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Episode 11.

“…I asked him repeatedly but he kept assuring me that he wasn’t hiding anything…I just felt he is keeping something from me Doctor…this is the second time… that his friend refer to him as Kaka… the first time I thought I was crazy… maybe because digging so deep on kaka but I Just realised that I heard it that first time… I was right and not crazy…they both denied calling such name until yesterday evening and I heard his friend, Wilson say it very clear… I don’t know what to think…is as if I don’t know Kane anymore…or I’m I over reacting…I just needed someone to talk to…

“Maybe you are over reacting… Kane loves you Olivia…calm down and focus on your upcoming marriage with the man who loves you…or do you think that Kane maybe Kaka from your past…how possible can that be…

“Kane can’t be Kaka…is not possible and will never be…I have vow never to forgive or forget the man behind my parents death…the man who left me with a lasting memory…and that man is Kaka and not Kane…my point is why is he bearing such a terrifying nick name of all the names on this planet… doctor Kate…you will never understand how much hate I hold for such name…and he never mentioned it until his friend relocated back to this place…Kane has a scar on his face… just a scar… Kaka has a deep cut on his face that night…I saw the open wound even before he slapped me across the face and I fell to the ground and he pounced on me…I saw it…

“Olivia… Kane can’t be Kaka… don’t merge them… they are two different people entirely… I know a good man as kane would have confessed to you if he has any dirty past…anything as strong as such would have slipped out of his mouth knowingly. or….unknowingly because he loves you deeply…Kane is the kind, sweet man who will never trade you and Emerald for anything…do you understand me…erase every doubt and focus on the present and settle down with a man who cares for you…Kaka is either in prison or already dead…such men does not last long…they either die by their past guilt or unfortunate things will happen to them or even to their children if they are luckyy to have any…a man can’t rape kill and destroyed an entire family and walk so free without a curse of those he hurt…take a look at Helen’s step dad…who molested her severally… even her mother was aware of this yet she covered him up until Helen ran away and become suicidal…I thank God for sending help to her Just at the right time…her stepfather died in a car wretch and her mother is now depending on her for a daily bread…I have handled so many unfortunate cases as such and I’m glad to know that most of this victims have become victorious, they turned their lemon into a lemonade…. I kept saying when life gives you something hard to chew… please chew it and grand it with your teeth…let them see that you can’t be easily broken by an unfortunate happening… learn to forgive too Olivia…forgiveness does more good to you, it purges your soul and purifies your mind…it helps you to become free from anger and strife…let go of the past and focused on the present… I’m sure your parents Will be smiling down at you right now…you have made them proud…and I’m so proud of the strong woman you have become…

Olivia was more relaxed after talking with Doctor Kate.
Emerald did not go in with her to doctor Kate’s office, Olivia asked her to sit at the reception close to doctor’s office and wait for her but by the time she came out Emerald was not there any more.
Doctor Kate who was with Olivia asked the nurses there on the girl’s whereabouts and as they were telling doctor Kate that Doctor Mark took her out they saw Emerald walking down with Mark, a bottle of unopened juice and snacks was in her hand.
As Olivia was about scolding her daughter for going out without her notice Mark spoke in her defence.

” I’m sorry…it was all my fault…i wanted to tell you first but decide not to disturb your talk with doctor Kate…we just went to the cafeteria…she was sitting here bored so i took her along.. I’m sorry…is all my fault…she did not even want to follow because she’s felt you maybe looking for her and she hasn’t touched any of the snack food or drink that I got for her…she wanted to show you first before eating…I must confess that you are really bringing her up to be strong willed…just like you…but I’m sorry for taking her without your knowledge…

“Is okay Mark…i was worried but become relaxed when I saw her with you… your cafeteria do they have cooked food or is it just snacks… Emerald must be hungry…and I’m also hungry…we haven’t eaten breakfast and is already noon…

Mark was more than willing to take Olivia and Emerald back to the cafeteria.
Olivia thanked Kate and Kate hugged her warmly and also hugged Emerald as they went with Mark to eat.

” I can see you are doing good…being the CEO of OLIVEM supermarket is indeed a big work but you got no worries… your managers got you covered…I believe your friend, Helen is alsoe doing great with her husband… when is your wedding coming up…and hope you will invite me…

“OLIVEM is well managed, I only go there to see how everything is going and how the staffs and customers and doing… Helen is fine… well, she is still over four years now that she has being married and getting so worried but her husband is not so worried like she is… he encourages her to wait on God’s time and I’m certain they will have a baby at the right time…as for me… I’m getting ready to walk down with my soul mate… I’m almost through with law school, I guess the most important part is defending my projects and moving on to the next level…so…what about you…I thought you will be married by now…

“Uhmmm…hmmm…well… I’m not…maybe I’m yet to meet the right one…I was in a relationship for almost two years, i thought it was going to lead us into marriage but it didn’t…she relocated to another country because of her kind of job… and it becomes a distance relationship which she couldn’t cope at a point after meeting a new guy over there, she told me about it and I have no choice than to let her go… she got married to the guy early this year, I couldn’t attend but I sent my blessings to them…well still hoping to start dating again… soon… but I have being So occupied with work…maybe because I want it that way… occupying my mind with things I Love to do…my elder brother and his wife ask of you sometimes and I told them that you were married already…hahaha..I will settle down at the right time…when God wills it… I’m not rushing ahead of myself on that… taking everyday at a time…by the way I’m happy to see you and Emerald…I know you speak with Kate over the phone often but I don’t get to see you except if you come down… and about your friend, Helen…if she feels she can’t wait any longer for the child to come they can try the IVF process…I know many couples are going towards that line too but her marriage is just four years she should be patient and her desires will be granted… Just like I’m patiently waiting for my desires to become reality… congratulations in advance…and hope you Will remember to invite me when the time comes… I haven’t changed my mobile line or house address…is in this my complimentary card… I guess you lost my line…I thought of calling sometimes but don’t know if it was okay to do so…I will be looking forward to your call of invitation…

They laughed together while eating and talking about so many other things, she collected his complimentary card.

Olivia Later left the hospital with her daughter and drove back to her place.

She switched on her phone after leaving it off for long, Kane’s text messages and voice note poured in.
She was already tired to start driving down to his place but she still did.
She left Emerald with the nanny and drove to Kane’s place that evening.

As she drove down Kane was calling again but she didn’t bother picking up because she was very close to his place.

Olivia drove inside as the gate man opened the gate.
She parked, picked up her bag and went in.
Kane was upstairs talking on phone with somebody as she walked inside. She can hear him talking loudly on the phone with some one.
Her favorite music was playing in the background.
Olivia quietly went upstairs and suddenly pause as she hard her name.

“…I have gone to her place twice today…even her supermarket too she’s not there… she’s not there…her friend is not in town…I checked there also…I don’t know what to do…or where to search for her… she’s not taking her calls either… I’m afraid and deeply worried… Wilson…you should have being careful when speaking to her…do you think she knows…do you know wether she found out tha…

“To know what exactly… Olivia interrupted Kane who was shock to see her as he turn to face her.
He stood not knowing what to do as Olivia approach him gently.

“To know what…and found out what… Olivia stood in front of Kane with a questioning look.

Kane thought of what to say quickly as an idea came to his head.

” I was going to trave with you to the Bahamas after our wedding…to do our honey moon there… so…I was planning that with Wilson and I told him not to let you know, it was supposed to be a surprise…so…I don’t know what to say or think again since yesterday night that made you so angry and disappear without a word since morning… and switch off your phone…I don’t know what really got you upset since last night…I thought Wilson mentioned that to you also and maybe other things that makes you think I’m keeping something away from you…

Olivia still stood looking at Kane, she was happy to hear that they will be going to the Bahamas Island to spend their honeymoon.
She wondered what got into her to think that a perfect man like Kane who has never hurt a fly will ever hurt anyone, never in the past or in the present. Kane was a special being, she was happy to have such a sweet and caring man who will soon become her forever soulmate.
She kept watching him as Kane tries to clean his eyes which was becoming teary.
he shakes while talking to her, Kane later knelt down, Olivia was surprised as she kept looking at.

“Olivia, I can’t live without you… I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry if I hurt you in anyway, I have always tried to be a Pefect man to you but I’m not perfect…i have done things in the past of which I’m not proud off…please don’t leave me… I know I don’t deserve someone like you… but I love you… with my whole being Olivia… I love you and Emerald…I know marriage should be built on trust and truth… that is why I decided to say this…I don’t know how to start this but i have something I really want to tell you…. you deserve to know…I’m afraid..I don’t want to loose you… I’m so afraid Olivia but I have to say it anyway…uhmm…I use to…I mean I was a…a…hmm…a…uhmm… Olivia… will you ever forgive me…I…I have being so terrible…I use to…to..I…

Olivia went to him as Kane struggle with words. She asked him to stand and he did, she went into his arms and Kane held her very close.
She later look up at him before saying

“I can’t hold any wrongs against you…I don’t know what you are struggling to say but i will always forgive you no matter what it May be…I love you Kane… and I’m sorry for over reacting this days… I’m sorry for making you to worry so much… now I’m here let’s focus…we have a wedding to plan…

She kissed Kane and he quickly responded
And with that Kane forgot about everything he had wanted to say to Olivia as they went on with their passionate kiss.
Kane gave a sigh of relief as he held Olivia in his arm.
All worries and doubt was forgotten at that instant.


Kane started hurrying with the wedding plans, if Olivia officially becomes his wife it will be hard for her not to forgive him if the truth finally surface, and maybe then he will find the gut to tell her the real truth which he has not being able to say or better still he will allow the past to remain where it belong. He doesn’t have to tell her anything for peace sake.
He hurried the people printing the wedding cards to perfect their work on time, he has gotten his wedding attire, everything he will need and also for his best man too.
Olivia who was back to school to finalise her project defence was speaking with him one afternoon and Kane said he has already gotten his wedding things and the cards has been printed waiting for distribution, everything was almost ready from his side, it remains only hers.

“Kane…slow down…you seem to be running at a speed of recent, I thought we are suppose to chose the type of wedding card we want to do, we have not concluded on the colour yet, and me and you suppose to do it together when I return back from school… before even taking it for printing…I’m surprise to hear you say is already printed…you did not send the colour or pattern for me to see again…

“is beautiful Olivia and I know you will love it when you see it…I will take a picture of it and send it for you to see what it looks like…I can’t wait to make you my wife…I have patiently waited for so long already…we could have being married before now if not that you said you wanted to concentrate with school and finish up before marriage and I waited…but no more waiting because is finally going to happen…everything from my side is almost ready…when you return you will go and try some wedding gowns and see which will fits…if you send me the type you really like I would have gone and get it myself…so that when you come you wouldn’t have to stress yourself over doing all that…honey should I check out some wedding gown shop online for you?

“haa Kane…slow down…stop being in a hurry…I’m not going anywhere…I’m all yours…I have always being…wedding is only to make it official…you are running at a speed…I told you I will be coming next week, so relax…next week is not far from now…when I come back I will go and check out wedding gowns and also things for Emerald, I will also like to check the bridal stuffs…and my best lady too…focus on your own…I will do mine, please don’t share all the card yet…I have a lot of people I want to give personally…so just chill until I get back…alright…I love you…byeee.

Kane has settled Wilson after the long misunderstanding, they were cool pals again.
Wilson set up his business and refurnished his house. He visited Kane one day and they sat inside to drink and talk.

Olivia who was suppose to come back the following week, decided to come home on time to plan well with Kane so he doesn’t rush up with the whole wedding plan in her absence and end up making a mistake, she wanted to foresee things as it goes.
Olivia did not tell Kane that she was coming back, she has planned to surprise him, she first stopped at her place, checked on her daughter before driving down again to Kane’s house.
She parked her car outside the gate and quietly went inside, as the security opened open the gate and greeted her warmly, she smile at him, he asked her why she parked outside, she told him she want to surprise Kane and the man started laughing as he thanked God for his boss and madam, who’s love affair was made in heaven.
Olivia sneaked into the house, she knows every corner of the house and how to move without being seeing or heard.
She followed through the back door and came in quietly, she saw that Kane was with Wilson as they drink and laugh, they were both looking drunk.
Olivia wanted to come out and shout “surprise” but decided to wait a little more.
Kane will be so happy to have her home and together they will sit and plan well before Kane will rush up with plans and make a mistake in her absence.
She listen to Wilson and Kane talk and laugh as old friends, she also giggle within herself as she imagined Kane’s reaction when he eiy see’s her, he will be so surprised .
Wilson spoke after gulping down a drink in a glass cup and poured another for himself…

“I have being so busy setting up my business, thank you man…the money you gave me was all I have being asking for to start up myself…is not really a big thing, you have this money yet saw it as a big deal to help long time paddy…you should be happy to help me out after spending years in prison, prison life has always have a negative effect on people who made it out of there…those who can’t stand the shame and how to start all over again take their own life but that is not in my case…I just wanted a little support and you saw it as a big deal…helping me is not even anything compared to what I did for you, you would have being a dead man today if Olivia’s father has shot you that night as you went on digging into his daughter… that’s really pathetic…I can’t imagine, he almost took hold of that gun and blow off your brain until I intervened, I saved you and still went ahead to suffer in prison while your parents send you abroad to enjoy…guy…you have not tasted what suffering is like…you have never suffered, I will tutor you on that…so helping me to stand back on my feet suppose to be your own way of thanking me for everything I did for you…but that aside…I’m happy that you reasoned like a man and think it through…I can still hear those your punches as they sound in my ear drum, you beat me real hard because I wasn’t well prepared…it was unexpected…but Kaka…you are wicked o…punching without mercy….what if I die that morning…you woke me up from sleep that morning…rushed all the way down to finish me up all because I mentioned Kaka to Olivia…that means if I had said more than that you would have truly killed me without guilt…chai…Kaka my man…I survived that night that tiger and the rest of the gang member died, I survived being beaten to death by those mob and police men, I survived the prison life and when I thought I was free from all of this…my friend decided to come and punch me to death…ahhh…I had a terrible headache for days…remember I told you about it…it was so serious…but I survived again because I was born to always survive…anyway my business is kicking up real fast and all thanks to you for finally compensating me, I have being so busy trying to set it up and I have not being able to ask you this few days how the wedding preparation is going, you promise to open up to Olivia that day…do you succeed in doing that…

“well, I’m happy for you, setting up something for yourself is really good…and you cursed all the beating…you should have never sit to talk with her in my absence because you know how I will feel about that and even if you talk, you needed to be careful not to mention anything implicating, I have being able to protect myself and cover up my mess all this years, you can’t come and blow it all off over night…I have invested so much on Olivia trying to make up for the past and all she lost and I was good with that…she see’s me as Mr perfect and I want it to remain so even after getting married….and the preparation for my wedding is going on fine…I have printed the cards and even started distributing some of it, gotten my suit and other necessary things…Olivia will be here next week to get her own stuffs, I’m just waiting for her to return so that we can proceed to the alter, Wilson…about telling her my past story…I can’t tell her…how do I even start…where do I even start such confession, will I come to her and then say…”honey, please forgive me…I was the gun man that raped you and cursed your parents death…and I escaped all punishment because my parents are wealthy, I met you again unknowing at first but later found out that you were the same slender girl back then and I was happy to know that you had a daughter who is my biological child…I tried to cover up my mess all this years…but I do love you and please forgive me…let the past remain in the past…will such confession work…how do I even tell her such…I tried to say it but it hanged in my truth…I couldn’t Wilson, so I decided to wave it off, get married to her and live as one family, she doesn’t really have to know…is better she doesn’t know, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, I mess up big time in the past, I’m not proud of what I did but it has turn out to be a blessing to me in disguise and to her also, me having her and also my daughter and she getting her dream come true, dream of finishing school, and owning a big supermarket, I can’t bring her parents back to life and I can’t undo what has being done but will try and make it right so that she will not have any reason to doubt or worry about anything… so whatever happened should be kept in the past….i will always try to cover up my tracks and in that way we will all be fine…I want to quickly get married to her now that she is done with school so that she will not be able to leave even if she finds out who I am in the future of which I know she won’t but that will be if you will also keep your mouth shut and try to get use to calling me Kane…practice it continuously so that you won’t call me Kaka again to her hearing…me and Olivia are meant to be together and even the past can not separate that fact…whatever happe…..

Olivia’s leg was shaking, she couldn’t stand anymore, she staggered severally as she ran out of the gate into her car and zoomed off.
The happy security was surprise to see Olivia ran off with speed, he thought within him “maybe my boss did not like the surprise and got her angry and she left…or she planned to surprise my boss and got her own surprise too which made her to leave so soon, maybe she is coming back again, she probably want to go and bring her daughter or something else, my boss and madam has never had a quarrel to my hearing…so it can’t be trouble but why do madam left in such a hurry and I can tell that she was crying or maybe I was mistaken…but whatever it is, I am preparing myself for their wedding day, there will be enough eating and drinking that day…

After sometime Kane walk Wilson who was going back to his place as darkness settled everywhere. As they got to the gate, the security man happily asked Kane.

“Sorry to ask you sir…do you see madam…she was here before…

Kane looked at the security as if he was insane.

“Which madam are you talking about? Kane asked the security in a funny way.

“I mean our madam, the only madam here…Madam Olivia…I thought you saw her when she….

“…Are you on a cheap drink…madam is in school and will be coming back next week, you must be seeing double…I wonder what you are talking about…stop babbling and open the gate…

Kane said in a funny way as him and Wilson started laughing, they ignored the security man who was acting confused.
The security man wondered if madam has become a ghost that his boss could not see her when she came in and went out in a hurry.
Kane later went back inside and ignored the confuse security man who doesn’t seem to know what he was saying.

he went inside to call Olivia, but her line was off, he left a message that he was missing her and can’t wait to have her all to himself.


Olivia stood closed to the window, looking out at nothing as she consume her mind with different thoughts, she breathed deeply and continued to stare at nothing.
Her phone was ringing again but she ignored as usual and remained focus at whatever she was staring at. Helen spoke from the background as she move closer to stand with her

“Babe…babe…your phone is ringing again, he is still the one calling…you have been standing at this window for almost an hour and has refuse to say anything…I understand Olivia…how terrible and unbelievable all this are…you have always being a strong woman, I envy your kind of strength babe…I usually say that to you….i still wish I’m as strong as you are…now Is time…time to show this strength that you posses inside of you…you can overcome this…for the sake of those that love you and for Emerald sake…whom you carried without shame, bore and nursed her and have never stop being a great mother to her…Kane or Kaka or whatever his names are can not make you break down…I’m still in a shock, finding it hard to believe is been him all this while…Jeeezzz…this world is a terrible place to live in…so terrible…nobody can tell who is who anymore…maybe I have to check if my husband is one of my step father’s relatives…is very funny but things are really happening…but I know Francis can never have a bloodline from such a terrible man… oh my God, Babe what do you plan to do now… you almost got married to him without knowing this deep…huge secrets…your wedding is three weeks from now…how could Kane…I mean Kaka…whatever…all this years you have being with him and he never find it necessary to tell you who he was…he was probably afraid to say it…is terrifying to even believe all this is happening…

Helen kept on talking but Olivia was quiet and continue to stare at nothing, she wasn’t listening, her mind was occupied with different things, Helen gently touched her and she turned and move away from the window to sit down.
She has being waiting to wake up from this night mare since yesterday, hoping and silently praying is not true, pinching herself just to make sure she is not having a bad dream, she has checked herself severally wondering if she was day dreaming, still waiting to wake up from all of this because the heaviness of it all will be too much to bear.

Olivia suddenly stood up, picked up her car key and phone, she told Helen she was going, Helen asked her where she was going to but she didn’t reply as she stormed out and drove out with speed.
She kept driving until she finally got to where she was going to, she didn’t bother stepping down immediately as she held her steering and place her aching head on it.
She stayed that way for long before finding the courage to step down and quietly walked out.
Olivia passed so many well constructed tombstone, the whole place was so still, soundless. The synonyms that is commonly used to define a deadly quietly place is a grave yard, people usually say “as quietly as a graveyard”, and they were right, because this place was deadly quiet. Olivia thought within herself as she continued to walk down until she got to a twin tombstone, standing beside each other.
An inscription was on it. The tomb wasn’t like this few years ago, but she later paid people who raised it up to a better standard. She couldn’t give her parents a befitting burial, she couldn’t fulfil her promise of making her caring and loving father proud even after they died she still did not make them proud. Her father must have felt disappointed in her, all this years of being with a man who murdered them in cold blood.
Olivia cleared a place and sat down quietly close to the two tomb belonging to her father and her mother.
She did not utter a word immediately as she sat in silent, she face her father’s tomb, shut her eyes and opened it, she breathed down before finding the word to speak out.

“you were my hero, a good husband and father, you loved mother and loved me, you called us “your girls” you cared for mother all through the time she fell ill, you struggled to make sure I attain height, despite there was not enough for the house upkeep you sent me to school to study and become whatever I want to be, I see your struggle which you try to hide sometimes, I can write a long composition about you, and a whole rim of A4 paper will go half from writing about you father, you died while trying to save me. You saw it all even before it happened…mother was worried about you, we wondered what was eating at you, but you couldn’t even say what exactly you battled within your mind, we never knew that the real darkness was coming until it came and totally consumed you and mother and I ask my self severally why it spared me…I wanted to die that night, I have wished we all disappeared from this crazy and wicked world… But for whatever reason I was spared, I had Emerald, she is growing so well… Father, I finished up with school, I have everything except two of you, and do you know who takes credit for all this so called “good things” in my life, do you know who is behind it all..? is you and mother’s killer, Kaka…hmmm. it has being Kaka all this while, all this years it was Kaka…my worst night mare, the man who killed you and mother untimely, together with his friend, they killed you and mother and crumble my entire world and since then i vow with this your grave never to spare such a man, I studied so hard for the same curse, to bring people like him to book, I never knew that my worst enemy, the dreaded devil himself was the same love of my life, the man I believed to be so perfect, and angelic being. Father our wedding is few weeks from now, I could have being long time married to him without truly knowing he was the man I have fought in my mind all this years…you and mother’s killer. Hmmm, father I felt like I have disappointed in everything, I failed in my promises too. Sorry is not enough to explain how I feel. i…I practically killed you over and over again when I went about with the same man who killed you first…he tried to make up with his money, sending me to school, opening a supermarket and many other things but he has failed to bring you and mother back to life, his money still has not being able to bring you both to life…father do you know the painful part…Kaka did not face any judgement, he walked free after unleashing terror, I listened to him yesterday and hard his friend said that he took all the punishment meant for both of them and went to prison while he was sent abroad, Kaka did not face any kind of punishment father, not from the land, not from the law or even nature… his money saved him from all of this…but it won’t save him forever…I will make sure of that…I hate when somebody preach to me about forgiveness, do they understand what forgiveness really means, I could forgive a man if he cheat on me and hurt me, I will forgive a man who stepped on my feet unknowingly, a man who ran into my car and I caused an accident… I can also forgive this, I could forgive anything but how do I forgive a man who finished an entire family, a man who killed my sweet mother and my loving father, beat and raped me without remorse, we have never offended any one, father you thought me how to live a simple life and stay in my lane and I followed all this teaching carefully until the same man I looked up to disappeared like a wind by the devil’s angel himself.. People who talk about forgiveness…hmmm… I just wish they will take a walk in my shoes, feel what it was like to loss a kind and daring man that you are…a homely and understanding mother…my loving caring parents to a man called Kaka, Kaka traveled out after the whole mess, while I mourn he was living his life, while you continue to lie in this cold grave he was having the best of his life and saying to himself “I’m not proud of my past but it has turned out to be a blessing because Olivia and Emerald who is my biological daughter will be mine, we are meant to be one family, my past is turning out to be my blessing”. hahaha, Father can you believe he said that, He actually did…what a lame and stupid excuse, a very nice way to move on with his life. I can’t bring you back…if money would have…I’m sure you and mother will be alive right now…I will return soon to give you details of how it all went. This is my battle father, Kaka scaled through everything, the land, the law and even nature failed to punish him but I’m sure he won’t escape from my claws, maybe it has being divinely arranged for this day to come when he will get his own share of punishment, from me and I won’t fail, I won’t fail you this time. I will certainly get my own pound of flesh…and come back with details for you and mother… I don’t know when but I will certainly return. Keep resting father…keep resting mother.

Olivia wiped off her tears and walked away.
She zoomed off and went home, her daughter was home and doing her home work on the reading table while the nanny makes dinner.
Olivia’s phone was ringing again and it was Kane, she picked it up

“Olivia…where on earth did you keep your phone, I have being calling since yesterday, I was already planning to drive down to your school to know what is happening…why aren’t you taking your calls…and you did not return any of the calls…Olivia, are you alright over there…you got me scared and worried…what happened to your phone…I even try calling your friend Helen…just to ask if she has heard from you but she is not taking her own calls either…her phone rang continuously but she did not pick or return my calls…I don’t understand why you will always make me to worry so much over you…do you know how I feel if I don’t get to hear from you…I will become scared thinking that something bad might have happened… Olivia is not right…my heart has being troubled since yesterday….

“I’m sorry, i misplaced my phone, and couldn’t find it on time because it was on silent…I could have called with another person’s phone but I have being so buried with this project work, trying to finalize everything so that I can come home to you…I’m sorry Ka..kane…I will keep my phone close to avoid missing your calls again…

“Alright, I feel better now that I have hard from you, I miss you honey, everything about you and I can’t wait to have you all to myself…come home soon so that you can get your wedding gown and every other thing that you may need…

“in a second thought…I think you should go ahead and get whatever you think is cool, any wedding gown you pick for me I will wear it, you already know my size and what I will like…so go on and get it, I may come home and feel tired to start going to a wedding shop, you know the stress with school, and our wedding is few weeks from now…I may not really meet up touring bridal shops for a wedding gown…please go ahead…

“Alright…I will do that, I actually suggested that for you before but you strongly opposed it, I’m surprised that you changed your mind but glad to do your shopping for you…I will take a picture of it and send to you to make your choice…so that once you come back it will be to the alter straight and we will live happily ever after…

They talked some more before Olivia told him she need to go to bed and rest, Kane later ended the call.

Kane was happy as he started checking wedding gown online. by tomorrow he will go to any fine bridal shop he searched out online, he will go and properly check the gowns for his lovely wife to be.


She was a learned lawyer which made it easy for her to draw out all the plans, she has typed out all the document, everything necessary, and within two weeks everything was ready, she could have leased it out for a period of time, maybe five years or more but she decided to sell it off instead. She contacted real estate managers and they quickly put it out for her and without wasting time buyers began to show interest.
Different buyers contacted her through her estate mangers while some spoke to her direct with their different prices but she was looking out for more than just the money.
She didn’t want to waste time on bargains, Olivia was very particular about time, and she did not have enough of it.
Olivia finally accepted a buyer, different people has being coming, she has put it out as very urgent and will be given to the first set of buyers, and different companies and big personalities has being coming to bargain for the price but she finally got a somebody who she handed all the document to after signing.
The money was quickly transferred to her account, her estate managers were well settled.
The new owner agrees with Olivia to change the name from Olivem to whatever he pleases after four months of buying it and he also agreed to retain the staffs too and can bring in more staffs if he desires so.
Olivem was in her name, the property belonged to her but not anymore, she sold it all out.
After selling Olivem supermarket without Kane’s knowledge she moved on with her next plan.
She handed Emerald over to Helen, who traveled out of the state with her, enabling her to concentrate on her mission.
She paid Emerald’s nanny off and she left.
Olivia drove down to see Kane as he has being calling all this while and she being giving him different excuses of being away but promise to return a week before the wedding to try her wedding gown and every other thing.
Olivia drove down to Kane’s place, he was outside waiting for her arrival, the security man was happy to see her as he greeted her cheerfully.
She went in with excited Kane, immediately they got inside he gently drew her into a hug and try to kiss her.
She turned her face, smile and stepped away.

“honey, what’s wrong, is there a problem…oh wait… is my mouth smelling…I can quickly brush up…hahahaha…I missed you so much honey…everyday without you in it is so empty…I just can’t wait for this wedding thing to be over and I’m so happy you are done with school, I will finally have you all to myself…are you not happy about that, I miss you honey more than you can imagine…

Kane made another attempt to kiss her but she pulled out again from him still smiling as if nothing was wrong, she was putting up a fine acting but deep down she was bleeding.
Olivia wish she can quickly put a bullet to his head so that he can join all the people he has killed, Olivia imagined different things as she stood staring at Kane and smiling so well while her thought was consumed with what she planned for Kane.
She stared at the face of the man she has loved so deeply all this years not knowing he has always being her enemy, her worst night mare, a murderer, her parent’s killer, pretending and lying to her face all this years. She will not spare him, Kane will not escape from her claws. He has escaped from everything that could have punished him for all the children he rendered orphan, for wealthy home him and his gangs wrecked, for all the blood of the innocent he has shed that cry out for vengeance. For those with wounded heart who cried to their grave, lives where turned upside down because of a man like Kaka who escaped all of what could have punished him because of his wealthy father. Nobody avenged for the poor and the helpless people whose hope he destroyed, no justice for the afflicted.

She could have finished up with school and become whatever she wanted to be if Kane has not killed her father, her father would have made her dreams to still come through but the man standing before her killed him with her mother and try to make up at same time receiving glory which wasn’t befitting him.

Kaka was the man that stood before her and not Kane, because Kane died and disappeared from her life the day she found out the truth, every Kane in her vanished like thin air and left a monster called Kaka, her hate was much more than she has ever loved, it consumed her every thinking and whole being.
Olivia was fully in on this, she was not just doing it for her parents but also for many others whose hope was bashed and never gets out of the mess that their oppressor created, justice must be served. “he who kills by the sword must die by the sword”
Kane has incurred many charges in the court of law, serious charges like murder, possession of fire arms, robbery, rape and so many others and such a person doesn’t deserve to walk free after committing all this crime. Kane will have his own part of the general cake so that he can find out how it taste.

“I miss you too Kane, more than you do but you know our wedding is few day from now so let’s try to keep this few days a little holy without getting so intimate…after all I’m still yours, you will have me the way you want…so be patient for the remaining days…wait until the wedding is over…I’m always here for you…

“oh really…oohkay…is kind of difficult just staring at those fine lips of yours without a kiss…or cuddle or even more…you know what I mean…hahahaha…but I will try and wait…I’m a very patient and obedient man when it comes to you…every of your word must stand my royal highness…if you want us to wait…fine, no kissing but maybe a little cuddle…pleaseeeee…don’t leave me like this…hahaha…having you in my arms is all I want…I won’t do more than that…but I’m not promising…hahahaha…I’m so happy honey…finally…I feel like tearing down the roof with this whole joy in my heart…you are going to be my wife, we will both be a great parents to Emerald…a great loving family…that’s my heart desire and is all coming through…thank you for staying by myself all this years…your presence in my life have made me a changed man…I love you now and will continue to love till I draw my last breath…we will have more children if God pleases and grow old together…I’m forever yours, I have seen different women, different sizes and height but I have never seeing a woman so beautiful, loving, caring, so understanding…a great cook, homely and very friendly not just to me but to everyone…like you, you posses it all and even more….you are so special Olivia and I love you with my every breath…and will love you forever…

Olivia kept smiling as Kane came closer and kissed her forehead, he try to hold her but Olivia walked away.
Kane showed her the gown and many other things he bought, he told her he has even booked a makeup artist for her but Olivia told him to pay the person off because she has her own makeup artist who will attend to her.

Kane bought things for her and Emerald, he has paid for everything, the caterers, photographers and the video coverage, the venue inclusive and all the decoration that was already on going.
Invitations has being sent out to people who are looking forward to the day.

Kane urged Olivia to try the gown but Olivia said he can’t see her in her wedding gown before the wedding day because is not right and Kane agreed with her.
Olivia later left with the wedding gowns.

The day finally came and Kane was so excited as him and his men dressed up that morning for his wedding.
Kane checked his bow tie to ascertain if it was in order, he smile into the mirror.
He practiced different smile to know which is lovelier to smile to Olivia when she walks down the aisle to meet him.
Today was the day, he has waited for so long for this day to come and is finally here, he called Olivia that morning to inform her that he was already on his way and Olivia told him that she and her girls were rounding up with their makeups and will soon be on their way.

People were already gathering at the venue as Kane arrive with his men, Wilson was among Kane’s groom men
Kane and his men stepped in with style into the auditorium. A lot of people cheer at them as he walked down with his men in suit to wait for his beautiful wife to arrive.

Olivia stood in front of the mirror and stare into it with a frown.
She was dressed in her wedding gown. Her phone rang and she picked up

“Hello ma…is ready, we are waiting for you…everything is ready…

“Okay, thanks… I’m coming out now….today is a good day…few hours from now I will be married…is a good thing…I’m glad is all going to happen finally…so the wedding first…my groom is waiting…of curse I’m happy…a little patient…I’m coming out gently before I ruin my beautiful gown…

Olivia stepped out with a smile, as she whispered again to herself
“Today… is my wedding day”.


She stood before them, looking at the small box.
The man spoke
“Is licensed madam…is not doubled barreled, is just a normal one for armatures… just as you requested, no harm if you can handle it, here is it if you have the mind to handle it with care, is not loaded yet. We have already taught you how to load it and use when the needs arises, you have to be extra careful so that you don’t turn it on your self…but madam…you can change your mind and there won’t be any problem at all…

“No…give it to me, and thank you for your service. You can leave now.

The man drove off with the other two and Olivia went back to her car and made a called

“Hello Inspector…good day sir…do you get my message?

“Barrister Olivia, how are you doing over there, i was informed by my men about your request…how many men do you need and they will be sent to you right away…and what exactly is the situation on ground, I couldn’t get the full details from my men, they told me is a criminal offence, consisting of different crimes that was overlaid for years…and you are taking up the case to handle in court, I trust whatever judgement you dares fits…I’m strongly behind you Barrister…so, I’m sending my men to you right away…

“Thank you inspector, I appreciate all your good work and joining hands with me to bring justice for the deserted…you are doing a good job and your rank of truth will keep going higher….as for the men, I won’t be needing them any more…let me handle this myself…going with your men may complicate things…so I will handle this in my own way…and if there’s any changes I will definitely let you know…I will give you feed back on how it goes but I’m sure that self defense is not murder sir…that was why I requested to deal directly with you on this case…thank you once again Inspector…

“Police is your friend…anytime and any day, try and be careful out there…and if you eventually change your mind don’t fail to let us know…in truth… self defense is not murder Barrister and that is more reason you need the police for your defense at all time so that you won’t take laws into your own hands…but I respect your wish…your wish is my command…be good…you can always reach me anytime you need me…

Olivia later ended the call, she looked at the small box which was sitting carefully in the passenger sit, and she removed it from there and placed it under her seat before she zoomed off.
Olivia was already running late, as she entered the express her phone was ringing, Kane was calling she end the call continuously as he calls, different number called but she kept ending it without answering it at all, she was still in her wedding dress and a dark sun glasses.
Her phone rang again and she looked at the caller it was from Doctor Kate, Olivia ended the call again without picking but doctor Kate kept calling and later doctor Mark also started calling, she ignored it and kept driving with speed, she decided to switch off her phone but another call came in and it was doctor Kate calling again, Olivia decided to slow down her speed, she parked her car and answered the call.

“Hello doctor Kate…

“Olivia…oh my God…what is happening, I have being trying to call you since and even asked doctor Mark to try and reach you too…what I’m I hearing…I spoke with Helen not long ago, she called me asking me to reach you immediately before you hurt yourself… she told me everything and I’m still in shock…why didn’t you tell me…you kept it away from me all this while…Olivia, so Kane was Kaka…oh my God, why didn’t you tell me when you found out…and today was suppose to be your wedding…what are you planning? Please, before you make any rational decision tell me where you are… please where are you Olivia…I need to see you…I know you are hurt…we are worried about you…Mark is here with me and he is also worried sick…I know you are hurting but please forgive him and let loose of whatever plans you have for him…don’t do it…Helen told me what you intend to do to him and she couldn’t talk you out of it…she is hoping I will succeed with you….I know how much hate you have held all this years for Kaka not knowing he was close to your skin…I understand is accumulated hate but please forgive him….

“forgive him…forgive him, like seriously….doctor Kate, that was more reason why I refused to take your calls because I know this will be your normal preaching…forgiveness…you don’t understand and I don’t expect anybody to understand anything right now…my mind is made up and I will handle this the way I want to…please stop worrying…I will be alright…but is either he goes or I go…one of us must leave this earth for the other because I can’t stand living in the same planet with Kaka, I have swore it and my words stand doctor…forgiveness is more reason many evil souls are rooming around this world, committing more crime, unleashing terror on the innocent, because they know they will be forgiven anyway. I could have think in the line of forgiveness if Kaka had come to me all this years and tell me the truth, the truth of being behind my parents death, the truth about everything Doctor Kate…if he was remorseful about it and I finally find the courage to let go…or I would have just get him arrested for him to face the justice that he escaped from and move on with my daughter…but Kaka knew all this while and made me to believe that he was Kane….i have thought this through and nothing will change my mind…I would have gone after his father and watch Kaka bleed like I bleed but the man is retired and very old and my battle is not with the old man but with Kaka…Kaka has money and connection…well, the money can’t save him now, not anymore, I have connection…more than he can imagine…so I’m all set for this…I’m sorry doctor Kate…I have always listened to you in everything…but I won’t on this…I’m still bleeding…I hurt so deeply…more than you can imagined…just knowing my worst enemy…the man I have hated with passion and killed several times already in my mind was staring right at my face all this years…he bought freedom with money and also thinks he can buy my forgiveness with money…to hell with his money…I will be his worst night mare…and he will not escape it doctor…I don’t care what it will cause me…I have sold out Olivem…and that was my starting line…if I let it all go…Kaka will think it was his money that work as usual, he will think he bought me over like he has being doing, escaping everything because he believes his money gives him power…I won’t let this go, he can’t afford my forgiveness…is too expensive for him…this time his money won’t save him…please not now doctor…don’t preach to me…because at the end of everything is either him or me…period.

Olivia ended the call, switched off her phone and entered the express again before zooming off.
She has already sent some men to pay the securities at Kane’s gate off, to leave for one week and she has gotten the information that they have left. No obstruction.
Somebody was waiting for her along the express, she picked up the person and when she drove down to Kane’s place she handed her car keys to the man and ask him to drive off with it to an unknown place where her car won’t be easily seen and the man drove off.
Olivia raised her wedding gown as she walked into the gate. She has her own keys to the house so she unlock the house and entered inside.

Kane and every one else got tired from waiting for Olivia, some people even stepped outside talking in a whisper, the media was already taking pictures and recording the event. Kane was breathing hard as his men tries to calm him down. time has gone and people where gradually leaving in shame.
Kane was more ashamed as people looked at him in pity, the media was capturing the moment and he almost fought with one of the coverage men, he broke a camera of another photographer who took picture of him continuously.

His bride has deserted him, Olivia never showed up at the wedding, Kane’s frustration grew as he couldn’t understand why Olivia would do this to him, he has sent people to search for her and even check her in her place and anywhere possible but they all returned back without any positive news.
Kane went inside the dressing room and asked everybody to keep off.
He punch hard on the wall and stamp his feet in anger “what if she was kidnapped, involve in an accident, fell sick or something else happened to her…what if….

Kane couldn’t think straight, He sat on the ground and held his head. This was a great shame to his personality, he will be in the news for the wrong reasons, he has never in his life expected this to happen, Olivia’s phone was switched off, Kane has tried calling Helen earlier and it rang before she also switched off her phone.
Something wasn’t right. Olivia has nailed him to the wall, how could she do such and what happened to her.

People who came for the wedding saw things as it unfold, they quietly lined up at the food side, collecting food and drink, and some sat to eat and enjoy their selves.
A woman well dressed gossiped with another woman as they eat their food at one corner quietly.

“ Fredi, Fredi…haaa…the bride did not show up again…ewoo…things are happening oo…like play the groom has entered news with this o…news people have carried his story and by morning almost everybody will hear, social media, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and news agencies will carry this interesting story…do you see how angry the groom was…he fought with those photographers…if not for his friends holding him he would have done more…his father is a senator…but retired…the groom has money…he opened one big supermarket for his wife to be…the bride has a daughter, her parents were both killed by some gun men many years ago…how terrible…poor child, she was also raped and later had her daughter before she met the young man, the lady is a barrister now…oh you don’t know…now you know…

“Ewoooo, Cordi…you don’t meant it…things are happening oo, aah what a poor child…I don’t know oo until now you are telling me…I only hard they have being together for long because the girl was in school…why will she abandoned her husband to be in the alter like that, the young man have locked himself in the priest dressing room and warned everybody to keep off…even his friends…me I only know a little about the lady and the man…but I never knew about the bride parents…how do you even know more than me Cordi…who told you all of this…

“Me, do you know who I am…hmmm… I know many things Fredi…any old or latest news even if is being whispered inside an ant hole…I will still hear it…indeed things are happening like this one that just happened…is a big disgrace oo but it won’t matter much because there is enough food to eat and take away…this food is very sweet…they may refix the wedding again and we will come and eat, drink and gather gist for those who couldn’t make it down…

Kane later left as night approach, all the people who came for the wedding were all gone except for Wilson who waited for him.
They first drove to check Olivia at her place but nobody was around, even his daughter and the nanny wasn’t home, another drive to Helen’s place but nobody was also around there. Kane drove out again to Olivem supermarket but he got the shock of his life, as he was told that Olivem has being sold to another.
Kane did not believe the story, he left immediately. He knew it can’t be possible because Olivia can not just sell such a huge asset without his knowledge. Kane believed that something wasn’t right.
He drove back home with Wilson that night, his two security that was suppose to be on duty were all gone, nobody on the duty post or in the house even his house keepers. His body was shaking in anger, he try to understand what was really happening but he couldn’t think of any thing.
The first shock was Olivia not turning up for the wedding, the second was finding out that Olivem has being sold to another, he did not believe the last story about selling Olivem because the big sign post of the supermarket was still there, the name is still there, everything is still the same even the staffs, so it can’t be true and Olivia can not do such a thing without informing him.
Now his worries was “where is Olivia and my daughter” what happened to her…what is going on? He try to answer this question but couldn’t.
Wilson spoke to Kane

“Calm down…just calm down…and let’s hope she is alright…something has being going through my mind…do you think she knows…I mean she knows that you are Kaka…?

“what kind of stupid thing are you even saying with your mouth…how can she know…is not possible for her to know like that except you went behind me again to tell her that I’m Kaka…

“I can never do such thing to you…I never told her anything or sat with her again to talk after that first day…I was only wondering in my mind…what if she knows and played cool…she is a very intelligent person and she read law…you could have told her Kane…even before the wedding…I still stand on this…is she doesn’t know now and found out after the wedding that you are Kaka do you think she will forgive you…it will hurt her and is…

“Wilson just keep shut…I don’t need all this right now…my head is already full…I have asked you before… how do you want me to put my mouth and tell her…how do you really want me to say it…that we killed her parents…I was an arm robber, I raped her…i escaped being punished because money speaker louder in our society…and I have known all this while who she was for years now but try to cover for the past…by giving her all I took from her…everything money can buy…I bought it for her but her parents are dead and I can’t bring them to life with money…and finally I will say…I am sorry Olivia …please forgive me for the sake of Emerald our daughter and forgive me because i Made your dreams to come true…jeezzzz…that is the worst confession I have ever hard…I don’t have such courage Wilson…I can’t tell her all that and she must not find out…maybe I will find the courage to do it someday but not today and not tomorrow…I need to find her first…that is my main problem now…please…don’t add to my trouble…by tomorrow the media will carry my picture and name to the public that is if they have not started already…they even captured the moment I was fighting those fools called camera men….my fear is where is Olivia and my daughter…what happened…maybe I should call the police to start a search for them…no, I don’t want to involve the police yet…what is happening to me…who did I offend…why must this embarrassing thing happened to me…why me, how could Olivia do this to me…oh my God ….i…I just want to stay alone…please leave Wilson…I will keep trying her number until I’m able to reach her…leave…I don’t want to see anybody right now…I want to think…all this is just too much…

Wilson later left, Kane kept pacing up and down, he will punch the wall so hard and scream so loud in frustration.

Olivia listened from where she was, she has planted a recording camera which she was listening to everything that Kane and Wilson was saying.

Olivia was upstairs, in one of the rooms in Kane’s house still in her wedding gown.

“Is time for the main wedding to begin” Olivia said to herself as she opened the small box.


Olivia opened the door quietly and stepped out, she stood at the top of the staircase and look down at Kane as he went on talking to himself, pacing up and down with his phone in hand.
Olivia turned on her phone and started going down, her phone was in her left hand while her right was occupied with a short gun, a long twisted rope was hanging down from her neck

Kane was surprised as Olivia’s phone rang and it was just within the house.
He followed the sound and saw Olivia in a wedding gown standing on the stairs

Kane opened his mouth in shock as he saw the gun in her hand.
Olivia smile at him as she steps down in style

“Kaka…Kaka…my long dreaded enemy…here comes your bride…I have looked forward to this day thinking it will never come, and finally here we are… I’m your bride Mr kaka and I’m here to lead you to your death… the death you escaped from all this years.. and after murdering you several times in my mind and watch you die over and over… now I will finally bring it to past in reality. This will be happening physically not in my dreams or mind anymore…today is our wedding day… the day you will get to join those you have killed…are you scared… shocked…oh sweetheart don’t be… you should be smiling because your bride is here… I’m here for you.. kaka the kaka… hahaha…

Kane’s phone fell off from his hand as Olivia approach, he started moving towards the door not knowing what to do or say, his legs shakes as Olivia got close and closer.
He stammered but nothing reasonable came out he wondered in fear how long Olivia has known him to be Kaka yet she played cool

“Olivia… please…Olivia… please… I’m sorry… please don’t do this…please… drop the gun in your hand let’s talk… please keep that thing away is dangerous… give me a chance to explain… keep the gun away Olivia… let me explain…

“A chance to explain what exactly… why you killed my loving father and innocent mother…you unleashed darkness to my loving home and scale through without punishment.. Kaka, you had all the chance for years to explain to me why you killed my parents… you had all the chance to explain why you rendered me and many others heartbroken… you had all the chance Kaka to face judgement for all your terrible crimes but yet you took all this chance for granted… and a day like this has come for you to face the judgement seat… today is our wedding day… I’m your bride of death… and I will join you together with the otherworld… the bullet inside this gun is our wedding ring…but first I will release one bullet after the other… there are four in here…one to your testicles which you forcefully used to raped me… another to your heart where the evil was formed, then one to your hand which you used to strike me then the last is to your head…I will Watch your brain scatter everywhere… first thing first… take this rope and tire round yourself…right now…I also have tape to tape up your mouth if you dares make a noise…

Olivia threw the rope at Kane who stepped away from it and rushed to the door to escape, Olivia shoot at the door and the bullet flew out through the window, it shattered the window glasses, Kane fell back in shock on seeing that Olivia is determined to kill him.
Olivia ordered him to crawl back with his knees, pick up the rope and tire up himself
Kane obeyed and crawl back, he did everything Olivia asked of him obediently.
Olivia switched off his phone and also her own and threw it off

Olivia checked to make sure the rope around Kane was tight enough before going back to relax on the cushion and face Kane.

“I just wasted one bullet… you thought this is a joke right? any other mistake from you and I will release all the bullet to your skull…bastard….You had everything kaka… what exactly was your reason for destroying the poor… what is your reason for unleashing terror on the innocent…I will kill you and nothing will happen… you know why because I’m also rich, I’m a barrister…I have the ear of this present government.. after killing you kaka…i will get away after few judgement and I will live my life as nothing happened…my conscience will be at peace, well justified because I did to you what you first did to others. Have you hard the latest gist in town aside your wedding gist…well, I sold OLIVEM… I’m a multi millionaire… I’m rich just like your father… because your father was weathy and you think you can get away with anything… never again Kaka…never… you prepared me for this day… and i’m well prepared for you…give me reason why I shouldn’t kill you right away…but that must include bringing my parents back to life because that’s the only way you will escape this… Kaka the notorious killer… today is your judgement day… you will taste what real pain feels like…our wedding Just began… kaka.. my worst enemy… caught in his own web..

“Olivia please…I’m not kaka, I’m Kane…i know I use to be notorious…I did things I still regret… I’m not proud of my past…is very terrible and i can’t understand why i did what I did… Olivia please forgive me…I never imagined it will get to this…I could have confessed before now but I was scared…I was so scared…I didn’t want to loose you and I didn’t even know how to present it to you… please… I’m pleading… not because I’m scared of dying but because I understand your pain… don’t go this way of hate because of me… I’m not what I used to be…my conscience Judge me everyday…far more than any kind of physical judgement.. I never meant for your parents to die, I…I accepted my sin of killing them unknowingly… because if I haven’t… went over you when you appeared… they might still be alive…if money could have bring them to life I’m sure they will be alive by now because I was determined to give you all that… I took from you, love, happiness, dreams come true, fulfilment and family… saying sorry is never enough to show how I have felt all this years, I was being eaten up by guilt everyday of my life yet…I couldn’t face my fear…I try to cover it. It wasn’t my intention to destroy your home Olivia…me and Wilson were running from the police and decided to take a shelter and we found ourselves in your house and the moment you appeared I felt all hot…I quickly forgot the reason why we were there and bounce on you… and when your father tries to save you by taking my gun to shoot me, Wilson saved me instead and shot him before he could… but I…I never wanted to kill anybody or to hurt you…I had enough to smoke and drink that evening before our mission and that affected everything I did that night…my eyes was cleared after the deed was done… I’m sorry Olivia… I’m deeply sorry… please forgive me for the sake of Emerald, for the sake of our sweet journey together… for God’s sake most especially… please…I love you so much…I lov…

Olivia rushed to him and slapped him twice, she kicked him so hard, she used a stool and stone him and Kane started bleeding, she continued to hit him until she was tired, she removed the wedding gown she was wearing and set it on fire close to Kane so that he will feel the heat of the fire
Kane’s hands and legs were tired and he couldn’t do anything, he Just sat in a silent sob
Olivia wore a black Jean trouser and a black top under the wedding gown.
She faced Kane again.

“If you ever repeat the word “love” then your death will come quicker.. you love me, do you know what love is.. you bastard…I loved my parents…you and Wilson killed them both in a cold blood, I almost died that night but I was destined to reopen your case someday… and the reason why I’m not after Wilson because he went to prison and faced his punishment while you went to abroad… to avoid being punished but today I bring judgement home to you…you will face it…if you escaped from everything… you can’t escape from my claws…in my dictionary there’s no forgiveness for someone like you… I could have handed you over to the police but your money may not allow them to give you a well befitting punishment…I don’t want to waste time with your case in court…so I brought it home to you kaka. The night is long…so is Just me and you in this big house

Kane remained quiet, his whole body hurt, he was bleeding from his head and other parts of his body… the wedding gown fire burns out as he tries to move his body away from the fire, he looked up at Olivia and saw that she was another person entirely as anger consumed her every breath, she was so determined to kill him slowly until he dies, but he noticed Olivia was finding it difficult to complete her task of shooting him.
Kane couldn’t think of what to do, Olivia moved closer to him, she raised the gun and pointed it directedly at him, her hands were shaking, she lowered the gun, again breathed deeply and before pointing it again at him.
Kane saw opportunity to save himself he quickly used his legs and swept Olivia off from the ground
Olivia fell with a heavy thud to the ground and screamed in pain, the gun slipped out of her hand and fell faraway.
Kane, who’s hand and legs were tired roll on the floor to grabbed the gun with his legs.
Olivia sustained injury on her head from the heavy fall, she rushed to the gun but
Kane kicked her hard with his legs again and she fell on the television sets which shattered into her body, and the sharp objects cut deeply into her skin, Olivia released a heavy cry.

Kane kept on trying to untied himself to be able to pick up the gun.
Before Olivia could get up from the ground Kane has succeeded to untied himself, he loosened from the rope and rushed to the gun.
He picked up the gun and went to Olivia who’s face was covered in her own blood.
He bent over her on seeing her deep wound which blood flows out from

“Olivia… I’… I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you this way…I just did not want you to do what you planned to do… please get up…oh my God… you need a quick medical attention… Where’s my phone… oh my God…

Kane cried silently as tears clouded his eyes, he lifted Olivia who acted as if she has fainted and couldn’t stand on her own,
Kane searched around for his phone so that he can call an ambulance, he didn’t see his phone he returned back to Olivia and tried to wake her, he put the gun in his pocket as he cleaned up the blood on Olivia’s face

he bent to kiss her lips while holding her in his arm.
Olivia bite his lips so hard, kicked him in his stomach before grabbing the gun from Kane’s pocket.
She felt weak as she quickly stood staggered back and pointed the gun at Kane who was bleeding from his lips.

Kane raised his two hands up in a surrender as he stood and approach Olivia begging her not to shoot him.

Olivia ordered him to get down on his knees, he hesitated while still pleading and Olivia fired the bullet.
Kane fell back in scream as the bullet hit his right knee.
He fell down and pretend to be dead so that Olivia will not shoot him again.
He lied still on the ground without shaking and held his breath as he silently pray that Olivia will not shoot again.

Olivia’s hand was shaking as she continued to point the gun at Kane.

When She saw that he did not move, Olivia quickly dropped the gun and moved closer as she placed her ear to his chest, checking his heart beat.
Kane opened his eyes a little to look at her and quickly shut his eyes again as Olivia got up from him.
when Olivia did not hear any sound she began to shake as she went in search of her phone.
She was bleeding again and her head was pounding seriously, she has loosed alot of blood.
Olivia felt so weak but try to remain steady, she felt faint as her eyes began to cloud up.
she switched on her phone.
The first doctor’s name she saw was Mark, she quickly dailed his number.

Mark who has being trying Olivia’s number quickly picked up his phone as Olivia call came in
She was crying and sounded in a hurry as she asked him to get an ambulance immediately down to a certain address, there was an emergency, she urged him to hurry.
Without wasting time mark got everything ready and left immediately with the ambulance team.
They got to the house and rushed in to man lying on the floor.

Kane was happy and relieved to hear the ambulance sound.
He was quickly placed into a rolling bed, an oxygen was placed in his nose and mouth before he was wheeled out into the ambulance van and yet he still did not open his eyes as his knees were hurting him so deeply.

Kane hard Olivia sitting and crying earlier before the ambulance came.
He knew she needs treatment quick or she may pass out and he was glad that the ambulance team responded quick after she called.
Mark rushed to Olivia covered her with a blanket and drew her into his arms.

He couldn’t keep his own heart beat steady on seeing all the mess on Olivia’s body.
Olivia was muttering something mark bent his ear to her mouth.

“I killed him… oh my God…I killed him..I was so angry and I shot him dead…

Mark whispered back into her ears.

“I’m not sure you killed him…he is alive but has serious injury… he is not dead… Olivia you needs help, you look dry… wasted lots of blood… I’m concerned about you… stop speaking for now… you will exhaust the little strength left in you…shhhhh… please don’t say anything…

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the ambulance. Olivia kept whispering.

“I killed him…he wasn’t breathing… Kane is dead…I killed him…I…I…

She went quiet and later passed out in doctor Mark’s arm
Another oxygen was placed in her nose before the medical team drove off with speed to the hospital.


Mark examined Kane as he lay awake on his bed, Mark touched his wounded leg which was on a cast and supported with a pillow. Kane spoke

“How bad is it Doctor…I can tell from the constant check ups and treatment that it’s not looking so good…tell me exactly how it is…do not minced word for me…I’m not a kid

“the bullet penetrated into your knee cap, we have operated it and the bullet has being removed but you will be needing an orthopedic surgeon for a physical therapy…it will help you to get your balance back…a slim chance of using your right leg effectively for now…you will be needing a supporting system until after the physical therapy is over…

“long talk…just tell me is not looking good and I will be using a crutches or a walking stick for now to support my balance….i will understand that English faster and better… is being two weeks already…I have not seen Olivia…How is she…I have asked you many times to tell me how she is doing and you have not said a reasonable word rather than she is recuperating…tell me something reasonable doctor….how is she…I ask again…

“are you more worried about her or yourself…Miss Olivia will be fine…she is under Doctor Kate’s watch and many other doctor’s attending to her…I’m focusing on you right now…you shouldn’t worry about her…Olivia is alive and well…

“What do you mean by I shouldn’t worry about her…she is my wif…I mean my…hmmm…I messed it up. I’m sorry…I think I’m over reacting…I just never thought things will get out of hands…one of us could have being dead or maybe two of us…what I fear most caught me unaware…I’m sorry doctor…I’m trying not to take my frustration on anyone…I caused this…but I really want to see Olivia…I want to know everything concerning her health…she was not in good shape at the scene…she couldn’t even shoot me as she has intended to do…her full guts failed her but if she is given another chance to play that same scene…she may end up killing me…I saw the fire in her eyes…it was a stored up anger and bitterness for the man she thinks I am…I could have being dead but she couldn’t do it…I don’t know if I would be able to live without her…I hate myself fro even hurting her…it wasn’t intentional…i…uhmmm…I just messed up big time…how is she please…tell me…don’t hide anything from me…

“Olivia…just came out of coma few days ago and we have to remove the life support, it was a hard period of being totally off…due to the blood clothing on the left side of her brain, and the left side which is called hemisphere of the brain controls the right side, is higher in active tissue than the right side, so Olivia was affected in that way and she had a scalp laceration which she sustained from the deep cut, but she is a strong woman, she fell hard on something which caused the blood clothing and we have to shave off her hair to be able to run the thread proper, is called suture, using a surgical thread to sew up a wound…well, ever since she woke up she just lay still on the bed unable to move her whole body…the brain has to both be active otherwise she will have a seizure but is just for now until we loosened up the stitches. That was why I said she was recuperating because you may not understand all the medical terms and all that is at stake.…I do not want you to panic…Olivia will be fine…and you can’t see her for now…I’m not sure she even want to see anybody…you are the last person she really want to see right now…we are doing everything possible to steady her healing and she is corporating so well…

Kane was quiet as Mark finished up with him and left.

He wish he can see Olivia, but doctor Mark was right he will be the last person Olivia will want to see right now, the only thing he understand from doctor Mark explanation on Olivia’s health was that she was in a coma and on life support because of blood clothing in her left side of the brain, and was awake now and need to remain steady for her not to have a seizure. he new right when he kicked her hard and she fell on the television set and most of the decoration objects cut through, Kane new a big damage has being done, even with the way she was bleeding she needed a quick medication attention then.
He does not blame her for anything but blames himself for everything, he silently prayed that Olivia will come out of this.

Days later Olivia lay awake on her hospital bed and staring at the ceiling, she knows already that Kane was alive, she doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
Doctor Kate walked in with a smile

“You are awake already, you did not sleep for long this time….how are you feeling today…

“I don’t know how I’m feeling…maybe worst…not any physical pain though…i guess you guys keep giving me pain relieve injection to kill the pains…I just spoke with Helen over the phone and she wanted to come down but I told her to stay because of Emerald…she will be devastated if she see’s me like this…is better she remains with Helen for now…looking at the calendar this will be the third weeks I’m here…that is so long to just be in bed…I hate hospitals and drugs…i think I just have no choice right here than to corporate with everything… even with my new skin hair cut….

“You could have died Olivia, how…how on earth do you muster such gut to handle a gun…I told you to let it go but you were consumed with hate…I’m not judging you but I’m blaming you for this…I dish out your own portion of blame accordingly. Is not about killing Kane but what if you have died in the process what will you tell your creator…Olivia, as much as I marvel at your strength and the way you are responding to treatment I also hate you for trying to kill Kane and hurting yourself instead…I have watched you this long years and I thought my constant teaching was taking root but it worked for Helen but I’m not sure it totally did for you…i love you and a whole lot of other people cares about you Olivia…why do such a stupid thing…you could have consider Emerald first, the innocent girl would have become motherless if you died…your wound was life threatening…you almost died…

“It was that heartless man called Kane that did it to me, he threw me so hard and I almost loosed consciousness immediately…

“it wasn’t Kane, stop blaming him…you did this to yourself…you wanted to kill him and he only tried to save himself from you…what do you expect…for him to remain still why you shoot him?…now after all your actions did your late parents came out of the grave to clap for you…hailing and shouting “Olivia…our strong darling daughter well-done” did you receive any applause…I’m sure they will be disappointed, you are suppose to live for them and make them proud even though they are no more…whenever they look down at you they will have a warm smile on their faces but you wanted the opposite…you wanted to join them…at the end what will be your gain…Kane is the father of your child…and the man you have loved so dearly, you saw no spot in him and you drift away the second you found out about his past, he becomes a devil to you and all you wanted is to destroy him for all his past wrongs, he is sorry, he is heart broken, he regret everything that happened, he wish he can undo his wrongs…I spoke with him sometimes and he really do love you and I know you don’t want to hear that…but he do and he is deeply sorry Olivia…please don’t do this again…do not scare me this way next time..i thought I almost lost you…I wouldn’t have forgiven you if you have died…I’m sure many of us includes Emerald and also your dead parents will blame you for your own death and a little blame on Kane…being a lawyer doesn’t give you the right to take laws into your own hand…you suppose to be smarter than that…I know it was hate that drives you but is time to let it go…unforgiveness is deadly and it kills faster than you can imagine…anger labels you a fool Olivia, it makes you a prisoner of your own mind….but if you can’t forgive your offender then is better to let them stay far from you, move out and move on, stay far from him and whatever that reminds you of him…with time you will grow past your hate…because I know forgiveness does not come so easy for some…it comes with a high curse for many…while others just freely let it go…if you can’t forgive then move on with your life and keep a clear distance from the person…that is what you could have done than getting on this dangerous journey…the police investigated the case, they retrieved the gun and sealed up Kane’s compound for now. I know you are a lawyer you will always pull through but I am more happy you are alive Olivia, don’t ever scare me like that again…please…you scared me but I’m glad you are here… Olivia…we love you so dearly…I love you and I don’t want you to hurt yourself or anyone ever again…

Kate bent over and gently hugged Olivia and they were that way before Mark came in and Kate later left them

Mark sat beside Olivia

“Hey…you scared all of us…me especially…I’m glad to have you back…all those days you were in coma…I wasn’t myself…until you finally awaken…you embarked on a dangerous journey but you made it alive with all your hairs gone…but you look so pretty. with or without the hair you remain beautiful Olivia…

Olivia tried to smile at the funny joke of losing all the hair on her head, the hair wasn’t much important because she knows it will grow back all that matters to her was that she was alive and she can’t wait to bounce back on her feet.

Kane later started his physical therapy class with a specialist doctor, he couldn’t walk with his right leg without a supporting system, the bullet went through the cord that connect his kneecap to his shine bone and in the process damaging most part of his bone.
He was still in the same hospital where Olivia was also recovering, he tried to see her severally but Mark told him it wasn’t a good idea because it may make Olivia feel bitter and endanger her quick recovery.
Kane stayed away and focus on recovering and silently pray that Olivia will not have any side effect in the future from all the trauma she went through on her head which may endanger her brain cell according to Doctor Mark.

Olivia told her personal nurse, who was place to watch her continuously that she feel better and wanted to get out of bed and feel the sun on her face, she was tired of being inside the room, watching television and reading books, she needed to stretch her legs a little.
The nurse helped her and she got dressed, she gently covered her head with a hood to avoid any tingeing sensation that may come from the sewed up wound on her bare head.
As Olivia walked around the hospital she saw Kane and his physical therapist practicing how to walk without any help, Olivia wanted to turn back but instead went closer to watch Kane.
she stood with a frown watching him and doesn’t even know how she feel while looking at him, she still hate him for everything he caused her and tried to loosen up from all the hate by breathing in just as Kate has told her to do anytime she feels bad, she should take a deep breath and relax.
As she breathed in Mark came to stand beside her after dismissing her personal nurse.
He touched Olivia gently with a smile, she looked at him but did not smile back before looking back at Kane

“you still love him…don’t you…you love him, remembering the way you felt so concerned on that very day…you were so worried thinking maybe he was dead…you weren’t even concerned about yourself…you went on crying that you have killed him even after I assured you that he was alive…it was after then you passed out…you loved him despite everything…

“I don’t know what I feel right now Mark, love, hate…more hate or just neutral…but it doesn’t matter…I can’t remember panicking and asking you if he was dead or alive because I really don’t care…I can’t remember saying that I killed him…maybe you hard it from someone else but not really from me…I don’t care about Kane…he almost killed me…Kane almost killed me…he threw me into those TV set after sweeping me off from the ground and I fell face down with a broken nose…he then decided to threw me with force and I could have died from there…he is very wicked…he wanted to kill me and I hate him for that…

“hahahaha…Olivia you are so funny…no…no I’m not laughing at you but at the tune in your voice…you both almost killed yourselves…you almost killed him too remember….he is also recovering from the after effect…the injury which will leave a scar on him. and you are recovering from the same thing that could have killed you…we try to make sure you don’t have a brain damage in the future…that can be harmful…and your body will have scars which you will sure remember in the years to come…I’m not supporting him but I’m not bias… I was so angry with him when I saw all that he did to you…I was bitter as I administer different drugs that night to keep you steady, I’m a doctor and I shouldn’t hate on my patient but Kane can see his wound physically but yours is more of internal wounds and it could be so dangerous…we were already planning on how to bring in international surgeon for your sake while you were in coma…and you surprised us all by coming out of coma so fast than expected…some people doesn’t survive this…they go from there while other have to use a life support for the period of six months that they will remain in coma…but here you are….i know he almost got you killed but I’m glad you are fully alive and recovering…

“I don’t understand all this long talk all I know is that Kane is a wicked human being, he almost killed me after saying that he loves me….how can you hurt somebody that you claims to love…what if I was dead now…he will start feeling sorry…rubbish…

Kane turned his back with the help of his doctor and saw Doctor Mark first standing at a distance close to his therapist class, Kane looked twice before recognising the other lady on a long hood covering her head, he muttered silently “Olivia” Kane saw that Mark was standing very close to her, smiling and saying something but she wasn’t smiling.

Kane swallowed hard and asked his doctor to give him his crutches after taking hold of it he started leaping towards Olivia who after she noticed him coming towards her gently turned and started walking away as Mark led her back to her room.


After a long stay at the hospital Kane was later discharge, he was still unable to walk normal so he got a home physical therapist, who will be coming twice to his house every week to massage and constantly train him until he becomes stable with his two legs.
Olivia refused to see Kane or talk with him all through the period in the hospital.
She tried every possible means to avoid him until he was discharged

Kane’s house was back in order, everywhere cleaned up as if nothing happened.
His securities and house keepers were back to work.
Kane still felt empty without Olivia in his life.
With the help of his walking stick which he uses to support his right leg he stood up from his room and walk out to sit on the steps with his phone as he went on surfing the net.
He tries to occupy his mind with his browsing but he still drift off to Olivia.

Wilson visited him and they sat and talked about life and everything generally.
Wilson stayed until night falls before leaving.

Mark, who seems to be spending so much time with Olivia came again that afternoon making it the fouth time he was checking on Olivia that day.

Olivia who has insisted on leaving the hospital soonest was taking a nap.
As Mark entered her hospital room, Olivia was asleep and her personal nurse was out to do her laundry.
Mark sat beside her on the bed and watch her sleep peacefully.
He looked at her and breathed deeply, he brushed his finger on her hand quietly.
he knows that he shouldn’t be doing that, touching a sleeping patient in that manner, it wasn’t professional, but when it comes to Olivia he can’t help himself, Olivia was more than a patient to him.

Mark gently raised Olivia’s hands to his warm palm before lifting it to his mouth.
He gently placed a kiss on the back of her hand and as he tries to lower back the hand Olivia woke up and Mark quickly sat up, straightened himself as if nothing happened.

Olivia stared at him with a frown.
Mark was quiet, wondering if Olivia noticed that he just kissed her hand, but he remained quiet as he stared back at Olivia
Olivia spoke out

“Why are you looking so lost Mark…is there a problem…

“Just a little worried that you will soon be leaving us…you insisted on going home…I… just don’t know why it has to be so soon…I feel worried because complications may arise…why not stay for another extra week let’s watch and make sure you are stable…

“I have spent over a month in this hospital…I need to go home… I’m tired of this place… doctor Kate said I’m free to go but my personal nurse will go with me to make sure I’m well settled but I don’t need the nurse’s help, she have tried in caring for me all this while, she is a human being and also needs rest…I feel fine, I need to go back to my normal life… being in this hospital can be so tiring… stop worrying about me… I’m fine…I feel fine and if any complications arises I will definitely call you over but I’m not sure there will be any trouble with my health…

“What of Kane… will you consider him again… after all this…I mean do you still love him or you will give another person a chance into your life… there are people dying to have you in their life… will you ever give another person a chance or you still have Kane in mind…

“Mark… Love and relationship is not my trouble…I have other pressing needs but definitely not a Love life…I just want to get out of here and get my life working again… I’m not planning for any relationship… not now or later…I have gotten alot to chew already from life…once I’m out of here I’m focusing on myself and my daughter… that’s all.

Mark nodded sadly and later left as Olivia’s nurse returned back from the laundry.

The next day Kate came and talked with Olivia for a very long time.
Kate’s talk with Olivia was very interactive as Olivia responded so well.
She assured Kate she has made up her mind to let all the grudges and stored up hate for Kane go despite how hard it is she just have to move on for the sake of her daughter Emerald, her heart was so empty and she want to fill it up with other beautiful things aside man and Love.
Kate supported her, telling her to take her time, everyday at a time and she will heal from all the sadness and lost.

Olivia later left the hospital and went back home
She drew out a different Life plans for herself and her daughter inclusive.

Olivia employed a new housekeeper and cook and also a driver who will be driving her until she is able to drive on her own.

A day came and she asked her new driver to take her to the cemetery and he drove her down.

Olivia walked to her parents grave side with two fresh wrapped up flowers in hand, and stood in between the two grave side.

“Dad…I promised to return with details about how I will destroy the man that killed you and Mom… and raped me… who’s name happened to be Kaka…I promised to bring words back here…well i kept to the promise… the good news is that I did not only disappoint him at the wedding but I also shot him… and the bad news is that i almost died too…I felt like a murderer after shooting him and thinking that I killed him… I’m sorry…I couldn’t do it the way I have wanted…I wanted to kill him but I just couldn’t…I probably failed again or disappointed you but it was for the best…I know you and Mom Will not want me to trade on this revenge path… that is not who you are…you brought me up to be loving, contented and forgiven and that’s what I want to be… I’m gathering strength everyday to accept the fact that you and mother are no more and to forgive the man behind your deaths…I almost lost my life in the process of revenge but I’m glad to be alive…I have accepted my fate and sketched out a new plans to pursue…I need everyday strength to achieve all my purpose…this time around there’s no Kaka or Kane in this new plans…is Just me and Emerald for the time being… thank you for being a great parents to me. you and Mom will forever live in my heart. I love you Dad…I love you Mom… may your kind and loving souls continue to rest in peace…

Olivia dropped the two new flowers she brought on their graves side, she kissed her hand and placed it on her father and also her mother’s tomb before walking away.

That evening she stopped by at the exact address where Wilson lives.
Wilson was shocked and afraid when he saw Olivia. He just returned back from his daily business and was about to retire for the night when Olivia came, he never knew that Olivia knows where he stays.
Wilson was afraid as he stammered, he stood out with Olivia.

“Good…. Good…evening…I..I mean how are you doing… Olivia..I’m so…rry…so Sorry, I..nev…er thought that night will turn out the way it did on that day your parents died… Kane made a mistake and he hates himself more than ever…he feels God was punishing him for all the attrocities he committed and couldn’t face punishment like I did…I never wanted your family to be hurt… all we planned is to take shelter just for the police searching for us to pass by but it turned out far more than we bargained for… I plead for your forgiveness… from your recent fight with Kane which almost claimed your life and that of his…I came to understand the fact that you have known for a while but stored it all in… I’m deeply sorry…I can’t justify our wrongs and why we tried to cover up our terrible sins all this while…i plead for your mercy Olivia…

“Is okay Wilson, I’m not here to kill you for shooting my dad dead…or to throw Judgement at your feet…not at all… I came in peace…if I wanted to hurt you…I have many ways to do that…you did what was required of you by saving your partner in crime…I do not blame you for my parents death…I never have. I only channeled my hate on Kane because he caused it all… and I’m here to clear that fact…I know you shot my dad but I have decided to pretend and move on because is really hard to say I will forget…I won’t be able to forget but I will try and forgive… I’m doing what my father will want me to do…so Wilson i wish you nothing but the best in this life… have a good night rest.

Wilson stood there puzzled, not knowing how to respond as Olivia turned and drove off with her driver.

Few days later Olivia was on phone with Helen and she also spoke with Emerald who wanted to come back home to her. Helen wanted to travel down to visit Olivia who she has not seen for some months now
Olivia agreed to their coming as Helen planned on the day to travel back with Emerald.
Olivia was watching a movie in her room when she hard the door bell, she has told her house workers not to answer the door so that they will not open up for the wrong person

Olivia went to answer the door by herself and it was Mark

After he was invited in and sat in the parlour, a fruit drink was offered to him of which he drank gently, Olivia sat opposite him.

“I was around the neighbourhood so I decided to check you up…

“Aaah… Mark…I don’t believe you… when do you start having business in my neighbourhood… Tell me that you drove all the way down to check me up…I will totally understand….

“Hahahaha…you caught me in my own lying web, I admit…yes, I came to check up on you… just to make sure you are alright…I also miss you Olivia…but I can see you are doing so fine… those glows you usually have around you is returning back and your hair too is growing out…

“Yea, the hair is growing back and I wear wig whenever I’m going out but walk comfortably with my real self whenever I’m home… that’s the logic and is all cool…

They both talk and laugh before Olivia hard her phone ringing and she excused herself and went to her room to receive her call.

Kane, hard that Olivia was out of the hospital and back to her house decided to pay her a visit.
“Even if she doesn’t still want to see me I will remain there until she gives me audience…it will be difficult living without her, I don’t know if I will be able to do that… Olivia have to hear me out… she has to know that I love her so very much and also Emerald. my daughter is the reason I can’t give up…I will fight until I’m able to win Olivia back.

Kane drove down and parked outside Olivia’s gate before taking his walking stick and walk into Olivia’s gate as her security man who happens to be the same old person there for long opened the gate for him after greeting him warmly.
Kane gently walks to Olivia’s front door and rang the bell, he waited patiently and silently prayed Olivia will not kick him out.

Kane was surprised as the door fling open and doctor Mark stood with a frown looking at him
He was speechless as different thought crosses his mind but he managed to speak

“Good day doctor… good to see you again… I’m here to see Olivia… how is she…

“Good to see you too Mr Kane, Olivia is feeling tired, she needs her rest… I’m not sure she is ready to see you today… Olivia really do not want to be disturbed… she maybe needing a shoulder and back massage before going to bed so I’m here to do that for her which will soon be our normal routine…she feels safe having me around.. I’m sorry…maybe you can go and call her before you come next time…

Kane looked at doctor Mark, he bent his head for sometime as he looked down on his well designed walking stick.
Kane looked up again not knowing what to say or do as Mark stood like a body guard on Olivia’s door.
He quietly nooded and turned, Mark thought Kane was walking away but instead Kane found a place close to Olivia’s frontage and sat down.

Mark went to him again

“Mr Kane…I said Olivia won’t be able to see you today… she doesn’t need any thing that will rise her blood pressure…go back to your house and call her before coming…if she refused to answer your calls then send a text message to her but Olivia will not be able to see you today Mr Kane…

Kane sat properly before saying

“Doctor, I hard you the first time I’m not deaf…but I will rather sit here and wait for Olivia to come and tell me to leave by herself…but if not then I’m not moving an inch out of here… I’m not disturbing your massage or whatever…I will only sit outside here peacefully…. don’t be bothered or threatened with my presence…

“I’m not threatened Kane… I’m sure you will be wasting your time here because Olivia will not be able to see yo…

Olivia suddenly spoke behind them and made both of them to turn to her

“Mark, let him in… allow him to come inside…

Kane quickly stood with his walking stick and started going inside, he looked at Mark and smile while a disappointed frown settled on Mark’s face as he gently followed Kane behind and entered inside.


Kane sat gently on Olivia’s cushion while Mark was sitting opposite him. He was still wearing a straight face pretending to be watching the television
Olivia surprised Kane by asking him

“What can I offer you, water juice, wine or fruits…I know you don’t like taking juice you prefer wine…so should I get it for you…?

Kane looked up at Olivia with his mouth open not knowing how to reply to her unexpected kind gesture. He blinked just to make sure it wasn’t a dream, Olivia waited for Kane to reply but when he remained speechless she said

“I will take your silent for a yes…and get the wine for you because I know you to be a lover of fine red wine…

Olivia brought a wine and a tumbler for Kane who sat looking at her.
Mark was quietly looking at them, he was feeling uncomfortable with Olivia’s attitude to Kane, he swallowed hard, and sat properly on his sit, he cleared his throat so that Olivia will acknowledge his presence.
Olivia never smile all through this period, she was just on a straight expressionless face, and nobody can tell if she was happy or not. She ignored Mark who repeatedly cleared his throat just to draw her attention.
Kane looked at Mark and saw the jealousy written all over him, he wondered if Olivia was already in a relationship with the doctor, which made the doctor to be acting all up at his presence.
Kane ignored him and focused on Olivia who went inside and instruct her cook to prepare something for dinner.
Kane can hear her telling the cook to start evening food immediately.

Olivia returned to the sitting room and called Mark aside, out of Kane’s hearing.

“All that drama outside wasn’t necessary Mark…he was my guest…you should have allowed me to have an opinion if I want him in or not…you shouldn’t make decisions on my behalf…

“I’m sorry Olivia, I thought you wouldn’t want to see him after all he did to you…I was just looking out for you Olivia…I care about your well being…so much. and I never want anything or anyone that will make you sad ever again, I want to protect you from people like Kane…who almost killed you…you passed out for days Olivia…I have never being so scared in my life, I was not myself watching you lay so lifeless in that hospital bed with a life support…you wouldn’t understand how difficult and scary your condition was…your condition was so critical…but I’m glad at the end you are fully back to your normal self…I know I don’t have a say or have any right to dictate what you want but all I did was to protect you…because…I really do care about you Olivia…

“Thank you Doctor Mark…I appreciate everything you have done for me so far…I really do appreciate you…but I need to talk with Kane and it will be better if you leave…Kane is not the devil but his past who’s name was Kaka is the darkness that engulfed me and I was determined to bring that past to book but as you already know it did not end well…I want to have a mature talk with Kane and your presence will be a great distraction…I’m sorry to ask you to leave but I need audience with Kane alone…

Mark felt disappointed, he tried to argue but suddenly stopped. He went back inside, picked up his car key and drove off. Olivia went in to join Kane who has not touched his drink as he tried to focus on the television but his mind was on Olivia and Mark talking outside before Olivia returned back and sat opposite him, close to where Mark sat earlier before he finally left.
Olivia did not say anything immediately as she tuned down the television volume before facing Kane. Kane dropped the drink in his hand and looked at his sweating palm, even with the air condition cooling in Olivia’s parlor he was sweating inside. He wondered how to start a conversation as they were both quiet except for his heart beat that sounded like a drum in his ears.
Kane did not want to say or ask anything that will offend Olivia as he continue to stare at his palm and later looked up at Olivia who was staring at him with a frown on her face.
He looked away and breathed down, he wish Olivia could just say something to him, he wish to ask her how she was fairing, plead for her forgiveness continually, ask of Emerald his daughter, who he has not seen for some months, he desire to ask Olivia if she was already in a relationship with Doctor Mark, he desire to ask her if is possible to give him another chance to right his wrongs, to give her everything and even more than he has ever given before, he wanted to say many things how his life has being so sad and empty without her presence, to tell her that he can’t live without her, Kane wish she can prove to Olivia that he truly loves her far more than anything and anyone, he knows he can’t bring her parents back to life as much as he would have given anything to bring them to life but he can’t because money can not buy life, he wish to say many thing to Olivia but all he did was to look at her and looked away as he saw the heat of Olivia’s eyes gazing down on him.

“Are you going to sit there and stare without saying anything…why are you here…you have not told me why you came Kane…

“i…I don’t know why I’m here Olivia…maybe to see you and to know how you are doing, to know if you will ever forgive me…to know if I will ever have a chance to be in your life again because my life is so empty without you…to know what I have to do to obtain your forgiveness…I’m ready to do anything Olivia, anything possible to have your total forgiveness for all my past sin…please…whatever the cause maybe. If you ask me to bring your parents back to life….that, I won’t be able to do Olivia…I wish I can but I can’t and that is the only thing I won’t be able to do for you but I will do every other thing to be qualified for your forgiveness…I know you warned me never to speak to you about love but I still can’t help it in this situation…I don’t deserve your love or forgiveness but I want to try to earn it…if you will give me another chance…I can never stop loving you Olivia…I can’t…I don’t know if I will be able to live without you…my life will be so void, lonely and empty without you in it…I love you and Emerald more than everything in this world…Olivia….

Kane went down on his left knee and held onto his walking stick as he stood his right knee which he can’t bend due to the damage the bullet left in his kneecap.
Olivia kept a straight face as he watch him struggle to go on one knee while supporting himself with his stick, she felt pity for him because Kane may have to depend on a walking stick for the rest of his life if surgeries did not correct his knee
Kane tries to keep his right wounded leg steady as he plead to Olivia on one knee, Olivia still did not say anything as he kept on watching him
Olivia saw his struggle and his pain as he tries to change his kneeling position which was causing pain on his right knee
Kane loosed his balance and fell to the ground, Olivia gasp as she saw him fall and he tries to get up again

“please sit down Kane, the knelling thing is not necessary nor appropriate considering your condition…please sit and stop hurting your self…whether you knee, sit or stand up to speak to me it doesn’t really matter all that matters is the word not necessary the added action, I try not to hate you because of your past but I hate your past for all it took from me, I try to see you as Kane and not the terrible Kaka that unleashed darkness to my family, I’m beginning to work on myself to accept the fate that life threw at me…is really difficult, I have struggles but I will be alright… while you are sitting under my roof is because I’m letting go of the hate and unforgivness that clouded my mind…I want to see you differently from whatever you use to be but it will take time and distance to achieve that…all the terrible things happening of recent could have being avoided if you have walked on a good path as a young man back then instead trading a peaceful life for gangster and stupid power…if you have being upright in the past, we may not have end up together or have any connection but I’m sure you will live with a clear conscience and I may still have my parents by now… is so hard to just see you as an ordinary man, is difficult for me counting from the years we have being together and shared so much happiness and love, everything was so beautiful and I was looking forward to spending ever after with you and Emerald but one bad past changed everything and I’m about starting my life all over in a different platform is d–n hard but I will be fine. Kane no matter how bad it is… is so sad that it has to go this way…but I won’t be able to love you like I have always done before finding out about your past…I can’t even love anyone right now…except myself and my daughter… being with you again I will always be reminded of my parents killer, you will remind me everyday with your presence and no matter how I try to let go or forget I will still remember and I may end up hurting even more than ever. Being with an ex murderer, a rapist and an arm robber. I know those are your past man and not who you are any more but I won’t be able to get past who you use to be especially loosing my loving parents to this careless past. I won’t be able to totally let go Kane and that’s more reason I’m letting you go to begin another life and I wish you all the best out there. Please do not argue or plead again because it won’t change anything…my mind is all made up. I hold no grudge or hate against you but there is no “we” any more and there won’t ever be and is not because I have not forgiven you but because I can’t forget…I ca…n’t…forg….

Olivia pause and bent her head, she covered her mouth with her hand as she sobbed silently. Kane’s eye was already soiled as he listened to Olivia, he released all the tears and it rolled down from his face, he stood up with his stick and gently walked up to where Olivia was sitting, he sat beside her and drew her into his arm and Olivia did not hesitate as she went into his arms and they both cried together like wounded babies.
Kane couldn’t speak anymore as he felt so emotional and a lump of sad pain in his throat seeing that he may not have a chance with Olivia again but he was glad to at least have her in his arm even if is for this moment.

Olivia got herself together and straightened from Kane, Kane tried to wipe her eyes with his hand but she stood up and took a tissue box, she came back to sit beside Kane as he gave him some of the tissue to clean his teary eyes as she cleaned hers too.
She looked up at Kane, and quickly looked away
She shut her eyes before saying

“this…is so hard…so hard…but I will live everyday at time just as doctor Kate as said…is just so hard to accept that I will be starting my life all over again without you in it…but is better this way to avoid future regrets and th…

Kane quickly covered her mouth with his, as he kissed her, Olivia struggled to get free but Kane held onto her, Olivia later relaxed as she allowed Kane to kissed her as if his life depends on it, she responded as they both held onto each other testing each others salty tears as it rolled down from there eyes.
Olivia suddenly broke free and stood up as she cleaned her eyes with tissue, Kane later stood up with his walking stick and gently walked away.
Olivia went to her room and released all the held on emotional tears as she cried into her pillow

Kane sat in his car and couldn’t move as he placed his head on his sterling and cried like a child.
He wonder how he will be able to live without Olivia, how will his life be like without Olivia in it who obviously still loves him but can’t be with him because of his terrible past which may hunt her in the future.
Kane hit his steering hard in totally sadness as he wish he can undo what he did in the past, rewrite his own story, became reborn again so that he can start a clean path, do anything he can just to have Olivia back to his life.

Olivia got a knock on her room door, the cook came to inform her that dinner was set but she told the cook she wasn’t hungry and don’t feel like eating as she remained in her room without stepping out.


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