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In the early hour of this morning, I had to press my dress for the day. As I plugged in the iron to the socket, gradually the iron became quite hot but instead of me to reduce the hotness by making use of the control button, I was waiting for the point where the iron will turn itself off.

Although that could work in some cases but what I didn’t realize is that the iron wasn’t aware of the kind of material I was ironing. It was only programmed to turn itself off if the temperature becomes too hot for it capacity not for the dress material. I am the one with the knowledge of the cloth I am ironing and consequently, I should know when it becomes too hot for the material and hence make use of the control button to turn it off! If I’d kept waiting for the iron to turn itself off, I will end up burning my dress!

As a believer, if you keep waiting for the devil to willingly retreat on his accord, you will only end up as one of his victims. You have the knowledge of who devil is and his mission but does the devil know the kind of material you’re made of? You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, you got the power in you! Yes! Christ gave you that power over 2000years ago. You got to show the devil you are a begotten of Christ and that in Christ, you got the control over him and his cohorts. Make use of that control!

In your career and professional life, make use of the control! Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, don’t wait around for success, be deliberate, get up and take over the control! Don’t linger till situation get severe before trying to make amends. It is your life and if you do not get up and take hold of it, nobody else will!

Happy Blessed New Year Beloved Readers!🎊🎉 It is our year of Solution!🥰🥰



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