I’m in Love (Episode 11-20)

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I’m in love ?

Episode 1⃣1⃣

“Then the time is now to let the cat out of the bag” I said with a defiant look evenly spread on my face

“That will be better guy,because I think you should tell her your mind before it is too late”Ekony said as he began to wander around the room in search of food
“Ehn Ehn, did you help me to check your GP”i asked ekony

“funny you,who will take the lead if not you Pen”He said jokingly as he brought out his long awaiting pot of rice

Smiles bahd guy” I said with a little smile on my face
“So pen,we are all going to the lover’s garden tonight,would you mind coming with us,you know that you always form Holy holy pikin”Ekony said as he was already devouring the rice

“no I’m not,Lina called me that we should go to zoo” I said as I was dialing her number on my phone
“*****laughs**** zoo ke?”Ekony said as the rice almost poured out from his mouth

“Yes now,anything wrong with that?”I asked with a frown face
“oh no,i’m just trying to Imagine that how you and Lina will go to the zoo, to do what? “Ekony asked rhetorically

“well no you sabi”i said as I kept on dialing her number
“is that not her number you’re trying to dial
***(The door opens as Daniel enters) *****

“yes now,(faces Daniel),abeg guy, you get airtime on your phone? “I asked Daniel immediately he entered
“ahaha,wetin you no wan let person enter first ni?”Daniel snaps at me with a cold look

“I wonder oo, just because he wanted to call a bae,na him dey make him shiver like this
“Ngbo,who is that bae you want to call with my call card”Daniel asked as he joined Ekony in his operation of the fried rice

“Don’t mind Ekun jare,he’s never serious jare”I said jokingly
“okay but tell me who you wanted to call before I will give you my phone”Daniel said with his face showing that he’s becoming too serious

“shebi it’s Lina I wanna call” I said as I reached my hands to borrow his phone

“If it is Lina I can’t give you my phone man”Daniel said with an angry look
“you taking this thing personal now, why can’t you borrow him your phone at least what are we friends for”Ekony said angrily at him
“I just can’t give him and that’s all”Daniel said as he wanted to make way through the door but Ekony quickly drop his food and Cross him at the door

“Dan, I’m suspecting you,why don’t you want to borrow him your phone”he said as it shows that his temperament began to rise
“Ekun,will you allow me to pass or I blow you off,is it by force,i said that I’m not giving him my mobile phone “Daniel said angrily
“Ekun,leave him alone let him go” I said to Ekony showing that I’m trying to show peace
“no I will not”Ekony said as he dragged the phone with Daniel, in the process the phone dropped and I tried to make the call as soon as possible. As I began to dial the digits 07035231*** into the phone,i noticed that the phone has already brought out that number and the name My Baby
Immediately I saw this,my heart sank into my shoes,I was vibrating without moving
***wait ooooo,could it be what I am thinking,is Lina and Daniel having something together****

“whaaatt”i shouted as I saw Lina’s picture on Daniel’s Phone

“what is that”Ekony rushed at me loosing himself away from Daniel captivity

“come and have a look” I said as I showed Ekony what I saw on his(Daniel) phone

“Whaaat,Daniel!!!!”Ekony shouted as he was facing Daniel who was standing like a small baby of eight years old that bed wetted

*****So Lina doesn’t love me at all,or does she? I can’t believe that this is coming from one of my best friends,Daniel for that matter,How Cruel has life been to me from the minute I knew what was happening. So Daniel and Lina had been dating each other without my consent since all these days****I began to think
But Now Should I say that it was my fault for not telling her my mind on time or the fault of my friends for betraying me……(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-
Bae:- a literal word used for calling a beautiful lad

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣2⃣

But now,Should I say that it was my fault for not telling her my mind on time or the fault of my friends for betraying me…

Seeing what was happening,it was like my heart is being pierced by a very sharp object,i feel the pains
“Da..an..n..iel,”i said softly with pain showing up in my voice

“I’m soorry friend,i can explain to the betterment of the matter
“And you know how much I love this girl with all my heart? “I asked him with a tearful eye

“I know,but actually what happened was that…..”

“Shuut up,you devil,you traitor”I shouted at him as I barged out of the room

I’m sorry Pen”He continued pleading softly

“I trusted you with all my heart as a friend not knowing that you are a Vicious friend” I said with a painful eye

“‘what you did was so bad,Dan,you betrayed the friendship man”I heard Ekony scolding Daniel with words before I angrily left the room

When the world feels like an inhabitable place to live in,it either things are not going the way it is supposed to go or one of the people you love are not feeling the same or loving you in return…

Right from that day I discovered that something like that is happening between Lina and Daniel,My love for Lina had turned into hatred,my feelings has turned sour against her……..Oh what has life turned to be for me….

Since that day,i never called her nor say hi to her

Some Weeks later, I felt that she would have been noticing my abstinence from her but as for me I don’t want to see her

,Not until when she called me the day I and my friends (except from the traitor) were packing our luggage preparing to go home for the second semester holiday when my phone rang

****Phone rings****
On seeing her number,i cut her off the line
She called back again but still I cut her off the second time

“Pen,but you saw your phone ringing and still you did not pick it up why?”Ekony who was also packing his own load voiced out when he could see the drama

“I just don’t want to pick it up”i said as I continued to pack my “But why?” Perry asked from the other side of the room

“I don’t want to pick it,it’s an unwanted call”i said with an angry face

“But it doesn’t mean,you sho….”
“I said I don’t want to pick it up man, Any issue with that?” I shouted at Him

“Oh sorry for interrupting man”Perry said dejected

At that moment,i knew that I have hurt him as a friend but I wasn’t going to beg because I warned him earlier

“You See ,i understand how you feel bro,but what if she has something to say?,just hear her out in the first place”Ekony said as he moved closer to me with a soft voice
On hearing the way Ekony talked to me,i have no choice than to pick up the call

***I picked it up*****

Myself:-Ehn Ehn

Lina:-ahaha,Penorat is it good with the way you are doing like this,you did not even call me talk less of knowing my whereabout

Myself:-**Like you are sick or something is wrong with you abi?

***** I’m sorry
Lina:-okay so are you going home now or you are still around on campus

Myself:-***Is something wrong with you or you have tetanus in your brain****I’m about to get to the car park.Bye bye.

Lina:- ahaha,but why are you behaving like this to me Pen?

Myself:-how am I behaving at you

i snapped at her

Lina:-but Pen you have changed ooo
Myself:- see, I did not change at all, you are the one that changed me….

Lina :-change you as how?

Myself:- see you later,byee

Lina:-wait wait….
Myself:- i hanged up

“Is she the one?”Daniel said trying to show case good friend

“if you ever beat your lips together and talk to me,Honestly you will not find it funny at all” I shouted at him at the top of my voice

“Guy just hold it up there, you can see how he feels now”Ekony and Perry silent him……

“My Friend,you see things just happen the way it will be,but you should not let that one break the strong bond between us because of a lady”Ekony said with a consoling friendly voice….

“But Lina is not just any lady”i snapped back at him……..( To Be Continued)

Obscure Words


*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣3⃣

“But Lina is not just any lady” I snapped back at him……
“whether she is or not,all I want you to do is to forgive him(pointing to Daniel where he stood at) for the sake of friendship”Ekony pleaded
“Ekun, I heard you right, but I want you to help me ask this traitor……
“No no, why now Pen don’t call him a traitor,afterall as a true friend,he has pleaded for forgiveness what else do you want”Ekony corrected
“Whatever, help me ask him that is it true that he is truly dating Lina”i said with a red eye on me
“Pen, I won’t lie to you,See although I have known Lina since this days even before you met her,i just decided not to let you know because when I got her number through one of her friends and I have been trying to get her but she kept on refusing and turning me down,but I noticed that right from the day she met you,she has fallen in love with you drastically,even on the Last time we all went to eat in her hotel,it all showed on her face, so on seeing this I decided to leave you guys together and keep away from her just for the sake of friendship”Daniel narrated which one can read from his face that he’s sincere with what he said
“Then why did you save her number with “My Baby”?”I continue loading him with questions
“that was the only mistake I made Pen, I’m sorry Friend “Daniel said soberly
On hearing what he said,my hands fell down,the anger in me died rapidly and was converted into blame Gbam gbam I fell on the bed with my eyes fixed on the ceiling like as if I was reading something through it
“Have you now seen the truth of the matter clearly now”Ekony whispered in to my hears
“To err is human…..”Perry said in a Preaching tone
“To Forgive is Divine”Wilson finished the quote
Hearing this slogan from my friends, I knew that I’m all at fault because,i did not find out patiently about the matter before bumping into action
**Suddenly I stood up half way from the bed and gazed through my friends face and to Ekony*****
“Be quick man, you know what you should do”Ekony corrected me in parables
“I’m Sorry Dan, I’m sorry about all I’ve done to you,i did not waited patiently for the truth to unravel itself, “I said in an apologetic mannee
“i act like that because I’ve gotten too much love for Lina,because she is my dream girl as you all know”i said in a remorseful manner
“I understand brother, I too I’m at fault too, because I should have told you earlier”Dan said with a smile on his face
“I know but I should have known that ‘To Err Is human’ “I said
“To forgive is divine”Ekony,Daniel,Perry chorused and we all laughed as we hugged each other.
After the settlement on that day,me and my friends both went to the car park waiting for the bus to take each and every one to his destination
Getting back home to see my family was a great privilege for me, the local dishes my mum used to prepare for me and over night gist I will always have with my sister “Niniola”(fondly called Nilly by my dad and mom)
After we took the dinner together,i was still at the parlour discussing with my mum and dad when my younger sister came to meet interrupt our discussion
“Ehn Ehn, Big Bro,how is school”She said jokingly as she jumped on the chair
“Through out the afternoon, you did not ask of anything,So it’s now that I’m discussing with mum and dad that you think that you should ask about school from me”I asked raising eyebrows at her because I knew where she is driving at
“She’s just a spoilt brat,maybe she want to ask of something or somebody”My Dad said jokingly
“uhmmm, what of that aunty?”She asked
“Which aunty again?” I blinked at her so that she won’t burst the matter
“wait oo,my king which aunty is your sister talking of?”my mum jokingly said
“mum don’t mind Nilly,she’s just trying to be a naughty girl” I said as I frowned at her (Nilly)
“Mum,dad don’t mind Big brother,that aunty led me to the new apartment where he and his friends secured”Nilly eventually burst the whole balloon
“So my king has finally gotten a lady”My Mum and dad said simultaneously
“Don’t mind her oo,she’s just not being serious”I said but they had believed her already
‘well it good son, just make your Education your Number one priority” my dad advised
“thank you sir”i said making a bow
“No problem dear”my dad said
“when you true children ,make sure you switch off the TV,we going inside”My dad and mum said
“you see (I turned to Nilly),I will kill you today,who told you to tell dad and mum”i said as I sat down on her
“Yeeee,mummy big brother Don kill me oo “she shouted under me
After a week at home,i was so happy without a reason,i was chatting with Ekony,Daniel,Perry and Wilson,on group chat when my mum called me
“My King your phone is ringing,seems you have a call”my mother called me from the kitchen
As I got there,i found out that it was a strange number
On picking it,i realised that it was Lina
**pick up***
The caller:-Are you at home?
Myself:-(immediately I recognize it is Lina) yeah
Lina:-i know you knew it is me Lina
Myself:-yes I do
Lina:- Great,So Come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside
Myself:- what!!!!!!!! …….(To Be Continued)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣4⃣

Lina:- Great,so come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside

Myself:- what!!!!!….**i shouted in surprise

Lina:- you’re surprised right?
She said jokingly

Myself:-I’m coming,don’t move an inch,i mean don’t come in ooo i said with phobia

Within a flash,i ran out of the room like a horse heading to the gate with only my nicker on me.
But on seeing the figure in from of me,Mehn my heart melted…..Lina was as beautiful as ever but I quickly waved that away from my brain and immediately crushed her with questions…

“What have you come to do again?”I asked with a total surprise

“What have I come to do again in my boo…. Oh sorry in my friend’s house”She immediately cautioned herself

i sighed on getting that message okay no problem” i said with the phobia still burning in me
“won’t you usher me in?”She said with a little bit anxious

“not only usher you will see Michael Jackson”I snapped at her raising my eyebrow at her still in front of the gate

“Abeg, make way for me jhur”she said as she pushed me away from the way

“oh my goodness,Lina Lina,wait wait” I shouted as I kept on running behind her but before I could meet her,she Is already inside the house

On getting inside,Niniola could recognize her from afar

“wow!!!! She’s here at last”Nilly shouted happily as she ran to give her a tight hug

My sister is just an extrovert,because when she likes someone, that’s all

“I told you that I will make it here today”Lina replied her after receiving a friendly hug from her
“You can have your sit,while I goI’m in love ?

Episode 1⃣4⃣

Lina:- Great,so come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside
Myself:- what!!!!!….**i shouted in surprise
Lina:- you’re surprised right? ***She said jokingly***
Myself:-I’m coming,don’t move an inch,i mean don’t come in ooo ***i said with phobia***
Within a flash,i ran out of the room like a horse heading to the gate with only my nicker on me.
But on seeing the figure in from of me,Mehn my heart melted…..Lina was as beautiful as ever but I quickly waved that away from my brain and immediately crushed her with questions…
“What have you come to do again?”I asked with a total surprise
“What have I come to do again in my boo…. Oh sorry in my friend’s house”She immediately cautioned herself
“***i sighed on getting that message*** okay no problem” i said with the phobia still burning in me
“won’t you usher me in?”She said with a little bit anxious
“not only usher you will see Michael Jackson”I snapped at her raising my eyebrow at her still in front of the gate
“Abeg, make way for me jhur”she said as she pushed me away from the way
“oh my goodness,Lina Lina,wait wait” I shouted as I kept on running behind her but before I could meet her,she Is already inside the house
On getting inside,Niniola could recognize her from afar
“wow!!!! She’s here at last”Nilly shouted happily as she ran to give her a tight hug
My sister is just an extrovert,because when she likes someone, that’s all

“I told you that I will make it here today”Lina replied her after receiving a friendly hug from her
“You can have your sit,while I go to the bar to entertain you with drinks”my sister who is an extrovert said happily

*Now I know verily the main reason why Lina’s visit was a surprise to me,so it was my sister who gave her the description of our house,WTF!!!I thought angrily at first but after that,i became happy because at least I saw the love of my life

“wait how did you make your way to this place” I asked for assurance as I saw her on the couch watching the TV after Nilly went out of the dining room

“Please I didn’t come here because of you ooo because you didn’t invite me here ,and as you can it was her (pointing to Nilly’s direction) that invited me to come over,Okay?”She said angrily at me
****i sighed****

“But I’m talking to you,i expect a direct answer from you”i said as I stood at her front

“Pen,please don’t talk to me,at least the last time I called you,you raised your voice at me so please let me be”she said angrily as she waved her hands on air

On seeing this,i foresee that I’m the one at fault so I have no option than to apologise

“Lina, I’m sorry,i don’t mean to do that please dear”i said kneeling down in front of her

“please don’t embarrass me here today oo, how do you want your sister to feel if she sees you like this Pen”she said with a surprised look

“let her meet me like ……”
“Sister,here is your drink”Niniola said as she was coming with aibottle of wine

As I noticed her footstep approaching,i just bend down to pretend as if I was searching for something that is not missing

“Big bro,what are you searching for?”Nilly said jokingly because I guess she overheard our discussion

“It just an ant but I have killed it sha”i lied

“well no problem,(she faces Lina) Aunty hope the drink taste good?”She said as she sat down beside Lina

“Thank you very much”Lina responded in her ladylike tone

Sooner the two of them started talking,from one thing to one another,they started the gist for about an hour nonstop. When I perceive that seems I get no chance of coming in I have no chance than to go into my room and lock myself up

While chatting on my whatsapp,a message just popped up from Lina saying “You better come and meet me downstairs because I’m about to leave”

**Leave ke? Nibo?? ** I thought as I hurriedly got out from the bed running towards the dining room ……. (To Be Continued)

Obscure Words
Extrovert:- Sociable

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣5⃣

**Leave ke? Nibo?? I thought as I hurriedly got up from the bed running towards the dining room…..

Rushing downstairs,i saw that she’s truly about to leave

“So if I don’t come down now,you will not tell me that she’s about to go abi? “I said raising eyebrow at Nilly

“Ehn but you have known now,so less I forget,Big Brother this was the aunt I was telling you on that day that led me to your hostel”Nilly said

***See you,like as if I don’t know Lina before,my babe to be*****I thought on hearing my sister

“so aunty Lina,meet my brother and You (she faces me) oya meet aunty Lina”she said jokingly

“okay, so when are you going back to school?”I said facing Lina
“wait so you guys have been so intimate like this?”She (Nilly) said in surprise

“We not just intimate, we’re best of friends,it just that he behaves like a naughty boy sometimes”Lina said which made all of us to laugh

“hmmmm, okay ooo I’m not talking again oo”Niniola said in conclusion
“You better not” I said jokingly

“so is this how you are going to escort me out?”Lina asked raising eyebrows at me

“yes, what’s wrong with this?”I said raising my hands akimbo

“with singlet?”she said jokingly
“yeah anything bad in that?” I said raising my eyebrow.

“you won’t stop being a naughty boy”she said as she shot me a smile
“okay I’m coming back”i said as I hurriedly went upstairs to catch my top

After a little minutes of escorting her,i made signals to Nilly meaning that she should go back home
“okay aunty Lina,lemme leave you here to go home,but I’m so happy that you came to our house”my sister said hugging her like IYAWO WA

“okay dear,thanks for the entertainment and hospitality”She said smiling

After my sister went back home,i decided to see her (Lina) up to the car park,for about 10minutes thinking she might got mad at me for what I did to her the other day,not until when she broke the silence

“So you won’t talk abi?” she said staring at the ground

“I do but i…..”

“you know how you treated me badly the other day because of what you heard from your friend Dan right?”She asked me rhetorically

***On hearing that,my heart skipped a bit as I stopped to look at her but I summoned my amazement****

“I know you will be surprised by hearing that from my mouth”she said like as if she knew my mind

“yeah you right but above all I’m sorry,i acted out of jealousy”i said as I said regretfully

“well it’s nothing,but next time,try to find out the truth before acting”she said in a scolding manner

When she said this I stopped and looked at her, her words and what she said because what she said pierced through my heart

“Let go now”she said as she came to where I was leaning against

“Lina please forgive me about the other day,i have known the truth now,please ,I don’t want to loose you dear”i said looking at her eyeballs

“you’re funny, I’ve forgotten about that one jare,i know you did that because you like me..”she said with a smile on her face

“thank you dear”i said with my my mind half relieved
“no problem, is that all?” she asked me smiling

“No it’s not”i replied

“what again Pen”she said

“you see Lina let me pour out all my heart to you today,you see the feeling is becoming unbearable for me,i will say you took over my brain and my heart from the first day I saw you,Lina I’m falling for you “i said facing her seriously

” **She laughs***Pen you’ve started again, won’t you leave this your talks and jokes and let go”she said as she wanted to go.

Immediately, I drew her back to myself with our lips an inch away from each other

“Lina,please don’t joke with my feelings,i mean it…. (To Be Continued)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣6⃣

“Lina,please don’t joke with my feelings,i mean it, I’m serious”i said with my Eyes fixed on hers

“whhh…oh my GOD ,Pen……”She opened her mouth like as if she wants to say something but she closed her mouth again

“I know you will be surprised on hearing me like this thinking that I’m not well but I want you to know that I just can’t withstand seeing another guy standing beside you”I said with my Lips still very close to hers.

“Ohh, Pen what wrong with you or how? It’s me Lina”She said still leaning against me

“****I sighed**** Hmmmm, I will say nothing now, because you will continue thinking that maybe I don’t mean what i say but I want you to be thinking of two things”i said telling her the signs with my finger gestures

“And the Two things are?”She asked me with surprise boldly written on her face

***i kept mute until she bid me goodbye*******

On getting back home on that day,i couldn’t believe all I said was coming out from my mouth

*****Penorat why did you say this kind of thing********* I blamed myself as I continue thinking still on my sofa

But sometimes,the things you think that is bad needed to happen just to bring out the thing you desire,just because it will favour you

Around 8:45pm as I was about to sleep,a text popped into my phone,On checking it,i saw that it was message from Lina,mu heart skipped a little bit not until when I saw what the message reads

“You acted like a devil in and angel’s shoe today Pen,i don’t know what to say but you will still repeat what you said once again on my face”

Seeing this message,my heart sank into my shoes Repeat kini? I thought as I continuing rolling from one side of the bed to another. shey me that the little I said gann it just by chance

Throughout my stay In house,i couldn’t get my real self because I couldn’t just imagine myself standing in front of Lina once again

Meehn,this strange feeling of mine is turning me into something else
Very very rapid our semester break is over,i got back to school the next day our semester break session ended
Meeting back my friends,especially my closest bahd guy Ekun
During one of our chatting in hostel, me and my friends were in the room gusting

“Guys omo,that house wey I go dry like madd “Perry and Wilson Began the chat

” **Ekony busted into laughter***””
“what funny man? “Wilson asked feeling irritated

” I’m sorry guys, but for me, the semester break I spent at my home,i was just having those chicks in my neighborhood laid, like I don’t feel like coming back to school”Ekony narrated jokingly

“omo gist us now”Wilson said trying to show interest

“forget,no let me tell you about that but anyways I enjoyed my semester break”Ekony said in conclusion

“mtchwew,guys if you know wetin happen for my own side you go pity me”i said as I extended my thoughts to them

“what, jawasi”Wilson said trying to show interest

“you know that girl I claimed that I love”i said in focus

“Ehn Ehn,you mean Lina?”Ekony asked in assurance

“yes now” I responded
“waooo!! Nice one bro how did it go? “Ekony asked with a question
“how many rounds did you get with her?”Wilson joined in the loading of their questions at me

“actually,i told her everything I had in my mind for her but things turned around the way I thought it wouldn’t be?”I said as their expectations died down

“Mtcheew,”they all hissed on hearing the bad news

“why you all hissing” I asked in confusion

“when you no fk her then why are you talking like that?”They all chorused

“well I felt that should be the first thing I should do”i said as I shut them down

“but you should be able to get into her guy, no dull yourself”Wilson said in an advanced manner

“but Lina is not a lady I want to have s-x with buy to spend the rest of my life with” I said with a total seriousness

“then what do you want to do now that she has turned you down”Ekony asked in a baffled manner
As soon as he said it, a voice resembling Lina’s voice called from outside

“anybody at home?”the voice said from outside……(To Be Continued)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣7⃣

…..”Anybody at home? “the voice said from outside
“wait.. is that not her? “Ekony whispered to me from behind

“how am I supposed to know? “I said loudly with my hands raising up in the hair

“your voice is too loud man”Wilson whispered to correct me

“Guys this girl is a mami water ooo,like say she no be b—–d”Perry said as he pepped through the window to check

“You don’t mean it? “Ekony said as he also went to check through the window.

“Hello,anybody at home?”the voice sounded again from outside

****Clears throat***”Yes, who is that? “Ekony said pretending not to know who is it

“It’s me Lina” She said from outside which made us to confirm that she is just the exact image we were talking about

“oh Lina dear,how far?”Ekony and my other friends greeted her as she enters with piles of book in her hands

“how are you guys,and how are you doing? “she said as she exchanged handshake with them

“we’re cool bae,and you too?”Perry answered her as he offered her a seat and meanwhile I have stylishly went to the toilet to hide forming the i don’t know when you came in
“mehn,you won’t stop looking gorgeous,i mean muah muah”Ekony flattered

“no it’s Ekony not Ekun,Don’t be like your man (Referring to me)

“***She smiles****”Okay Ekony please enough of this your flattering,shey are you just seeing me today? “She said jokingly

“Lina, that the truth ekony is telling you,infact our friend is lucky to have you jare “Wilson said jokingly

“Wooo,you this guys will not kill me, anyway is pen at around? “I heard her asking me from where I was

“You say? “Ekony said jokingly
“I mean pen your friend?”She repeats again

“okay,take”Ekony said as he gave her a writing pen

“What is this? “She asked feeling somehow

“Pen now, or ain’t you the one asking for pen? “they all asked in laughter

“stop kidding me now, I mean Penorat,your friend”She said raising her eyebrows at them

“Ehn Ehn, you will say Penorat not Pen “they all said

“Oh my goodness, you guys are something else ,okay where is Pen……”before she finished talking,i was already coming out of the toilet

“thank GOD you are here”She said as she came to give me a friendly hug

“I’m sorry dear,i was easing myself,so what did you come to do

“I said on seeing that my friends are going out of the room for us one by one
“Ahahahah,guys where are you going? Hope I’m not the cause of your exit”She asked smiling

“ahah, not at all dear, we just wanted to take fresh air outside and that all”Ekony said on behalf of others

“OK no problem, if you say so”she said as she faces me squarely

“hmmm, I wanted you to teach me the work that lecturer Bioku taught us in the class”She said with her book closely to her chest

“okay” I knew she lied because I knew that she wanted to See Me but I tried to overlook it

Throughout the time I was teaching Lina our eyes were plucked on each other. She was looking at me and I just can’t help the situation but to stare at her in return
“wait, why you looking at me? “She asked,smiling

“how did you see me if you knew I was looking at you”I questioned her
“how, why would I look at you ?”do you think you are that handsome

“she said in a joking manner

“I know I’m not handsome but I’m the best man you will ever have”i said looking serious now

“who told you that you will be my man? “she said looking at my face

“But, Lina I won’t lie to you,i have never have this kind of feeling before,i love you dear”I said with a very serious look because I never knew where that boldness came from

“hmmmm,Penorat”she called my name fully for the first time

“Yes dear”i answered with a baby look

“Let leave that issue till another time then”She said frankly

“see, tell me, Lina this thing you’re giving me is unbearable,let me know my fate if you will date me or not “I said with a stern look

On seeing my reaction,she dropped the book,and went mute for about one minute before talking again

“**She Coughs**** “You are a darling but the truth must be said,i can’t date you”she said as she move her face away from mine and stands up to go out of the door

As I heard i can’t date you from her mouth ,i felt something like a sharp object piercing through my heart,in fact I can say that, that was the first day I ever felt sadness,because all I could only see was a drop of tear flowed through my eyes as I saw her going out,Because what she said was like A love that is in the Dungeon……….(To Be Continued)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣8⃣

Because what she said was like a love that is in the Dungeon of Dejection………

From that day Lina told me that sad news my thinking and my morale has changed immediately,i could not think straight again at all,but with the encouraging words I heard from my friends,i felt consoled

“Hello guy, shey na book you dey read abi wetin you dey do here?

“Ekony asked me as he entered

“No jare, I was just reading this GNS,you know I have to revise”I replied

“Guy you better leave this,shey you won’t pass if you don’t read ni?”Ekony said seeing the others entering

“na you know, but as for me I want to read”I said

“see,we are going out for lunch would you mind going on with us? “Perry said in conjunction with what Ekony said

“hmm okay i will, at least to go off from this boredom”I said
“Thank GOD you accepted today”Wilson said jokingly

I always feel good when I and my friends go out because we do feel like the BAHD GANG but on this particular day after coming out of the hostel and off to the eatery, as we were eating in the eatery,i and my friends were gisting randomly

“Guy,omo life sweet pass poverty

“Wilson said as he tears the thigh of the meat loosely hanged in his mouth

“see his mouth,he loves food”i said jokingly

“Olounje iyaa”Ekony said to him as he also continues devouring his own food.

“iffah hear,you are abusing him,are you not in the same category” I said jokingly

“wait wait oo, Pen,i saw something,but don’t look at your back”Ekony said with a serious look
On hearing this,i was baffled that what did he saw that made me afraid of not looking back

“But guys what did you saw that you said I should not look back”I said in a worried manner

But as a man I had to take courage and look behind but what I was thinking of was very different from what I saw

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Lina and one of the so-called big Boys on campus

***Whaat!!! Lina with another guy What rubbish****i thought as I saw the two of them hugging and doing sort of things including hugging each other at the reception

“Guys that Lina, abi don’t you see it” I pointed to her as the meat fell off my hand instantly

“you shocked bro, you shouldn’t be,because that’s how most ladies behave”Ekony said making his hands akimbo

“Guy you just have to do like as if you don’t see anything at all”Wilson advised but I don’t accept that

“I have to go to her”i said with a defiant look evenly spread on my face

“wait oo,you better act like as if you saw nothing”Perry intervened
“That what they call bone face “Ekony said

I sighed, looked at her direction,look at my friends eyes,looked up and suddenly I stood up, going to where she sat with her newly acquired boy friend

“wait don’t go pen”Ekony said for the first time,i did not listen to him

“Hello brother” I greeted the guy but he snubbed me

“Hello Lina,may I take one minute of your time”I asked politely

“I’m sorry boy, you can see I’m busy”she said as she unwrap the Shawama into her boyfriend’s mouth
“But Lina….

“Hey, Mr man, you can see that she said she’s busy, can’t you just understand”the guy said angrily

“Lina, it’s me Penorat”i said as I touched her

*****Gbaaamm*****i believe something landed on my left hear but I couldn’t figure out what it was

“what,you slapped me?”I said as I regained my consciousness
“and if you touched her,i won’t mind to slap you back”The guy said angrily

Before I could defend myself,my friends have charged at him preparing to give him the beating of his life but I stopped them

“ooohhhh,Pen I hate this,leave me alone with this guy,let me teach him manners”Ekony said angrily as he was fuming up

“Leave him guys, it’s not his fault”i said as I stopped them
Immediately I turned around and faced Lina with an effrontery

“Lina,i promise you that you will live to regret this”i said with a warrior look

And immediately I said this, I stormed out of the eatery with my friends………….(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-
BAHD GANG :- a funny word used by one of the Nigeria fastest rising rapper (falz)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣9⃣

And immediately I said this, I stormed out of the eatery with my friends..

On getting back to the hostel,Ekony and Wilson were just fuming up and down the room saying nothing until Ekony bursted out

“ooooo,pen what is wrong with you, Ehn answer me,a stupid guy slapped you in the public because of your so-called b—h that you called Lina and you said we should not touch him, tell me what’s wrong with you,are you intoxicated with that girl or what because I don’t get you”Ekony narrated angrily
“Woo,that one doesn’t pain me

Ekun,you know what pains me most is that when the guy slapped him(pointing to me),that stupid girl was just standing there watching him”Wilson said angrily

“guys I’m sorry for the trash”i finally bursted out

“Spare me man, you’re too cool on this girl abegii”Wilson said waving his hands away as he angrily left the room

“I said I’m sorry guys,let accept the fact that I’m the one that caused the whole scene”i said pleading to Ekony

After I said this, Ekony moved closer to me and whispered to me saying

“Pen, this girl doesn’t worth you, I mean she’s not up to your standard,you need to get off her and restructure your relationship life”He said and headed for the door,as he was about to hold the door knob he looked back and said something that touched me

“And Pen, I want you to remember that a record of natality shows that if a baby boy is born in hospital today, Four baby girls will be born in addition”He said with a defiant advice

“And how does that affect me man”I said with a baffled look

“It tells you that ladies are not something you can kill yourself upon,because you have more than enough so think twice”He said as he finally got out of the room

As soon I heard what Ekony said my heart went on an instant resetting,my thinking changed instantly

*********Oh my goodness,why did I fall in love with the wrong person? Why did my first love dejected me?**i began thinking rhetorically
*****i cursed the day I met you (Lina),I cursed the days we spent the days we spent together…..Oh my goodness, Had I known,i would not have fall in love with you , because you are like *a devil in an angel
,This life has turn to an inhabitable place for me to live***** I began to think rhetorically on jumping on the bed like a dead dog.
After the incident, the thought and the memories of Lina has been vanishing from my mind little by little

Two weeks later,our exam is over,the result had been posted over the notice board and every student have been checking his or her own on it

On getting there I received the greatest shock of my life when I saw the Grade Point if Angelina Adams to be 2.3,.

“whaat, what a woe” I exclaimed suddenly but when I remembered what she did to me, I felt like That serves her right

“Brother hope no problem,your voice is loud”a gentle voice from the lady standing beside me emerged…
“ohhh, m sorry dear”i said as I stylishly cling my eyes on her asset…

****Omo,this lady must not leave my vicinity*****i thought within myself…..

On seeing this lady,i don’t want to flatter her than what she is…..

Honestly she is like a princess,she has a beauty like that of a queen,i love her composure, she just have everything thing a man has and needs from a lady,she is fair in complexion,pink lips,curvy sides e.t.c, mehn this lady must not leave me like this

As I was thinking I noticed that she is about to go

“Hey dear”i called her from afar
“hi how you”she replied in a monosyllabic manner

“I’m good,i can see that you were checking your result on the board earlier,are you a student here”I asked her after expressing my Mr Cool smile

“no I’m not a student of this school …”she said casual
“waaoo that’s so amazing…….(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-
Natality:- it means Birth rate
A devil in an angel:- a bad person forming like a good one
Inhabitable:- not accommodative

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 2⃣0⃣

“waaoo,that’s so amazing”I said pretending to be surprised

“yeah,i came to help my friend check her GP here”She said humbly

“first and foremost, I’m Penorat and you?” I said with my eyes fixed on hers

“and I’m Sania “she said introducing herself

“okay, well that’s good,so where are you going now? “I asked her with a MR Cool smile
“Ehn I just want to go on a stroll “she said with her beautiful face
But honestly I won’t lie, I can’t say that this lady is finer than Lina but at the same time,i can’t say that Lina is finer than her because she is just not a lady you can walk up to anyhow,seeing her documents and assets,it is so exciting,she has everything a man wants from a lady like this…..

“So will you mind if I escort you there?”I said still standing facing her seriously

“Don’t mind”She said as she prepares to go

***i held her hand back**** “Not so fast”i said and she smiled
“Mr man do you want to cut away my hand ni? “she said jokingly raising eyebrows at me

“Hmm, well if you insist I should not escort you no problem”i said letting go of her hand
“thank you very much Sir”she said giving a crocodile kneeling

****Will she go away like this,,absolutely No****i thought as I saw that she’s a bit far away from where he left me, immediately,i ran up to her,to her front

“Hey can you tell me the size of this?”I said after running up to her as I held the attachment fixed on her head

“You mean this? “she said stretching the her

“No, this”i said pointing to my head

*****hearing this she laughed****
“You’re just a naughty boy “she said laughing

“okay, it’s size 33 and bought it for hmmmm,i think #7000 or something “she said

“why i asked is that my younger sister is a fashionister ,so it maybe useful to her”i said jokingly
“Hmm, okay that good “she said in approval as we continue walking together which was unknown to her

“But can you share me your digits so I can give it to her”I said stretching my phone to her

“okay no problem”She said as she collected my phone and popped in her number

“okay thank you dear,i will call you at night then”i said as I stopped suddenly and bid her goodbye and blinked my eyes at her which made her to return that with a smile

When I got to the hostel,i couldn’t help but gist my friends who were already in the hostel
“Around 8:30pm in the evening I called the lady on phone

***She picks up******

Myself:- hello dear

Sania:-hello who is this

Myself:- this is Penorat,the guy you met at block 5 in the afternoon near the queen’s hostel

Sania:-oh how you been

Myself:- I’m fine and you

Sania:-same here, but I thought you said that your sister was a fashionista

Myself:- I did that because of your digits because I know that you won’t want to give me your number

Sania:-She smiles naughty boy

Myself:-so but are you staying around the school

Sania:- yes, outside you know I told you I’m not a student here

Myself:-0h you’re right but I do like to see you tomorrow
Sania:-at where?

Myself:-my hostel i said jokingly


Myself:- just kidding jhare

Sania:- okay let meet at the lover’s garden how about that?

Myself:-no problem see you there
Right from that day,the bad memories of Lina has been vanishing away from my head ,and all I think about now is Sania,it is like the girl keeps getting prettier every blessed day I see her ,she’s humble,caring and has all these asset

We spend most times talking about life,she told me about her past relationship and I told her mine including all my adventures with Lina

With this it has made us more closer than ever, she will sit on my laps, snap selfie with me and all sort

*** I have to act fast before this one get off me,i need to tell her how I feel about her, cos I can’t afford to lose this lady oooo… but is it not that she is keeping me in the friend zone ***** I thought as I was studying in my room one blessed day…….(To Be Continued)


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