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By Tofunmi Pels

A friend jokingly said yesterday that ”to someone, today is just another Wednesday, a continuation of the ongoing week and while to another person, today is the beginning of a new year” which is so true and I am very sure you must belong to one out of these two category. It was an human being like us who sat and created the calendar that the whole world is following through today but an interesting truth is that no man designed your life and your time and seasons in destiny through life, God did! God only works with His time and not that of man. A thousand year is like a day before God, To God, today is another new dawn that He created for humanity.
Don’t get carried away with the shouts of happy new year and not be conscious of God timing for your life. On earth, it is 2020, but in Heaven, it is just another new day in the timing of your life.

Dear friend, my advice for you this new dawn is that you be intentional about your living life and not existing through from this day onward. You exist through life when you give life the chance to happen to you, you are a product of what life has to offer you but You live life when you live according to the purpose why you are created daily.

Hello, there is always a great reward for being intentional. Towards the close of 2019, the Lord keeps dropping on my heart that ‘Being intentional with my life in 2020 will yield bountiful results in my life record by December 2020’ So, dear friend, it is no longer about allowing each day to dictate it’s course but now is to being intentional about being productive to God, humanity, yourself daily. Being intentional goes beyond your imaginations or wishes but taking determined steps and seeing to it doggedly that you achieve every good thing or idea that you think of.

You should choose to be great this year. Happy new day in the timing of your life.

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