The unfaithful wife

Episode 11

Both of them, John, my driver and Efe,
my maid, were standing just a few feet
from my door. They rushed to my side
before I could retreat into my room.
“Wait, sir. Please sir, don’t do this to us,”
my driver began to plead as he held me
“So the two of you tricked me, right?” I
asked for want of any other thing to say.
“Sir, we cannot resign from your
employment. We only pretended we had
quit and had left because we needed
you to come out of your room. You have
locked yourself up for hours now. You
have not eaten anything,” Efe said. With
that, she went down on her knees with
tears beginning to trickle down her
cheeks. To my surprise, John too began
to shed tears.
I was touched; really touched. These two
were showing that they really cared
about me. I asked Efe to get up as I
began to fight back tears. She got up. I
led her and my driver to the living room.
We all sat down.
For a while, no one talked. I could not
say anything for fear of bursting out in
tears. Finally, however, I got a grip on
myself, cleared my throat and addressed
I told them I had felt despondent and
depressed after the second test showed
I was not fertile enough to father a child.
I then confessed I had begun to
consider suicide as the only option left
to me. John and Efe were shocked at my
“But what more would I be living for. My
wife has betrayed me. As if that is not
enough, tests have proven that I am not
the biological father of my children,
Peter and Pamela, whom I love with all
my heart. Then came the news that I am
not fertile enough to father a child. So,
what am I then living for?” I asked.
“ Daddy, we know how you feel. In fact
we are all devastated by all that is
happening. But seriously, suicide cannot
be a way out. You have preached to us
several times about how evil suicide is.
Why resort to it now?” my driver asked
For the first time, I could not look into
his eyes. I felt stupid ever contemplating
“You are right, John. I am sorry. It will
never happen again” I said
Then John spoke again. He said he did
not think all was lost for me. He had
heard of fertility centres where men
who could not father children are
helped to become fertile.
“Yes!” Efe responded, brightening up
immediately. “Fertility centres could help.
I know two of them. John, you are right”
she said.
I could see from the way she had
brightened up suddenly, that they had
been really affected by my plight. But,
indeed, what John said made me
brighten up too. There was nothing I
would not do to become a father, a
biological father.
Despite the truth having been made to
me, my heart still yearned for Peter and
Pamela. Yes, they may not be my
biological children but I still loved them.
It was going to be very difficult for me
to turn my back on them.
Memories of happy times with Peter and
Pamela often came rushing back to me. I
could remember very well my trip with
them to Egypt where we went visiting
the pyramids.
Pamela had been scared initially but had
later on overcome her fear of the
pyramids. We had a very good time.
Then also was my trip with them to
Zambia. We had visited the Niagara Falls
and later were at the Game and Wildlife
Park to watch the wild animals in their
natural habitats.
Sometimes, I could hear their laughter,
their innocent laughter. All these made
me hate their mother the more. She had
shattered the unity and happiness of the
“It’s time for supper, sir. I have prepared
your favourite for you” Efe announced. I
knew what she meant by my favourite.
wonder woman
“Well, today, no supper in this house. I
am taking both of you out. We are going
to have our supper at the Super Maxi
Restaurant” I announced.
John beamed with delight. I noticed that
Efe immediately wore a crestfallen look. I
knew she did not like the idea of us
eating outside.
“Efe! Come on. We always enjoy your
food but it is not every time we have to
eat at home and it is not every time that
you have to cook. I am giving you and
John a treat because you have remained
my best friends in my moment of need.
So, come on. Let, everybody go and
prepare!” I said.
The two left for their respective rooms. I
left for my room too. I had my bath, a
hot bath and then got into a simple
sleeveless light blue shirt with a blue-
black khaki trouser to match. When I
emerged, I found that John and Efe were
already waiting for me.
Efe was in a simple purple dress while
John was in a white T-shirt and a blue
jeans trouser. wonder woman
“Good. The two of you look superb.
Now, off we go,” I said. To John’s
chagrin, I insisted that I will be the one
to drive. He protested. Efe supported him
– they could not imagine how me, their
employer, will drive them to town.
Finally, however, they caved in to my
demand. I got behind the steer with
John by my side and drove off.
We had a nice evening at the Super Maxi
Restaurant. Everything at the restaurant
was very expensive. While a bottle a
bottle of coca cola was selling at GH¢3.00
in town, it was selling at GH¢10.00 at the
restaurant. It was so priced to keep
some elements from patronizing the
We had an exciting evening. A live band
played some local songs. I did not dance
but I encouraged John and Efe to. At
10:30pm, we left the place and returned
“Thank you for a nice evening sir,” Efe
said, beaming with a smile when we
arrived home. I returned to my room
feeling a bit cheerful. I went to bed with
a smile.
I woke up the next morning at 6:30am. I
was surprise to find lawyer Torto
waiting for me in the living room.
“I have brought back $30,000 out of the
$35,000 you paid us for our services.
Since the result of the test showed you
are not fertile, and therefore incapable
of fathering a child, it will be useless to
continue with the case. My chamber
therefore decided that we return the
$30,000 out of what you paid to us” he
said. wonder woman
I was surprise by the move. It showed
honesty. I collected the cheque and
thanked him. That morning, after we
had had breakfast, John and Efe set out
in search of a fertility centre. They were
back later to take me to one that they
felt will help – the Royal International
Fertility Centre. The doctor on duty was
one Dr. Paul Quansah. For twenty
minutes, I was with him. He took me
through the line of treatment they were
going to give me. Finally, we scheduled
that I begin the programme in two days’
time. I left the hospital feeling confident
that I had found the solution to my
infertility. Soon, I would be able to father
a child. But, it felt as though I was
starting life all over again.
When I returned home, the two persons
who had become my confidants, John
and Efe, sat with me to discuss the latest
development. Everyone was enthusiastic
about the fertility treatment I was going
to go through.
“I cannot wait for you to complete it, sir.
Then you can have your own children,
your own flesh and blood,” John said.
“Well, I must be grateful to the two of
you. Without you, it would not have
been possible. The doctor there has
assured me that within a month, the
treatment will be completed,” I said.
Efe said what excited her most was the
fact that the whole treatment will not
involve orthodox medicine or injections.
I was going to be on diet and will be
taking some herbal drinks and food
supplements. I nodded in agreement.
We all, in our moment of excitement, did
not think about who was going to be
my partner to give birth to my children.
We had very light supper that evening.
Then we relaxed in the living room to
watch TV. After watching the latest
Ghanaian film, I left the two for my
bedroom. But before I could enter, I
suddenly felt urge to have a look at Peter
and Pamela’s room. I retraced my steps
down the corridors, virtually tip-toeing
because I did not want to alert John and
Efe about where I was going. They
would definitely have followed me there
if they knew I was going there. But, I
wanted to be there alone.
I got to the door and gently opened it.
Immediately I did, the scent of my
children reached me. With my heart
beating wildly, I pushed open the door
and entered. Their presence was
Their picture, mounted on huge frames
looked down at me from the wall.
I stared back at them, their smiles. Their
innocent smiles were everywhere. And
their eyes bore into me as if they were
appealing to me not to let go off them. I
opened their wardrobe; they dresses
hanged in there while their shoes were
arranged on the shoe rack. Pamela’s
teddy bear lay quietly and sadly on her
I fought back tears. They were the two
children I had known as mine for the
past years. Those were the children I
had hugged, kissed and cuddled as a
father. But in a twinkle of an eye, I had
discovered that they were not my
children – at least DNA tests had proven
they were not my children.
It was so unbelievable. How could I live
the rest of my life knowing that they
were not my children? I sat down on
Pamela’s bed. Memories of nights I used
to come and sit on their beds and chat
with them came flooding back to me. I
felt the tears swelling up in my eyes.
Then I realized that I was trembling.
“I still love you, Peter. I still love you
Pamela. You are my children! You will
always be my children, I promise,” I
heard myself say.
I reached for Pamela’s bed sheet and
wrapped it around my body. It felt like
having her wrap her arms around me as
I carry her.
“Pamela my princess! My love! My baby! I
love you so much,” I said. By this time, I
was weeping. The tears were flowing
liberally down my cheeks. My heart was
burning, burning for my children.
I began to wonder where they were at
that material moment. Were they
missing me too? Were they being
coached to call another man ‘Daddy’?
How will their young hearts assimilate all
that was happening around them?
I looked up once more at their pictures
hanging from the wall. They were all
smiling and their eyes were beaming
directly at me. I began to think of the
future I had planned for them. Before I
knew it, I had fallen asleep on Pamela’s
It was a sweet sleep for me because I
dreamt about Peter, Pamela, their
mother and I having fun at the
countryside in England where we had
gone visiting relatives. We went horse
riding and swimming. I woke up later to
find that it was all just a dream.
I took a look at my wrist watch. The time
read half past four in the morning. I lay
still on the bed, thinking about the
tragedy that had rocked my family. Then
I thought about the prospects of me
becoming a biological father soon after
my fertility treatment. That gave me
something to be cheerful about.
However, being in Peter and Pamela’s
room and feeling their presence all over
made it very difficult for me to stop
thinking about them. Despite the results
of the DNA and the fertility test later on, I
still found it difficult to accept that Peter
and Pamela were not my biological
Didn’t they have some resemblance to
me? On countless occasions, many
people had talked about how Peter in
particular resembles me. Yet, tests had
proved that he was not my biological
child. Even worse, I was not fertile
enough to father a child. I sighed,
feeling very depressed.
At 5:00am, I finally left the room and
sneaked back to mine. I quickly had a
shower after which I phoned a private
detective I knew. I told him about my
estranged wife and my children. Then I
asked him if he could trace where my
wife now lives with the children.
“No problem boss” he replied. His name
was E.C. Otoo. He had been my friend for
years but I had never taken his business
seriously. Private Investigators thrive in
advanced countries, not in countries like
Ghana. At least, so I thought. Now, I
needed him desperately.
We discussed how much it will cost me
and quickly settled on a figure. He,
however, will receive payment only after
he had successfully carried out the task
entrusted to him.
That morning, I told John and Efe that I
was going to teach them how to play
tennis. They were surprised. Efe’s
countenance indicated that she was not
enthusiastic about the idea. She was a
very reserved person.
“Efe, all work and no play will make you
a dull person. Let us get out and have
some fun. Tennis is fun” I told her.
Reluctantly, she went to change into a
sports wear. We all immediately set off
for the tennis club.
Only a few people were present when
we arrived. This enabled me ample
opportunity to teach them how to play
tennis. John grasped the rudiments
faster than Efe. Within an hour, they
were playing against each other.We
spent two hours at the tennis club
before we finally returned home.
Hardly had we reached home when my
phone rang. It was Otoo, the
investigator. He said he had spent the
entire morning in search of my wife and
the children and had discovered that the
children had been flown out of the
I was crestfallen and heartbroken. Nora
had sent the children beyond my reach. I
went to my room, fell on the bed and
burst into tears. I was still crying when
Efe came to knock on the door.
“Food is ready, sir. Yam and palaver
sauce!” she announced cheerfully.
Steadying my voice, I told her I will be
out soon. I went to the bathroom, had
my bath and later emerged from the
bedroom to dine with John and Efe. I
could see they were in high spirits. The
tennis had done them a lot of good.
We had our meal together. Over the
meal, John popped out the multi-billion
dollar question.
“Sir, I am confident that your fertility
treatment will yield positive results. Who
will be the lucky woman to be the
mother of your biological children?” he
The question took me by surprise. I
could see it took Efe too by surprise. I
paused for a while and then shrugged,
saying if we get to the river, we will
know how to cross it.
The idea of me marrying again was not
that which appealed to me. I loved Nora
so much so after what she had done to
me, I did not see the need to fall in love
with another woman.
After that question, there was silence as
we ate, each person buried in thought.
Finally, we finished eating. I returned to
my study to read but just as I was
getting engrossed in what I was
reading, my phone rang. I picked the call
to be greeted by a familiar voice.
“Peter!” I screamed out, dropping the
book in my hand”.

To be continued

By: Ebube Nwuze

Episode 12

He screamed my name. ” Daddy Daddy, Daddy ” I quickly asked
him where he was.
“New York” he said. “Daddy, we want to
come to you. Daddy we love you, we are not happy. We want
to come to you”.
“I miss you, Peter, I miss your sister. You will always be my
son and I will always be your daddy,” I
heard myself say. I heard him begin to
cry so I tried to console him.
“Daddy, come for us, please. Come for
us now!” he said. I was about to say I will
when the line dropped dead.
Had his mother found him out and taken
the phone away from him? Or, his units
had run out. Quickly, I searched for the
number on which he called me only to
find to my dismay that the name did not
appear on the screen. I felt helpless.
Hearing Peter had an effect on me. It
made me yearn for him and his sister.
But, I had to also remember that it had
been established that I was not the
biological father of the children.
Then I began to wonder who the
biological father of Peter and Pamela
was if I was not their biological father.
Was it Edwin, my b—m friend who I had
caught in bed with my wife? Or, it was
another man I did not know? Did it
mean that all these while, my wife was
having an affair with another man?
Then my thoughts drifted to Nora, my
estranged wife. After the treatment she
had meted out to me, I had lost interest
in women entirely. But I knew that once
I was through with my fertility test I had
to get involved with a woman so I will
be able to have my own biological
children. I sighed!
Monday finally came after a long boring
weekend. It was the day I was to begin
my fertility treatment. I had a sugarless
and milkless tea as advised by the
fertility doctor, after morning devotion, I prayed like never before, because of what iam going for. Afterwards, I set off with
John for the fertility center.
Finally, we arrived there. I got down and
went to see Dr. Paul Quansah. He
explained to me once more the process I
was going to be taken through. Then he
said for the avoidance of doubt, I had to
take another fertility test to first of all,
certify that I was not fertile and
secondly, to enable him determine the
extent of my infertility.
“No problem, doc. I am hopeful that all
will go on well. I can’t wait to have my
own children,” I said. Dr. Quansah
beamed with a smile.
A lady in a white overall came to escort
me to a lab and handed me over to the
laboratory man who gave me a small
bottle and asked me to provide my
semen. I was asked to go into a room
and do all I can to get my semen out. That
meant self- stimulation. After about
thirty five minutes, I emerged and handed
over to him the bottle in which my
semen was. Then I went to sit in the
waiting room. I was there thinking about the next step.
An hour later, a nurse
came for me, saying my result was ready
so I had to see the doctor.
Once more, I found myself seated in
front of Dr. Quansah again who looked at me
quizzically as if I was funny.
“Well, Dr. Mensah, our test proved that
you are fertile, you are a complete man.
so I don’t understand why
you are here,” he said.
His statement was like a joke to me. I asked if
he could repeat what he said.
“I said the result of the fertility test we
conducted on you shows that you are
fertile you are okay, so I don’t see the reason why you are here.”
I was shocked, and then decided that
the doctor was playing a joke on me. He
handed me the result of the test to read.
I read through it three times. It said I
was fertile and could father a child any
day anytime. There was therefore no need for
me to undergo a fertility treatment. 😀

To be continued

Question: Fertile???
Dr. Mensah fertile? What is going on?
Something seem to be wrong somewhere,
where could it be? If he is really fertile, does that means he is the biological father to Peter and Pamela? .

By: Ebube Nwuze

Episode 13

I stared at the doctor in shock. I was
“Why do you look so shocked,” he
asked. “You should be looking happy,”
he added.
He was right. I should have been
jubilating that I was fertile. But, instead, I
was shocked for good reasons.
When I tried to explain to Dr. Paul
Quansah why I was shocked, I found
that my whole body was trembling. He
asked me to relax for a while before I
talk. So, I sat before him, breathing
heavily. To allow me sometime to calm
down, he got up to attend to other
issues. I began to ask myself several
questions. If I was fertile, how come test
ordered by the law firm I had hired
indicated I was not fertile? I was
confused. After a while, I decided that
two hospitals couldn’t be wrong. The
first hospital had said after a DNA test
that I was not the biological father of
Peter and Pamela and the second had
said I was not fertile enough to father a
child, a result that more or less confirms
the DNA test at the first hospital. My
conclusion therefore was that the
hospital I had come to was wrong in its
conclusions about my fertility.
I was still analyzing the matter when Dr.
Quansah returned to his consulting
room and sat down. I decided to
summarize for him why I had come to
him to have a fertility treatment.
He listened to me quietly without
interruption as I narrated how I caught
my wife in bed with my best friend, my
wife’s claims later that I was not the
biological father of my children, the DNA
test which backed her claims and the
fertility test I had done on the insistence
of my lawyers which showed I was not
fertile enough to father a child.
“So you see, I am sure that you have got
the results of the fertility test wrong,” I
said in conclusion. But, Dr. Quansah said
there was no way they could have
gotten the results wrong. He said it had
never happened before.
“I will advise that you go to another
fertility centre to conduct another
fertility test to verify whether we are
wrong or not.” he said.
I agreed it was the way to go. I thanked
him and retuned to my car. I explained
to John what had taken place. He too
was shocked and then agreed with me
that the hospital may have gotten things
wrong. He also agreed that the way to
go was for me to go to another fertility
centre to conduct a second fertility test.
Quickly, he suggested another fertility
centre. It was at the eastern end of the
city. I agreed that we go there
immediately so he started the engine of
the car and then drove away, heading
for the eastern end of the city.
The name of the fertility was the St.
Michael’s Men’s Medical Centre. We
arrived there after twenty-five minutes
drive. I was processed at the reception
by an official to see the doctor. Then I
joined the queue of patients waiting to
see the doctor. After ten minutes, I got
the opportunity to see the doctor on
duty. To my surprise, the doctor was a
woman. A female doctor in a men’s
health facility!
I wasted no time in telling her why I was
there. She scribbled something on a
piece of paper and then directed me to
the laboratory. At the laboratory, the
head there collected the paper, studied
what was on it and then giving me a
small bottle, requested for my semen.
Twice in a matter of an hour, I had to
compel myself to produce semen. I did
and handed it to the laboratory
assistant. He then asked me to go relax
in the waiting room. I did, taking a seat
and grabbing a magazine and waited.
But, I could not concentrate on what I
was reading. My mind was on the test
that was being done. What if it turned
out that I was fertile after all? Did it
mean that I was the biological father of
Peter and Pamela? Will it mean that the
first DNA test was wrong?
Eventually, the door to the waiting room
opened. It was the laboratory technician.
He said he had completed the test and
that the result was with the doctor who
was ready to see me. I immediately
placed the magazine down on the table,
got up and followed the man. At the
door of the doctor’s consulting room, he
knocked, opened and asked me to enter.
Then he closed the door and returned to
his laboratory, leaving me alone with the
I was tensed. It was as if a judge was
about to read to me his ruling. I noticed
that I was sweating.

The doctor looked up at me without a
smile. My heart sunk. For me, it was
indicative of the fact that the original
test was right; I was infertile. I had
somehow been hoping that the test
would prove that I was fertile because it
will likely mean that I was the biological
father of Peter and Pamela. But alas! In
that few seconds before she spoke, her
expression was enough of an answer to
me. I psyched myself up for the worse.
“Well, sir. The result indicates you are
very fertile. You should have no problem
fathering a child or children,” she said.
Her assertion was like sweet music to
my ears.
“Madam, you mean that I can father a
child?” I asked her.
“Yes, Dr. Ofori-Mensah,” she replied.
I nearly hugged her in my delight as I
whisked the results of the test from her
“Thank you Dr. eh…” I stumbled. I did
not know her name.
“Shirley Brobbey,” she said.
“Dr. Shirley Brobbey, I am very grateful
for your assistance. Thank you very
much”, I said, smiling. Then I walked out
of her consulting room and then half
walked, half ran to the car where John
was waiting for me eagerly.
“John, I am fertile. I am very fertile,” I
said, waving the results at him. He
beamed with a smile and screamed
“yes!” while punching the air.
“This first of all calls for celebration,
John. Call Efe, tell her the good news and
tell her to join us at the Great
Ambassador Hotel now. Let’s go!” I said,
On the way to the hotel, I talked about
going to see my lawyers once more with
the new result of my fertility test.
“I am confident that it will turn out also
that the result of the DNA test was also
wrong and that I am the biological
father of Peter and Pamela. That will give
me the joy of a life time. It is possible,
John. It is possible!” I said, excitedly.
We soon arrived at the Great
Ambassador hotel. We made our way to
their restaurant where I ordered food
and drinks that even six people could
not consume. Efe, joined us ten minutes
after we arrived. She was the one who
pointed out that what I had ordered
was too much. She quickly followed up
to the reception to make new orders.
Then she returned to the table.
We spent about an hour at the
restaurant. I had never been so happy in
my life. Every now and then, I will reach
inside my pocket to make sure that the
result of the fertility test that proved I
was fertile was there; it was worth more
than a $500 billion cheque to me.
When we left the restaurant, I directed
John to drive to Number 6 Lollipop
Avenue, Glo Estate, to the chamber of
Lawyer Oscar Brew. A few minutes later,
I was seated before him, wielding the
results of the fertility test proudly.
“Well, well, well, Dr. Ofori-Mensah, what
brings you here again? I am sorry I
could not help you the previous time you
were here,” he said.
I smiled. Then I handed the result slip in
my hand to him. They were two slips.
The first was the result from the test
ordered by Dr. Dan Adams and the
second was the result of the one done
at the St. Michael’s hospital. He read both
quietly. Finally, he looked up at me, a wry
smile on his face.
“Well, well, well! I smell something fishy
going on. I sense that the chickens are
coming back home to roost. Somebody
out there has a lot of explanation to do.
Here we go. I am going to demand a
third test from you from a hospital that I
will choose. Then we will proceed from
there” he said. I nodded. I knew why he
wanted a third test from a hospital of
his choice: he wanted to be sure I had
not manipulated the results I had
handed over to him.

………… be continued…………
Question: Wooow atlast! He is fertile.. So does that means he is the biological father to Peter and Pamela?

By: Ebube Nwuze

Episode 14

It was agreed that I will have another
fertility test the next day. Lawyer Oscar
Brew will however not mention the
name of the hospital to me. Obviously,
he wanted to make sure that I would
not know the hospital so that if I had
manipulated the two that had given me
a clean bill of health, I will not be able to
do the same where he was taking me to.
I left his office that day very hopeful. We
drove back home. I called my hospital to
find out how my colleagues were doing.
“We are doing well, Isaac. We can’t wait
to have you back. We hope you will solve
whatever problem has plagued you so
you return to work sound and happy”.
Dr. Boateng, one of my colleagues at the
hospital where I worked said.
That evening, after supper, John, Efe and
I sat in the living room to discuss the
latest development.
“I am really surprise, Daddy. So does it
mean that the result from the first
fertility centre was wrong?” Efe asked.
She was as happy as a happy puppy.
“Hopefully, it may also turn out that the
result of the DNA tests too were wrong”
John said, smiling.
“That is what I am hoping will be the
case. I will ask my lawyer if the court will
grant us a second DNA test. You may
never know,” I opined.
We went on and on about the
possibilities. The prospects that I may be
the biological father of Peter and Pamela
after all, kept me excited. Then I noticed
Efe was yawning. I said it was time to
call it a day. We all got up, bade each
other good night and headed for our
respective bedrooms.
The next morning, I was up very early
only to find that my driver was already
up and waiting for me. I quickly had my
bath and dressed up, hopeful that the
day will be fruitful. We left the house
before 7:00 a.m., after our morning devotion,
arriving at Lawyer
Oscar Brew’s office at 7:20 a.m. He was
waiting for us in his car. The moment he
saw us, he signalled us to follow him.
Then starting his engine, he got going.
We followed. Ten minutes later, we
arrived at the Ave Maria International
Hospital. I knew the place. It was a
private facility, one of the best in town.
We parked the car and followed Lawyer
Oscar Brew inside. We went down a
corridor and came to a door. On the
door was written Dr. Chimaobi igwe. He
knocked, opened and entered.
Dr. Chimaobi welcomed us. He was a tall
and lanky man. He was a Nigerian but ,
was a trained German Doctor.
Apparently, my lawyer had already
briefed him about our mission. He got
up and asked that we follow him. We
did. A few seconds later, we found
ourselves in a laboratory. There were all
kinds of sophisticated gadgets there,
some, even as a medical doctor, that I
had not seen before.
This time, the doctor did not require my
semen. He switched on some of the
equipment, asked me to stand on one
and place all five fingers of my right
hand on a scanner. I did. We waited. My
fingers appeared on a TV screen. We all
waited. About two minutes later, a green
light began to beep on the screen.
“Finished” he said and then turned to
my lawyer. “Your man is very fertile and very
okay. I will
print the result of this test for you” he
said. Relief swept through my entire
body. I felt weak at the knees Dr.
Chimaobi printed the result for us. Then
we all returned to his Consulting Room.
He sat down and explained to us the
process he used to determine whether I
was fertile or not.
“As you can see, Dr. Ofori-Mensah is very
fertile. We have here the latest and most
advanced equipment in the world for
testing the fertility of both men and
women. The green light which beamed
indicated he is fertile. If the light had
turned red, it would have meant he is
not fertile,” the doctor said.
I was jubilant! I was fertile after all. This
meant that I could father a child. I
resolved to do another DNA test and
quietly prayed that the result, like the
fertility test, would also prove that I was
the biological father of Peter and Pamela.
Lawyer Oscar Brew thanked Dr. Chimaobi Igwe .
Then we left. At the car park, the lawyer
told me he smells a conspiracy against
“I am willing to bet that the DNA test
which was presented to the court was
false. Somebody made sure the wrong
results was written. I am going to find
this out and if true, we shall sue the
hospital and the individuals involved,” he
Though I nodded in agreement, I really
did not care about suing anybody. To
have found out that I was fertile after all
and that was very good news for me. All
that I wanted now was to have another
DNA test and be told the result proves I
was the biological father of my children.
“We are going to sue each of the health
facilities GH¢20million each if it turns out
that they lied. The doctors too who
supervised it will be sued GH¢2million
each” he said, beaming with smiles. I
could see that as far as he was
concerned, he had hit a jackpot. His next
statement confirmed this.
Dr. OforiMensah, we need to sign an
agreement. If our suspicions turn out to
be true and we sue them, my law firm
will receive 40% of the total amount of
money we sue them for when you are
paid. Agreed?” he asked me.
I nodded happily. He said in that case,
there was the need for us to return to
his office and sign the agreement. So,
we headed for his office where the
agreement was written and signed. I
really was not interested in the money. I
was interested in being told I am the
biological father of Peter and Pamela.
Three days later, I received a call from
Lawyer Oscar Brew. He said he had filed
an appeal at a High Court in the face of
the new evidence we had. The case was
scheduled for a week’s time. He
informed me that Nora’s lawyers had
been served.
“Okay, but my ex-wife is out of the
country with the children” I said.
“No. they are back in the country. They
are living at North Legon in a house
bought for your wife by your friend,
Edwin and do you know that your
friend is no more?” he said.
How, when, what happened? ” Edwin died in motor accident”. I was surprised at this
information from my lawyer.
“Oh! I see! How did you get to know all
this?” I asked him, impressed.
“Well, alongside our law chambers, we
ran an investigative agency. We use it to
fish out needed information that will
assist our cases at the court. I can tell
you for now that we have placed
surveillance on your ex-wife with our
team of investigators so we know
where she is at any particular time” he
I was impressed with my lawyer. The
work he had done so far made me
realize why his services were so
expensive and why he is reputed to be a
crack lawyer.
I began to day dream about me having
my children back. The thought so
excited me sometimes I found myself
dancing though I was a bad dancer.
Peter and Pamela were the love of my
life for whom all the diamonds in the
world cannot compare.
Three weeks after I went on leave, I had
to resume work. I had rested enough
and with all the good news, I looked
forward to joining my colleagues at
On a calm Monday morning in
September of that year, I woke up early,
skipped breakfast and headed for work.
I was driving myself and was in high
spirits. About ten minutes after I left
home, I heard my phone ringing. I
stared at the screen but could not tell
who was calling. I answered the call and
was surprised to hear my wife’s voice..
“Please can we meet? I have something
important to tell you” she said
“ A meeting? What for, Nora?” I asked
her. I was really surprised she had called.

To be continued!

Question: Should Dr Mensah sue those
involved in the fake results?
Even if it means him sueing Nora?
Why is Nora asking for them to meet?
What could she want?

By: Ebube Nwuze

Episode 15

“ A meeting? What for, Nora?” I asked
her. I was really surprised she had called.
“Please, I want us to talk over our break-
up and the children. If you don’t want
me again, I will not deny you your
children,” she said.
“Me my children?” I asked. “I thought
you said Peter and Pamela are not my
biological children and you got a DNA
result to prove it. So, why refer to them
as my children?” I asked her.
I heard her sobbing. When she spoke,
her tone was remorseful.
“Darling, I lied. You are their biological
father” she said.
My heart must have skipped a beat. It
was hard to believe that Nora had said
Peter and Pamela were my biological
children. I thought I had not heard right.
“I don’t get you,” I said.
“Honey, Peter and Pamela are your
biological children. I lied when I said you
were not their father. I bribed the
doctor who conducted the test to
present a false result to the court. I also
bribed the fertility centre to give you a
result that will convince you that you are
not fertile enough to be a father. I am
sorry,” she said.
“Nora! Why?” I asked as my heart began
to beat wildly.
“Honey, I am sorry. I am truly very sorry.
When you said you will divorce me, I
became scared because I did not want
you to take the children away from me. I
had to do anything to make sure you do
not take them away from me,” she said.
She was crying. However, I cared less
about her tears. I was rather left
speechless by the callousness of the
woman I had called my wife for many
years. She had not only cheated on me
with my own friend but had done
everything she could to deny me my
children – my biological children!
“Nora, you are wicked! You are a
Jezebel! In fact, you are not fit to be the
mother of our children. You are the devil
incarnate!” I screamed at her.
“I know Isaac, I know! I know I do not
deserve to be your wife! I know I
behaved badly! Please forgive me. I beg
you,” she cried.
“Forgive you? You think it is as simple as
that? Do you know the trauma you have
put me through? Are you aware of the
pain you have subjected me to? Are you
aware I could have died as a result?” I
asked her.
I had driven off the road and parked the
car. I did not even notice that I was
trembling all over until later.
“Isaac, I have sinned against you, God
and our children. All I want you to do
now is to forgive me. I am very sorry.
Please! I am sincerely sorry. Forgive me.
Isaac, forgive me,” she continued in
Then I asked her why she has now
called me to make the confession. She
could not tell me why though I knew the
answer; her lawyers had been served
our appeal and they knew the game was
up. My estranged wife was therefore
calling to confess because she knew that
she would be jailed if the court heard
the case.
“Nora, I don’t know what to tell you now
though forgiveness is out of the
question. We have gone back to court to
have the earlier ruling of the court set
aside. So, let us meet in court,” I said.
She burst into tears again, pleading with
me not to drag her to court. She said she
would be jailed if the case goes to court.
“Isaac, you know it! Please! I beg of you.
I am on my knees. I am begging you in
the name of God and our children. For
the sake of our children don’t do this to
me,” she pleaded.
“Were you thinking about the children
when you cheated on me and in no
place but my own house and our marital
bed? Were you thinking about the
children when you tried to deny them
their father?” I asked her.
My questions were like a hot knife
slicing through her heart. I could hear
her wince as I asked her the questions.
“Isaac! Honey! That is why I say I am
sorry. I know I have behaved badly.
Please forgive me. I beg you,” she
pleaded once more.
“Nora, don’t worry. You would not be
jailed. Have you forgotten that you have
one of the best lawyers who will make
sure you do not go to jail?” I asked, the
sarcasm obvious.
“Honey, please. You know no lawyer can
save me from going to jail,” she said.
Then there was a pause. I did not say
anything either. Then she spoke again.
Her voice was calm and resolved.
“I have to take my life then. I cannot go
to jail. Whatever it is, forgive me and
always remind the children I loved
them,” she said. Then she hung up.
As much as I hated my wife for what she
had done to me, I did not want her to
die because I did not want my children
to loose their mum. My love for my
children was stronger than my hatred
for her. So, I tried to call her back, but
she would not pick the call. After trying a
couple of times, I gave up and sent her a
text message.
“Your decision to take your life shows
that you are still a heartless woman. No
wonder you want to take your life and
leave your children without a mother.
You know what that is called?
Selfishness. Rot in hell.”
I felt good sending her the text
message. Then I got my car going again,
continuing the journey to my hospital.
Minutes later, she phoned back but I did
not answer her call. My phone rung over
and over again but I refused to pick her
call. Then she sent me a text message. I
scrolled to the text messages part of my
phone and pressed the button on the
inbox. It opened to reveal her message
to me. It read.
“I am not selfish. But I will not allow
myself to be locked up for years in
I decided to ignore her text message. In
the meantime, I was happy to be back at
work. My colleagues were excited to see
me back. Bubbling with energy, I began
work, attending to patients, a few of
whom I knew already.
While attending to a patient, I saw that
Nora had sent more text messages. I
decided not to read them; I simply
deleted them. Then I continued working.
Five hours later, my schedule for the day
came to an end. I got into my car and
headed home. I was half way home
when I received a call from a number I
did not know. Believing it was my wife, I
refused to answer it. My phone kept
ringing till I reached home. After it had
rung for sometime, I decided to answer
it. As soon as I did, my son’s voice came
through loud and clear.
“Daddy!” he shouted.
“Peter!” I responded, my heart melting
immediately. I loved my son and
daughter so much I knew I would not
mind dying for them.
“Daddy, please forgive Mummy, okay. She
is sorry” my son said. His statement took
me by surprise.
“Daddy, Mummy said she had done
some very bad things to you so the
police are going to lock her up for a long
time. She says if you forgive her, they
won’t lock her up. Daddy, please forgive
her. We love her. We cannot live without
her” my son said.
My little boy’s comment pierced through
my heart. It made me hate my wife with
passion. What she was doing, as far as I
was concerned, was blackmail. She
knew I had a soft spot for my children
so she was using them to get me to let
her off the hook.
“Let me talk to your mother” I said, my
voice trembling with anger.
“Mummy is not here” my son replied. I
did not know whether to believe him or
not. Nora was a smart person. She was
using one person she knew I would
listen to.
“Listen, Peter, your Mummy has been
very bad to me. If you grow up, you will
understand it…I cannot
just…..hmmmmm….she has….”
I did not know what to say. I was
choking on my words. While I was angry
with my wife, I was also not prepared to
take my son through any psychological
trauma. So, I was finding it very difficult
to explain the issue to him.
“Daddy, we beg you. She is our mother.
We love her so much. Forgive her. She
would not do it again. You always said
Jesus said we should always forgive. So
why don’t you want to forgive her?” he
My son had cornered me. He was a
smart kid. I knew I had to play the whole
thing carefully or he would never believe
me again. I began to crack my brains on
how to proceed with my son.

To be continued

By: Ebube Nwuze

Episode 16

My wife had me cornered and I knew it.
She was a very cunning woman.
“Peter, your mother asked you to call
and say what you are saying, right? And
I am sure she is standing by you right
now, gesturing to you” I said. My son
said he was alone with his sister and
that they were at a public pay phone.
They had sneaked out of the house: that
their mother was not aware that they
had sneaked out to call me
I believed him. I knew Peter very well. He
was terrible when it comes to lying. I
was in a fix. My children loved their
mother to a fault just as they loved me.
Now, to have their mother jailed would
have an adverse effect on them. I asked myself what is going to be my gain, if i jailed the Mother of my Children.
And, I
guess they will never forgive me for it.
“Daddy, are you there?” he asked me.
“Yes I am here” I said
“Daddy, do this for Pamela and me. We
beg you in the name of God” he pleaded once more. I could
feel the passion in his voice. I also knew
he was crying.
“Okay, for the sake of the two of you and God, I
have forgiven her” I said
“ Daddy! Are you sure?” he asked.” Are
you sure you have forgiven
our mummy?
“I have. I love the two of you so much”
“So Daddy, will you take mummy back in
our home? Will she be your wife once
again” he asked. I remember when I was dating Nora, I remember the day of our wedding, I remember my vow I made in the present of God ( for better for worse ). I said she will. I heard
him scream in joy and narrate what I
had said to her younger sister. She
screamed and asked to talk to me.
“Daddy?” she asked. Her innocent and
soft voice immediately set my heart
racing. How I missed her!
“Daddy, I love you. Let us see you soon!”
she said, giggling happily.
“I love you too, Pamela” I responded.
Then the connection went off. I sighed
as tears began to trickle down my
cheeks. I took a handkerchief and wiped
it off. Then I got my car going once
more. Suddenly, I wished I had made
John drive me to work.
By the time I arrived home, I was at
peace with myself, having decided not to
pursue the case in court. Once I was in
the privacy of my bedroom, I phoned my
lawyer to tell him I was no longer
interested in pursuing the case in court.
I explained to him that my wife had
confessed to me that she lied to the
court concerning the DNA and once she
had pleaded for forgiveness, I was no
longer interested.
“Wow! She confessed to perjury. That is
an offence for which she can be jailed.
You have a golden opportunity to put
your wife away for a long time” he said.
I repeated that I was no longer
interested in the case. He was stunned.
Apparently, he saw the news twist as an
opportunity to make money.
“Doctor, you are throwing away an
opportunity to make some cool money”
he said, I asked by sending my wife to jail? frantically. However, I stuck to
my guns. That ended it.
John and Efe, my driver and house-help
respectively were stunned when I later
told them, after supper, about my wife’s
“Jesus Christ!” John exclaimed. “So
Madam concocted all that lies against
Efe, though stunned, spoke up, saying
that many a woman would do what my
wife did to ensure no one takestheir
children away from them.
“So, you mean Nora acted right?” I
asked Efe.
“Daddy, I am not saying Madam’s actions
were right. I am only saying most
women will do anything to ensure that
their children are not taken away from them”
Efe replied.
Then I dropped the second bombshell of the evening.

To be continued

What could be the bombshell??



Episode 17 (Final)

Calmly, I told them I had decided to let
my wife back into the marriage. The two
stared at me as if I was a ghost.
“Daddy! What did you just say?” Efe
asked me. Smiling, I repeated what I had
said. She and John stared at each other
as if I was talking gibberish and then Efe
began to cry as she showered praises
on me.
“Oh God! Thank you, God! Thank you!
Thank you for listening to my prayers, you’re God, nobody like you, thank you God”
she kept on repeating. I got her to get
up and calm down.
“So, when is madam coming, Daddy, when, today?”
she asked. I could see the sparkle in her
“Can’t tell now. But she will be coming” I
said. Then I said I had to go have my
bath so I stood up. The meeting came to
an end.
I had just gotten back to my bedroom
when my phone rang. The number on it
indicated it was my wife. I hesitated and
then picked the call.
“Daddy, Mummy is here. We have told
her that you have forgiven her but she
won’t believe us. So, please tell her” Peter
I was proud of my son. Though still
young, he was doing everything
possible to bring his father and mother
back together. Of course, it was obvious
that his mother had not told him or his
sister what she did. And despite my
anger, I also did not wish her to tell
them. I did not want the children to
know what their mother did. It will take
away her honor in their eyes. I smiled.
Then Nora came on the line.
“Isaac” she said
“I am sorry, I am so sorry. Please, I don’t know what came over me, I was a big fool, I am really disappointed you, please for God sake, please ”
“I have forgiven you” I said. There was
silence. I could hear her sobbing. I
“Thank you, darling. Thank you so much.
I will never disappoint you again.
I am grateful” she said finally. I said
nothing more. There was silence again
and then she asked if she could come
back home.
“Yes” I replied. Again, there was a pause.
More sobs. I kept quiet. Then my son
“Daddy, we are coming back home
tonight. Right now! Right now” he
screamed excitedly.
Okay, Peter. I will be waiting to see you
and Pamela” I said.
“And Mummy” he added.
“Of course yes, and Mummy” I said.
“Daddy, do you still love her?” he asked
me. If there was anybody I loved that
moment, it was my son.
“Yes, I love her” I replied. I heard him
scream in delight as he ended the call.
I suddenly felt a bit empty. Then against
my wish, I broke down in tears and
cried my heart out. For close to thirty
minutes, all I could do was weep. In
order not to be heard crying, I later
went to my bathroom, stripped and got
under the shower. Under the shower, as
I bathed, I wept. By the time I had come
out, I felt okay.
I had barely finished dressing when I
heard a knock on my door. Expecting
that it was Efe coming over to tell me
food was ready, I hurried to the door
and opened it. Lo and behold, standing
there was my estranged wife with our
two children.
“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” the two children
screamed out in unison as they jumped
into my arms. I curled my hands around
them as tears of joy began to trickle
down my cheeks.
They were my children; my biological
children; bone of my bone, flesh of my
flesh and blood of my blood. And, every
attempt had been made to deny them
their father.
I held on to them tightly. They were
more important to me than all the gold
and diamonds in the world. They were
more important to me than I was to
Finally, I put them down. Screaming, they
run to my bed, jumped on it and began
to play as they used to do. Seeing them
at play made me realize that the good
old days were back. I turned to Nora.
She was on her knees and in tears. Her
eyes looked puffy.
“Isaac, I am a fool, big fool. I don’t deserve….” She
“Ssshhhh!” I said, stopping her from
talking. Holding her hands, I got her to
her feet, pulled her close to me and
kissed her on the lips. She literally melted
into my arms as she began to cry again.
Over to my right, I saw Efe and John,
standing by the TV, looking at us and
smiling. I nodded to them, smiling back, l thank them for the roll they played in my life. It is time for prayer.


I give the supreme God the maximum praises, honour and adoration for the completion of this story “THE UNFAITHFUL WIFE” and the strength He gives me to always drop at least an episode of a story everyday despite so many challenges I pass through in the course of finding, editing, writing the stories. You still help me all the way, may you receive all the glory, honour, praises you really deserve in Jesus name.

My other appreciation goes to my wonderful readers, you are too much. Thank you for your reading, likes, comments, prayers and words of encouragement. And those people that read too and won’t press like or make any comments I thank you too because if there is no love you would not even bother to read it at all. I want to say thank you all and God bless your going out and coming in Jesus name.

Now, it is high time to give overall comments on the just concluded story. I want us to start giving out the lessons learnt, advice and anything you can say that can help us all to learn from. Thank you once more.

Stay blessed and have a great day



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