Crazy Lovers (Episode 6 – 10)


<b>CRAZY LOVERS Episode 6 by _ #Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

<h><b> Everyone turned around and saw David holding Susan’s hand “Let of me” David left her and placed his hand in his pocket “Good evening sir” Rose and Stella greeted, Susan went inside with anger, then David turned to them “Let me not hear such from both of you again” “We are sorry sir” the both pleading mood “Is alright, hope that dinner is ready” “Yes sir” Rose replied “Okay” he went inside and they followed him, Paul was just busy staring at her, Rose gave him a brow as she walked across him. David sat down at sitting room watching CNN news when Susan walked out from the room “David what was the meaning of that?” “Explain to me, I don’t understand” “Don’t take me so cheap because I’m trying to get your attention, little I knew you would take my presence for granted, I would have travelled overseas with my parents” “You must not treat those maids like that, you can talk to them without touching them, they are ladies just like you” “Now I understand, you will watch insult me because is your house right?” David just ignored her, just then Stella walked in “Sir, Ma, the dinner is ready” “Are you also mannerless?” she asked turning to her “I’m sorry ma’am” Stella left them “You know what David, I will leave as soon as your parents returns home” she hissed and left. Susan sat outside without peace of mind when Rose walked to her direction and greeted her, she did not reply, Rose made a funny look and left, David went and sat besides her “Susan, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, we are like sisters but you should learn to treat those maids fine, we are all like family” “I have heard you” “Okay, can I share your drink” “Sure” Dav took a sip and they started laughing, Rose was looking at them, she was not happy about that, she became sad and continued her work. Rose was cooking while Stella went to the supermarket with David. Stella was busy selecting new cottons and blanket , David sat with the customers service waiting for her, Stella was just looking at a beautiful wrist watch when a lady of her age walked to her holding the similar watch “Can you help me put it on, I just brought it, I don’t know how to put it on” “Okay” Stella collected it from her, she opened it up “I have done it” she lifted up her face but could not see the lady, just then two men walked to her pointing at the wrist watch “She stole the watch from the show case” the man said pointing at her “I lady gave it to me to help her wear it, I didn’t stole it” Stella tried to defend herself but one of the men seized her “You are going to buy this watch or you will be arrested” “How much is it” “This watch you are seeing here is real gold from Switzerland, it wort one million naira and you must pay for it” “How I’m I going to get such amount of money, please believe me I didn’t stole it” Stella pleaded with tears, they where dragging her out when Dav saw them, he stopped them “What did she do?” Dav asked standing up “She stole a wrist watch that wort one million naira” “What?” Dav shouted in shock “I’m innocent sir, I don’t know anything about the watch” they did not give her any chance to talk further, they dragged her out. . .

<b>CRAZY LOVERS Episode 7 by _ #Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

<h><b> They took Stella to camera room, Dav got up and followed them, they told the camera man to review what happened, when it was reviewed, they found out that someone truly gave the watch to her, they also saw how the lady disappeared, her face was not seen “Look at that I’m innocent” Stella cried out “It is very clear in the camera, can we go now?” “We will definitely catch her, we are sorry for harassing you” referring to Stella, he turned to the security men “You guys shall be security conscious for this not repeat again” Dav left and Stella followed him, they paid and entered the car “Listen Stella, I won’t like this to repeat itself again” “I’m sorry sir, I never knew that the lady is up to something” “Those thieves are always smart, they carries it to someone else whenever the security men where about to catch them” “I have lent my lessons today sir” “I have something important to attend to but now you have wasted my time” “I’m sorry sir” Stella pleaded, they did not say anything else until they drove inside the house. Stella was telling Rose what happened in the supermarket “You mean they accused you of stealing, what would you have done” Rose asked with pity “All thanks to that camera that proved me innocent” “Thank God that nothing happened to you, what did my love do then” “Ahhhh, Rose, do you think our boss will leave that beautiful Susan and come for you?” “You and I knew that he never likes her, just wait and see him come for me Rose” Stella started laughing “Lest I forget, help me give food to that stupid Paul” Stella stood up “Is he not your boyfriend?” Stella asked almost at the door. Stella knocked at Paul’s door, she knocked severally before Paul opened the door yawning “I’m here with your food” Paul collected it from her immediately “Thank you very much, that wicked Rose refused to give me food since morning” “You have the food now” Stella turned to go “Ste Ste, do you know that you are very beautiful and kind hearted person, don’t mind that Rose, you are very far better than her” “Thank you for that, can I go now?” “But wait oo, hope our boss is not crushing you because I can see how he stares at you sometimes” “Paul just go and eat your food because hunger had entered your eyes” Stella left but Paul kept looking at her “Where did they get this beautiful girl from, hope no one else is after her because I’m crushing her already, chai !” he entered with the food and closed the door. Susan sat at sitting room publishing her nails when Dav joined with smiles all over his face “I can see that you are happy, so what is the good news” “I got a call from my Dad, he said that they are coming back tomorrow” “Wow! that is very good” she got up and hugged him. Dav called Rose and Stella, he informed them about the good news and ordered them to prepare a good meal, the both was very happy, at least, Susan’s orders will ease. Mr and Mrs Anthony finally got home, they sat together and ate with the both maids standing by their sides Mr Anthony sat at the sitting room with David “Son I’m very proud of you, it is even better than when it was under my control, I think you should continue with that” “No Dad, not now” “That is by the way, how far had you gone with Susan” “I don’t understand Dad” “We gave both of you much time, and I have a good news” “What is the good news” he asked with surprise “We are planning to get her for you as a wife” Dav stood up immediately “I will never marry her father, I will marry whoever that my heart goes for” “Susan is type of girl that everyone else will wish to have a wife beer it in mind that I will never watch marry another girl” “You knows me too well father, I don’t talk much I have what I does in my mind, I will rather leave this house for you” Dav got without listening to whatever his father was saying. . . .

<b>CRAZY LOVERS Episode 8 by _ #Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

<h><b> Mrs Anthony entered David’s room to talk with him “Good morning mom” “How was your night” she replied sitting on the bed “Very sweet mom” he replied sitting up “I want to have a talk with you” “Okay” he replied looking at her “Your father told me about your refusal to marry Susan, what is your reason for that” “Mom, I only takes Susan as a sister because of how close we had been since childhood, but instructing me to marry her is what I don’t understand” “Listen son, Susan is a born princess because her parents treats her as one, they gave us permission to move on with you because she has also confessed that she loves you” “No mother, I can’t marry her, I don’t even love her, when I see a girl that I will marry, I will surely know” “Let me tell you something that you never knew, her father is going to give your father a contract of fifty million, he is going to do that on a condition which is you getting married to his daughter” “This is all crazy, how can I marry someone that I never loved, she is so arrogant and annoying” “Think about it son, I know that you won’t like to have problem with your father” Dav did not say anything, he watched his mother out of the room, she was about to open the door when he heard a knock, he opened the door and saw Stella “Good morning sir” “How are you today” “I’m fine sir, the breakfast is ready” “Alright I will be there” she left and Dav returned to the bathroom to brush his tooth. They all sat together at the dinnen, Susan sat opposite Dav, she had been staring at Dav, his parents saw everything but did nothing, when Dav became tired of her staring, he got up and left without eating, Susan wanted to leave with him but Mr Anthony stooped her. Rose and Stella was inside their room talking “I told you Stella that just one day, our boss will be mine alone” “How do you mean?” Stella asked looking lost “Have you not heard?” “Heard what” “How can you hear when all you does is only to work” “Are you not telling me?” she asked getting angry “Our big boss wants his son to marry small madam but he refused” “How can he marry someone that can not even cook for him” “I always knew that our love is for real, no one can put asunder” “Rose I have an advice for you” “what would be the advise” “Don’t ever have it in mind that our boss can come so low to marry you even if he doesn’t marry small madam, so I advise you to live a normal life, give yourself the chance to love someone else” “Is this your advise?, if not that you are my friend, I would have sent fried thunder to you ” “I’m just advising you oo, before you loose good people chasing what is not real” “Let’s eat, miss adviser” Rose opened the plate and they started eating. Stella was on her way back from the market, she was struggling with two bags that was containing food stuff, she was still going when a car stopped, she stopped, a young handsome man got down from the flashy car “Hello beautiful girl, where are you going” “Good day sir, I’m going home” “Can I give you a raid, is not good for a beautiful girl like you to be walking under this hot son” “Thank you sir, I’m fine” “Please come inside the car” he pleaded, Stella finally entered the car “My name is Kevin, what is your name” “I’m Stella” “What a beautiful name, can I have your contact” “I don’t have a phone, here is my destination” he packed behind the gate, they got down from the car, they were still talking when Dav opened the gate, Stella ran inside the house and Dav walked over to Kevin. . . . To be continued.

Episode 9
by _ # Cynthia_Chi_Godwin
<h><b> Dav got closer to Kevin and placed his hand inside his pocket
“Hey dude” Kevin said with a smile but Dav was so mean
“Stay away from that girl, I won’t like you to come close to her” Dav replied
“Is she your sister or girlfriend?, and why should I stay away from her?”
“I will answer you that, if I see you close to her again” Dav did not give him the chance to say anything else, he left, Kevin entered his car and drove off.
Stella sat down on their bed breathing heavily, she was worried on what her boss was about to tell Kevin, is she going to loose her job?, she was sweating all over when Rose walked in, she dropped the clothes that she was holding and sat besides her
“Stella, what is wrong with you, you are sweating all over” Rose asked looking confused
“I guy gave me a lift”
“woh! is he cute?”
“Stop that, our boss saw both of us, I don’t know what he was about to tell him”
“Don’t you have the right to mingle with the man of your choice, he has no business with that”
“What if I loose my job”
“Nothing will happen, maybe he was just trying to know him”
“I pray so”
“Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare dinner” Stella stood up and left with Rose.
Dav sat outside the house drinking and also operating his phone when Stella came out with a plate of food that she was about to deliver to Paul
“Good evening sir”
“How are you”
“Fine sir”
“Who was that man that I saw you with?”
“I don’t know him sir, he just offered me a lift”
“What happened to your transport fare”
“I added it to the one that I used to buy the food stuffs”
“Try and take extra money instead, let that not happen again, he might be dangerous, you can go now”
“Thank you sir” Stella left felling little relieved.
Stella was peering oranges for Susan,
“Drop the knife, go inside and get me water to drink”
“Alright ma’am” she went inside returned with a glass of cold water, she handed it over to her, Susan collected it from her and poured it on her
“How many times had I told you to stop serving me cold water”
“I’m sorry ma’am” Stella replied with tears, she wanted to leave
“Come back here and finish peering this orange” Stella sat down felling so cold.
Stella sat besides the gate with tears in her eyes, Paul was consoling her when they heard a knock at the gate, he opened the gate, Stella was surprised to see Kevin, she got up immediately wiping off her tears but it was too late, he had seen it
“Stella, are you okay” he tried to touch her but she adjusted
“Please stop coming here” Stella went inside
“Please tell her that I need to see her” referring to Paul
“Please start leaving, she don’t want to see you, don’t let our boss get you here”
“Alright, I’m leaving” Kevin left and Paul closed the gate
“You people want to put my beautiful Stella into trouble” he hissed and went inside his house.
Dav sat at sitting room watching movie when Susan joined him
“I want to talk to you Dav”
“I’m listening”
“I love you with all my heart, why do you hate about me, why don’t you love me”
“To be honest with you Susan, you are such a beautiful girl that any other man wishes to have, but my heart does not beat for you and there is nothing I can do to fall in love with you, even if the world comes to an end, I can’t marry you ”
“you are hurting me!, why are you doing this to me, I hate myself for loving you”
“I’m sorry Susan but I can’t” Susan started crying on top of her voice that attracted Mr Anthony to the sitting room
“What is going on here”
“I don’t think I can do this anymore sir?” Susan replied with tears
“David, what happened?”
“Dad I will be right back” he left
Dav got to the kitchen where Stella was cooking and grabbed her hand
“Sir?” Stella looked up and her eyes met with that of Dav
“Come with me” Dav dragged her out from the kitchen heading to sitting room.

Episode 10
by _ # Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

Dav took Stella to the sitting, all eyes turned on them, he looked at Stella then from Susan to his father
“Dad, I’m sorry for this but she is the one that I love”
“Huh!” Stella opened her mouth but did not say anything, she removed her hand from him and ran back to the kitchen with tears
“David what was the meaning of that” Mr Anthony barked in anger
“Stella is the woman I love”
“I’m sick of all this!” Susan entered inside with tears
“David listen and listen carefully, I won’t let you choose that maid over Susan”
“Why are you like this, being poor or rich has nothing to do with love”
“Shut up!!, what do you know about love” just then Mrs Anthony got back to the sitting room with Susan
“How could you do that son, Susan love you with all her heart, do you think there is no one out there that is wishing to have her”
“Mom please you and dad should allow me, I’m a man now, I can make my choice”
“I won’t accept any girl from you accept Susan” Dav left them with anger, Rose came across with rag, she was trying to dust the sitting room
“Rose call Stella for me now!” Rose ran back with fear, Mr Anthony left, it was left with Mrs Anthony and Susan, Rose returned Stella, Mrs gave her a hot slap
“How dare you!! after all I have done for you”
“I never knew about that ma’am” Stella replied as hot tears rolls down her cheeks
“You brat!!” Susan screamed and held her hair, Stella could not help herself out but kept crying, Rose managed to rescue Stella, they went outside and sat down
“Rose I don’t know what to do, everyone hate me now” Stella said with tears
“You should count yourself lucky, stop crying nothing will happen to you”
“Rose I thought you would hate me as well”
“No Stella be it me or you, all same I’m happy for you girlfriend, believe me, our boss will not let anyone hurt you again”
“I can’t accept his offer”
“Stop it Stella, if he doesn’t love you he won’t be bold enough to say it out” Rose hugged her, Dav walked over to them and Rose went inside, Dav sat besides her
“Stella I’m sorry for not telling you about that before saying it out but that is the truth” he wanted to touch her but she adjusted
“I’m sorry sir, I can’t accept that, everyone is on my neck now, what if I loose my job”
“Even if you loose your job, It won’t change anything, you are the only one that affects my feelings, please relax, everything will be fine”
“what I’m I going to do, they are going to kill me” Stella replied with tears
“Believe me, I won’t let them” he was staring at her when Mrs Anthony walked to them
“I have my eyes on you now!” she barked and Stella stood up and Dav held her hand
“Mom, there is nothing on earth that can make me change my mind”
“I can see that you are insane” she turned and left.
Susan packed her things to leave the house but Mrs Anthony stooped her
“Listen Susan, this is your house, you need to be strong”
“I don’t know what else to do ma’am, David hates me, I want to go”
“Okay believe me, I have a better plan for that, just take your bag inside”
“Ma’am why don’t you fire that maid”
“No is better we keep her here and have our eyes on her”
“Is true ma’am” Mrs Anthony helped her to carry her bags inside.



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