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It is enticing, captivating, beautifully packaged and inviting. But behind the outward alluring package is a cunny, crafty and destructive purpose. What could that be?🤔🤔


A Bait! 


When a fisherman goes out for fishing, he just don’t go and throw the hook into the river expecting a great catch, he wouldn’t get a catch because every fish in that river will know that’s a trap and will stay away from that hook.


However, there is something he uses that will guarantee him a great catch, what is that? A bait!


Putting a bait on a hook becloud the thinking of the fishes that they no longer see the danger of the hook but are only interested in that bait they want to eat.


So it is for a Christian, the devil does not come to you with a dangerous hook (believe me the devil is not that stupid!). He knows no true Christian would willingly embrace his hook.


So, you know what he does? Like the fisherman, the devil puts a bait and present that sin in a nice package, looking harmless and colorful.


Believers who aren’t careful and watchful gets beclouded by this good looking and attractive bait and before you know it, they are hooked!


The devil’s bait can come in diverse form, and funny enough the devil uses what a believer strongly desires as a bait. Be careful the way you crave and desire for earthly things, don’t look desperate, if not the devil will capitalize on your desperation!


Be spiritually sensitive enough to differentiate a gift from God or a bait from the devil.  Areas where you are confused, ask the Holy Spirit to help you and seek godly counsel if necessary.

Don’t fall into the devil’s hook! 1Peter 5:8-10.

God bless you



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