn’t stop gazing at his daughter as she had her first meal in her mother’s arms.

We sat down gently as Michael took a seat beside the bed and said “Thank you Sweetheart.” Dami smiled at him in reply.

“Can I hold her?” he asked stretching his hand forward.

“Of course. Though I pray she doesn’t protest.” Dami said as we laughed. She gently handed him over to him. The baby protested with a cry.

“Shh!! Dabira’s don’t whine.” He said causing I and my parents to look up at him.

“Dabira?” I asked.

“Yes. We agreed on that.” Dami replied smiling.

“Dabira! You are a blessing to the people around you.” She said looking at me.

“This Child will be a blessing.” She prayed as we replied “Amen.”

“She will raise up the foundations of many generations. She will live to be a Repairer of Breaches. She will be a Restorer of paths to dwell in. This child is a messenger with a message for her generation.” Dami said holding her husband hand’s and looking at her daughter’s face.

“Amen!!!” We all Chorused…



If someone around you was in Dami and Michael’s shoe, Can God trust you to reveal secrets to you?

If he reveals it to you? What would be your disposition to the information?

Will you go on your knees and fight on behalf of that person or face your business and say it is the person’s problem?

The fact remains that Dabira played a very Important role in Michael and Dami’s marriage. Do you know that another person could have been used for them if Dabira just acted unconcerned. That person God is trusting you to help, if you don’t arise to the task he’ll replace you. For every Elijah already giving up, there are 7000 more prophets that can be used. May I not be replaced..

Singles should also not forget to learn from the Couple. They were insensitive and let sleeping dogs lie. They didn’t even know there was any sleeping Dog around. It reminds us of the fact that in preparation for Marriage, it is necessary to deal with some root problems lest they rise up unexpectedly. It reminds us to Pray that our Spiritual Senses always be at alert.

For the prayers “Dabira” has inspired you to pray, I thank the Lord.

For the messages you have gotten from “Dabira” I bless his name.

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