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Reading through the Book of Genesis with reference to chapter 4:8, I begin to wonder where Cain learned the act of killing. Remember they were the first offspring of Adam after the fall and so there was really no record of murder anywhere. How then did he know that if he smite his brother Abel, he will die? This happened because he had allowed the spirit of jealousy, envy and anger into his heart (4:5), and this materialized into the action of killing Abel. Once you give the devil a little space into your heart, he implants so much evil in your heart that ordinarily you wouldn’t think of.


Cain allowed envy turned him into a bitter person and he became the first recorded murderer in the Bible and the originator of the sin of murder!


If you study through the Old Testament, you will find records of brothers killing their brother. What Cain started became a sin others emulated from even years after he passed on, (even the son of Cain named Lamech committed murder and he made reference to his father’s case of murder Genesis. 4:23,24). What a dreadful record!


Another man who became an inventor of sin and led many to continual sin even after his death was Jeroboam (a king in Israel), he made the Israelites worshipped idols and for years, the children of Israel continued in that sin of idolatry he introduced to them (2Kings 10:29).


Beloved, in this new year, beware of the things you introduced into the Church of God and the body of Christ. Do not lay or continue a foundation of sin or evil (backbiting, slandering, worldly dressing, etc) because it wouldn’t stop with you alone, others are watching you and before you know it, it becomes a general sin even after you are long gone.


Be mindful of your lifestyle and do not allow it lead others to destruction. Guard your heart from the wiles of the devil. Most importantly, “remove not the ancient landmark (of righteousness and holiness) which thy father have set” (Proverbs 22:28).


God bless you!



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