I’m in Love (Episode 6 – 10)

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*I’m in love?*

Episode 0⃣6⃣

Lina:- laughs okay oooo
Myself:-i will wait for you as we’ve said
Lina:-no problem,bye bye
Lina:-what again now?
Myself:-you’ll say bye for now
Lina:-laughsokay bye for now
Myself:- yeah hangs up
Throughout the night,till the next morning I wasn’t, feeling like myself,j was just wishing I could fast forward the time to 7:am in the morning but I had no option than to wait patiently for nature to play its role
Early in the morning,i and my friends after devouring our SOKUDALE were already glued with our Books showing that we’re ready for the day’s lecture
“Guys,i don’t think I can walk longer,i Don tire”Ekony complained as he broke the silence
“that serves you right,when I was talking to you earlier that the food you were eating is too much but you remain adamant”i said without paying attention to him
“na you know jare”he said as we were entering the lecture class
On entering the class, I saw a figure emerging from the other entrance of the class,as the figure resembles that of Lina,Behold I was so amazed when the figure blinked at me and smiledwith her teeth all out, Oh my GOD,I couldn’t believe that what I have been going to search for in sokoto is right inside my pocket,so the girl I have been searching for all this while have been in my department,i mean the same department with me….Nice one I said to myself
About 30minutes later,the lecturer noticed that as he was teaching,i was just smiling,not until when he could not take it any longer than to ask me the cause of my joy and happiness
“Pen-Brain, what’s wrong with you today,or why you smiling all the day”Lecturer Bioku (who was believed by his name that he is one of the still birth children popularly called ABIKU) asked me with a fatherly smile on his face
“Nothing sir,i’m just imagining a person searching for his CV since the past few weeks and not knowing that it is right in his pocket gently and neatly wrapped”I said in parables to Bioku
“hmm, I get you boy but pay Attention to your education and after then your cv will come to you”he said as everyone in the class burst into laughter
In the next 2 hours the short break commenced which gave everybody a chance to go outside to refresh themselves,but as for me I immediately went out to the lover’s garden to wait for the love of my life
Seeing her coming,i adjusted my dress just to make sure that I stayed cute,
When people compare their crush with a celebrity,i will compare this girl with a heavenly goddess,As she was approaching me, her shapes were giving me a melted heart,probably the first time in my entire life will I see a very beautiful lady without a single make-up, mean everything about her is natural
From afar,i saw her laughing continuously as I joined her also in the laughing galore
“why you laughing? “she asked me as she approaches me closely
“then why did you made me to laugh in the first place?”I answered her still smiling
“probably because you don’t know that we’re in the same department since all these days right? ” she answered as we both sat down closely beside each other
“hmm, something like that”I said giving a smirk face
“hmm,well so what’s up” she said looking at me
From the moment she said “what’s up” I knew I have to take charge of the discussion now
“I’m good,” i said looking straight into her eyes
“so now that you have seen me, what else do you want oo”she said as she play with her hair
“Well,first of all my name is…..
“Penorat-Collins,the best student in the department of dentistry”she snapped at me
“wait,so you mean you know me?” I asked her with an amazing look
“yes, I do”she said smiling
“wow! That great but i”m not the best student ooo”i said flattering
“hmm,everyone knows you are..” she said that which made the two of us to laugh
“so what your own name dear?” I asked her
“Lina-Magarina” she said looking at me
Immediately I heard this,my heart sank into my shoes
“wait, is it not the same Magarina,i mean the present politician”i asked her with a fear on my face
“ahah why do you ask?” she asked me with a baffled look….. (To Be Continued)

Obscure words
Sokudale:- informally it is the mixture of Garri and Beans
Abiku:- Yoruba people believe that these children go and come back to the world

I’m in love?
Episode 0⃣7⃣

“ahah why do you ask?” she asked me with a baffled look

“hmm, you know Magarina is a man whom everybody has got a great flare for in politics and he was known to have a good reputation in the eyes of the poor,a stinky rich man,he had many things,and I know you knew him because he is always on the newspaper and article everyday” I narrated to her with some lovely gestures which made her laugh

“oopppss,you’re so funny pen”She jokingly said

“so are you his daughter” I asked her with a serious look

“Noo I’m not dear” she said as gazed away from my direction
“but you resembled him and…. ”

“it’s okay,i said I’m not his daughter” she said as I noticed her voice raising

“I’m sorry Lina”i apologize immediately

” spare me please!!!!” she says as she shifted away from my direction
So she get angry easily like thisi thought

“okay let go get iced cream before the next lecturer comes in”i jokingly said as I drag her in friendly manner

“leave me alone jare” she childishly said

“oya sorry now, someone cannot play with you,is that how you use to do”i said as I jokingly shrugged her ribs

“**she laughs***okay let me stand up by myself” she said putting up a little smile on her face showing that she’s no more angry
After the day’s lecture,i was smiling till I got to our hostel which was on off a campus
On getting to our hostel,i met Ekony and Perry who were already devouring the Eba and ewedu soup which I guess is being brought by one of their side chicks
As I entered,i was so happy that I did not even notice how the two of them were fighting over the two plates of Eba and Ewedu

I began to whistle around the whole room happily because I felt that I have beginning to have one of the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life

“oh boy wetin happen to you today that makes you feel happy like this”Ekony said as he forcefully collected the Pot of Eba from Perry

“** I continued whistling**
” Guy talk to us now,se you don hammer abi you don Ferrari?”Perry asked as he continues to unwrap the third wrap of the finely prepared eba

“she takes away my heart,she is the one that occupies my brain, I just can’t but think of her”i began to soliloquize

“it seems our friend is in love”Ekony said as she faces Perry who was already gulping down the last morsel of Eba in his hand

“Ehn Ehn, Pen-Brain now tell me about the lady that got over your head and turn you to a baby”Ekony said jokingly

“(faces Ekun and Perry) you guys can’t understand,i said as I walk out on them after giving them a friendly pat on their shoulders
“Anyway lover boy come and take your own eba before Daniel comes,you know he’s a lion when it comes to food” Ekony shouted behind me as he saw me entering the kitchen

“and I hope it’s not that b—h that gat no respect for her Baba okos”Perry jokingly added
Right from that day that I and Lina spoke together we have been the best of friends,because we talk together like almost every blessed day both on WhatsApp and Facebook,to the extent that she is now free with me but she hasn’t come to my house but we are best of friends
Later that night,my phone rang and seeing she is the one,i smiled
***i picked it up***

Lina:- hello pen brain
Myself:-hello baby gem **i murmured***

Lina:- what did you say?

Myself:- laughs nothing jare,how you

Lina:- you not serious,you just too funny to be with

Myself:-and you too

Lina:-well I love your company today,i called to thank you very much

Myself:- I did for a purpose

Lina:-ohh,and the purpose is what

Myself:-i don’t know

Lina:-you’re a naughty boy

Myself:- and you’re a baby gem

Lina:- she laughs,but help me plead to your friends about how I reacted to them the other day

Myself:- no problem

Lina:-okay thank you dear

Myself:- but Lina if I may ask, what happened to you the other day that made you so sad and dejected

Lina:-hmmmm, pen!

Myself:-yes dear

Lina:- it’s a long story

Myself:- and do you wish to let me know?

Lina:- I will tell you everything but not now

Myself:-okay dear

Lina:-byeee, Sweet Dreams

Myself:- same here

As days turned into weeks and weeks turns into months our second semester exam has been fast approaching,all the girls and guys that do form before are now staying glued with their books because nobody want to find him/herself in the relegation zone

I and my friends were studying when I heard my phone ringing,slowly I picked it up but I was baffled when I saw the name on it Lina
Hurriedly I dropped my book, Ekony and my friends were staring at me but mio worry

i picked it up

Lina:- hello Pen her voice sounds so cold

Myself:- hello dear what happened to you,your voice sounds so babyish

Lina:-i’m trying to read but I am not gaining anything at all

Myself:-ahaha why?

Lina:-i don’t know

Myself:- then what do you want to do now

Lina:-maybe you should come around to my house now,when I see you may be I will gain something

****On hearing this,my heart sank into my legs***

Myself:-What did you just say now??……(To Be Continued)

Obscure words:-
Someone cannot play with you…..:- informally it’s a particular slang gotten from a Nigerian singer
Relegation zone:- as used in the expression it means carry over
Mio worry:- I don’t care

*I’m in love?*

Episode 0⃣8⃣

Myself:- what did you just say now?? i said it with a great fear running through my veins***
Lina:-Yes now,so that we can read together maybe at least I can grab one or two things into my brain
Myself:- ookk..aay I wiilll… Come **i said stammering

Lina:-okay I will be expecting you oo
Myself:-No problem dear i said with fear as I became the object of the attraction from my friends
Lina:- OK bye **Hangs up

As I dropped my phone,i hurriedly packed my books and reached for my Shirt,but all this while,my friends were watching me not until when I was about to wear my shirt that Perry charged at me
“Where are you going?”Perry said
“To somewhere”I replied without looking at his side
“but do you think what you are doing is right sha,we were both reading here and you got a call,the next thing you want to do is just to go out?”Ekony angrily yelled at me
“okay,guys I’m sorry for not letting you know where I’m going to,i want to see a friend of mine at the next block”i lied because I knew that if they know that I want to go and meet Lina, they will not take it easy with me at all especially “Ekun”
Which friend and which block”Daniel questioned
Became angry*** but guys why are you just pinning on me,must you know everywhere I going”i asked with anger
“Yes, because how will a lady that called herself Lina will just call you and you will leave us here without even letting us know that she is the one you were speaking with and moreover the lady is nothing but a b—h “Perry charged from behind
****Wait!!! Did I just hear him call “Lina”,how did he know her name,how did he recognize her voice,or have they been together before??*** I began thinking rhetorically because what I’ve preventing has finally happened
“hoo…w did you guys know Lina ” I stammered as I faced them
“ooohh!! You’re surprised right?,don’t be surprised because we your friends will not let you date that thing “Ekony said with a wicked laughter
“whether you like it or not,She is the lady I love!!”I said with a defiant look
On seeing this,my eyes turned red,the anger rose in me as I angrily left the room for Lina’s house
After several minutes of walking,i have been getting loads of calls and messages from Lina
“won’t you come again”***
As I was moving nearer to her house my heart started beating faster….
“when you are through, you should enter” a voice which I guessed could be Lina’s emerged from the inside room
“so you knew that I am the one”i said smiling as I entered
On entering the house,my heart melted,the inside was just too much,the room was lavishly furnished with expensive things,from the big chairs to the theatres there,dammnnn!!!!! This girl need to be daughter one of a rich man
But how did a 200level student can acquire all this flashy things I began to think not until when I noticed she was coming from the room
“thinking that I have this big apartment right?”she said with a smile boldly written on her face
i smiled*** something like that sha” I said because I knew she has known my mind
“you funny, well, I’m not the only one living here,my friends and I stay together”she said as she sat down on the chair tiredly
“okay which means that you and your friends contributed to secure this place” I said as I extended my arms around the room
“yes, something like that sha” she said
“So why are you not grabbing anything since”I said after receiving a friendly hug from her
“I’m just disturbed” she said with a tired look on her face
“that means you are thinking about something?”I said smiling
“something like that”she replied
“probably thinking of something or somebody you want but you want to abnegate yourself from it” I said guessing
“wow! How do you know?,do you read minds? ” she said surprisingly
“no I just study and guess” I replied jokingly
“oh that means you must be a good guesser” she said, laughing
Now let read so that wicked Bioku will not fail us oo”i said as I began to unravel my books from my bag
“okay,you’re right jare”she said as she brought out her note

Myself and Lina studied together for roughly four hours,while doing that,i noticed that she was responding well as I was asking her questions,she felt so happy but one thing about it is that throughout the time I spent with her,she kept staring at me affectionately,although I wanted to tell her how I feel about her but my mind keeps telling me that it is too early but I don’t know why this girl keeps entering my head…
At around 6:30pm I needed to leave there because I know that if I stay too long,something else might happen
“Lina,i need to go now”I broke the silence
“ahah,why?”She asked with a frown on her face
“I’m sorry I need to go”I said giving her a friendly hug
But as I was about going,she dragged me aback and said…….. (To Be Continued)

Obscure Words
Abnegate:- Self Denial

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 0⃣9⃣

But as I was about to go,she dragged me back and said ” You Melted my heart

“Ehn what did you say? “I said as I pretended not to hear her although I don’t understand what she said
“oh!!! nothing I mean you made my day”she said as she gave out a crocodile laughter
“**i sighed*** okay no problem,I’m about to go” I said as I grabbed the door knob
“ahaha won’t you wait for me to get dressed up so that I can escort you”Lina said on getting up towards the room
“but you don’t need that dear, just continue reading, it’s night already”i said stopping her from following me

“no, I insist” she said as she stand up walking majestically to the room

When a lady is being called Sexy it doesn’t mean she is beautiful or charming,it just means she is just only good for s-x,but when a lady has natural beauty,she is beautiful,I can tell that Lina has the two features because Immediately Lina stood up and turn her back at me to make way for the room,my eyes were gazed on her front and backs,but luck was against me because before I could even look away her eyes had caught up with mine

“what are you looking at?”she said as she frowned a little bit
” i’m… Soo.. rryy ,I’m sorry,i did not mean to be naughty”i stammered, feeling so ashamed
“No problem,but next time,learn how to control yourself and don’t be a naughty boy again” she said smiling
“o….okaay”i said looking down at the ground like as if the ground should swallow me alive
“Is that the reason why your mood changed”She said as she was about entering the room

“ahh,not at all”i said giving out a fake smile

“well no problem,wait for me to change”She said on entering
Few minutes later,Lina was through with her dressing and we both headed to our house. her block was a little bit far from mine but she insisted that we should trek so that we can talk more together
As we were talking,Lina immediately grabbed my hands and wrapped it with hers,****she feels soft****i think as I felt her hands but I don’t want her to leave me
As we were close to our hostel,i felt she should be going back to her apartment now
“Don’t you feel you should be getting back to your hostel now” I said as I stopped and turned back at her

“hmm, you are right,but I feel like staying with you Pen”she said with her eyes perfectly fixed on mine
**I laughed on hearing this from her***

“why you laughing now, is it funny?”she said with a sad look on her face

“No no not at all dear”i lied
“then why are you laughing at what I said”she said still holding my hands but now tighter than before
“you know it can’t be possible,because we are all male in my hostel and besides it’s bad and thirdly you need to get prepared for tomorrow exam” I explained trying to convince her
“hmm, okay ooo,if you insist,extend my greetings to your friends”she said as she turned her back to go
As she left my hands,i drew back her hands,turning back at me again
“You want to say something? “she said

“hmmm… No” I stammered

“if it’s no, then good night oo”she said as she ran heading back to her hostel
On getting back to my room around 7:30,I was very hungry,like serious and GOD’s so good as I was entering I met my friends who were already devouring the Bread and Beans being cooked by Perry
“where my own food guys?”I shouted as I jumped tiredly onto the bed
“see his mouth,your babe did not cook for you”Ekony said as he was already crushing the bread and beans together

**I think Ekony is right,Lina offered me food and wine,i was the one that formed Big boy***i though for a while

“Please guys, I don’t want to talk,just give me food”i said as I stylishly shut them up

“Thief,just go and take your own on the stove”Wilson said as he gave out a loud laughter

“na you guys sabi” I said as I made way for the long awaiting pot of my own Beans

Before I could finish eating,my friends have slept off, As soon as I finished eating,i feel like reading because i just had the feeling that I have not studied up to my satisfaction

As I was reading I could not concentrate directly to what I was reading because Lina’s picture kept reappearing in my memory,her curvy body,her long curly hair without makeup,her charming face especially when she laughs or whenever I crack a joke,
I don’t know why,i can’t just keep my eyes off from Lina….. who will save me from this pool of endless hearty feeling that I have gotten myself into.
i keep asking myself “is this Love or Lust” Sighed I guess I’m in Love………. (To Be Continued)

*I’m in love ?*

Episode 1⃣0⃣

****Sighed**** I guess I’m in Love……
When I felt that I can’t grab anything into my head again,i had no choice than to jump on the bed waiting for nature to take place

After two weeks,our exams are almost over with the general paper as the last one,in the scorching hot sun, I can see Lina waiting for me under the tree beside the exam hall

“what keeps you late” she replied with a little frown on her face after standing up to meet me
“I’m sorry dear,initially i was waiting for My friends so that we can go together” I said with a little smile on my face

“and you did not know that you are keeping somebody waiting here all day long” she said angrily

“I’m sorry now,even I…. (before I could finish my speech,Ekony and Daniel bumped at us)

“Pen-brain let go home”Ekony said without even looking at Lina’s side
“Ahaha guys I think that I have begged you not to be angry with her(i pointed to Lina)

“Guys,ok OK OK, I’m so sorry for the other day’s incident”Lina said with a lady’s smile on her face
“hmm, now you know how to apologize abi?”Daniel said raising his eyebrow

“OK She laughs,above all guys I’m sorry”She said showing all her 36s as she spread her eyes wide in air

“hmm, well I believe that you guys have forgiven her at least”i said giving Ekony and Daniel a friendly punch

“well, no problem,that’s over,Lina should we go over to your hostel because I’m hungry like Lion”Ekony said jokingly

“Ahaah,just like that,”I said with amazement gesture
“abi what else, since she has pleaded,then she needed to be forgiven”Daniel said smiling
That one thing I like about Ekony,no matter how angry he is at someone,if that person can beg him, surely he would forgive that person
“so how was Your Own papers?”Ekony started the conversation which made us all join him
Like play like play, we all went to Lina’s hostel on that day, she served us with some local dishes
“mehn this girl is a good cook I swear”Daniel said after rolling down a bolus of fufu into his mouth
“Yeah Dan, you’re absolutely right” Ekony said in support
“ohr see them,thief,you said you no like someone,yet you ate her food”i said mockingly
“Na you sabi,at least we’ve settle it amicably”Ekony said with a smile on his face
“Guys,are you okay with that food,does it taste good?”Lina asked as she came to pack the dishes
“Pen,this girl must not slip away from your hand ooo”Daniel whispered in silence
“*** I raised eyebrow at him***
“ohh, I’m sorry”Daniel said in understanding the signal
“Pen na true ooo”Ekony said without care
“shhhh, when we get to the hostel we shall talk about that,not here” I snapped at them

Right from that moment,i had loved Lina more than anybody in my life except my Mum.

Lina had every quality a guy want from a lady but this fear kept on coming to mind
***What will be her response if I tell her my mind, but I just can’t withstand it seeing another guy standing beside her**** I thought for a while in my room
***The door opens****
“Omo I Don check my GP ooo”Ekony smiled in as he saw his grade point
****No reply*****

“Pen!! No be you I dry talk to?”Ekony shouted as he gave me a hot lash

“Ehn Ehn, she’s back?”I jerked
“what were you thinking?”Ekony said as he sat down beside me
“Nothing man, so how was the result,what was my point?”I asked him as I stood up from the bed and sat up right again

“Ahaah,you’re funny, who will be the first in the department if not you?”Ekony said with an unnoticeable smile
“well I thank GOD” I said but still thinking

“Are you not happy,pen what’s wrong with you,you never look depressed like this before”Ekony asked as he paid attention to me

Sighed”Ekony,this feeling is killing me,i kept loving this girl”I said pouring out my mind to him
“wait oo,is it not Lina?”Ekony asked

“yes,i love this girl with all my heart and soul,i just can’t resist her but I don’t have the courage to go and tell her” i said lamenting
“Man, this girl loves you now, you better grab your opportunity now or never”Ekony said with a warning look on his face
“Then I think the time is now to let the cat out of the Bag” I said with a defiant look……… (To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-
let the cat out of the Bag:- to tell the bitter truth


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